Alliance Phones Review

Alliance Phones Review

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Alliance Phones has its headquarters in South San Francisco. They specialize in cloud-based Vo. Services for mid-sized and small businesses. Although relatively new to the industry (founded in 2012), Alliance Phones takes a straightforward approach to their Vo. Alliance Phones offers IP-based solutions that offer competitive, feature-rich options at a lower price than traditional phones.

It's simple and easy to switch from Alliances Phones. They also have business phone plans named after these words. Easy Plus plan works well for small to medium-sized businesses. Simplicity Plus plan has 4-20 lines. Effortless Plus plans can handle larger organizations with 21-100+ people. All plans come with unlimited minutes, rich PBX features, no initial setup fees, and monthly contracts.

Customer Support Alliance Phones can provide 24/7 customer support. You can reach their friendly staff via email or phone from the U.S. For concerns about installation and configuration, Alliance Phones also has a detailed guide published on their website to assist users.

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Alliance Phones Review

Alliance Phones

Alliance Phones is able to offer cloud-based voice. For small to medium-sized businesses, IP solutions Focused on individuals '…

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Alliance Phones is able to offer cloud-based Vo. IP solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Each system is tailored to the individual needs of each user. The provider ensures that reliability, accessibility, flexibility and cost efficiency are all aspects of its services. With flexibility in mind, Alliance Phone supports a number of platforms such as: i. OS, Android, Windows, and Mac. While many solutions claim to offer extensive customer service, Alliance Phones is strictly a business provider i.e. they offer NO residential services; therefore, customer support is always at the user's disposal. Alliance Phones sells their technology. Other providers often resell solutions that are not their own. This can create confusion when trying to figure out the issue.

Alliance Phones Pricing and Services Alliance Phones offers a variety of options that will fit their needs. In meeting this criteria, the provider offers a variety of plans, products, and solutions. There are three types of plans: Easy Plus (29.97/month; furnishes 1-3 users), Simplicity Plus (24.97%/month; furnished 4-20 users) and Effortless Plus (20.97/month; furnishes 21-100+ users). Simplicity Plus comes out on top. Simplicity Plus costs $24.95 per person, per month. It includes unlimited minutes, rich PBX functions, and there are no upfront setup fees.

This provider provides redundancies to customers that let them test it before they make a commitment to the service. To begin, customers have the option to register for a free trial that offers: unlimited, free, 2-day calling, testing and feedback. You also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Alliance Phones service plans are subject to a monthly contract. Customers are free to test the service prior to signing up for a monthly contract. Even if the users aren't satisfied with their service after 30 days, they have the right to return it via the satisfaction guarantee.

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The provider provides hardware, apart from the service plans and pricing. phones. Like their plans, their offered devices are broken down by 2 line, 3 line, 4 line, and 5 line Business IP phones, as well as Conference Systems. Pre-configured phones include everything you need. Simply plug your business phone with the network cable, the adapter to each phone, and finally the power supply. POE (Power over Ethernet), in some instances, may be an option. Therefore only the network cable will need to be connected to the phone. Their offerings include the Cisco SPA2102 Phone Adapter With Router for Business IP phones and Polycom Sound. Polycom Sound, Point IP 335 Small Business VoIP phone. POINT IP 321 Small Business VoIP phone. For 3 Line Business IP phones Cisco SPA303 3-Line Small business IP phone. 4 Line Business IP phones Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line small business IP phone and Polycom Sound. Point IP 550 IP phone; for 5 line business IP phones, Cisco SPA 525G 5-Line Small Business IP phone; and for Conference Systems, the Polycom Soundstation IP 6000 Conference Phone.


Alliance Phones Review

Overview Of Alliance Phones Benefits

Cloud-Based Phone system with On-Hold music and Message Player Alliance Phones. This phone system is cloud-based, allowing for automated and more efficient functions. For instance, the PBX phone systems has on-hold music/message functionality. This allows customers to be placed on hold while listening to recorded or uploaded music. Users can upload or record existing messages and on-hold music to send holiday greetings or advertise new products, services or create custom menu options.

Automatic attendant Another feature that the PBX phone systems offers is an automated attendant. This allows you to easily route calls. In conjunction with the automated attendant, users can use on-hold messages and sound effects. The automated attendant also plays on-hold messages as the calls are routed.

Call Manager Alliance Phones includes a Call Manager that can help you define the call rules to be followed when sending or receiving calls. With the help of call screening, users can prioritize calls by using the call manager.

