Tonal Gym Review

Tonal Gym Review

tonal gym review

Tonal Home Gym Review – Is it Worth It?

Tonal was reviewed medically by Danielle Hildreth.

It offers hundreds of classes led by trainers and utilizes advanced technology for a highly personalized experience.

Tonal features a multitude of strength and cardio classes. Tonal also provides several different exercise modes and unique features that can keep you moving towards your fitness goals.

Tonal may not be cheap so it might seem worth it.

This review will help you determine if the Tonal home fitness center is the best fit for your needs.

tonal gym review

What is the value of this AiPowered Home Gym? I Tried It To Find Out

Tonal brings smart strength-training programs into the home for a price

Reviewed Credit: Jackson Ruckar, Sara Hendricks Recommendations by Reviewed are independent selections made by the editors. Reviewed may make a commission on any purchases made through these links.

There are many ways you can exercise at your home. The most common home gym setup is a treadmill and dumbbells. It’s also possible to install an old VHS tape player and a shelf with Grease or Rat Race. You can use the glow of your laptop to lead the way through an exercise routine from one of the many fitness gurus that run rampant on YouTube, or go old school by revving up a classic Jane Fonda video Or you could take it next-level by investing in Tonal , a smart connected home workout system with digital weights that possesses aspects of all, without the clutter of free weights or the monotony of a video and, of course, with a hefty price tag.

This price is $2,995, which includes tax; delivery and professional install ($250); and Smart Accessories ($495), the handles and benches that help you do many of the exercises. There’s also a $4,400 annual membership fee. The financing plan costs $149 per month and is comparable to the expensive gym membership it will replace. This product must offer great value for that much money. I tested it to find out.

Tonal, a Peloton-like smart device, offers streaming workouts and strength training thanks to its resistance cables which can reach up to 200 pounds. It is about the size and shape of a small flat-screen TV, but with wifi access. The smart equipment is made by a San Francisco-based company. It looks similar to The Mirror, which has arms and handles. Because of its compact size and internal electromagnetic resistance, the device can be used to complete many exercises that you might do at home in your gym weight room. These include deadlifts (or rows), lat pulldowns, bench presses, deadlifts, etc. Tonal also offers music channels with options for pop and hip-hop. You can either pair the machine to your phone or connect to Tonal music channels. These stations play actual artists, not covers or instrumental songs, which is nice.

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Tonal’s AI also helps to find the best weight for you and your ability for each exercise. It adjusts weights automatically as you do a work out. Your weight will rise as your strength increases over time. Tonal offers multi-week workout programs that include strength training, cardio, yoga, partner exercises, and more, all of which are led on the screen by a rotating cast of trainers. Tonal currently doesn’t offer live classes, such as Peloton or The Mirror. Classes can be accessed on-demand. Tonal can also communicate with a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor to gauge exertion. The classes, however, don’t focus on calories burn and aren’t based upon that.

The device looks similar to a strength-training machine, according to its advertisements. It is targeted at more serious weight lifters, with an emphasis on strength in the upper body, as per the ads that I saw. Fitness-wise I’m not sure I identify that way. My style is more group-oriented and tends towards yoga, Pilates, barre and spin. I have always been afraid of lifting heavy weights in public places, which could cause me great pain, or worse, embarrassment. I wanted to be able to lift more weight than I do with my normal light bicep curls. I also wanted the Tonal machine to help improve my fitness and increase my confidence.

tonal gym review

What is the Class Like?

Credit: Reviewed. Jackson Ruckar Tonal allows you to scroll through the screen and choose from different workouts.

Tonal can be done in a number ways. You can join one of the programs. This is best for those who have a goal. Tonal allows you to choose classes by the individual on its homepage. They are separated according to muscle group or workout type, such as “lower-intensity,” “high intensity,” and “lower bodies.” They range in difficulty from easy to difficult and last anywhere between five and fifty minutes. Tonal makes it easy to design custom workouts. Pick exercises, assign rest periods, set reps, and create sets.

I chose to do the Pick-and-Choose Workouts in order to gain a sense of Tonal’s breadth. The workouts were hard on my stomach. They kicked my butt. I also felt noticeably sore in the days after my first few workouts. Due to my lack of experience with straight-up strength-training, I was less sore than I was after lower-impact classes. The fatigue and soreness that I felt after a 30-minute workout faded over time. Tonal training and strength-training in general are now more common. It was still cool to see the class feel as effective and efficient as it did.

