Gotoconnect Review

Gotoconnect Review

Gotoconnect's Features

GoToConnect stands out because it offers so many features. There are more than 100 options and tools available through the system. A variety of basic Vo features are available. Many basic Vo features are available, including call monitoring, call recording and auto-attendants. The system includes custom schedules that allow administrators to set time-based call routing. This can be used for routing calls outside of business hours.

A hot-desking function is valuable for employees working in shared workspaces. This lets more than one employee use the same phone.

Call-management features include call history, call park, auto reject, auto divert, call queues, call routing, call waiting, call transfers, caller ID, do not disturb and Find Me/Follow Me.

Got. ToConnect has a range of tools for your team to collaborate with colleagues and co-workers. You can use this tool to communicate with your team via audio and video conferences. GoToConnect is a great choice because it offers access to GoTo. Meeting for its video conferencing services, which is our choice as the best video conferencing service for smaller businesses. Depending on your plan, you can host video meetings with up to 250 participants (25 attendees can have their webcams on at the same time). You can dial in, record, draw, or share your keyboard and mouse. GoTo is reviewed by us. GoToConnect Premium subscribers get some free services from a contact center. You can monitor inbound calls and outbound calls. Supervisors have the option to hear, barge, or whisper in your call. Intelligent call routing is also available.

However, one downside is that if you need more extensive contact center tools, like skills-based routing, automatic call back and agent scripting, you will need to work with one of its partners, CXone.

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GoToConnect's Android app and i. OS smartphones allow you to make and receive phone calls. You can view your call history and select ringtones. GoToConnect also offers a desktop application that allows users to use a softphone for making and receiving calls from their desktop computer or laptop. They are particularly useful when working remotely for businesses.

GoToConnect integrates with many third-party business applications like Salesforce, Zoho , Redtail CRM, Chrome, Slack and Outlook.

Gotoconnect Review

GotoConnect Cons

While GoToConnect has a conference calling service built into its system, it only allows for conferences with up to 20 callers at a time. We found that this limit is significantly lower than other business phone system options.

Based on your individual needs, it may be necessary for you to make use of an additional conferencing phone service. These services allow for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of callers on each call. These services have a downside: video conference conferencing. A Basic plan will limit you to having four users on any given call. That is significantly less than most of the other services we reviewed. The Premium plan allows more people to join, with the Standard plan allowing for 250 and 300 respectively. However, only 25 cameras are allowed to simultaneously be used by either of these plans. Other video conferencing services within unified communication systems don't have those types of limits.


Gotoconnect Review


Jive Communications was founded in 2006. Jive hosted Vo. Jive Core powers IP services. The Jive host Vo. IP…

Provider Overview Screenshots Write Review Provider Overview

Jive Communications was established in 2006. Jive's hosted Vo. Jive Core provides IP services. The Hosted Vo is a Jive service. IP pricing comes in 5 tiers based on the number of users in your business, with each plan including unlimited minutes, Jive's top-ranked Technical Support, and a no hidden fees monthly contract.

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Jive has agreements or partnerships with the largest names in telephony/networks, like Polycom, Microsoft and Polycom.

Jive Software is independent of Jive Communications.

GoToConnect Pricing and Services Jive Offer a Paid Trial For $15, you can port your existing number to Jive. You don't have to pay a fee to move your number out of Jive if you quit.

There are many services available, including tax services and hospitals. Jive draws many companies that are geographically spread, in either the same or in other buildings throughout the country.


Gotoconnect Review

Gotoconnect overall experience

The selection of helpful reviews GoTo. Since over a decade, we have relied on Assist and been very satisfied with its service. I contacted GoToConnect sales and the process was very smooth. I found it to be the best deal with the features I was looking for at a reasonable price.

GotoConnect was our VoIP tool, but it's not as efficient as it could be. This service is one reason why I love it. However, I think there are some areas that need improvement. These are just a few: Group messaging Voicemail Transcription voice


Gotoconnect Review

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You can work anywhere using all-in one voice and video platform. Affordable monthly price, with no contract.


Gotoconnect Review

Gotoconnect supports

Vo. IP can be a little short on support. Most Vo. Many IP providers will try to redirect you to chatbots, or to send you to their documentation to help you troubleshoot the problem yourself. It's not the best part about Vo. IP is not the greatest thing about Vo. But it keeps the offers relatively inexpensive.

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While the default support system for GoToConnect is not revolutionary, add-ons can make it more interesting. Source:

GoToConnect doesn't one-up that in any way by offering universal 24/7 support. They offer call and email options, but only after you have completed the article. GoToConnect is large enough to guarantee that someone will be available to help you.

However, unlike many Vo. However, the IP provider is not worthy of a glowing review. It's good enough.


Gotoconnect is a Good Choice?

GoToConnect is the best business phone system for features and tools. It's a great cloud-hosted VoIP platform that allows users to make more than 100 calls and collaborate with others. APR 2021

Is Gotoconnect Secure?

GoToConnect Secure will always encrypt the first audio stream and also encrypt any other calls if Secure Calling is enabled.

Is Gotoconnect Hipaa Compliant?

Is GoToConnect HIPAA Compliant? GoToConnect is not HIPAA compliant. However, other products from the GoTo Suite like GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting have.22. apr 2021

Gotoconnect – Who makes it possible?

By consolidating your VoIP and video conferencing with GoToConnect you only manage one vendor and one bill. Better still, unlike other business VoIP solutions that rely on a patchwork of third parties, GoToConnect is wholly owned by LogMeIn.12. apr 2019.

.Gotoconnect Review