Proton VPN Review 2021

What is Proton VPN?

ProtonVPN is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Their headquarters are located in a country with strong protection of personal privacy laws and they do not participate as members within the Five Eyes international surveillance alliance (although they cooperate with partner countries). ProtonVPN has strict no data-logging policies; their Swiss law doesn’t require VPNs to keep user logs which means that Proton can have this policy without violation. On top of everything else, transparency reports reveal every time third parties request users’ information from them on their website’s most recent transpare ProtonVPN is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland known for privacy laws strong personal.

Although they are not a member of Five Eyes international surveillance alliance, have cooperate with Five Eyes’ partner countries regarding law enforcement requests plus side Swiss doesn’t require VPNs keep user data logs allows ProtonVPN strict no-data logging policy their website maintain transparency report disclose every time third parties request user information most recent transp

Protonvpn For Windows

This company, ProtonVPN also offers clients for Android, Android TV, Chromebooks. They provide detailed steps on how to configure a Linux machine to use the service which was no trouble getting ProtonVPN’s Windows app installed on an Intel NUC Kit NUc8i7BEH (Bean Canyon) desktop running the latest version of windows 10 because they put such emphasis o user privacy and technological excellence you might expect that protonvpn would be an ugly unusable mess but thats not case at all ProtonVNP has slick well-designed apps with easy navigation. ProtonVPN offers clients for Android, i. OS, mac. OS, and Windows with detailed instructions on how to configure a Linux machine to use the service.

We had no trouble getting ProtonVPN’s Windows app installed on an Intel NUC Kit desktop running the latest version of 10 due its sleek design that doesn’t skimp out in features or performance like other VPNs might do at such great price point . The updated app now has a quick connect button to make it easier and faster. The map is no longer visible as you can click the arrow in the middle right to collapse it so that only its thin strip shows up for convenience. The ProtonVPN app is a quick and easy way to get online with the added bonus of security features. When you start up, there’s an obvious Quick Connect button that takes away any guesswork about how to connect quickly. It also shows your current connection status in real time alongside network traffic assessment and available servers on a map so it doesn’t take long before getting started or changing VPN location if needed for work or school purposes ProtonVPN has a map or list feature that you can use to find a location and servers.

We particularly like the option of drilling down into specific server information, such as whether they are Plus Servers (reserved for Proton users) and which ones have enhanced P2P capabilities. In addition to these features, four default Profiles come with every account: The “Fastest Server” Profile is great if your priority is speed; this will connect you automatically with whatever random high-speed server comes up first on our side in order to give you optimal speeds without any manual intervention from yourself required! The second profile type allows one The app displays how much load a particular server is experiencing, whether they are Plus servers (that is, servers reserved for Plus users), and which are specialized servers for Tor. It also includes Profiles that allow specific activities such as connecting to the fastest or random client. ProtonVPN has an easy to use interface that allows users of all levels to easily connect and change servers. One feature is called Profiles, which let you route the traffic from specific apps through your VPN connection for increased security on those particular programs like P2P file sharing or banking sites.

Another tool ProtonVPN offers is a Kill Switch; this will stop web traffic if the VPN disconnects rather than expose what’s usually happening in unencrypted form with just one click. ProtonVPN is a VPN that has many different servers, but it also includes tools for ensuring your security and privacy. For example, you can create profiles with specific countries or cities to connect to automatically instead of having to choose them every time from the list. It allows you name these Profiles so they are easier ot remember as well as color code each one’s use (red = US only; green = all countries) You can mark those profiles which require Secure Core Connection with “CC” after their names in order make sure this feature isn’t accidentally turned off when checking boxes during profile creation/editing. The ProtonVPN Kill Switch ensures there will be no leaks if the VPN connection disconnects by stopping web traffic until reconnection occurs –

Will Proton VPN Log my Data?

This question never has a simple yes or no answer for any VPN. The real world is never black and white. Frustrating, isn’t it? ProtonVPN is about as good from a privacy perspective since they don’t log user connection data, so even if the Swiss government requests it, the company doesn’t have anything to hand over.[ProtonVPN’s Privacy Policy]Screenshot of Privacy Policy from ProtonVPN’s Website As you can see above… This question never has a simple yes or no answer for any VPN. The truth is that every VPN logs at least some data that is needed to run their operations.

