Urban Vpn Review 2021

Urban VPN Review 2021

Vpn Scam #1. The Promise of a “Free Vpn.”

VPNs are no exception to this rule.

The most dangerous scam is the free VPN. Simply put, they are the direct antithesis of what a VPN is supposed to do.

An “free VPN” is a direct contradiction to what VPNs are supposed to do.

There is no guarantee that security will be maintained. But when pay for a good VPN, you have peace of mind knowing the company has more to lose than gain by logging, selling or distributing your data.

But this is exactly what free VPNs like Hotspot Shield VPN do – they log your Internet activity and sell it to 3rd parties for the purposes of building your advertising profile.

Free VPNs have been known to:

  • Inject malware onto user devices to enhance tracking of your Internet activity;
  • Direct you to advertisements;
  • They won’t encrypt any of your data, even if they claim to.

How to Install Urban Vpn for Safe Surfing

Downloading and installing this VPN platform is quite simple, especially since it skips many steps by not having to make payments or choose a contracting package. To download from your computer the steps are as follows:

  • Register on the official site
  • Choose the appropriate operating system for the device where it will be downloaded.
  • Open the.exe file that you have downloaded.
  • Log in, log out and login again.
  • Make the appropriate settings and start using. Ready!

You can download it from the GooglePlay Store. Once it’s installed, you make the necessary settings and you’re done.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Windscribe Vpn – Best Free Vpn For Netflix

Visit Windscribe

Windscribe VPN would be the #1 best free VPN on this list if not for the 10GB monthly data limit. It’s tightly packed with features, can unblock US Netflix, and works with virtually any device that needs a VPN.

Just keep in mind that, to get the free 10GB of data, you have to provide your email address. Otherwise, you will only get 2GB of monthly data and won’t be able to reset your password. You can also receive an extra 5GB by tweeting about Windscribe.

Even though Windscribe VPN is based in one of the Five Eyes countries (Canada), it swears by its no-logs policy. It doesn’t save or can’t identify you real IP address, connection timestamps, etc.

Windscribe users can access 11 countries out of the 60+ available. These include Germany, Canada, France and Norway. Out of these countries, the VPN will suggest the fastest server to connect to.

Windscribe comes with all the features you need for a completely free VPN. Windscribe offers a kill switch and a SOCKS5 proxy for free. It also has ad blocking, multi-hop support, and the ability to create a hotspot.

Windscribe allows you to customize your preferences. It can launch the app immediately, connect to the latest location and allow LAN traffic to be allowed when firewall is active. There are also 25+ languages.

Even though it’s widely considered that free VPNs don’t usually unlock geo-blocked content, Windscribe VPN can hold itself in high regard for shattering the expectations – its free version is able to unblock Netflix.

  • Free 10GB data
  • 63 countries to choose from
  • AES-256 encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • This free version allows you to unblock US Netflix
  • Allows torrenting
  • Customer support for free users
  • Apps for different devices
  • Average connection speeds for free users
  • Based in Canada (Five Eyes)
  • Some apps do not have all the features they need
  • Free users don’t get WireGuard
  • There is no unlimited bandwidth


Surfshark, a VPN software that encrypts and routes internet traffic to remote servers, ensures user protection.

Surfshark offers many benefits, including access to more than 3,200 servers across 65 countries, AES256 GCM encryption and private DNS. Surfshark is also compatible with Windows, macOS Linux, iOS Android Firefox Chrome Chrome, Chrome, Fire TV and Android. It blocks malware and phishing attempts and unlocks 30 Netflix libraries. You also get unlimited simultaneous connections and multihop connections. Split tunneling is available, as well as 24/7 customer service.

Surfshark is not without its drawbacks. There are high subscription fees and no free trial. Also, Surfshark’s peer-to-peer servers are restricted, and there’s no split tunneling feature on iOS devices.

Surfshark has a monthly plan starting at $12.95. A six-month plan starts at $38.94, or $6.49 per months, while a 12-month plan costs $59.76, or $4.98 per per month. Extra charges may apply due to taxes, depending on the subscriber’s location.

