Which is better SimpliSafe or ADT?

Which is better SimpliSafe or ADT?

simplisafe vs adt


Simplisafe Vs. Adt

ADT is like signing a lease for a good condo . You get high-end appliances, and you don’t have to think about repairs, but you pay a hefty fee every month and legally you don’t own any of it. SimpliSafe is like paying cash for a tiny house . It’s all yours, and you may not have anything in the way of monthly payments, but it takes a bit more effort, it costs more up front, and if something fails, it’s on you to repair it.

In A Nutshell

Since they’re so different, deciding if ADT or SimpliSafe is the right home protection device depends about how much you want to invest and if you want to DIY your installation and monitoring. Here’s the gist: ADT rents its equipment and needs long-term contracts at a lower up-front rate, but it has higher monthly monitoring fees than SimpliSafe.

Your ADT controlled system is professionally designed and managed, and you have more home automation options. 2. With SimpliSafe , you’ll pay more for your equipment and mount and manage it yourself. But the monthly monitoring costs are half of what you’d pay with ADT, though SimpliSafe’s home automation options are more constrained.

Pricing And Plans

simplisafe vs adt

SimpliSaf SimpliSafe’s equipment packages start at $196 and go up to $499 . Since the company sells only its own products, its equipment options are fairly basic, with no outside cameras (except the video doorbell) and no home automation equipment including thermostats or smart bulbs. But any protection system is easy enough for the average homeowner to install. If you want professional supervision, you can choose from one of two plans: the Basic plan at $14.99 a month or the Interactive plan at $24.99 a month.

The Interactive kit provides mobile app access and alarm authentication, which allows the COPS control center to access your home surveillance cameras in the event of an alarm and confirm that an emergency is taking place. You can cancel tracking at any time or even choose to sign in only during months when you’ll be out of town for long periods. SimpliSafe also provides cloud storage plans beginning at $5 a month for video recordings.

Who Simplisafe Is Best For?

If you know that a three-year contract is just too much of a commitment for you and you don’t feel the need for fancy home automation features then SimpliSafe is a solid option for home security. Its equipment quality isn’t as good as ADT’s, but its monthly monitoring plans are a lot more customizable Plus, step-by-step directions make it so easy to configure (and uninstall) your device that you can pack it up and take it with you if you travel. Finally, you don’t have to think about calling the company and setting up an appointment any time you want to purchase SimpliSafe sensors or devices.

Check out SimpliSafe to see which packages and monitoring plans could work for you and read more in our SimpliSafe review Home automation One of ADT’s key advantages over SimpliSafe is its smart home integration capabilities . ADT wireless protection systems operate on Z-Wave technology, so they can connect with a whole host of other Z-Wave devices, including smart lightbulbs, thermostats, plugs, and more. You can use the ADT app to build scenes that allow your security system and smart devices to function together like making your thermostat lower your home’s temperature while your system is armed in “Away” mode to save energy in the wintertime.

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How We Evaluated Adt And Simplisafe

I assessed ADT as both a long-time customer and an independent security expert. I also tested SimpliSafe’s cameras, used its app, and performed extensive research on its security system offerings. SimpliSafe’s assessment was based on my experience evaluating its cameras and using its app along with extensive research into its security system offerings. Every SafeWise review is different, but our complete methoology explains more about our most popular methods for rating and evaluating products.

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simplisafe vs adt


ADT Home Security has long been a big name in home security, but you might have learned a lot about SimpliSafe in recent years. Both companies sell a similar range of home security and smart home devices, but their business models operate somewhat differently. Keep reading this SimpliSafe vs. ADT comparison to determine which is the best home security for your home.

Here’S Our Comparison Of Adt Home Security

and SimpliSafe , including their plans, prices, and equipment. We break down the gaps between the two home protection firms and make suggestions about who would benefit more from either one. SimpliSafe Summary SimpliSafe is a relative newcomer to the home protection market, and it provides a different paradigm from conventional companies like ADT. The creators of SimpliSafe couldn’t find a suitable protection solution for tenants, so they pioneered their own wireless hardware that’s easy to mount and uninstall.

Here Are A Few Simplisafe Benefits:

Clear And Inexpensive Pricing

simplisafe vs adt

SimpliSaf Portable equipment

No Long-Term Contract Required For Professional Monitoring Services

ADT Summary ADT Home Security is one of the most experienced and best home security firms in the industry. Originally founded as a telegraph company, the business grew into security alarms in the early decades of the 20th century, and it now services over six million homes in the United States. Here are some top selling points of ADT-Monitored Home Protection from Secure Your Home:

Longevity And A Good Reputation In The Industry

Adt Has The Largest Nationwide Network Of Monitoring Centers

simplisafe vs adt


Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee On Installation And Monitoring Fees*

*Certain Restrictions Apply.

How Does Simplisafe Work?

simplisafe vs adt


SimpliSafe systems can all be purchased online or over the phone. You pick the equipment you need and get it shipped to your house. While the equipment should be simple to install on your own , SimpliSafe does provide professional installation, as well.

