SimpliSafe vs ADT Review 2021

Which is Better SimpliSafe or ADT?

Simplisafe vs. ADT


ADT is like signing a lease for a good condo . You get high-end appliances, and you don’t have to think about repairs, but you pay a hefty fee every month and legally you don’t own any of it. SimpliSafe is like paying cash for a tiny house . It’s all yours, and you may not have anything in the way of monthly payments, but it takes a bit more effort, it costs more up front, and if something fails, it’s on you to repair it.

ADT is a long-time home security favorite with over 130 years of experience. Meanwhile, SimpliSafe is a newer DIY security provider that made its mark in the security space in 2006. Lately, both providers have been popular picks for home security shoppers – but there are some big differences! ADT offers more traditional home protection with professional installation and monitoring while requiring you to sign up on an annual contract; they also offer 6 months money back guarantee as well as $500 theft insurance if your system fails or has inadequate coverage during burglaries (and your deductible). On the other hand, Simpilisafe comes at great value without contracts by giving users 24/7 access to their smartphone app which allows them control all aspects of their alarm ADT is a long-time favorite in the home security space with over 130 years of experience.

Meanwhile, SimpliSafe is a newer DIY provider that has made its mark and been popular lately for those looking for home security. There are some big differences between these two companies though: ADT offers more traditional options like professional monitoring and installation while SimpliSafe requires you to do it yourself without any contract or extra fees if something goes wrong during your 6 month money back guarantee period.

SimpliSafe vs ADT

In a Nutshell

Since they’re so different, deciding if ADT or SimpliSafe is the right home protection device depends about how much you want to invest and if you want to DIY your installation and monitoring. Here’s the gist: ADT rents its equipment and needs long-term contracts at a lower up-front rate, but it has higher monthly monitoring fees than SimpliSafe.

Your ADT controlled system is professionally designed and managed, and you have more home automation options. 2. With SimpliSafe , you’ll pay more for your equipment and mount and manage it yourself. But the monthly monitoring costs are half of what you’d pay with ADT, though SimpliSafe’s home automation options are more constrained.

How We Evaluated ADT and Simplisafe?

I assessed ADT as both a long-time customer and an independent security expert. I also tested SimpliSafe’s cameras, used its app, and performed extensive research on its security system offerings. SimpliSafe’s assessment was based on my experience evaluating its cameras and using its app along with extensive research into its security system offerings. Every SafeWise review is different, but our complete methoology explains more about our most popular methods for rating and evaluating products.

Simplisafe vs ADT Similarities

Although ADT-Monitored Home Security and SimpliSafe approach home security very differently, they are still similar in several respects. Both provide the latest technologies in home security devices, including alarms, security cameras, smoke and flood detectors, and more. Both also allow you to monitor your entire home security system via mobile app, as well as receive notifications and stream video.

Simplisafe and ADT both offer professional monitoring, but they each outsource to different companies. Both systems have crash and smash protection with cellular backup, while SimpliSafe also has a mobile app that you can use remotely at any time for alerts or notifications of events.

SimpliSafe vs ADT

Simplisafe vs ADT Differences

SimpliSafe has a better shopping experience than ADT because it is much easier to buy online. With Simplisafe, you can click and purchase what your home needs without having any in-home help from an expert sales rep like with the case of ADT. For this reason, I would recommend buying SimpliSafe over other security companies that require contracts for three years or more (e.g., Costco). ADT and SimpliSafe both offer security systems to help you feel safe at home. ADT has a professional installer come out to your house after the phone conversation or home visit that determines what equipment needs installed in your house, whereas with SimpliSecure all of this is done online just click and buy.

With ADT there will be more devices included than with SimliSecure such as garage door controls and outdoor video surveillance, however these features are not available for installation by either company but must rather be purchased separately from other retailers like Amazon or Best Buy depending on which brand they’re associated with. Both companies give their customers lengthy contracts lasting three years long enough where it’ll become second nature telling them when those monthly bills arrive! ADT SimpliSafe and ADT both provide security systems for your home. Simplisafe is contract-free while you must enter into a 3 year agreement with ADT to receive their services, which will cost at least $36.99 per month. You could install the system yourself or have an authorized technician from a third party company do it for you with either device depending on what provider you choose as well as how much money that want to save versus invest in extra features like cameras and automation capabilities.

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99 monthly professional monitoring all three years contracts Installation: Professional installation by licensed techies through Z -Wave technology Connection type : Wi SimpliSafe is an entirely contract-free home security system that offers more flexible payment plans than ADT does. With SimpliSafe, you can pay monthly or in three annual payments for protection against break ins and fires; it’s your choice! Plus, installation of the equipment is easy — simply place sensors around your house wherever they’ll be effective at monitoring movement (front door, back door etc.), connect them to a central hub via Wi-Fi technology and plug this into any power outlet in order to activate the alarm. If there are no exposed wires anywhere between where you want to put devices within range of WiFi signal *(such as basement) then battery powered will work just fine too*. 