To use Surfshark, subscribe to a plan and download and install the application on a computer or mobile device. Open the app and create an account (for new users) or log in (for existing users). Surfshark can be used by clicking “connect”, Surfshark allows users to connect to any server, or to search for the closest VPN server in their country. Users will be able to access geo-restricted Kodi content once they are connected. When users connect to Surfshark, the application creates a secure connection to any of Surfshark’s VPN servers through tunneling and encryption. Data sent and received by users while browsing or streaming will be encrypted to make the information unreadable to third parties. Once encrypted, the data is sent to a VPN server which then decodes it and forwards it to the destination. The IP address of the server is used to replace the user’s current location.

To install Surfshark on a PC, download and locate the installation file. When the installation process is completed, double-click on the file.

Surfshark provides a free seven-day trial for iOS, macOS, and Android devices. All premium plans come with a 30-day guarantee of satisfaction.

Other benefits provided by Surfshark include the use of RAM-only servers, blocking ads and malware, allowing websites or apps selected by users to bypass VPN, and preventing websites or hackers from tracking users. Surfshark is free from known security threats.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

How to Turn off Vanguard

You can turn off Vanguard if you do not want it to be running in the background of your computer when Valorant isn’t being played.

The good news is that Riot has now created a way for people to switch Vanguard off. If you don’t plan on playing Valorant and want Vanguard not to run and take up memory, then you can switch it off in the system tray.

  • Open your system tray.
  • Right-click on the Vanguard icon.
  • To exit Vanguard, click on Exit.

To play Valorant, you’ll need to start Vanguard again.

Finally, please bear in mind that Vanguard is not deleted automatically when you delete Valorant. To stop Valorant from running, you’ll need to remove Vanguard manually each time your computer starts.

You should also note that Vanguard has been uninstalled by some players when they’re not playing Valorant. Although this might seem excessive, it’s the only way Vanguard won’t start on startup because it’s in the kernel.

What Are The Best Valorant Vpn Services?

Below, you can take a quick look at the best VPNs for Valorant. The recommended Valorant VPNs offer servers that are close to you so you can play with chat enabled. They are extremely fast to make sure you do not experience any in-game lag. Scroll down to see detailed information on each VPN service.

A VPN allows you to get around any blocks that make it difficult to use Valorant. A VPN lets you pretend to be in a different country, which allows you to bypass government blocks on games. If you reside in a country that prohibits VoIP you can use the VPN to appear to be somewhere else and gain full access to your games.

A Valorant VPN can help you regain your access to the game whether you are in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

To ensure you can safely unblock the game without any issues, we have listed services with the following features:

  • Servers available quickly
  • Secure encryption
  • A no-logs policy

Urban Vpn Review 2021

What is the Best Way to Choose a Free Vpn

It can be difficult to decide which VPN free for you if your knowledge is limited. Understanding the differences in tunneling protocols and encryption types, as well as the laws regarding logging policies, can sometimes be confusing.

If you are determined to discover the best VPN for free, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Privacy policy. Check out what data VPNs store and what they use it for. Although it may not be easy to find a VPN that is free and has no logs policy, you might still be able to get one.

Keep in mind that if a site advertises a free VPN, it doesn’t always mean that the program will actually be free. It might simply offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you’ll still need to pay for the service first. If you’re more interested in paid services, here’s our best VPN list.

Urban Vpn Speed

You can’t criticize speed, particularly since it is free and is considered one of the fastest VPNs.

Although it is not as expensive as the best VPNs, users can still use this VPN to access their virtual private networks without spending a lot of money.

This contrast should not however be viewed as a significant one. Those users who simply want to carry out simple activities such as surfing the Internet anonymously or improve their security, can be fully satisfied with the speed offered.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Slow And Unstable Connection

We checked 20 locations around the globe. We first tested the direct speed. Via Wi-Fi, we had 70 Mbps for download and 65 for upload. Let’s now see Urban VPN results.

The cost is not prohibitive. But keeping in mind that there is no clear information about the subscription, the fact that the company positions itself as a free VPN, and the lack of contact information, we wouldnt risk buying this subscription. Although their Terms of Service pages contain some details about subscriptions and refunds, it does not change much.