That being said, ProtonVPN is about as good as they come from a privacy perspective. They don’t log user connection data, so even if the Swiss government requests it, the company has nothing to hand over and will not be able to provide anything in response because of this policy option.”Screenshot of Privacy Policy from ProtonVPN’s Website”As you can see above,”ProttonVPN holds true o This question never has an easy “yes” or “no” answer for any VPN; all virtual private network providers (VPNS) do indeed hold certain amounts.

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If you want the fastest connection within Proton VPN, go with Plus. It has all of the features for security and anonymity without suffering too much speed loss. If it’s not essential to your use case, Basic or Free will suffice as well if they fit in your budget better than Plus does. Getting a Fast Connection with Proton VPN. When you sign up for the fastest connection in Proton, your internet speed will slow down slightly depending on which plan you choose: Basic or Free is slower than Plus.

For me and my unhealthy addiction to Netflix, I need plus so that’s what I tested it out on. Whether this matters depends entirely upon how much of an effect slowing down your internet has- if not at all then stick to free or basic plans but if speed is crucial go for pro because none are as fast! Whichever option chosen though users must accept the fact their speeds decline due to additional protection measures required First, I measured the difference in download speed in megabits per second (Mbps). On Windows, Proton. VPN was pretty fast – 31 Mbps vs 28 Mbps without a VPN connection to compare it with.

However, on my Macbook , running macOS Mojave and connected via “Quick Connect” which automatically selects a server for me based off of location but doesn’t allow you much control over what specific servers are selected by default . The speeds were slower when using their service only achieving about 16-17 Mbps where as It ran at 19+ Mpbs w/o any other factors affecting performance such as time of day or internet providers factored into the equation. I tested Proton VPN’s speed by downloading a file from our server in Poland on my Macbook and ThinkPad. I also used the “Quick Connect” option to connect with optimal servers closest to me for both devices, which are at opposite ends of the country. On Windows 10 using OpenVPN protocol, download speeds were pretty fast but not as much compared to when connected directly without any type of encryption enabled through an internet service provider (ISP).

Using Mac OS Mojave on my MacBook running macOS High Sierra showed no difference either way whether or not there was some sort of tunneling over another network involved because ISP didn’t seem like it had anything special that made one connection faster than other since testing locations differed so drastically between computers’ IP addresses ProtonVPN decreased my upload speed by 4% on Windows and increased it by 42%. My internet slowed down because of the VPN, but not that much. On Mac ProtonVPN decreased my download speeds by 90%, which is a lot more than I expected. However, I could still stream video with an average download speed above 60 Mbps so overall it worked well in this category too Peed’s (Internet) dropped significantly after installing proton vpn: from 100 to 40-60Mbps for me; however since PeeDs was already fast enough before using ProTons i don’t think thats very bad considering most regular people would be okay with these speeds without any problems even if they were lower ProtonVPN speeds on Windows and Mac Peeds decreased by 42% but remained above 90 Mbps.

On my Mac, I started out with a higher initial internet speed so the drop was more significant. My internet decreased by 87%. Now that sounds really bad, but my Mac internet speed still remained above 60 Mbps which is still fast enough for streaming. Overall, Proton VPN worked better on my Windows computer in this category .Proton VPN Upload Speed Test Next , I tested the difference in upload speeds with and without the vpn .

Pro tonvpn barely slowed down m y uplo ad spee d o n W indow s , only di minishing i n uploa d sp eed b y 4 % N ext ProtonVPN decreased upload speed by 4%, but increased download speeds on Windows. ProtonVPN also barely slowed down my Mac’s upload speed, only decreasing it by 1%. Overall, I got a better performance with ProtonVPN than without: the overall decrease in internet was 7% and not 42%. Peed dropped slightly less when using proTunnel VPN compared to no vPN (42%) while having an increase of 373 Mbps for downloads and 359 Mbps for uploading. However, this doesn’t sound as good because these percentages are significantly smaller then those Brian initially reported from his first tests where he had minor increases or decreases depending on platform–exactly what we’d expect from normal network fluctuation rather than some weirdness going around Proton VPN did not decrease my internet speed on either Windows or Mac, but resulted in an increase of upload speeds. peeds decreased by 42% but remained above 90 Mbps.

