What is Total VPN?

Launched in 2014, Total VPN is a relative VPN newcomer. It aims to draw free-plan users, restricting the user to three servers in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Singapore with a 2 Mbps data cap. However, data is unlimited and Complete VPN comes bundled in a beautiful, easy-to-use app. Let’s see how Complete VPN compares some of our top VPNs including ExpressVPN and NordVPN UPDATE, August 2, 2016: Although Total VPN performed well in our tests, we had a number of comments on billing issues and charging customers more than anticipated.

That’s why we reduced the one-star ranking. We will continue to monitor this situation and update it as needed. The premium version offers one of the cheapest paid VPN options, starting at $4.49 a month. A 24-month subscription lowers the figure to $2.99 per month, and for $3.59 per month, 12 months will get you the same service. Any Complete VPN premium subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (it’s not popular on the website, but in terms and conditions). Payment may be made by credit card or PayPal.

There’s no way to pay for Bitcoin, gift cards or other third-party gateways. Characteristics Full VPN applications for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android. Manual setup tutorials for Linux users. A standard account allows three simultaneous computer uses. If more is required, multiple system add-on costs GBP 14.95 per year ($21.72 … prices for all add-ons are in British pounds). Three VPN protocols are available: OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2. We suggest OpenVPN, but IKEv2 is useful on insecure mobile devices. It’s also one of the only protocols operating on Blackberry devices, although there’s no native Blackberry app. Just OpenVPN binds the mobile app. It’s obvious that Total VPN targets inexperienced users who want an affordable, no-frills VPN alternative.

While that makes it intuitive and user-friendly, it lacks features found on robust apps. You won’t find, for example, a kill switch or DNS leak security. Total VPN provides a few premium servers restricting the number of people allowed for an additional GBP 25 per year. We haven’t checked these “supercharged” servers, but it’s a little irritating that when it comes to bandwidth, people who pay for regular subscription aren’t handled fairly. It’s like the anger you have towards people traveling first class when you’re in a coach.

Those who pay more enforce your leg space. SmartDNS is not currently supported, but Total VPN’s website says it’s “on the roadmap and due for release very soon.” Netflix has blocked Total VPN’s US servers, though we’ve been successfully watching from servers in a few other countries. Obviously, there was no US display catalog from those locations. Setup, gui Setup is as easy as a download and install wizard.

Enter an email and password, and you’re logged in, and free users don’t even have to do anything. No activation codes, email verifications, or two-step authentication are required, although the most security-conscious among us can see this as a con instead of a pro. Full VPN apps emphasize convenience, beautifully built for both desktop and mobile devices. A straightforward server list and a link button are all you need to communicate with. Servers can be starred to the top of the list. If linked, the home page shows a server summary, use, connection length, protocol, and bandwidth cap (unlimited on paid version).

A search bar is available so you don’t have to navigate through the server list to find a country or region. The Settings tab will link you to your account, set the protocol, and choose to start and connect. You can also toggle alerts, ads and security tips. We switched off the last two to eliminate ads. The software runs quietly in the system tray on the desktop version. The icon doesn’t change whether it’s related or not, but it’s a small complaint.

A right-click lets you connect to your starred servers, disconnect, search for notifications, and access settings. The mobile app is similarly plain, consisting of a server list and link information homepage. After installation, the configuration process is identical, requiring just your email and password. Starred servers synchronize computers. The apps look fantastic and couldn’t be more intuitive, but website cannot say the same.

It looks perfect, but navigating is hard. Especially free users will find it painful to locate troubleshooting information and help. The web is scattered without direct links to pages we searched for. It could use a search bar to index the entire web. Servers, efficiency Premium VPN users access 33 servers in 27 countries. The US hosts servers in seven cities, while each other gets one.

This does not include the aforementioned “supercharged” server add-on. A server list shows the current load on all available servers. Some are always over-capacity like New York, which is the default server when opening the app, but most could do much more. As long as you select your server wisely, Premium Total VPN users should have no trouble streaming 1080p footage. Normally, I like playing Brawlhalla, an online Super Smash Bros-style fighting game on Steam, to test latency.