Moreover, if you dont like how it works, you cannot request a refund directly from the company. You will have to be refunded via Google Play or Apple Store.

Desktop Apps

Urban VPN’s Windows application is easy to use. There’s a list of alphabetically sorted locations in a right-hand sidebar, and you can use the search box, or scroll down to find whatever you need. Just double-click a location to connect, and tap a button when you’re done to disconnect.

Although the Mac app shows a bit more information to the right, it is identical. It displays the original and current IP addresses, upload and download speeds and the data that has been uploaded or downloaded.

Unfortunately, the apps are also very basic. There’s no ‘Automatic’ option to choose the nearest server, for instance. No latency or ping times to help you make a smarter choice. There are no city-level options for location. No Favorites system to group your commonly-used locations (although a ‘recently used’ list helps with that). You can’t cancel a long-running connection attempt if the app isn’t responding.

There isn’t one setting that can be accessed by the app. The app loads automatically when the device starts. There is no way to stop it from loading. It’s OpenVPN-only, so there is no way to choose from other protocols. It doesn’t have auto-connect, connection tweaks or configurable DNS protection. There is no kill switch and split tunneling are not available.

This simplicity was a bonus for those who aren’t familiar with technical terminology and don’t require any additional information.

But then we found the Mac app simply didn’t work for us (either it failed to connect, or we connected but couldn’t access any websites). This problem is difficult to fix or diagnose because you don’t have easy access to configuration settings or logs.

If your needs are extremely simple and you don’t care about privacy (you’re just looking to unblock a streaming site, maybe), then Urban VPN’s unlimited traffic might make it seem worth a try.

Urban VPN may not be the right service for you if you are looking for a VPN that you trust and has some basic features.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Why Kodi Needs A Vpn?

A VPN is required for Kodi to ensure privacy and access to more content. The content available on Kodi is limited, but a VPN enables users to access a wide range of video titles and provides an added layer of anonymity and security. VPNs allow users to access content that is restricted to their region by virtually replacing users’ original addresses to those of unrestricted regions, thereby granting users access to such content. VPN is also necessary to properly mask users’ identities and locations, protect personal data such as contact information, and block tracking, especially when using Kodi add-ons.

For more information, refer to our guide on what is Kodi?

Privacy And Logging

The Urban VPN privacy policy seems reasonably well-organized, with details on the data it collects, and how this is used.

Urban VPN will collect your IP address whenever you connect to the Internet in order for it to locate your exact location and offer its services.

A strangely phrased clause states that IPs used for location purposes will be deleted as soon as the use is complete (not stored). This presumably implies they will disappear when you disconnect. It goes on to say that an IP obtained from Urban VPN for Desktop will be deleted only if the VPN app is removed and the services are stopped being used.

The policy goes on to state the following:

“We gather URLs from visited websites, which is in most cases aggregated Non-Personal Data. However, Web Browsing Data may contain terms that can be considered Personal Data. This data is deleted a short period following collection.’

The company seems to be trying to claim that it tracks URLs visited, but does not attach these to your account. It will end up with URLs created by customers but no way of knowing which accounts visited what URLs.

Full URLs can sometimes contain personal information (for example: domain.com/submit?name=this&city=that), and our guess would be that Urban VPN removes that data very quickly, but keeps the anonymized browsing information.

The policy mentions one more logging opportunity, here:

“When you use our Service, we collect Non-Personal Data such as the technical information that is automatically transmitted from the device by the user (e.g. type of browser, operating system type, access time and date etc.). ).’

Overall, this doesn’t inspire much confidence. There is plenty of room for session logging in the policy. However, some clauses don’t seem to be well defined and Urban VPN leaves us unsure if we can trust any information on their main site.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Subscribe to Paid Plans

  • The monthly plan costs just $3.49 per month, which is extremely cheap for a paid VPN. For comparison, ExpressVPN’s monthly plan costs $12.95.
  • Annual plans cost $2.99 per Month, or $39.95 annually.
  • You’ll only pay $1.49 per Month for 3 years. That is $53.65 over the 36-month period.

