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What Is Urban Vpn?

Urban VPN is one of pc’s best free vpn because of its many features. It has over 4,000 servers based in eighty-five countries. Urban VPN is an inexpensive, exclusive app offering all its features in a free bundle. Unlike other VPNs, this free kit includes all the functionality you can need with premium customer service. This VPN will help keep your data secure while rendering you untraceable while surfing the internet.urban vpn

What is Urban VPN

Privacy And Logging

Explore website menus and find a treat. A ‘Free why? ‘Page describes that ‘Urban VPN is driven by VPN community (Peer-to-Peer). ‘The organization claims to use a Hola-type system where, once you connect, your traffic is routed through other users’ systems and some of their traffic is routed through yours. The approach to VPNs brings several questions. How does Urban VPN encrypt your data? How much money can Urban apps use once installed? What happens if another Urban VPN user uses your IP address to behave illegally?

To find out more, we went to the Urban VPN Privacy Policy, a well-organized document outlining all the data the service gathers and how it is used. The document says that Urban VPN collects you ‘Agent Id, UDID, Android ID and IP address’ to locate your approximate location (country level) and provide service. An strangely phrased clause states, ‘IPs obtained for position are removed immediately after completion of usage (not stored),’ which probably means they are deleted when you disconnect.

But it goes on to say that the IP obtained while using Urban VPN for the desktop will only be removed ‘when you uninstall the VPN program and stop using the Services.’ ‘We collect URLs of visited websites that are often aggregated Non-Personal Data, but often Web Browsing Data includes words that could be considered as Personal Data. We think the company is trying to claim that it records the URLs you visit, but does not connect them to your account (it will end up with a list of URLs created by all customers, but no way to tell which account visited which sites).

Complete URLs may also include personal information (e.g. domain.com/submit?name=this&city=that), and our assumption is that Urban VPN eliminates that data very easily, but retains anonymous browsing information. (Guessing is not good enough, of course; Urban VPN can make this clear.) Finally, there’s the question of peer-to-peer Urban VPN. EULA’s website gets nearest to this:

“The software may make use of the Internet, inter alia by re-routing some of your requests through other peer users. In exchange, your free use of the software would enable other devices using the Services to be re-routed through your computer. By using the Services, you agree to use your device as defined and agree that other users or services may use your network link. How much traffic there are protection or privacy considerations? We don’t know that. Urban VPN may inform potential users by recording more about how their system operates, or even through a security or privacy audit.

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None of that seems possible yet, though, so you’re left to take the company’s words entirely on faith. Setting up Using Urban VPN should have been fast. No account to build, no password to remember – simply download, install and run the Windows app. But it wasn’t easy because the installer failed repeatedly. Near investigation of the Event Viewer showed alerts that Windows couldn’t verify the digital signature for the virtual network adapter of Urban VPN, and when we checked it wasn’t signed at all. Urban VPN site says:

‘We’re here to help anytime you need it. You can ask us via our live support.’ This doesn’t seem real, though. Urban VPN has no live support, no chat option, no website support section, no email address obviously dedicated to general assistance. We weren’t hopeful the company could help anyway, as we had exactly the same problem the last time we looked at the service, ten months ago. Instead, we temporarily disabled Windows driver signature compliance, allowing the app to load.

Applications Urban VPN’s Windows client is as simple as a VPN app, with no interface for its device tray icon beyond a right-click menu. The first right-click displays the five continents: selecting all of the available countries reveals, and choosing one of those lets you link and disconnect. That’s it. Nothing else, no Favorites system to speed up reconnection, no auto-connect option, no setting anywhere. Apparently the client connects via OpenVPN. The logs don’t provide specific details about any encryption or authentication being used, but instead mention a few security issues (‘WARNING: no server certificate verification method has been enabled.’)

Whose network used Urban VPN, we wondered? Maybe that’d tell us more. We looked and found Urban VPN connecting to servers operated by a company named BI Science, which instantly made much sense. The Urban VPN website said it used a Hola-like peer-to-peer network, and BI Science owns a business, Geosurf, that uses just such technology. It’s literally so Hola-like that Hola’s sister company Luminati filed a lawsuit against BI Science in January 2019 for suspected patent infringement.

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This was eventually resolved in May 2020, when BI Science decided to ‘discontinue its proxy service business’ and ‘work in a strategic alliance with Luminati to move BI Science proxy service customers to Luminati’s service.’ There’s very little else to evaluate or look at here, but we were curious to see how it would cope with a dropped VPN link. Urban VPN doesn’t say a kill switch, but what if the tunnel closes unexpectedly?

The response turned out to be, ‘it depends.’ If the OpenVPN process closes suddenly, an alert appears in a pop-up window. That’s better than nothing, but your real IP is instantly revealed and Urban VPN doesn’t want to reconnect. When we closed OpenVPN’s TCP link to the server, there was no warning and our real IP was still exposed to the world, but the connection was restored in a few seconds. We’d prefer a working kill switch, but that’s a better result than with many commercial VPNs.

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urban vpn

What is Urban VPN

Is Urban Vpn The Best Free Vpn For Pc 2021?

If you’re working online from your phone, you can use a VPN. Considering cyber threats, VPN is an essential tool to protect your privacy. With the rise in online work, online scams and malicious viruses have increased. A useful VPN will help you rerouting your IP address to another IP and make you anonymous. When searching for a VPN, make sure it will secure your data and not affect your browsing speed. There are many VPNs to choose from, including Urban VPN, one of pc’s best free vpn.

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How To Install Urban Vpn?

Go To Urban Vpn Official Website And Register A New Account.

Since Urban VPN is free to use, you can skip all the steps to complete the payment and download the program directly to your device. You should follow these steps to install Urban VPN: Go to official website of Urban VPN and register a new account. Pick your operating system and save the file. Select Android, Linux, and Windows.

Once Downloaded

You Can Run The File On Your Computer.

Choose Your Settings And Start Using The Vpn.

Secure Online Shopping With Urban Vpn

Who doesn’t like online shopping? The craze for online shopping grows every day. Internet shopping is easy and versatile. It offers consumers free time and availability to shop from the comfort of their homes. Unlike conventional shopping, online shopping saves the precious hours and money wasted on commuting. Online shopping comes with its drawbacks. The biggest challenge with making online transactions is risking personal information like bank and credit/debit card numbers.

As you know, the Internet also has a darker side, and sharing your personal information online can lead to data theft, hacking, and other cybercrimes. Many other concerns occur with online shopping, including geo-restrictions. Nonetheless, a VPN makes your online shopping experience safe and stable. This article will address why using Urban VPN for your online shopping can be beneficial. Before, let’s read more about VPNs. Concluding Shopping online isn’t always safe.

Often people forget about the convenience that online shopping provides. Online shopping without proper protection, however, can cause considerable loss. There are also instances where bank account and credit card data are leaked or compromised. No one likes cybercrime, but reckless use of the Internet will place you in an unlikely situation. However, a VPN can help you in such circumstances by letting you create a secure, private link between unsecured public networks and wi-fi connections. Be a smart customer online. Using Urban VPN for online shopping to stay safe without paying one penny.