NYU Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software that provides secure, password-protected access to NYU’s campus network. Most remote work can be done without using it but you should use VPN when connecting to a few services and if the connection is unsecured or public.

Most Popular VPNs:

NYU VPN Review 2021

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Duo authentication needs to be used with this service as well which has its own process compared to other university procedures like applications for example NYU VPN is a software client that provides access to NYU-NET from off-campus. One can still get remote work done without using the app, but it’s used for certain services and when connecting through an unsecured internet connection.

Start The VPN Software

Using vpn.nyu.edu to connect to NYU VPN, type your NetID, Password and “keyword” in the 2nd password area with the corresponding NYU MFA. Type in the “Second Password” area to use the Duo Mobile app. To get a batch of SMS passcodes sent to your primary phone, type the word sms in the field “Second Password”

You will receive a “Login Failed” message to re-enter your NetID and password and enter any of the seven-digit SMS codes from your mobile device in the “Second Password” sector. To authenticate by phone call (use only as a last resort; prefer the Duo App or passcodes), type the word phone1 in “Second Password” (or phone2 , etc., depending on how you set up MFA on the NYU Start page). When enrolling in MFA, you’ll receive a call to the telephone number you given for that option.

Getting Started with and Using NYU VPN

NYU community members may create a virtual private network called NYU-NET using the Any.Connect Mobility Client for Mac or Windows, which allows them to access university resources that are not available over public networks like internet connections at cafés and libraries. First download and install the new Cisco Any Connect VPN client on your computer. After you have installed this program, restart your device before continuing with any further steps required in order to connect successfully to NYC-Net via Virtual Private Networking (VPN). You will need Java software installed along with permission settings allowing all programs including ‘Diagnostics’ tools as well as ‘Cisco Software Up NYU has resources that are limited to NYU members.

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To access some of these services, you can create an “NYU-NET Virtual Private Network” through Cisco AnyConnect on your device. Eligible community members may use this connection tool for free by downloading and installing the new client onto their devices first then restarting them afterward if needed after it’s installed successfully .You will need Java installed on your computer before installation is possible with a quick note about Mac users being able to only select specific boxes during installation – checkboxes next to VPN and Diagnostics & Reporting Tool rather than both Web Security as well Posture settings when using the program in order not have too many issues while running it smoothly. Some NYU resources are limited specifically for people.

NYU’s VPN and Special Accounts

NYU MFA students will be required to connect their phones with the Duo app before being able to use NYU VPN. To do this, type your Net ID and password in step 1 of setting up a connection on vpn.nyu.edu , then enter any 7-digit code received via SMS by typing sms into “Second Password”. You’ll receive an error message; retype your net id/password combination (in separate fields) for authentication using one factor (something you know)