What is CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost VPN is a piece of software that hides your IP address and reroutes internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This way, you can protect yourself from snoopers while remaining anonymous online! Simply install Cyberghost on any device to start sending all data securely without being tracked by government agencies or ISPs I am confident in my privacy because this program uses encryption with every packet sent between devices (like me)to the internet – meaning no one will be able see what I’m doing thanks for using it too. CyberGhost VPN is a piece of software that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Cyberghost protects your digital identity with encryption, and they’re more important than ever for our privacy in this day and age where everything can be tracked thanks to big brother.

Servers And Server Locations

CyberGhost offers an international VPN service with over 7,000 servers in 91 countries. It’s one of the largest and most diverse services we’ve reviewed because it covers so many regions across the globe – including Africa (for those who need it) to South America. The app has been designed from scratch by experts for both beginners as well as veterans alike which makes using this platform easy even if you don’t know how encryption works! The more varied location choices available through Cyberghost means that users will always be able find themselves close enough any desired destination without having too much trouble identifying where certain server locations might lie A VPN provider’s server network is one of the deciding factors in picking a good service, and Cyber Ghost has an above average offering. The company offers 7K+ servers across 91 countries which means they cover most regions or locations you might need coverage for! It also fares well when compared against other large networks likePureVPN (4k)Panda PrivacyBay( merely 2000). CyberGhost is a VPN service that can bypass censorship.

It has over 1,200 servers in 80+ countries to provide users with uncensored access anywhere they are located – even China! This means it’s possible for you to log-in securely and enjoy your favorite content online no matter where the government or website owner blocks certain websites such as Facebook, YouTube etc., all while protecting yourself from surveillance by third parties like advertisers who track our every move without permission (eep!). The best part? With Cyber Ghost Premium subscription plan comes free unlimited bandwidth CyberGhost is a VPN service provider that has servers in 34 countries covering all of the world’s regions with repressive internet policies. These include China, Hong Kong Russia and Turkey as well as Vietnam where they are available for users to access blocked content from anywhere on their device without hindrance or detection by authorities who may attempt these types censorship often times using tracking tools like HTTPS scanning engines which can tell when you’re visiting different websites because it checks if data was encrypted properly during transport through our network As more people rely on technology-driven lifestyle habits (such Cyber. Ghost VPN has a list of all its server locations that clearly indicates whether they are virtual or physical and includes what type of encryption methods each one uses for data protection, making it easy to decide which location will work best with your needs! A company representative explained why we like CyberGhost so much: “We want transparency in how our service works.” We’re happy about this because when you use any other provider who doesn’t give such details as far as where does my info go after i log off? That makes us think twice before trusting them fully – but not anymore thanks I prefer the transparency of VPN services that Cyber. Ghost has to offer because I know exactly where my data is going, and how it’s being handled by them.” A company representative told me some aspects about their server infrastructure are rented while other servers like No Spy serversThey own directly even if you can’t tell from looking at them in use (no hard drives).

Regardless, they make sure those encrypted virtual locations run exclusively out RAM – so no one will be able take anything else with him once he leaves! CyberGhost is a good VPN because it protects user privacy. The company’s policy outlines what information they collect, how that data will be used and not collected for in particular as well the occasional ads on their site to help maintain bandwidth costs while providing service with no strings attached “Cyberghost offers its users an impressive array of features including: Unlimited Bandwidth; DDoS protection powered by hydra teams;” It also provides transparency reports each quarter which show where funds go from advertising revenue – this includes showing who clicked onto certain pages within Cyber Ghost’s website (which can provide insight into your Internet browsing habits). That being said we still couldn’t overlook two things when considering whether or not GB would make our top 5 list CyberGhost is one of the few VPNs that protect your privacy. It does this by not asking for any personal information during registration, and it only logging you in with an email address or Facebook account on our server instead of having them locally stored at their website like most other companies do nowadays.

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This way we can better track user activity back to its source if there are ever issues- which thankfully has never happened yet! For those who want even more assurance about how safe they’ll be while using Cyber Ghost’s services (or anyone else’s), here’s what no data gets exposed: There are many ways to store user data and information on their services, but there’s one thing CyberGhost does not. They do collect some of this info: connection attempts with a VPN server as well as successful ones; browsing history for up-to date websites visited before signing up (but it doesn’t save old emails). The policy also covers IP addresses or DNS queries which may be used in communications between client software and servers abroad – like BearVPN’s Editor’s Choice winner Tunnel does too! CyberGhost offers a great service, but their policies are difficult to understand. The preamble of Cyber Ghost’s privacy policy is easy enough for anyone who knows how to read English at an elementary level–a good thing because it serves as the introduction and lays out some ground rules that will guide everything else in this document.

