Best Voip Providers For Law Firms

Best Voip Providers For Law Firms

Voip Options for Lawyers

We'll now discuss the most preferred VoIP phone system for lawyers. If you're looking to migrate your company to VoIP there are plenty of options. However, it can be difficult to choose the right one from the many service providers.

Corvum , a VoIP system designed specifically for law firms, but with overall features essentially similar to those offered by other VoIP systems. One notable attorney-specific feature is the built-in time-tracking functionality that allows lawyers to track the time spent on calls and capture that time for billing purposes. You can also use virtual faxing and texting. Pricing starts at $7.95 per month billed annually for texting alone; $17.95 per month when billed annually for voice and text; and if your firm has more than 30 users, you'll need to reach out to Corvum to discuss pricing.

Ring is one the most popular VoIP providers. Central is a VoIP provider that offers robust features as well four pricing tiers. Starting at $19.99 per user per monthly, and capped at 20 users. All tiers offer unlimited US and Canadian calls, unlimited texting, file sharing, voicemail and voicemail/to-text. You can add more features to your account by moving up in the pricing levels, the highest at $49.99 per month. Videoconferencing and online collaboration tools are also available at higher-end tiers. Ring can be found here. It is central for law firms and has pricing tiers. Nextiva is another option. You can choose from four pricing options: Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate. Prices start at $18.95 per month for one user and go up to $57.95 per month for two users. All plans come with unlimited voice, unlimited video calling, unlimited fax, and a free toll-free phone number. You may be able to use videoconferencing features, voicemail transcription, and text messaging on higher-tiered plans. You can learn more about Nextiva pricing and options available to law firms here Another increasingly popular option amongst lawyers is Vonage , which has three pricing tiers: Mobile, Premium and Advanced. Prices start at $19.99/month per line, and reach $39.99 per year per line. Unlimited calls, texts and team messaging are included in all plans, and higher tiers include unlimited meetings, call recording and visual voicemail.

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You might also consider 8×8. Prices for 8×8 Express Business Phone Plan start at $12 per user/month. It includes unlimited phone calls within the US or Canada and video and messaging. Other tiers include X2, that costs $24 per monthly when billed annual, and X4, that costs $44 per-user per month when billing annually. The tiers offer features like unlimited calls to other countries, fax capabilities, and team chat. You can learn more about the pricing for each tier here Finally, don't overlook the phone capabilities built into a tool your firm may already be using: Zoom. Zoom Phone is the new, cloud-based mobile phone system. The three levels start at $10 per month, and go up to $20 per month. All plans come with domestic texting as well as a US/Canada phone number and allow you to call from many devices. Higher tiers allow unlimited calls as well as advanced phone features. You can view the pricing information here Now that you know about VoIP options for law firms, what are you waiting for? Your firm should be prepared for anything, given the chaos of the last two years and all the uncertainties ahead. Now is the time to take action and make a business plan for continuity that can be relied upon no matter what comes your way. Now that you have a VoIP phone system, you can relax and know you did everything you could to lessen future uncertainty.

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