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Panda vpn’s Unlimited streaming One of the key reasons people use VPNs is to be able to stream geo-blocked videos and access shows in their current spot. For example, YouTube videos only playable in selected regions or countries. Streaming sites like Netflix have shows not available worldwide.

Although it is true that these streaming websites are getting better at detecting VPNs, if you use Panda VPN, the likelihood of bypassing their protocols is greater. It is not always assured that you can enjoy quick access every time, but compared to other VPN service providers, Panda VPN will be able to let you in more often than not. Watching other than big streaming services won’t be a concern. Panda VPN is suitable for watching restricted or exclusive video content. Security assured As mentioned, the Panda Dome antivirus developers make Panda VPN.

It already recognizes the importance of user data privacy and values it more than anything. If the antivirus does its best to keep your computers secure from invasive malware that could potentially damage your files, Panda VPN will work to protect you from online threats that could hack your account and steal confidential information.

This includes phishing scam security and fraudulent online ads. Panda VPN comes with high-grade bank-level security encryption, and the ability to mask your original IP address to avoid surveillance, detection, or tracking. That said, you should know it has servers available in over 20 countries around the world, so the connection will never be a real problem.

panda vpn

Limitless streami

As Friendly As A Panda

Even with its multiple features, Panda VPN remains user-friendly as its simple, straightforward interface shows. There’s not much to do to access the app. There’s no need to build and sign in to make things easier! Panda VPN is easily available, allowing you to connect to a server with a few taps on your phone. It’s down to two basic steps: select a server and connect!

The Solution To Advanced Cyberdefense: Adaptive Defense 360

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360) is a groundbreaking cloud-based protection solution for phones, laptops and servers. It automates prevention, identification, containment, and response to advanced threats, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, exploits in memory, and malwareless attacks. This level of security ensures that all current and potential risks are avoided whether they exist inside or outside the corporate network.

Unlike other solutions that concentrate exclusively on EDR capabilities, AD360 blends conventional endpoint protection (EPP) with next-gen automated EDR capabilities that provide a full protection model for both known and unknown threats. Another market differentiator is two main features that AD360 offers as a service, unlike rivals that leave IT department management of both: 100%Classification Facility

100% Classification Service

Thanks to its cloud architecture, the agent is lightweight and has no effect on endpoints managed by a single cloud architecture, except when isolated. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is available from a web console. It combines Cloud Security and Management Systems (Aether), optimizing prevention, identification, and automated response, minimizing effort.

Threat Hunting And Investigation Service

Traditional prevention-focused defense technologies (EPPs) are low-cost, valid for identified threats and malicious activities, but inadequate. Successfully ending cyber threats forces a shift from conventional prevention to a model of continuous prevention, detection and response, often believing the network has been breached and all endpoints are continuously under assault. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 enables IT departments to achieve this security role by combining conventional EPP technologies with EDR capabilities within a single solution, rendering the network impenetrable to both known and unknown threats. Model zero-trust AD360 works on a “Zero Trust Model,” a belief that organizations do not trust any person inside or beyond their perimeter at any time.

This approach is accomplished through a managed service that classifies 100% of processes, tracks endpoint operation, and prevents application execution and malicious processes. A verdict of either malicious or valid classification is sent for each execution, without confusion, and without IT staff interference. All this is possible due to AI and cloud computing capability, speed, adaptability and scalability.

The service unifies Big Data technology and multi-level machine learning strategies, including deep learning, resulting from continuous monitoring and automation of expertise and information gained by Panda’s internal security team. A team of experts run the controlled Threat Hunting and Forensic Analysis Program, using real-time and retrospective profiling, evaluating case correlation methods to proactively uncover new hacking and evasion techniques and tactics. Panda Intelligence Center hunters operate on the idea of continually compromising organizations.

Sign up Buying the stand-alone VPN is harder than we planned – even the client’s ‘Upgrade to Premium’ button points us to the complete Panda Dome security suite purchase page – but finally we found the right website page Once we had tracked the product down, the rest was pretty straightforward. We chose a billing frequency (1, 12 or 36 months), entered our email address, and also entered our name and postcode for some reason. Then we picked our favorite payment method (Panda supports cards and PayPal) and delivered our cash normally.

Panda sent us an activation code and download connection. We grabbed the installer, entered the code, and a minute or so later, Panda Free Antivirus (along with our premium VPN) was up and running. Virus antivirus Panda VPN comes as part of Panda’s free antivirus, rendering the gui a bit bulkier than normal. For example, there are buttons to launch on-demand scans, or schedule scans to run when convenient.