However after these introductory requirements there comes more dense text with legal jargon which could be confusing if you don’t have any experience navigating through complicated webpages or following along while reading about new terms outside your field (I’m looking at YOU Bear!). It would make sense then, considering all those advanced tech giants like Facebook where simpler explanations.

Price and Cost

CyberGhost is a VPN service that offers subscriptions with different pricing plans. Their annual plan costs $47.88 for 1 year of use, which according to our testing averages at 72 cents per day or 23 cent an hour; their two-year subscription costs 83 cents/day and three years’ worth runs up your bill by just under 3 dollars! That doesn’t sound so bad when you consider Cyberghost’s competitors averaging out at around 80 cents daily or 24 hours used each month across all services they offer ( Editors Choice winner – Mullvad). However like most other companies do these days who have yearly agreements instead long term commitments I recommend taking advantage on any discounts offered because otherwise switching could get expensive fast CyberGhost has some of the most enticing subscription plans around, with prices starting at just $12.99 per month for a single-year subscription and going all the way down to €5 ($6). And when you sign up through our link we’ll give 10% off.


CyberGhost was one of the first VPN providers on the market, and they’re still going strong. They have monthly plans for as low a price point at $12.99 that are industry-leading in quality – perfect if you need something quick or want to test out CyberGhost before committing! The two year subscriptions cost less too with discounted prices starting at just under seventy dollars up front followed by yearly fees ranging from three hundred five dollar per year ($347) all way down until 2/3 years left where it drops off making this deal even more attractive than most when considering how much time these certificates will last depending upon your needs.” Signing up for CyberGhost VPN’s monthly account costs $12.99, which is the high end of industry standard pricing at 10-13 dollars a month (depending on length). As usual , extending your subscription saves you money! Prices drop down to just 3.99 with an annual plan and 2/3 off if signup three years or more . It might not make sense that there are two different prices but they both include free months worth so it really depends what works better in terms


CyberGhost offers a simple way to get started with its Parrotfish software that’s available on both desktop computers and mobile apps The trial starts when you download the tiny installer file, accept terms & conditions of use (which is all done in an email), enter your information from there – including but not limited too email address or password- after clicking “confirm” once more on their confirmation page this will be complete! CyberGhost does its best to make sure the setup process is as easy and painless, so much in fact that it’s quite successful. Clicking on their trial link downloads a tiny Windows installer just for starters! Once downloaded you can accept terms & conditions by clicking “yes.” You then enter your email address along with password needed during sign up (the site will send them), after which all there needs be left are download buttons labeled iOS or Android App Store respectively – tap one when done downloading where applicable — no payment information required whatsoever–it’ll take care of everything else automatically too Nowadays we are bombarded with information, and it’s hard to keep up. Cyber Ghost simplifies the process for you by providing explanations of its various features so that getting started will be easy! If your life is too hectic without having one simple VPN provider who provides all these different things in a single package like they do at Cyber Ghost then this list might help- OVPN (Open VPN TCP), L2TP/IPSec etc., Choose how many devices can connect simultaneously (1 per account max) Data compression option available which helps reduce traffic on congested networks malware protection included as well if thats something bothersome.

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And lastly choose Open . The only thing left now would have been adding my profile info from before login onto their Cyber Ghost is a VPN service that can be hard to understand for some users. It has many features and options, which makes it complicated at first glance but also ensures maximum security when in use with CyberGhost’s latest OpenVPN protocol encryption algorithm called AES 256-bit.-Cyberghost was founded by three engineers from Cisco Systems PLC (an multinational corporation based out of London), who were sick of watching their personal internet browsing data getting harvested without them knowing about it–and often not having any control over how this would affect future online endeavors such as finishing work projects or looking up information during business trips abroad.. The cisco team realized there had exxxxxxxxe been enough time spent

Refund Policy

CyberGhost offers subscriptions for $2.75 per month, but this is on the lower end of prices and you often get what you pay for with VPN services–a service that can help keep your identity private while using public WiFi hotspots or accessing censored websites in other countries (like China). Nord’s comparable pricing makes it an affordable option compared to some other providers such as Buffered ($12/month), VyprVPN($10-$12 monthly) . However, companies change their offerings frequently so always make sure there are coupons available when contemplating which provider might suit one’s needs best CyberGhost is a great option for those who want to keep their identity safe and anonymous. With its low prices, Cyberghost stands out from other VPN providers .