Unfortunately, by using Complete VPN, we were unable to connect to the servers of the game. I couldn’t determine the cause, and the problem occurred from several locations on different VPN protocols. I could jump on a public server for Don’t Starve Together, where I had no visible latency. Even, gamers definitely need to make sure they can at least link to their game of choice using the free edition before shelling out for premium subscription. The free edition is too sluggish for gaming.

I was able to watch Netflix, but it wasn’t pretty. The 2 Mbps speed limit for general web browsing. To make speed tests as empirical as possible, for a total of nine tests, we downloaded the same 82.7MB file (compressed from 103MB) from three separate servers three times a day. We conducted additional experiments for a control group at approximately the same time, without a VPN. Times for a few other VPNs are included for the sake of contrast, though checked earlier.

I linked to the nearest Miami and Atlanta servers in the U.S., and in London. In the boxplot below, the thick black line reflects the average download time, while the average red diamond. Better is lower. Complete VPN outperformed all other VPN we’ve reviewed, including the much more costly ExpressVPN. The discrepancy between using and not using VPN made almost no difference.

Hopefully, as Total VPN becomes more common, it can sustain fantastic speeds. Note this test is not a definite predictor of which VPN is quickest. The internet’s inherent uncertainty adds a major randomness element, so VPN speed tests should always be taken with a large salt grain. My original location is in Bogota, Colombia, where I run these tests on 10 Mbps. Those with faster connections can note a larger speed difference.


Total VPN is a great company because they offer over 60 servers in more than 30 locations, all across the world! They provide you with Global coverage and an extensive range of encryption protocols so that your data remains protected. This means there are no limitations on what content or websites we can access thanks to our connection through this secure network; whether it be for work purposes such as streaming videos online while working from home without allowing anyone outside those close by see us doing job related tasks (such as checking email), playing games after school/college during study time etc., browsing social media accounts privately away from prying eyes – whatever activity one may enjoy using total vpn Hotspot Shield ! Total VPN is one of the largest and most trusted providers in North America. They have over 60 servers across 30 locations, which means they cover six continents! You can use this trustworthy service to browse or stream anonymously while protecting your data with SSL encryption (256 bit). With their total commitment for customer privacy it’s no wonder why everyone loves them so much! Total.VPN will protect you, your data and privacy from hackers on public Wi-Fi hotspots too! With a premium plan that does not put the limit or cap speed & data for unlimited bandwidth with no restrictions at all under 99% uptime guarantee – this VPN is supported by all major operating systems+platforms (IOS/ Android), incl Total VPN is a premium, all in one solution for online privacy and security.

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PPTP is considered to be the best protocol but Total offers many others as well including IPSec (L2TP/IPSEC), SSTP, L2TC also called Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol which provides increased protection against denial of service attacks by sending each user’s data twice – once when it enters an access point under your control (the hop) then again from there onto their final destination or home computer screen before finally getting stored on disk like any other website you visit .This means that not only will hackers find nothing about how much bandwidth they used while browsing XYZ siteslatexBut even if somebody does somehow gain access into someone elses network.

Setup and Interface

Setup is as simple as a quick download and installation wizard. Enter an email address, choose how much bandwidth you want to use each month (or year), enter your password for the strongest encryption available on Total VPN’s apps: no activation codes required! And best of all- there are NO LOGS with this 100% free service whatsoever– just tap Connect when it matters most during an internet connection crisis like those we’ve seen from Hurricane Harvey or Irma/. Totalvpn offers one reliable way out in these difficult times where connectivity can be lost at any moment due both natural disasters such has Hurrican Harvey ̵1; Hurricanes Irma & Maria which caused widespread power disruptions throughout Florida – leaving many people without means other than reliant solely upon electronics VPNs have become a popular way to protect your privacy and security on public WiFi. Total VPN has some of the best apps we’ve seen, with beautiful designs that make using them simple for anyone in any situation! t. There are many ways to connect a VPN, but the best way is by using our app! Once connected an overview of your server list and usage will be displayed on home page for free users or paid subscribers can search from anywhere within their network if they have any issues finding what they need quickly without scrolling through every single one in order find specific countries or cities that match up with what you’re looking for – like USA servers rather than just North American ones; UK Servers instead of British sites only…you get my drift The best way to find servers for your VPN is with this app.