A USB Security tool ‘vaccinates’ USB keys to try to avoid auto malware infection. An excellent process management tool works like a supercharged task manager, allowing seasoned users to scan running systems and try to grasp what they’re doing. And a helpful rescue kit will create a USB key to boot and clean an infected PC.

Advanced And Automated Endpoint Security

AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Safety Test study Feb-May 2020 put Panda’s engine 5th out of 17, with a creditable protection score of 99.9%. That’s not quite market-leading – F-Secure, NortonLifeLock and Trend Micro all blocked 100% of threats – but it outperformed many major names, including Avast (99.7%), Avira (99.6%), Bitdefender (99.3%) and McAfee (98.9%). Despite the extra complexity on the main screen, Panda’s VPN is just a click away, with a much more familiar and straightforward interface.

App Windows Panda’s VPN app functions much like every other VPN you’ve ever used (though perhaps a little simpler). There’s a list of locations, with a ‘Automatic’ feature that allows the app to automatically pick the fastest server for you (usually the nearest one). There’s a completely blank setting box, which only includes an option to connect automatically when Windows begins, and the place to use.

Is This Worth Having? Maybe.

If you think that’s basic, you’d be 100% correct. Here’s no hidden depths. For eg, the location list doesn’t include ping times or server loads. You cannot sort by continent. No machine favourites, or list of ‘Recent Links.’ It’s not even in alphabetical order, that’s how little thought seems to have gone into the app (the list starts with Germany, Norway, Russia, Hong Kong, India…) The app connects very, very quickly at least (around a second – other VPN apps can take ten seconds, twenty, more) and shows a desktop notification to tell you when you’re safe. But when you disconnect, there’s no warning, which might be a concern if the connection drops.

Especially when the app has no kill switch to protect you. We linked with the VPN, then finished one of Panda’s device processes to forcibly close the connection. Not only did Panda VPN fail to raise an alarm, it didn’t even know the VPN had fallen, and the interface kept telling us we were linked. Terminating a procedure is a fairly extreme test, and not something that frequently occurs in real life. But just the fact that it’s possible – the Windows app doesn’t permanently track the connection, so you might be safe when you’re not – must be a major concern.

Netflix’s Panda is proud that its VPN offers you safe and private access to all Internet content: TV shows, social networks, sports and news channels, video/audio streaming, dating sites, video games… From everywhere on earth! ‘What we found during our last analysis, when the service struggled for all but the easiest pages. (We were able to access US YouTube content, for example, but you can do that with 99.9 percent of the other VPNs out there, including free ones.)

The story seems almost the same, this time too, with Panda Dome VPN not getting us into BBC iPlayer, no matter what we’ve tried. The failures persisted with Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, but the service at least allowed us to stream US Netflix content, a worthwhile improvement on what we last saw. Panda VPN could unlock the platforms you need, but we wouldn’t bet on it. But the service has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, you can apply for a refund and try somewhere else.

Achievement To evaluate VPN performance, we use SpeedTest and TestMy to compare download speeds from multiple test locations. Our UK results were probably as consistent as ever, with speeds reaching rock-solid 66-67Mbps on our 75Mbps test line. We moved to a 500Mbps and more European data center and ran our tests again.

Speeds were about 200Mbps below the normal Hotspot Shields level (that’s the service powering Panda VPN), but that’s faster than most, and more than enough for something we’re likely to do. Our analysis ended on an even more optimistic note, as many test sites found Panda’s client successfully protected us from DNS leaks.


Visit PandaVPN website – not to be confused with Panda Security’s Panda VPN – is a small VPN with a surprisingly large server network, covering some 60+ countries worldwide. However, I found they had servers in China and Russia, and that was a red flag for me. VPN servers in Russia and China will experience government and government scrutiny, meaning user data is never really private or covered. Knowing that PandaVPN operates in these countries, I wondered if this VPN is really safe to use.

I realized I had to dig a little deeper into this little-known VPN. I went through its history, features and policies to find out exactly how it worked and how secure it is. Final decision Panda VPN is a great antivirus add-on to Panda: quick, inexpensive, and even total VPN newbies will use it in seconds. However, the Windows app telling us that we were safe when the link fell was a problem, and lack of functionality and bundling with Panda antivirus makes it a bad and potentially inconvenient option for most VPN users.