As you can see, Urban VPN’s subscription plan options are incredibly cheap. However, we’d argue that higher-quality VPN products often cost more which begs the question: Why is Urban VPN’s Premium service so low-priced? It could be due to the VPN’s poor privacy policies or the absence of extra features.


TunnelBear is a free VPN service that allows users to surf the internet anonymously. The VPN protects users’ online activities by encrypting internet connections.

Some of the advantages of using TunnelBear include available server locations in 47 countries, protection against IP tracking, and prevention of data or password theft. TunnelBear allows users to stream or browse quickly without buffering, and bypasses local censorship. TunnelBear VPN supports Windows, macOS and Android. It also offers strong AES256-bit encryption.

One downside to using TunnelBear is that the tool offers limited advanced features. WireGuard, for example, isn’t supported. This VPN service also has limited available servers compared to other VPN services and provides limited functions on the iOS version. Another con is that users can’t exceed 500MB of data monthly.

TunnelBear offers premium plans. The “Unlimited” plan costs $9.99 per month for the monthly plan, $4.99 per month for the yearly plan, and $3.33 per month for the three-year plan. Unlimited plans allow users to connect five devices. Each user is allowed to connect five devices on the Teams plan for $5.75 each month.

To use TunnelBear, install and launch the app on a supported device, and then select a country from the available servers. Toggle on the switch to connect. The app will start running in background once it is connected. Proceed to launch the Kodi app and select “Add-ons” from the left menu. Scroll down, click on “Download”, then choose “Program add-ons.” Next locate the “DNS Leak Test” add-on and select it. Click on the “Ok” button to install this add-on. Next, open the DNS leak testing add-on. TunnelBear can access geo-blocked content via Kodi if DNS is safe or not leaking.

TunnelBear installation is simple. To install on Windows, for example, download the app from TunnelBear’s website and open the “downloads” folder on the PC. Double-click the file and select “Install.” After installation is complete, launch the app and create an account with a valid email address and strong password, or log in to an existing account. Verify the email address and then connect. Android and iOS users can both connect to each other by going to their respective apps stores and searching for TunnelBear. Next, verify the email and click “Download.” iOS users must also install VPN profiles by following the prompts.

TunnelBear provides a 500MB monthly data free of charge and offers seven days free trials for its Teams plan.

The last audit of TunnelBear revealed two critical, four high and one medium-security issues, which have since been patched up. TunnelBear is not known to pose any security risk.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Urban Vpn

Urban VPN, a free VPN that uses 128 bit encryption is the most powerful available. It protects your data and offers complete protection. This VPN can block all the ads on a webpage while helping you to browse anonymously through 80 different servers. Urban VPN provides all its premium features for free, which are generally offered at hefty prices by other VPNs.

  • You can browse the Internet from 80 locations.
  • There is no bandwidth limit in Urban VPN, and you can browse the internet without worrying about a data cap.
  • You can browse any website that is restricted in your country by using Urban VPN.
  • You can use Urban VPN on any number of devices, including mobile devices.
  • Urban VPN offers additional protection for your WiFi network.
  • Urban VPN can block malicious ads on the web pages and keep the website clean.

Is Urban Vpn Good For Gaming

Urban VPN can be used for gaming. Being able to disguise your IP address so you appear to be in another country means that you can access any game server in the world without restrictions.

Developer claims their servers have a high enough speed to lower latency on your internet connection. This allows you to play online faster.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

You can delete cookies

If you are having trouble with Urban VPN working with Netflix, it is worth deleting your cookies.

Netflix can use these Cookies to access your IP address. If it finds the IP address provided to you by Urban VPN is different to the one stored on your Cookies it knows you’re using a VPN and will block your connection.

A good place to start when trying to fix Urban VPN not working with Netflix is deleting your Cookies.


Urban VPN can be used by anyone and is completely free. There are no promotions or pricing. You just have to download the software from the official website and install it on your computer.

