8X8 Review

8X8 Review

Eight by eight

The company hasn't claimed this profile. Read reviews and submit your review below. 8×8 provides cloud-based communications services that are easy to use, affordable, and highly advanced. Business can work more efficiently, serve their customers better, and be more productive. Hosted Vo. IP business phone service to hosted contact centers to unified communications, our services are proven, reliable and less expensive than traditional solutions.

8X8 Review

Pricing and plans

The low initial price may change. Product offerings in the X Series start with the basic X1 version, which is a cost-effective voice-only solution, and grow all the way up to a full-blown call center offering.

Pricing for the basic X1 service starts at $15 per user per month, which is lower than in our previous review of 8×8. The price of the basic X1 service is $5 lower than Intermedia's Editors' Choice award-winning competitor and $15 less than Vonage Business Cloud's lowest price. The X2 level does not offer a basic service. This includes unlimited voice calling and call handling. Also, support is available for multi-site auto-attendants and multi-level ones. At $25/month, the X2 Level adds unlimited calling up to 14 different countries, audio and video conferencing, chat and an extensive list of integrations with enterprise and small business applications. The X6 package is available at $115/month for call centers. It includes advanced features such as skills-based routing, IVR and customer relationship management (CRM), detail analytics, journey mapping, and call recording.


8X8 Review

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Review of Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Managing contact information is a critical part of any communication system. 8×8 lets you import contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Google Contacts from within the desktop client, which is different from Intermedia Unite. Any updates to synced people must be made in source software. Tech support was required for an authentication issue when we imported contacts from Google. It was due to our network blocking certain Google authentication APIs.

Our Vo. IP competition. 8×8 supports several more advanced voice features, including barge, monitor, and whisper. These feature allow third parties to listen in and barge into calls, or whisper in the ears of callers. These tools are used at many call centres where supervisors monitor the employees working in customer service departments. You can use the barge feature to notify your boss by having a secretary screen calls for executives.

Switchboard offers a web-based interface which allows for the most common functions of a switchboard operator. Once a user has been selected, the operator can transfer, park, and place a call. It also allows you to send an incoming voicemail call. An attachment can also be sent to the user. It will show up under the Switchboard status. A text message can be sent to a user by clicking on the message icon.


8X8 Review

Editorial Review

8×8 is a trusted provider of award-winning cloud communications systems for business of all sizes. Having earned over 125 patents and counting, 8×8 is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that help businesses work simply and perform reliably. The company caters to enterprises from different industries, such as healthcare, transportation, education, insurance, and more.

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Advanced Communications Systems 8×8 is based in San Jose California and offers a wide range of services and products that provide a complete set of features for a low price. The 8×8 Virtual Office (a cloud-based Vo. IP phone service), 8×8 Virtual Office Pro (a Vo. IP phone service bundled with online fax, call recording, and web conferencing), and 8×8 Virtual Contact Center (the company's cloud-based contact center solution). A secure, reliable Unified Communications Suite is also offered by them. It integrates 8×8’s business telephone service, virtual meetings and video conferencing. 8×8 provides a variety of IP phones as well as conference phones and video phones made by trusted brands.

Secure and Compliant Solutions 8×8 recognizes the needs of businesses today and offers a range of solutions that will meet these requirements. They are also concerned about security. 8×8 ensures that mission critical communications are protected by implementing a wide range of compliance, security and privacy measures. 8×8's solutions are compliant to various industry standards, including PCI Data Security Standard, HIPAA, CPNI, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

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8X8 Review

The 8X8XX Series Overall Experience

Which reviews have been most helpful? 8×8 University offers self-paced training to users below 150 lines. Over 150 lines the team uses best practice project management to facilitate everything, from routing and mapping to routing to auto attendants to instruction. Many people are still influenced by the classic legacy.

Service and Support will typically tell me they'll call me the same day. But 9/10 times they do not. For up to 30minutes, I often end up on hold while I wait to reach a customer support agent. In most cases, however, I get my answer quickly and don't have to scroll through the endless updates. Some other…


8X8 Review

In Defend

Different levels of support

Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo. IP) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional phone lines because it allows users to make voice calls over an internet connection. It doesn't require a cable network, making it easier and more affordable to setup. You can use IP services to support your business.

Due to the large number of providers out there, it can be difficult to work out which Vo. IP solutions are right for you. 8×8 Inc., a well-known provider, offers several All-in-One Communications Plans. These plans are also known as 8x8X Series. It was previously called Virtual Office Pro. Here is an 8×8 All in One Communications Review. We evaluate pricing, features as well as interface, support, security, and other aspects of the Vo. This service is IP.