Tonal was a good way to get started in lifting. Tonal has demos of personal trainers who can be contacted on demand. You can also watch them before beginning a set. Also, the screen can reflect a bit so that you have a better idea of your movements and can compare with theirs. Although I don’t have much knowledge about the machines, I do know that I am able to bear the weight of different exercises. The cable machine is no longer intimidating to me.

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What about the AI weight adjustments In almost all cases, it was smarter than I am. Sometimes I had to adjust the weight a pound or two, but in most of its workouts, it was spot-on. I even found myself being assigned an apparently low weight a few times. This made me laugh and decide that it was okay to bump it up. By the end of the set’s halfway, though, it was clear that for the necessary reps, the lighter weight had to be used.

tonal gym review

Should You Get A Tonal?

Credit: Jackson Ruckar. The machine is worth the investment. The cost of the machine depends on several factors, but most importantly on your financial budget.

Tonal made me love working out. Tonal was a great instructor. If I could afford it and did not share a room with others (ditto), then I’d get one. Tonal works well for those with some weight training experience, but not necessarily traditional, who are interested in learning new lifting techniques and working with weights machines. Sound like you? You’ll love this home gym renovation.

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tonal gym review

Tonal Gym Review

Written by Nea Pantry. Our readers support us and our affiliate links may allow us to earn commissions.

Being motivated each morning can be both a mindset or a lifestyle.

Tonal’s compact wall-mounted machine gives you the same gym workout as a personal trainer, without even leaving your house. Pre-set routines are included and you can adjust your equipment.

Tonal’s work has appeared in Fast Company Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, Bloomberg and The New York Times. Men’s Health wrote, “get ready for the smartest home gym you’ve ever seen.” Tonal also has an Instagram following of over 130k .

To help you make an informed decision about whether Tonal is worth your investment, this review of the Tonal gym will examine the brand, its equipment and customer feedback.

Tonal Gym

tonal gym review

Overview of Tonal

Tonal founder Aly Oraday Tonal Aly Oraday was a struggler with his weight ever since childhood. His weight loss was achieved by a combination of weight training and determination.

While he was happy with his results, commuting to the gym every day took its toll on Oraday’s personal life. Oraday did not want to compromise his physical and psychological benefits so he decided to make a machine with an electromagnetic resistance that can withstand up to 220lbs.

These machines were no longer necessary at the gym. Oraday could get the same results, if any, at home using his resistance gear.

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Tonal, which was founded in 2015 added itself to the growing list of home-training companies changing the face of fitness. The company operates from its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

We will review Tonal Fitness to show you the benefits and drawbacks.

tonal gym review

Tonal Home Gym Review – Worth The Money?

Tonal Interactive Home Gym offers workouts that can withstand up to 200 pounds magnetic force resistance

The products we review are provided by the companies. We may also receive commissions if you purchase through these links. Check out our disclosure page. The fitness and tech industries are integrating more closely. More companies are creating products that allow for both. Tonal is a compact home gym that hangs on the wall, and is tailored to individuals who want an interactive, guided and tough workout on their own time.

In this review, we’re going to cover all the ins and outs of the Tonal home gym . Being strength athletes ourselves, we were curious to see if this machine could provide a complete workout by using just the pulley system. This machine was not inexpensive so we wanted to determine if it is worthwhile.

Tonal is like everything else in strength training. Its greatest uses depend on your circumstances. Tonal makes a fantastic choice for individuals who value their health and fitness.

Is Tonal really effective?

From the perspective of making strength training accessible and fun, Tonal is excellent, and arguably the most robust at-home system for total fitness that you can get. Mirrors and the Pelotons are two of its competitors. These systems focus on cardio, bodyweight training, and do not include weights.

Tonal Exercises Can Be Replaced by a Gym

You can move the arms up and down along the Tonal device in order to do a range of exercises. This arm can also accommodate accessories that simulate dumbbells kettlebells ropes or barbells. It can even replace your home gym. May 27, 2020

Do I have to use Tonal for a ribbing?

You can even get an excellent workout for advanced lifters, like myself. There are many lifting options. You won’t find a cardio exercise that is monostructural, like on a treadmill or stationary bicycle. Cardio on Tonal includes HIIT classes and plyometric programming. Apr 14, 2021

Do you think Tonal Gyms can help build muscles?

Tonal Highlights Tonal is an interactive, home gym. It adapts to your skills and gives guided workouts with two electromagnetic resistance pulleys. Tonal may be used as a main exercise program for many clients to improve strength, reduce body fat and overall fitness.

.Tonal Gym Review

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