Voip Studio Review

Voip Studio Review

Key Benefits Of Using Voipstudio

\ Choose a local number from our growing list of countries and cities or get your own toll-free number so customers can call you free of charge. VoIPstudio also allows you to take your existing phone numbers along with you.

Our web portal makes it easy to control your VoIPstudio system remotely.

Easy drag & drop to build a professional look and run your business's phones.

Record calls and store them in a secure location for immediate playback or later review. You are PCI compliant.

Find out more about call queues, ringing times and durations.

In the unlikely event that internet fails, automatic redirection will be activated.

\ Simultaneously access VoIPstudio from a desk phone, softphone, or mobile app.

Voip Studio Review

Cloud Telphony at Its Best

The search was exhausting for the right voip provider. We didn't have to deal directly with anyone. We found Voip. Studio arrived at the right point and it's perfect.

We use Voip. Studio serves our voip telephony requirements. We love the price of the Pay as You Go package. It provides everything that we require. There are custom messages and music on hold, plus the option to access the system any time you want.

This app is extremely primitive at the moment and still has bugs. This app is in beta testing. Voip is only possible if the app can perform the same functions as both the web and the apple versions. Studio.

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Voip Studio Review

Voipstudio helped me save my job, and you can too

The most difficult problem I resolved was monetary. I have two staff members who rarely visit my office but whom we need to speak on a regular basis. While calling mobile phones can be costly, now they are free if they have internet access. You have made a huge savings. We can also record calls, so we don't have to take notes. Voice messages can be converted to text with VoIPstudio. This allows us to use audio messages more efficiently, and saves us lots of time.

This tool opens up a world of possibilities. You can adapt it to fit your particular business. You won't believe how much you will save on your telephone bill. Your colleagues can communicate for free. Always Even if they are on the other side of the world. Anybody can get a telephone number from any place with internet access. Another advantage is that we can record calls. You can no longer take notes that aren't clear. You can even send text messages from your voice to make it easy to find and clarify information.

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It's hard to get started. You have too many options and it's easy to get lost. It might help to have a wizard on your side. Although the support has been great, it was difficult to get what I needed. It would have been appreciated if this were simpler. Some colleagues have had to ask for the installation of the program on their mobile phones, but there was some resistance. While this problem is not specific to VoIPstudio, it is an issue that is present. It is completely free to communicate with colleagues. Always Even if they are on the other side of the world.

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Voip Studio Review

Voipstudio Pricing Reviews

There are pros

Super happy with their service, it took me a long time to find a provider that was both reliable and good value for money. Amy K.

We couldn't have been happier. Voipstudio is the only one I recommend. I have used other equipment before. Ash-Lee J.

You can create high-quality professional images for your small business, increasing the chance of you acquiring new clients. Sol S.


Some of my colleagues were asked to download the program onto their smartphones, and they were reluctant. While this problem is not specific to VoIPstudio, it is something that does occur. Verified reviewer

Calling someone is difficult because the microphone button can be muted for a prolonged time, sometimes confusing the caller. Rajat L.


Voip Studio Review

Cloud Telphony at it's very best

Comments: Our search for an acceptable voip provider didn't require us to work with any third party. We found Voip. Studio at the right time and it is perfect.

Pros: We use Voip. Studio serves our Voip telephony requirements. We like the pricing of the pay-as-you go package. It does all we need. You can send your own messages, on-hold music and use the system anywhere you are in the world.

Cons: It's important to maintain the development of their android app. The current version is quite basic and it has some bugs. I believe it is still in beta testing. If they can provide the same functionaity on their android (and apple) app that the web and pc based apps provide, then it will really excel Voip. Studio.

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Reviewed on 04/12/2018

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Voip Studio Review

Voipstudio saved mine and could save your job

Comments: I solved the main problem of money. My office has two employees who never show up, but whom I have to speak on a regular basis. It used to be very expensive to call a mobile telephone, but they can now get internet for free. It has saved us a lot. Not only can we record our calls without taking notes, but we also have the ability to convert voice messages into text. VoIPstudio has made it possible to make audio messages more efficient, saving us much time.

You have a million options. This can be tailored to suit your company's needs. The savings on your phone bill are so much that it's hard to believe. You can always communicate with your colleagues. You can communicate with your colleagues anywhere, even if you live on the other end of the globe. You can have an internet connection and a phone from anywhere you're located. Another advantage is that we can record calls. This means you can take no notes if you aren't sure what is happening. We can also send voice messages to SMS, making it much easier to understand and locate information.

Cons: It is difficult to begin. You have too many options and it's easy to get lost. A wizard or some other help might be possible. This support team is amazing and has assisted me in every way I asked. However, sometimes it can be hard to ask for assistance and it would be greatly appreciated if it could be made easier. Some coworkers have received requests to install the program onto their mobile phones, and some people have resisted. While this problem isn't specific to VoIPstudio, it is an issue that is still present. Communicating with others is always free. Communication is free, regardless of where your colleagues are located.

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Reviewed on 29/11/2019


Voip Studio Review

"Best For the Money… By far !!!!"

Con: The system is very affordable and has many features. I have previously used many of the same features as I currently don't use. Vo. IPstudios allow you to control how much money you spend, and you can really grow your business with them. This was implemented for a client who had been paying Freeswitch for their server. This implementation saved the client money. It was also very helpful.

The system has tons of amazing features that make any small company create a high level professional image which increases the chances of acquiring new business.

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Cons: The support is pretty good too BUT it's overseas so it can sometimes be frustrating when your client is panic'n about something not working "right" and it's a system level issue that you must wait to reach someone. Because billing is done offshore, the client was unable to pay several times due to the flagged card. They ended up calling Paypal or Bank. Lacks a bit more of the modern features like other voip service providers such as text messaging but the other features and pricing provided so much more benefit that we created an alternate plan for receiving sms/mms. These items received a majority of my 4 stars. However, I have never reviewed companies Rin.

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Reviewed by a reader on 27/07/2017


Voip Studio Review

"Voipstudio Its Awesome"

Comments: I work from home and was tired of using a router for VOIP; in my search for a new VOIP provider, I stumbled across VoiPStudio…no router needed. I've now been on them for 3+ years and never had an issue. It's so seamless that clients don't know the difference. Their softphone is amazing. VoiPstudio was even set up wirelessly. Amazing product!

There is no router required. Business class solution Cons: I can't think of one thing I don't like about VoiPstudio…it's an awesome solution.

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Source: Get. App

Reviewed 27/07/2017. View all 26 reviews


Voip Studio Review

Key Benefits Of Voipstudio

\ Choose a local number from our growing list of countries and cities or get your own toll-free number so customers can call you free of charge. You can also bring your existing numbers with you when you move to VoIPstudio, porting is free.

Our intuitive portal allows you to manage your VoIPstudio system anywhere using our web interface.

Drag & Drop is all it takes to create a professional looking front-end and control your phone numbers.

• Record and store your phone calls for easy playback and review. You are PCI compliant.

\ Access detailed information about queues, ring time, call duration, and more.

You will never be disconnected by an automatic redirection system in case there is an internet outage.

Access VoIPstudio simultaneously from your desk phone, softphone, smartphone, or tablet.


.Voip Studio Review