Unlike some of the VPNs, Urban VPN offers all the premium features at free such as no drop speed, excellent customer service, a large number of servers, and more. You don’t have to pay any hidden fees and can enjoy all features like Netflix Unblocking, Data encryption, Geolocation Change, etc.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Try it Free of Charge

Urban VPN offers a free 7-day trial. After that, you’ll be charged. However, we’d argue that you can try out the free version first to get an idea of how the service works.

Hotspot Shield, Tunnel Bear and many other VPNs offer a reduced version of their VPN services to encourage users to upgrade to a paid one. There aren’t many differences in the paid Urban VPN plans. It makes sense to first test the free proxy.

Protonvpn: Free Vpn Australia

ProtonVPN is a product of the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), scientist and Harvard Physics Ph.D. brains behind ProtonMail. It’s the largest encrypted email network in the world. ProtonVPN’s user-friendly interface and strong encryption are well-known. They provide high quality services to their users.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Urban Vpn Prices

There are no prices regarding this VPN as it is full free. You don’t need to pay for any packages or cost variations. Just download the VPN and start enjoying it.

Netflix Support

Few VPNs can block Netflix US. Urban VPN can easily unblock any streaming website to help you watch shows, tv series, movies, or documentaries that might be unavailable in your region. You can connect to a different server and efficiently manage any content.

Urban VPN is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a free VPN service that provides all the premium features that other companies charge for. Urban VPN is an excellent choice for anyone looking to establish a business, or if you’re a person who needs a private connection.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Hotspot Shield: Free Vpn Australia

Protect your data against hackers and threats with military-grade encryption. Enjoy lightning fast speeds. Hotspot Shield has 3200+ VPN servers and is trusted by millions. It serves more than 80 countries.

Upgrade To A More Reliable Vpn

If deleting your Cookies and changing to a different server doesn’t fix Urban VPN not working with Netflix then Netflix has been able to block all of Urban VPN’s current IP addresses and you’ll have to wait for Urban VPN to fix the issue on their side.

Urban Vpn Review 2021

Ease Of Use

Urban VPN is simple to use. At least, users are able to see the program in their own words. The whole process of downloading, installing, configuring takes less than 5 minutes, which is very little time, and you only have to choose a location to make the change of IP server.

After the VPN download is complete, log in to the account and start searching for locations. This will allow you to obtain IP anonymity as well as a faster service.

What is Urban VPN?

Urban VPN is one of PC’s best free VPN because of its many features. The free urban VPN has over 4,000 servers based in eighty-five countries. Urban VPN is an inexpensive, exclusive app offering all its features in a free bundle. Unlike other VPNs, this free kit includes all the functionality you can need with premium customer service. This free VPN will help keep your data secure while rendering you untraceable while surfing the internet.

Urban VPN proxy Unblocker

Urban VPN Browser Extension offers you swift activation and unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to stream and download content with ease and speed. Mask your IP and choose from a constantly growing pool of international locations across the globe.

  • FREE
  • User-Friendly
  • Problems Connecting to the Server

Privacy And Logging

Explore website menus and find a treat. A ‘Free why? ‘Page describes that ‘ free Urban VPN is driven by VPN community (Peer-to-Peer). ‘The organization claims to use a Hola-type system where, once you connect, your traffic is routed through other users’ systems, and some of their traffic is routed through yours. The approach to VPNs brings several questions. How does free Urban VPN encrypt your data? How much money can Urban apps use once installed? What happens if another Urban VPN user uses your IP address to behave illegally?

To find out more, we went to the Urban VPN Privacy Policy, a well-organized document outlining all the data the service gathers and how it is used. The document says that free Urban VPN collects your ‘Agent Id, UDID, Android ID, and IP address to locate your approximate location (country level) and provide service. A strangely phrased clause states, ‘IPs obtained for the position are removed immediately after completion of usage (not stored),’ which probably means they are deleted when you disconnect.