It’s easy, quick and free! Just type in what country or city you need a server from, then click search and bam – there are thousands of options available right now; no scrolling required. This makes it perfect if all of those pesky ads on other sites have gotten under someone’s skin (like mine). The settings tab allows access not only through wifi networks but also cellular data so don’t worry about getting stuck without internet connection again because they won ‘t stop until everything has been disabled completely which will cost extra money as well The icon doesn’t change based on whether or not it’s connected, but that isn’t much of a complaint. A right-click will allow you to connect your starred servers and access settings for both apps as well! The mobile app is equally simple in design with just the server list available after installing which syncs across devices automatically when installed onto them (no need bother with emails).

It also looks great without being too challenging to navigate either – perfect if this style works best for what you’re looking at doing online often! There are some minor annoyances with the disconnect icon not changing based on whether you’re connected or not, but this is a small price to pay. Right click will allow users to connect their starred servers and access settings – just like mobile app! The setup process is also similar for both devices: installing an app requires an email address and password only (no social media username required). If we do have one criticism about these apps? They don’t look great compared side by side; however they still remain intuitive enough that any user could navigate easily through it without difficulty

Servers and Performance

Premium users of Total VPN get access to 33 servers in 27 countries. The US hosts servers across seven cities, while every other country gets one each! This does not include the “supercharged”add-on mentioned earlier which offers an additional 15 locations for your browsing pleasure with high speeds and low latency across all networks – so long as you choose wisely from our list or consult their website when it comes time to select a location for yourself (they’re always updating). A server list on this app will show current load per IP address but those who know what they are doing should have no trouble streaming 1080p video even if there is someone else playing Brawlhalla right next them. Total VPN premium users get access to 33 servers in 27 countries. The US hosts seven cities, while every other country gets one each with the supercharged server add-on available for an additional fee (which can be purchased at any time).

A list of current load on all available servers is shown online so you will know if your desired location has a good or bad connection before playing Brawlhalla – normally I like playin round 1 or 2 against computer AI’s but it seemed smoother this time around without crashing as often! A few were over capacity such New York which was my default pick when opening up their app during testing; however most could probably handle way more traffic than what we’re seeing now due simply because people are either streaming 4K video I couldn’t pinpoint the cause, and it occurred from multiple locations. I was able to play in Don’t Starve Together on public servers where there is no noticeable lag or connection issues with my game of choice using Total VPN I am not sure if this issue only occurs when trying connect through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). As for their free version: It worked fine while playing Super Smash Bros-style fighting game online but after testing latency using an unprotected WiFI signal? The problem remained even though i had connected successfully before logging into steam?! Online Super Smash Bros-style fighting game on the Steam ecosystem, to test latency. Unfortunately, we were unable get a connection when using Total VPN and couldn’t pinpoint why this happened from multiple locations or with different protocols being used in our tests – all while experiencing lag for other games like Don’t Starve Together (even though it doesn’t seem as balky).

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It’s probably worth checking out if you want access but without paying any money up front; just remember that there will always be some sort of performance hit because they don ‘t have full features set yet ! I am not impressed with Spectrum’s download speed. I was able to stream Netflix in low quality, but it wasn’t pretty and the 2 Mbps cap for general web browsing is too slow! To make these tests as empirical as possible we downloaded an 82GB file from three different servers at 3pm on 3 separate days (for 9 total instances) before connecting via VPN– this control group provided additional data). We also did near identical tests conducted without one so you can see what difference a service makes when downloading or streaming files back then just like how most people use them now-a -fucking day; including Miami server location(s)? When it comes to online gaming, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. If your speed tests are taking longer than they should be for gameplay or streaming videos on Netflix- well then there is an issue with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)! I found myself frustrated when trying out the VPN service because my download speeds were under 2Mbps which just wasn’t enough even though we live in one of America’s fastest downloading cities.” The first test was conducted over three days during hours where no other users had access to those servers at Miami International Airport terminal A31/F32; however after connecting via expressVPN everything seemed much smoother – stream without buffering anytime again! Next up: London Heathrow Terminal 1 Gate C1 The purpose of this test was to measure how much faster download speeds are when using a VPN.