Simplisafe vs ADT

Simplisafe vs ADT: MONITORING

ADT offers award-winning 24/7 professional monitoring with remote arming and disarming using your ADT mobile app. You’ll have both environmental and intrusion monitoring starting at $57.99 per month with a contract, but Simpli Safe gives you two different options: self-monitoring or professional assistance for peace of mind without checking in! With either option, the system can be monitored through surveillance cameras that are included on every plan as well as through the Simpli Safe mobile app to keep an eye out while away from home.” Simpli. Safe gives you the option of monitoring your home using surveillance and its mobile app or choosing 24/7 professional monitoring so that you have peace of mind even when it’s not being monitored. ADT offers award-winning, remote arming and disarming through a contract starting at $57.99 per month with their service which includes both environmental and intrusion protection for a monthly fee.


As we mentioned, SimpliSafe is contract-free. All of their products have a three year limited warranty that covers any maintenance or cost incurred while using the product if you are not satisfied with your system within 60 days after purchase. While ADT doesn’t technically offer a warranty on its own, it will cover costs under its Quality Service Plan for just $5 more per month and offers some additional benefits as well in order to make up for this lack of coverage including an insurance deductible reimbursement program where they’ll reimburse you up to $500 against loss caused by burglary, fire damage & vandalism at no extra charge when certain criteria are met during annual inspections performed by authorized technicians from Protection 1 (its security company). As we mentioned, SimpliSafe is contract-free. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your system and they’ll even pay for return shipping.

Every product comes with a three year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.ADT has 36 months minimum length of contract; however it isn’t easy to get out of the agreement early on by paying 75% of remaining monthly fees (which decreases over time). While ADT doesn’t technically have any warranty their Quality Service Plan covers maintenance costs which are $5 more per month than what SimpliSafe charges — included in basic monitoring fee . Additionally, ADT offers 6.

SimpliSafe vs ADT


One of ADT’s biggest advantages over SimpliSafe is its smart home integration capabilities. Unlike other security companies, ADT wireless devices run on Z-Wave technology which allows them to communicate with a whole host of other Z-Wave products like thermostats and plugs . With the use of an app you can also create scenes that allow your smart device and security system to work together such as having your temperature lower during “Away” mode in wintertime.Currently Simplisafe has limited automation options through voice control via Amazon Alexa but there are plans for future updates including additional integrations One important advantage that ADT offers compared to competitors like SimpliSafe is their ability for complete connectivity into the ecosystem we live in today – not just ADT’s biggest advantage over SimpliSafe is its ability to work with a whole host of Z-Wave smart home devices. ADT security systems run on this technology, so they can communicate with other devices like lightbulbs and plugs.

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You’re able to create scenes that allow your system and these different gadgets talk together – for example lowering the temperature when you arm your system in “Away” mode during wintertime One of ADT’s biggest advantages over Simplisafe is their integration capabilities. For instance, using the app it’s possible to connect both systems allowing thermostats or lights respond accordingly depending on how one sets up his/her alarm at night time.


If you’re into saving money and rolling up your sleeves, then you’ll appreciate that both ADT and SimpliSafe have DIY installation. However, if that really isn’t your thing, SimpliSafe lets you do professional installation for $79, but I opted for DIY . But as fun as putting together security systems can be, I don’t want to spend hours on it. So which device was easier to install, ADT or SimpliSafe? Installing ADT Before it even gets to your house, the ADT security system will be pre-programmed so it connects to each other. You have to call ADT to activate your system, but the call didn’t take too long.

The toughest components to install? Definitely the video camera and the Kwikset deadbolt. Since the video camera is made by, it was pretty confusing to set it up using the ADT Pulse software. I suggest doing it on your computer instead. Installing the deadbolt was as difficult as any other deadbolt, plus a few electrical parts. ADT does send you step-by-step directions, but I’d use Youtube as a backup plan, and professional installation as your backup plan to the backup plan. Overall, installing ADT took about an hour, except the deadbolt, of course. Installing SimpliSafe I love that installing SimpliSafe needed no drilling or equipment whatsoever. Instead, the rest of the sensors is peel-and-stick, which made it completely idiot-proof.

And don’t worry this is a strong adhesive, one that doesn’t cause the sensors to slip down the walls. Once the sensors were up, all I had to do was plug in my base station, go into the SimpliSafe app, and sync everything. From start to finish, setting up SimpliSafe was just plain easy.

Simplisafe vs ADT


ADT is a long-time home security provider that has been in the business for over 130 years. Meanwhile, SimpliSafe was founded just 10 ye and offers DIY installation on their own equipment. There are several key differences between ADT’s traditional system with monitoring both inside and outside your home while requiring an annual contract versus SimpliSafe’s new technology which allows you to install it yourself without any additional fees or contracts required beyond purchase of hardware.”ADT requires more money up front but provides professional monitoring services” ADT is a longtime favorite among homeowners looking for security solutions because it’s “been around since 1874,” according to MSN Money . While they have recently started offering some newer technologies like voice control , its ADT and SimpliSafe are two popular choices for home security.