Learn More About Installation Options By Visiting Simplisafe’S Website

How Does Adt Home Security Work?

After you talk to a sales representative and buy a contract, a specialist will come to your house to install the device. The technician will help you set up and test your device, after which you’ll be able to run it from the control panel and, for certain systems, the smartphone app. Note: Protect Your Home doesn’t offer a self-installation option.

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Simplisafe & Adt Similarities

simplisafe vs adt


Although ADT-Monitored Home Security and SimpliSafe approach home security very differently, they are still similar in several respects. Both provide the latest technologies in home security devices, including alarms, security cameras, smoke and flood detectors, and more. Both also allow you to monitor your entire home security system via mobile app, as well as receive notifications and stream video.

What Types Of Packages Do Simplisafe And Protect Your Home Provide?

ADT-Monitored Home Protection from Secure Your Home includes four different packages, while SimpliSafe offers five packages depending on the size of your home and the amount of equipment you need, as well as two monitoring plans. To share feedback or ask a question about this post, send a message to our Reviews team at reviews@thisoldhousereviews.com

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Adt Vs. Simplisafe Installation

If you’re into saving money and rolling up your sleeves, then you’ll appreciate that both ADT and SimpliSafe have DIY installation. However, if that really isn’t your thing, SimpliSafe lets you do professional installation for $79, but I opted for DIY . But as fun as putting together security systems can be, I don’t want to spend hours on it. So which device was easier to install, ADT or SimpliSafe? Installing ADT Before it even gets to your house, the ADT security system will be pre-programmed so it connects to each other. You have to call ADT to activate your system, but the call didn’t take too long.

The toughest components to install? Definitely the video camera and the Kwikset deadbolt. Since the video camera is made by Alarm.com, it was pretty confusing to set it up using the ADT Pulse software. I suggest doing it on your computer instead. Installing the deadbolt was as difficult as any other deadbolt, plus a few electrical parts. ADT does send you step-by-step directions, but I’d use Youtube as a backup plan, and professional installation as your backup plan to the backup plan. Overall, installing ADT took about an hour, except the deadbolt, of course. Installing SimpliSafe I love that installing SimpliSafe needed no drilling or equipment whatsoever. Instead, the rest of the sensors is peel-and-stick, which made it completely idiot-proof.

And don’t worry this is a strong adhesive, one that doesn’t cause the sensors to slip down the walls. Once the sensors were up, all I had to do was plug in my base station, go into the SimpliSafe app, and sync everything. From start to finish, setting up SimpliSafe was just plain easy.

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Top System Installation

simplisafe vs adt

SimpliSaf Both ADT and SimpliSafe were fairly easy to mount, but SimpliSafe wins easily by preventing a complicated camera and deadbolt scenario. Also, I love that they give you the choice to leave it to the experts. So far, it’s one to nil, SimpliSafe, but we’re just at the beginning. Truly, it’s anyone’s game!

Smart Home Integrations

Finally, the Interactive Plan will give you smart home integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest thermostats, Apple Watch, and August smart locks, so get ready for some voice commands and home automation. Overall, SimpliSafe’s rates are very fair, considering I’ve seen professional monitoring and cellular backup cost up to $60 a month with some businesses.

ADT doesn’t set it out too neatly for you. Instead, you’ll negotiate with your salesperson to find a price that suits your equipment and the services you want. But while I can’t tell you exact rates, I can tell you that you’ll be paying anywhere from about $30 to $60 a month for professional and life safety monitoring. Whatever security system you chose, you want to make sure it has cellular backup, which will keep your security system on in the event of a power failure.

Fortunately, both ADT and SimpliSafe provide cellular backup for any professional monitoring package, so you won’t have to pay more on top of what you’re already paying per month for monitoring. Overall, SimpliSafe’s plans are way more affordable than ADT’s, but let’s see how the contracts work before we make any rash decisions.

Adt Vs. Simplisafe Contracts

Although ADT only offers a three-year, binding contract, SimpliSafe offers a month-to-month contract. That means that if you don’t want their services anymore, you can cancel anytime without a fee. For ADT, in comparison, you’ll have to pay your contract out after the first six months. Bear in mind that you’d only be able to cancel within the first six months if you have a problem that ADT can’t fix, not just because you feel like it. Obviously, SimpliSafe is a much better offer in this respect.

Our Conclusion ADT-Monitored Home Security and SimpliSafe are also excellent options for home security. SimpliSafe could be better for people who want a DIY, portable security device, those who are on a budget, or landlords, given the company has a la carte options and needs long-term contract. Alternatively, ADT-Monitored Home Security from Secure Your Home is probably the better option for homeowners who want a conventional, professionally monitored home security system and have a little spare space in their budget. Secure Your Home monitoring rates appear to be on the high side, but you’ll get a proven reputation with a national resource network.

This Old House readers can view plans and get a free quote for ADT-Monitored Home Protection from Secure Your Home by completing a fast form or by calling . You can also read more about SimpliSafe’s plans on the company’s website