On my Mac, I started out with a higher initial internet speed so the drop was more significant. My internet decreased by 87%. Now that sounds really bad, but my Mac internet speed still remained above 60 Mbps which is still fast enough for streaming. Overall, ProtonVPN worked better on my Windows computer in this category.


ProtonVPN is a VPN service giving everyone the opportunity to access secure and private internet browsing. They have three different plans: Free, Basic, and Plus membership types. ProtonVPN’s free plan provides only basic features for users while their Standard Plan offers more servers across any country available compared with that of their entry-level package ProtonVPN Subscription Plans Since ProtonVPN’s mission is to give everyone access to secure and private internet browsing , their VPN should be affordable enough meet that goal . Pro ton VNPF has thre e diffe rent s ubscri ption t ypes : F ree, B asic , an d P lus memberships .

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Since ProtonVPN’s mission is to give everyone access to secure and private internet browsing, their VPN should be affordable enough for the majority of people. Thus they offer several different subscription types: Free, Basic, and Plus memberships. The free plan offers a bare-bones virtual personal network experience while still being completely free! Then if you want more servers in any country available or faster speeds then there are two tiers above it with three total plans allowing users an easy way try out all the services before making a final decision on which one works best for them personally depending upon what features each individual user wants/needs most from this service combined with how much money that can afford (or not) at any given time as well after taking into account Since the drop off in price between paying monthly and yearly isn’t that large, I would go with monthly payments for a few months before committing to a full year. ProtonVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee so if you start to feel like it’s not right for you, just get your refund prorated by number of days left on contract In order from most interesting/creative: ProtonVPN offers a free option, but I would not touch most options with the ten-foot pole.

Since it is cheap and reliable, you should try out ProtonVPN for its monthly plan to see if they suit your needs before committing to an entire year of service. The drop off in price between paying monthly or yearly isn’t that large so choose whether you want one month at a time or commit for longer than just one payment cycle ProtonVPN has multiple plans: sic Plus and Pro which can be paid on either per month basis (monthly) or annually (yearly). You receive 20% discount when choosing annual payments while there’s 30 days money back guarantee period available in case something goes wrong during subscription process.

How Private And Secure is Proton VPN?

Right out the gate, ProtonVPN has an advantage over much of its competition because it is based in Switzerland. Unlike other European countries (like France), Switzerland does not participate in any intelligence-sharing alliances like 5 or 14 Eyes and generally protects their data jealously.Proton’s no-logging statement is comprehensive; there are only two pieces of information that you can see right on signup: your very last timestamp, which immediately gets overwritten when you connect again to a server next time; and the email address associated with your account if needed for resetting passwords etc., but even this doesn’t get stored anywhere by default.On sign up too what makes them more secure than most VPN services? They offer users exclusive access to Pro Right out the gate, ProtonVPN has an advantage over much of its competition because it’s based in Switzerland. Unlike many other parts of Europe, Switzerland is not part of any intelligence-sharing alliance like 5 or 14 Eyes and generally protects data jealously.ProtonVPN doesn’t log anything but your last timestamp when you connect to their service which means they are very secure with all their users’ information especially private email accounts through ProtonMail which does use end-to-end encryption unlike Gmail!On signup you can also choose to have a secure mailbox from Protonmail for sending messages while using this VPN service since it will be encrypted securely between two parties at different locations that would otherwise require trusting third party providers website administrators who may One of the most exciting and unique features that ProtonVPN offers is what it calls Secure Core. This essentially means that when you connect to a server using ProtonVPN, your connection first goes through several of their most protected servers before reaching its destination.

As such, even if someone were able to compromise one or more VPN nodes (which they can’t), there would be no way for them to trace your traffic back since each network path terminates at different endpoints with no shared resources One of the most exciting and unique features offered by protonvpn is called secure core which basically sends all connections from users first through multiple heavily encrypted servers as well as those belonging only within protones own infrastructure meaning hackers couldnt ever infiltrate any single When you connect to a server using ProtonVPN, your connection is first routed through several of ProtonVPN’s most protected servers. As a result, even if someone tried to monitor or attack the network traffic between you and the actual VPN location (something that often happens), they would not be able to access any information about it as all outgoing data originating from those nodes are encrypted before being sent on its way. This makes ProtonVPN one of just two services we’ve reviewed – Mullvad is another – where we feel confident enough in saying that there simply isn’t anyone monitoring what comes out at each end: no ISP snooping; no hackers watching every move trying their luck with phishing scams and so forth.” “When you ProtonVPN has a smaller server network than most VPNs. However, it does offer automatic connection on startup and protection against malware-infected websites which is great if you don’t know how to do this yourself. ProtonVPN also offers a built-in kill switch to protect your IP in case your connection drops.