Not only does it offer an affordable monthly plan starting at $2.75 but also offers longer Duration plans which can range anywhere between 1 month ($1) or 3 years (32 cents per day). The key question with pricing though isn’t how much you spend on your subscription – it’s what value do I get from using this service? NordVPN comes comparably priced as well so if unlimited bandwidth sounds good then give them both try! CyberGhost has an excellent refund policy, and you can get a full refund for any plan within 45 days. This includes monthly subscriptions as well! For this Cyberghost review I purchased one-month worth of service with Bitcoin which was easy thanks to their accepts cryptocurrencies option on www.[domain].com . Getting back funds wasn’t difficult at all – they accept no questions asked so there is nothing further needed from my end other than sending in bitcoin or euros (according to server location). Cyberghost, and they also offer a Nord.

VPN coupon for more savings! Check out the Cyberghost vs Nord comparison to see which is better suited for your needs


CyberGhost is a reliable VPN service that offers client software for both Windows and Mac. They are based in Romania, which does not fall under any stringent copyright laws (unlike the United States) meaning their users can torrent without fear of being monitored by authorities or suffering IP address Throttling – just one more reason why Cyberghost’s customer testimonials speak volumes! I’ve used this company to download TV shows from Netflix US with succesful completion every time since last year; so if you want access while living overseas then look no further than these guys CyberGhost is a VPN service that allows you to torrent without any hassle. It’s based in Romania, which falls under less strict copyright laws than the US or DMCA . Therefore, it does not restrict your downloading of copyrighted material from websites like Netflix for example (which can legally block access). The good news? When using Cyberghost as opposed to other similar products on offer (such us Tunnel) there are servers specifically optimized for those who want protection while connected via WiFi network and looking atleast part way through their downloads/uploads – all making sure they stay anonymous too! Say goodbye surveillance worries: say hello The popular CyberGhost VPN is a safe haven for those looking to torrent with anonymity.

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The best part about their service? They provide an easy way of selecting any one of the servers in order satisfy your needs and location! In this article, we’ll go over how it works so that you can get started right away: -Open up “VPN Client” (or whichever client applies) found under Start menu -> Administrative Tools – click on Services & Application event viewer options menu bar at top left corner + select Kernel Events Logs list as well; check off box saying ‘Let Windows show these when applied’ CyberGhost is an offshore VPN provider that offers more than 450 servers in over 50 locations to ensure your safety and security. We have built this service for those who need unrestricted access, no matter their reason—whether it be anonymity on the web or just looking forward to downloading some torrents without worrying about being detected by government agencies! In our CyberGround (“torrent”) network there’s a server.


CyberGhost has generally not worked well with unblocking Netflix. While they always claim to work with Netflix, many of their streaming servers are blocked and unable to get through in order for me or other users like myself trying access popular sites such as YouTube TV , Hulu etcetera… With the latest round of tests I found one Cyber Ghost server that was able string together enough connections before getting an error message from Youtube so it appears there may still be hope despite others being plagued by buffering all over social media which leads us back into our original question- “can you watch netflix abroad” The answer might just lie within this recent development CyberGhost has generally not been able to unblock Netflix. While they always claim that their servers work with streaming, many of the services available through Cyberghost are blocked and unable get a connection in order watch videos online on sites like YouTube or Hulu Plus without interruption from advertisements which can sometimes be more annoying than watching them live when you’re trying your best just enjoy what’s happening! But while there is no perfect solution for all parties involved (such as being able ot connect through different countries), one thing worth noting is how well this particular VPN performs during P2P file sharing sessions where downloading large files shouldn’t disrupt gameplay due most likely happen server-side so players won.


Cyber Ghost offers incredibly user-friendly apps that make accessing streaming sites from around the world really easy. Just search for a platform you want to access and Cyber Ghost will give you its server made in order unblock it, plus if ever have trouble accessing your favorite service’s site or app their support staff can be reached 24/7 via phone call (or email). When talking about security with this company I would like first mention how they stand out by having “no spy servers” which means no one else besides yourself has any info on what websites or apps are being accessed when using them through Cyberghost VPN–they even protect data with military grade encryption so only those who approve may see what gets sent over CyberGhost is the world’s most user-friendly VPN. With just a quick search, you can find servers designed to unblock streaming sites from around the globe and protect your data with military grade encryption that features an automatic kill switch! Cyberghost also stands out in their transparency reports as well as 24/7 support staff available whenever needed.