Most Used VPN’s:

McAfee Total Protection 2022


Avast Ultimate 2021 Antivirus


360 Premium (2022 Ready)


Complete URLs may also include personal information (e.g. domain.com/submit?name=this&city=that), and our assumption is that Urban VPN eliminates that data very easily, but retains anonymous browsing information. (Guessing is not good enough, of course; Urban VPN can make this clear.) Finally, there’s the question of peer-to-peer Urban VPN. EULA’s website gets nearest to this:

“The Urban VPN may make use of the Internet, inter alia by re-routing some of your requests through other peer users. In exchange, your free use of the Urban VPN would enable other devices using the Services to be re-routed through your computer. By using the free Services, you agree to use your device as defined and agree that other users or services may use your network link. How much traffic there are protection or privacy considerations? We don’t know that. The free use of Urban VPN service may inform potential users by recording more about how their system operates, or even through a security or privacy audit.

None of that seems possible yet, though, so you’re left to take the company’s words entirely on faith. Setting up Using Urban VPN should have been fast. No account to build, no password to remember – simply download, install and run the Windows app. But it wasn’t easy because the installer failed repeatedly. Near investigation of the Event Viewer showed alerts that Windows couldn’t verify the digital signature for the virtual network adapter of Urban VPN, and when we checked it wasn’t signed at all. Urban VPN site says:

Whose network used Urban VPN, we wondered? Maybe that’d tell us more. We looked and found Urban VPN connecting to servers operated by a company named BI Science, which instantly made much sense. The Urban VPN website said it used a Hola-like peer-to-peer network, and BI Science owns a business, GeoSurf, that uses just such technology. It’s literally so Hola-like that Hola’s sister company Luminati filed a lawsuit against BI Science in January 2019 for suspected patent infringement.

This was eventually resolved in May 2020, when BI Science decided to ‘discontinue its proxy service business’ and ‘work in a strategic alliance with Luminati to move BI Science proxy service customers to Luminati’s service.’ There’s very little else to evaluate or look at here, but we were curious to see how it would cope with a dropped VPN link. Urban VPN doesn’t say a kill switch, but what if the tunnel closes unexpectedly?

The response turned out to be, ‘it depends.’ If the OpenVPN process closes suddenly, an alert appears in a pop-up window. That’s better than nothing, but your real IP is instantly revealed and Urban VPN doesn’t want to reconnect. When we closed OpenVPN’s TCP link to the server, there was no warning, and our real IP was still exposed to the world, but the connection was restored in a few seconds. We’d prefer a working kill switch, but that’s a better result than with many commercial VPNs.


Urban VPN’s Chrome extension and desktop app connected almost immediately, like most proxies. Performance was decent at around 60Mbps on our 75Mbps UK test line, and 150-200 Mbps in the US. That compares well with many VPNs, though we suspect it doesn’t have anything like the same encryption overhead. Remember also that this is a peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) where you get access to other users’ resources while they can gain access of yours.

Real-world browsing seemed more affected by Urban VPN than the raw speed test results suggested; websites took noticeably longer to load with both extensions/apps used for testing purposes here. Urban VPN’s Chrome extension and desktop app connected almost immediately, just as most proxies do.

When running the Chrome extension and desktop app, Urban VPN connected almost immediately. Performance was decent at around 60 Mbps on our 75Mbps UK line but dropped to 150-200 Mbps in the US. This is about average when compared with other virtual private networks (VPNs), though it doesn’t have as much overhead due to encryption as most of them do – remember that this is peer-to-peer where you get access to users’ resources too!

Real-world browsing seemed more affected by Urban VPN than speed test results suggest since many sites took noticeably longer load. When comparing performance with others using a browser plugin or application, speeds were mediocre for some reason which may be related to reliance upon connection from peers rather than dedicated server infrastructure used by larger.


The Urban VPN ‘About Us’ page informs viewers that they are a subsidiary of ‘Urban Cyber Security, but does not produce any results when searching Google for the parent company. Additionally, there is no Wikipedia entry or website being referenced on their Privacy Policy’s address (501 Fifth Avenue, New York City).

This suggests to some people that perhaps this isn’t an entirely trustworthy business venture and it may be best to avoid them altogether- According to the Urban VPN ‘About Us’ page, they inform that they are a subsidiary of an unknown company named ‘Urban Cyber Security. Not having any information available at all seems dubious.

