Ingress The Animation Review

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Ingress The Animation Review Are You a fan of Ingress?

The animation is a fun, but flawed adaptation of Sci-Fi anime Ingress. Ingress: Animation is Netflix's latest animated series. While it can entertain cyberpunk lovers, some may feel a bit underwhelmed by it. 31, 2019

Are Ingress worth watching?

This show has a lot of repetition, but is well worth it. The worst episodes had been the first two, and then it got better. I think the first 2 episodes would have been better as 3 – it could have set up the mystery & tension a lot better.May 6, 2019

What Is The Basis Of Ingress Animation

Ingress or Ingress The Animation is an 2018 Japanese anime television show. It's based on the augmented reality mobile gaming of the same title by Niantic. Makoto, an investigator for the Special Police Department who has the ability of reading objects' memories, is the main character in the story.

Why is Ma Ingress Rated?

Ingress: Animation, an anime series that is based on the popular mobile game with the same title, should be known by parents. There is a lot of fantasy violence in this series, including people being chased and gunned down as well as physically assaulted and even incinerated. November 27, 2020

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