The data shows that there is no significant difference in performance between Total VPN and not using one, which may be due their excellent speed already or because they’re still working out any kinks as it gets more popular with customers who will create competition for bandwidth on the server side When it comes to VPNs, I like Total VPN. It performed well in our speed tests and is a great price for what you get: fast connections with excellent anonymity options that won’t slow down your internet browsing experience! In the US (geographically closest), London was found as an even better option if downloading from home where there are no proxy servers available; whereas when connected while abroad – especially outside Europe or Asia–the UK-based service suffered greatly due its distance away from other countries’ borders which imposed additional latency onto all data exchange between client devices sending requests back-andfourth across international airspace).

Installation and Setup

Total VPN takes the hassle out of installing a virtual private network. Installation is easy and requires just one step: downloading an installer file, then executing it with your computer’s internet connection to finish up the process quickly without any frustrating errors or messages! And if you’re already using another app like Norton WiFi Privacy Shield but want more features than what they offer? Well now there are no limits on how much data transfer speedily get through this service because as long as we have unlimited access via our email address linked in total vpn account – meaning not having the need go into settings every time I wanted something changed about my bandwidth level (which could take ages) all from within Total VPN is an easy to use app with a simple installation process. The quick and straightforward steps allow users in no time at all, as they are required only to input their email address or password for the connected account once installed onto your device. And if you happen not be one of those free folk? You can also log into the application by using Facebook because we have friends on every platform imaginable! The Total VPN app is a great security service.

It doesn’t have activation codes for free users, email verifications or even the dreaded two-step authentication required on part of its clients! The more paranoid among us might see this as an issue instead of being satisfied with ease and simplicity offered by these apps which are expertly designed across platforms including desktop and mobile devices alike – making them simple enough even if you don’t know how computers work (which we all do). If you want easy access to your network when traveling abroad without having any trouble connecting then look no further than The Total VPN app is that there are no activation codes for free users, email verifications or even the dreaded two-step authentication required on part of your account. This may seem like a flaw in comparison to those who demand protection from unknown sources but if you’re looking at ease and simplicity then it doesn’t get much simpler than this! All platforms including desktop (which most people use nowadays) as well mobile devices can be used with expert design so novice netizens don’t feel lost out when connecting . Whether they want privacy while browsing personal accounts such as Facebook; geo-blocking restrictions preventing access overseas websites altogether due tv licencing agreements – The pros really outweigh these cons because any time spent trying out different providers’ services could amount up hundreds.


Total VPN is the perfect choice for gamers. With its wide range of servers, Total will never leave you without a connection in HD quality! If not gaming then streaming and downloading files are both no problem with this reliable service too; it can even be used as an excellent Google Drive user because all data stays encrypted throughout each transmission using military grade cryptography so there’s nothing to worry about – aside from getting stuck on that one level again.

The free version may seem just ok at first glance but actually has many flaws when compared against their paid counterparts such as being slow or having frequent disconnects which could lead players into thinking they need something else altogether until these problems get ironed out over time rather than fixed immediately Do you enjoy playing online games with friends? If so, then Total VPN is capable of handling the load that are required for these types of activities. With its premium service offering and unlimited bandwidth it should not give any average trouble in buffering HD videos while streaming media content from YouTube or Netflix streams without interruption on your connection as well! The free version will be slightly slower than desired but still sufficient for basic tasks like gaming where there isn’t much demand made by users themselves which may cause some amount issues during peak hours when everyone starts connecting simultaneously; however this doesn’t affect playability overall since most people just use paid plans anyway (though they do offer a 30 day risk-free trial).