However, there are some interesting connections between them and their address listed on their Privacy Policy (501 Fifth Avenue, New York City). Urban Cyber Security Inc. is a registered business on Loopnet with information about how they operate and what makes them different from other VPNs. They use a peer-to-peer system similar to Hola, which historically has had issues where users are routed through each other’s systems without their knowledge or permission. However, this new company claims that it’s “safe” because the traffic goes through multiple computers first before reaching its destination (the website).

While virus total shows there aren’t any viruses in the download file at least. “Taking a further look at how Urban VPN operates we can see that unlike a standard VPN such as Nord or Express, according to the ‘Why free?’ section on their website, they use Peer-to-Peer Hola-like system where traffic is routed through other users’ systems. Historically not safe and there are countless examples of issues arising from P2P like systems,” says TorGuard reviews. “The reviews still, at least the website trendy. But what really constitutes? Virus total suggests it will probably give you the virus.”

Free Trial

It is reviewed that VPNs are useful for browsing the internet in a more secure and private way. Urban VPN is one of many free options out there, but Urban VPN is worth noting that you can try out the Urban VPN paid version before making any long-term commitments to this service or others like Hotspot Shield who offer limited services on an ad hoc basis.

In our opinion, there may not be huge differences between what each company offers when it comes down to proxy servers, so testing them all at your own pace makes sense if you’re looking into protecting yourself online without shelling too much money upfront. With the free trial of Urban VPN, you can try out their service for 7 days and decide if it’s worth paying. However, many other providers like Hotspot Shield and Tunnel Bear offer a watered-down version to entice users into signing up for paid plans instead. So the users can access more on the service.

It seems that there aren’t any major differences between the premium plan of UltraVPN compared with its free program so testing them both will let you figure out how useful they are in real-world use before committing your cash.

Urban VPN 2 For Windows

VPNs are legal to use in Canada, but because Canada is part of the Five Eyes Alliance, I suggest using a VPN to prevent government internet snooping while you’re using a VPN for legal use, such as streaming blocked content. To be sure, before you sign up, contact live chat support with the VPN you’re considering. I recommend NordVPN for its extensive high-speed server network and excellent security features. Savvy shopper? I suggest NordVPN for its massive high-speed server network and excellent security features.

urban vpn

What is Urban VPN

Secure Online Shopping With Urban VPN

Who doesn’t like online shopping? The craze for online shopping grows every day. Internet shopping is easy and versatile. It offers consumers free time and availability to shop from the comfort of their homes. Unlike conventional shopping, online shopping saves precious hours and money wasted on commuting. Online shopping comes with its drawbacks. The biggest challenge with making online transactions is risking personal information like bank and credit/debit card numbers.

As you know, the Internet also has a darker side, and sharing your personal information online can lead to data theft, hacking, and other cybercrimes. Many other concerns occur with online shopping, including geo-restrictions. Nonetheless, a VPN makes your online shopping experience safe and stable. This article will address why using Urban VPN for your online shopping can be beneficial. Before, let’s read more about VPNs. Concluding Shopping online isn’t always safe.

Often people forget about the convenience that online shopping provides. Online shopping without proper protection or VPN, however, can cause considerable loss. There are also instances where bank account and credit card data are leaked or compromised. No one likes cybercrime, but reckless use of the Internet will place you in an unlikely situation. However, a VPN can help you in such circumstances by letting you create a secure, private link between unsecured public networks and wi-fi connections. Be a smart customer online. Using Urban VPN for online shopping to stay safe without paying one penny.

How To Install Urban Vpn?

Go To Urban Vpn Official Website And Register A New Account
Since Urban VPN is free to use, you can skip all the steps to complete the payment and download the program directly to your device. You should follow these steps to install Urban VPN: Go to the official website of Urban VPN and register a new account. Pick your operating system and save the file. Select Android, Linux, and Windows.

Once Downloaded, You Can Run The File On Your Computer

Choose Your Settings And Start Using The VPN

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