ADT has been around since 1874, while SimpliSafe was founded in 2006. Both require a contract but offer unique features: ADT offers more traditional options with professional installation and monitoring via live operators or mobile devices; it also includes $500 worth of insurance coverage if your house gets broken into during the 6-month money back guarantee period .Simplisafe requires no long term commitment to purchase equipment so you won’t have any hidden fees later on -you’ll only pay what’s listed online at time of order plus tax (plus an inspection fee up front). It uses cellular technology instead of landlines which means better service when there’s bad weather like storms.

Simplisafe vs ADT: EQUIPMENT

ADT and SimpliSafe offer home security products that vary in equipment, performance, price points, etc. Both companies have indoor cameras as well as outdoor ones for your convenience; it’s up to you which brand offers the level of safety you desire at an affordable cost point with good value per product purchased.

Safe are both companies that sell home security equipment, but ADT has a wider selection of products to choose from in comparison with Simpli. Safe which only sells an indoor camera called the “Simpli. Cam.” Both offer environmental monitoring systems like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors so you don’t have to worry about your safety when you’re at home or away on vacation/business trip etc., however there is one big difference between these two services – while ADT offers cameras for indoors as well outdoors , simplisafe’s just doubles up into being used either way therefore making it less versatile than ADT.

Simplisafe vs ADT


There are many differences between ADT and Simpli. Safe when it comes to price, equipment cost, professional monitoring fees (monthly fee), etc. To start off with the big one: you can pay for your home security system throughout an ADT contract but in order to get a Simpli. safe package; you must purchase all of their equipment upfront at once which includes things like motion sensors or window alarms that need batteries replaced every now and then as well as wireless keypads needed by homeowners who want more than 1 level of protection within their homes if they live on multi-levels such as 2nd floor bedrooms needing additional door/window contacts right near windows where burglars typically enter through without having to go down stairs first into living rooms There is a big difference between ADT and Simpli.

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Safe when it comes to price, but not in terms of how easy they are to use or what you get for your money. First let’s compare the prices: ADT requires at least $599 worth of equipment Simplisafe lets you pay for the system over time with no interest.


Finally, the Interactive Plan will give you smart home integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest thermostats, Apple Watch, and August smart locks, so get ready for some voice commands and home automation. Overall, SimpliSafe’s rates are very fair, considering I’ve seen professional monitoring and cellular backup cost up to $60 a month with some businesses.

ADT doesn’t set it out too neatly for you. Instead, you’ll negotiate with your salesperson to find a price that suits your equipment and the services you want. But while I can’t tell you exact rates, I can tell you that you’ll be paying anywhere from about $30 to $60 a month for professional and life safety monitoring. Whatever security system you chose, you want to make sure it has cellular backup, which will keep your security system on in the event of a power failure.

Fortunately, both ADT and SimpliSafe provide cellular backup for any professional monitoring package, so you won’t have to pay more on top of what you’re already paying per month for monitoring. Overall, SimpliSafe’s plans are way more affordable than ADT’s, but let’s see how the contracts work before we make any rash decisions.

Simplisafe vs ADT

Simplisafe vs ADT: CONTRACTS

Although ADT only offers a three-year, binding contract, SimpliSafe offers a month-to-month contract. That means that if you don’t want their services anymore, you can cancel anytime without a fee. For ADT, in comparison, you’ll have to pay your contract out after the first six months. Bear in mind that you’d only be able to cancel within the first six months if you have a problem that ADT can’t fix, not just because you feel like it. Obviously, SimpliSafe is a much better offer in this respect.

Our Conclusion ADT-Monitored Home Security and SimpliSafe are also excellent options for home security. SimpliSafe could be better for people who want a DIY, portable security device, those who are on a budget, or landlords, given the company has a la carte options and needs long-term contract. Alternatively, ADT-Monitored Home Security from Secure Your Home is probably the better option for homeowners who want a conventional, professionally monitored home security system and have a little spare space in their budget. Secure Your Home monitoring rates appear to be on the high side, but you’ll get a proven reputation with a national resource network.

This Old House readers can view plans and get a free quote for ADT-Monitored Home Protection from Secure Your Home by completing a fast form or by calling . You can also read more about SimpliSafe’s plans on the company’s website.


A DIY home security system that is easy to install and offers reliable equipment without contracts or fees, SimpliSafe beats competitors hands down. But if you want a traditional service with professional installation and monitoring for peace of mind, ADT may be your best choice. ADT is a traditional home security provider with hassle-free installation and monitoring, but if you’re looking to save money on equipment SimpliSafe may be your best option.