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By default when on a desktop, the Total VPN app selects PPTP as your connection type. So what should you do then? Well first off go to settings and change it from PPTP (a protocol that’s blazingly fast but less secure)to Open VPN! It makes sense because in the first place we’re buying this for security reasons anyways so why not make sure our data is protected? You also have IKEv2 which offers good buildings too if speed isn’t really an issue – just choose whichever one works best with your needs. The Total VPN desktop application by default selects the PPTP protocol as its default choice. What should you do when first launching it? Go to settings and change your network’s connection type fromPPTPMedia Stream into OpenVPN, which is much more secure but also slower than PPTP! If speed matters most during peak hours then IKEv2 would be good enough if not better than Opeh VP This particular feature-set was chosen because users want a fast VPN service in addition to top security features – we offer both at one affordable price without sacrificing either quality or usability.” The OpenVPN protocol that every Total VPN server utilizes is a strong form of encryption, and it’s the best consumer grade online transfer security available. It provides 256-bit AES encryption which cannot be broken by any agency or hacker! It’s no secret that encryption is a vital part of protecting your data.

256-bit AES encryption, like the kind found on Open VPN servers and all TotalVPN locations around the world are among some of today’s strongest means for ensuring safety when it comes to online activities – especially those involving sensitive or personal matters such as banking details (which can be easily mistaken). As soon as you connect with one our high quality VPN services, we will take care not only about securing these types ersonal information but also protect them from being snooped by third parties looking into other people’s lives!

Customer Service

Total VPN offers customers a 24/7 live chat hotline, but that isn’t as great of an experience. On my first occasion to use it I waited about 20 minutes before giving up and going on lunch; then 25-30 more when the person finally responded! There is also priority support available for GBP 9.95 extra per year which sends you ahead in line with some experienced staff members who can help solve your issue quickly – not so much though since they were all booked up while trying this out myself (and had been at least). Total VPN offers customers a 24/7 live chat hotline, but that’s not as great of an experience I had hoped for. On my first attempt with them (and after waiting about 20 minutes), they responded probably around 25-30 minutes later when it was finally answered by someone who didn’t really know what to do in order solve the problem at hand. A ticket submission system is also available; however since this is something which hasn’t been used before myself i couldn’t say whether or not there would be anything better than just plain old emailing support@totalvpn(dot)com directly instead! Another frustrating aspect includes their priority support plan–for add’l GBP 9/year ($14+) you can jump ahead o I’m glad I found this add-on.

It really surprised me that the customer service was not as bad when it came to buying these servers, they seemed competent and knowledgeable about their product which is something you don’t always find with other outsourced firms who handle everything from refrigerators (I heard) all the way up into credit cards! I was skeptical when I first heard of this add-on for rged servers. It seems to me that once you pay more money, your service should be better and quicker than someone who paid less; but then again as soon as they replied on the live chat with no hassle or difficulty answering any questions about their product from myself! This company seemed very knowledgeable in what they are selling which made me even happier knowing there’s somebody out here looking after us instead outsourcing everything away like so many other businesses nowadays do because it just doesn’t give off good vibes saying “hey we care”, ya know?


Total VPN is a new entrant in the market, offering some of the fastest speeds available. At an affordable price for novice users it’s well worth considering and comes with more features than most providers do–but advanced ones might find themselves missing out on what Total has to offer due its limitations/dumbing down process. DNS leak protection should be top priority because that’s one thing we know this company needs help at; otherwise they’ll continue struggling against established players like Express who already have their act together when it comes providing trustworthy service as well having plenty other perks (payment options etc.). Customer Service could use improvement however: while being quick enough over email or chat Total VPN offers some of the fastest speeds we’ve tested at a rock-bottom price.

For novice users who want to try out their services, it can be an affordable option to see if you like what they have before investing more money into something that might not work well for your needs or interests in general. Advanced users will find TotalVPN too basic with few configuration options and privacy protections lacking compared other providers on this list; however newbies show promise! DNS leak protection should always come first so keep up those updates–it looks like there are still some vulnerabilities present after all these years since launch (not good!). Customer service was SLOW but knowledgeable when called.