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There’s no option to have the VPN automatically turn on when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, but you can set ProtonVPN to open a connection automatically when you turn on your computer. More: See which services rank on our best Netflix VPN . Server networks are usually smaller than more expensive providers like Private Internet Access and NordVPN (which has over 5,000 servers), with only 1 Protonvpn will offer an automatic killswitch for its customers if their internet connections drop ProtonVPN is a VPN with 55 country servers that covers most of the world. It allows for Tor over VPN and provides an extra layer of privacy, which makes it great for those who are concerned about their online data.

There aren’t many other popular options to go with if you want this kind of setup! ProtonVPN is a great VPN service with over 100 servers across 55 countries. If you want to access Europe or North America, most countries have upwards of six available servers. ProtonVPN also offers Tor over VPN which means your data gets routed through the anonymous Tor network for additional privacy and onion sites accessible as well! Nord may be one of the few services that offer this feature though so it’s definitely worth checking out!


ProtonVPN is a VPN service that could do better on some fronts, but they might have the answers to your questions. They only offer support via email and their online knowledge-base doesn’t cover as much as I wish it would. However, if you can find what you’re looking for in there or just need basic help with setup/troubleshooting issues etc., Proton should be able to answer those queries easily enough.I think live chat support from a professional team of experts who know about all these technical details surrounding VPNs would come in handy quite often too so hopefully this will be implemented soon! ProtonVPN is a Virtual Private Network (or ‘VPN’) service which does not fare well at certain points compared to ProtonVPN is a VPN with an interesting cost structure. While it’s free, you only get three days of access before being asked to upgrade.

However, if you choose to do so ProtonVPN increases your data limit from 2GB per month up to 100 GB and lets subscribers use more devices at once as well as letting them connect using OpenWeb instead of PPTP or L2PT/IPsec protocols for better security without additional fees on top of the monthly dues they already have going into this service which gives users a chance at anonymity online but still provides decent performance even though its servers may not be quite as close in proximity compared.


The Competition

VPNs are a great way to ensure privacy and security when surfing the internet. They can also help boost your streaming speeds if you’re planning on watching Netflix, Hulu or other media services that require geo-blocking bypasses in order for them to function correctly. Some VPN providers such as ProtonVPN charge fairly expensive monthly fees for their service while Surfshark only costs $1.99 per month with its two year plan . If cost isn’t an issue then Express is another viable option which offers excellent speed and support alongside good logs policies making it one of the best paid-for options out there VPNs are great for users who want to protect their privacy while browsing the internet.

However, there is a wide range of VPN services that provide varying levels of security and speeds at different price points. If you’re looking for an affordable option with excellent performance, Surfshark has it all – offering $1.99/mo if you sign up two-yearly plan or $6.67/month on one year plans which include high speed access along with strong encryption protocols in place protecting your data traffic from snoopers & hackers . On the other hand , ExpressVPN comes across as being pricey compared to its counterparts but offers top notch features like live chat support apart from providing streaming optimized servers.


If you prioritize security and privacy, ProtonVPN is one of the best VPNs we’ve seen. The Secure Core feature protects your IP address from being captured by even sophisticated attacks while making it easy to set up network profiles for quick access. However, getting access to its most exciting features can be expensive–we love that they offer a free version though! If money isn’t an issue or if this service seems like just what you’re looking for in terms of protection and ease-of-use, then go ahead with their Plus/Visionary plan because there are cheaper competitors out there too who don’t provide as many features (if any). ProtonVPN is one of the best VPNs we’ve seen if you prize privacy and security. The Secure Core feature gives it nigh-on impossible for even highly sophisticated attacks to succeed in capturing your IP address, plus there’s a nice touch with setting up network profiles for quick access that can be done under different circumstances.There are only two downsides: getting access to ProtonVPN’s most exciting features costs money (although their free offering is great), but besides this they’re cheaper than competitors like Plus or Visionary plans; additionally, its unique combination of features makes it stand out from other similar services on the market today