Call logging and recording: Team leaders and supervisors can review all calls that were handled by agents. All they have to do is request call logs and recordings to be accessed from the call manger. This will allow them to assess if their procedures have been adhered to and if agents provide exceptional customer service.

Voicemail Features A suite of VoIP features that allows you to manage voicemail messages. IP solutions ensures that teams and agents are able to simplify how they manage voicemail messages. The solution supports voicemail forwardeding which allows voicemail messages that are not in the voicemail queue to be transferred or routed to specific agents. You can even create your own greetings so customers can reach you via voicemail.

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Alliance Phones Makes It Easy to Connect People. Alliance Phones' design makes it easy for people to stay connected with businesses and organisations. With Alliance Phones, customers will be able to easily connect with any businesses or organization because it provides toll-free and local numbers. In case users want to change to another phone service provider or carrier, they can retain their existing phone numbers using Alliance Phones' porting feature.


Alliance Phones Review

Alliance Phones Positions Within Our Categories

Because businesses have distinct business-related requirements, it is only sensible they steer clear of selecting a one-size-fits-all, "perfect" solution. Even among highly-sought-after products, however, such apps are impossible to find. The reasonable step to undertake should be to set down the varied essential functions that demand examination including major features, plans, skill ability of staff, company size, etc. The second step is, you should do the research thoroughly. You can also look through Alliance Phones reviews and examine the software products on your wish list. It is important to do thorough research on all products so that you don't end up with unsuitable applications.

Location of Alliance Phones under our main categories

You might be interested in Alliance Phones. It may also make sense to review other categories of Business Phone Systems from our database of software reviews.

Each company has its own business needs and it's best to avoid looking for the perfect solution that will fit all. It would not be a good idea to search for such a platform among the many popular programs. A smart thing would be to note all important details such as the main features, finance, skilled workers, company size, etc. Make sure you do all your research. Review Alliance Phones Business Phone Systems thoroughly and examine each other app in the shortlist. It will be easier to choose the most suitable app and eliminate the ill-fitting ones.


Alliance Phones Review

2.M Limitations in Storage, Use, and Other Areas

Alliance Phones may modify or create general policies regarding the usage of the Services. Alliance Phones reserves the right to create and modify general policies regarding the use of the Services (e.g., limit simultaneous PSTN connectivity utilization and minutes, storage duration for content generated through the Service, maximum email or fax transmissions, etc. Alliance Phones offer Service plans that allow unlimited minutes. Alliance Phones may review unlimited plans for usage in order to guarantee "Fair use". We reserve the right to, as we deem necessary, immediately terminate Customer's accounts without advance notice, or to take other action as necessary to ensure "Fair Use". "Fair Use" means that the combined number of outbound and inbound minutes does not substantially exceed the average use for other Alliance Phones unlimited plan Customers as measured on a per-user basis. In addition, such use shall not include certain activities including, but not limited to, any autodialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, continuous connectivity, fax broadcast, fax blasting, telemarketing (including without limitation charitable or political solicitation or polling), call center operations, junk faxing, fax spamming, calling/faxing any person (through the use of distribution lists or otherwise) who has not given specific permission to be included in such a process or any other activity that would be inconsistent with reasonable business usage.

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Alliance Phones Review


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Alliance Phones Review

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Alliance Phones Review

"Amazing Service! Outstanding Support

Pros: Our phone service is very crucial for our day-to-day business activities. There were other Vos before Alliance Phones. We were told by IP providers that our routers must be changed, that additional cables need to be run in the office, and that another Internet provider is needed to eliminate occasional audio calls and poor quality. Alliance Phones Team did a great job and found the issue under 2 mins. The problem was solved by a feature in our router. The traffic was prioritized. At the end we no longer have any quality issues nor one-way calls and we didn't install or change anything in our office! Alliance, we are so grateful!

Cons: My numbers would be transferred faster to Alliance Phones, however 10 business days is the normal length of time it takes to port numbers from one provider.

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Reviewed on 2017/10/31


Alliance Phones Review

"Software Is The Best For It Has Reduced Charges And Also Being Toll Free Numbers Is Great"

Comments: Alliance Phones Business Vo. IP offers the best customer support service that can provide assistance in case you're set back. Pros: IP software provides 24 hour customer service through multiple channels. Additionally, the software offers caller identification management and call forwarding control. Extensions and tollfree numbers are available.

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Reviewed on 2018/07/23 Read all 2 reviews


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