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8X8 Review

8.8×8 is my favorite!

I work with a lot of different companies and help them choose a variety of software and technology vendors. When we replace phone systems, 8×8 usually ranks among my top three options for each client. There has only been one occasion where we couldn't fit them due to too many lines and excessive cost. All of the clients I have worked with through 8×8 are happy. Their service is great as long as there is stable internet. Also, their customer service and support are outstanding.

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– Feature rich Vo. A low monthly fee per line IP system. Get discounted rates for more lines.


8X8 Review

The phone system management is simple to use

The biggest benefit gained is simple incoming and outgoing call management. I have over 70 clients who could call at any given time and it is important to be able to easily view any missed calls/voicemails/text messages so that I can return the calls. 8×8's service is more than satisfactory to me especially given the price.

This application's visual design is simple and intuitive. It is easy to mange incoming and outgoing phone calls from my desktop. Easy access to my contacts allows me to easily add them as I receive calls. The application provides handy desktop notifications which allow me to stay on top of any missed calls/voicemails/text messages I missed while I am away from my business phone.

This application may be quite resource-intensive. Although my computer is quite old, it runs perfectly. Anything older could cause problems. Application notifications can become difficult to see if the computer isn't being restarted frequently. For reasons such as 8×8 software, I started restarting my computer once every three to four days and have not had any problems since.

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8X8 Review


About 8X8

">8X8 Review

8×8 is a cloud-hosted unified communications system that provides all of the communication tools small businesses need.

8×8 provides three different service plans starting at only $12 per user/month

8×8's customer service is outstanding. It was a cut above the rest.

This review is for business owners who are interested in learning more about 8×8, our choice for the best phone system for small businesses.

8×8 provides everything small business need in a phone service. The 8×8 unified communications platform is reliable and cloud-based. This system also offers invaluable collaboration and phone features. The 8×8 system's price starts at a fraction of the cost of its rivals, and it offers almost as many features or more. The customer support department at 8×8 was among the most helpful we met during our research. We chose 8×8 to replace more than 70 different phone systems in our research as the best system for small-businesses in 2021.


8X8 Review

8X8 Professionals

8×8 provides a hosted Vo. This IP business phone system doesn’t require complicated PBX equipment. IP phones are all you will need.

Once your network is configured for the necessary bandwidth (8×8 recommends 100 kbps for each concurrent call) and voice traffic is prioritized over other online uses, the system is ready to use as soon as you plug the phones into an Ethernet port.

When you buy an IP phone directly from 8×8, it comes preconfigured, ready to go. Phones purchased through an outside vendor will require configuration by an 8×8 representative. While both options offer the same functionality, you can save time if your phones are purchased from 8×8.

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A technical expert will walk users of the X Series through each step in a one-hour session. Small businesses may not have the IT staff necessary to manage their technical requirements. Although it is very simple, they can still benefit from this added instruction. The Express plan is designed for users to install and connect on their own. This plan does not offer the same level support as the X Series plans.

Once the phones are up and running, the entire system can be set up and managed via the online portal. This portal allows you to create employee extensions or ring groups and can also be used for managing the system. Access the portal via 8×8, where you can manage billing, access call-log reports, and seek help when needed.

The portal allows administrators to manage automated attendants. The administrator can upload their greetings or choose from pre-recorded ones. 8×8 has an audio production studio that can produce professionally recorded messages.

Employees can access the online portal through the desktop or mobile phone system app or any computer connected to the internet. It allows employees to connect to the online portal via a softphone from any computer. This allows them to check voicemails, make and receive phone calls and review their company directory. They can also use the portal to make video calls, send and receive online faxes, and conduct web conferences.


What is 8X8's reliability?

In the time that 8×8 hosted our VoIP, their service has proven to be completely reliable. Service uptime has not been an issue, as have missed or dropped calls. This is great news.

The 8X8 is a Good Phone System

We chose the Verdict8x8 as our top pick for the best small-business phone system. It is simple to set up and can be managed by a range of budgets. We also recommend it as the best video conference service in a unified communication system. April 12, 2021

Do You Think 8X8 is a Good Place to Work?

8×8 employees like their total pay which includes stock, equity, and pay. According to… The 8×8 staff are overall happy based upon their combined ratings of future prospects, customer perception, their enthusiasm going to work and their general satisfaction.

Does 8X8 represent a Chinese company?

U.S. 8×8 Inc., a provider of Voice over IP solutions, is based in Campbell, California. Its products include cloud-based voice, contact center, video, mobile and unified communications for businesses. Jitsi is now managed by 8×8.

.8X8 Review