How To Edit Amazon Review

How To Edit Amazon Review

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How To Edit Amazon Review

Respond Directly To The Customer Review

When you want to comment on the customer’s negative review, consider the following options:

  • Be polite and present your perspective on the issue
  • Let them know what you can do/what you did to fix the problem, and that it will not happen again in the future
  • Demonstrate your love for them by providing exceptional customer service.
  • If they want further resolution, ask them to contact you via buyer-seller messaging service so that you can fix the problem

Note: Asking buyers to contact you off-Amazon is against Amazon’s terms and conditions. Avoid giving out email addresses and personal contact information.

It is important to manage negative reviews

You should remember that buyers often scroll to negative reviews, even when a product is rated highly. Buyers want to see the potential problems with the product. As with many shoppers, they look for a reason to prevent them from buying.

A bad review can lead to sales declines. As a seller, you naturally want to avoid this and wonder: What should I do about unfavorable reviews? Can I even do ANYthing?

In this post, we outline the main ways of counteracting negative reviews on Amazon. We’ll evaluate the time and effort required for each step, as well as the likelihood of success. Finally, we will show you the outcome.

How To Edit Amazon Review

2) Track Your Reviews

Whether you get one review in one month or get ten reviews a day, make a habit of keeping a track of all the reviews. When you get them and if possible, check them weekly. It is possible to take screenshots from every review that you receive. It will make it easier for seller support to understand what happened to the reviews.

While selling on Amazon, before doing anything, take a moment to check what are Amazon’s thoughts on that matter. Don’t just do it because it worked great for your friend. If it’s not legal, ethical and right, it isn’t going to work long for your friend too and he is going to be suspended from selling on Amazon. I have seen such cases where playing too smart with Amazon did not turn out to be too good for sellers. You have many tricks to get reviews. Why risk your seller account? Click here to know all the Amazon approved tricks to get reviews on Amazon.

How to include all versions of your book in Author Central

You should ensure that every edition of your book is listed in your Author Central Profile. This includes ebooks, audiobooks and paperback books.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Books tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Books tab.
  • Type your book title or ISBN in the search box and hit Enter.
  • Once you’ve found the missing title, click “This is my book” below the book. You’re done if Amazon has listed your name as an author.
  • If your name appears misspelled or you aren’t listed as an author, you’ll have to do a little troubleshooting here to get the book on your author central page.

How To Edit Amazon Review

How To Create Editorial Review On Your Page

Below is a heatmap picture that Amazon customers created using their Amazon cameras to pinpoint where they were looking on Amazon pages. These images provide valuable insight into buyers’ purchasing habits and the information that they most value.

Authors: What does this mean?

This would require them to bolden the qualifier in italics. The “qualifier” is a way to make it clear for shoppers what their thoughts would be. You can bold the name if they are famous. If the name isn’t in bold, make sure they are relevant to your book.

How to Delete a Bad Amazon Review

Bad reviews have a negative impact on your product sales. You should remove it immediately from your product page. Yes! Yes! Amazon can delete reviews from customers who don’t follow their terms and conditions.

Go to product detail page and navigate to your comment. Click’report abuse’ to do this.

You can also send an email with the ASIN, time, date, and name/pseudonym of the reviewer, along with a link to the review.

In this case, it is easy to get the review deleted by Amazon. All you have to do is contact Amazon’s seller support team and get the review removed.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Action Step:

Create a welcome email template. Your welcome message should be sent to all team members. Include a link to your book content.

5. Your “Take Action” email will be sent out on the launch day. The book has gone live. It is now that people need to take action. Contact the team on launch day as soon as the book is live. After publishing a book it should take 12-24 hours for Amazon to get it posted. Include a link in your email to the book. More specifically, a link to the review page so that team members can go straight to the page with one click.

6. Day 3: Reminder email. After waiting three days, I send out a reminder mail. This email is a thank you to everyone who left reviews and a thank you for those who have not yet posted.

7. Final Call: This is the last email I will send out. The last email reminds people that the book is available and can be reviewed whenever they are. You can remind your team that book is at a special discounted price if you are launching it at 0.99 or it’s free.

8. Get paid to download and review your book by contacting your list. Your list should be contacted immediately after the book goes live to let them know. Then, several days later, email them again asking if they had a chance to get into the material. You could add something of value here just to show subscribers how much you value their support. Here is where I send a “leave review” invite.

That is a lot of emails but, what I have experienced is that, on average, you are batting a 50% success rate. How about the other half who do not review your emails?

Here’s why some people won’t review your book:

  • They didn’t like the book.
  • They forgot to review altogether.
  • They did not read the book.
  • They couldn’t be bothered to review.

If you can get 20+ reviews on launch after one week you are looking very good. This is enough to get momentum moving and the Amazon algorithm will see that your book is doing well.

Check out the Amazon Top Customer Reviewers list. This is a time-consuming process but, if you can get 2-3 reviewers to agree to a book review, you’re all set.

This is how you can get Amazon reviews with the top reviewers.

  • Go into the reviewer’s profile and check the books they have reviewed. To be specific, you want to check for books in your genre. If you wrote a book on weight loss and the reviewer has written most of their reviews for romance novels, it’s a good indication of what they favor. You should target reviewers who are interested in the topic.
  • For contact information, please check here. Most top reviewers have deleted their email addresses due to excessive spam and requests for reviews. If they have a website set up, you can send a direct email to request a review.
  • You should wait for a response. Most reviewers, from my own experience, did not reply. Target 20 people and let them wait for a week. You can then resend the request again.

Although it is time-consuming, you can get top reviewers to review your book. Keep their contact information in an Excel file. You can then reach out to that person again when your book is published.

8: Check Your Seller Feedback

Many customers leave feedback on products through the Seller Feedback section in your seller profile. You can ask these customers to leave their feedback on the product listing as well.

You’ll want to check your Seller Feedback regularly to look for any cases like this. You should contact the customer as soon as possible after they leave feedback. This will ensure that the customer’s experience remains fresh.

Obviously, you only want to do this for positive reviews and feedback.

(If you find a negative review in your seller feedback, you can get Amazon to remove it by reaching out. They’ll be pretty quick to delete anything that’s meant to be a product review).

Summary: Many customers leave negative reviews of products in the Seller Feedback section. These customers can be reached to ask for their help to paste the review as a product description.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Reason #2: Amazon suspects that the reviews are fake

Amazon wants authentic, unbiased reviews and so do the customers. There are a few things that tickle Amazon’s suspicions. Amazon will remove reviews that feel fake, biased, or just plain too good. This is Amazon’s final decision. Friends and family will gladly help if they are well-intentioned (let’s be real, all of us have done it). Although their motives are noble, Amazon may not approve of a review that is too general or suggests the buyer hasn’t used the product. Similarly, multiple reviews entered from the same IP address will be viewed as suspicious.


  • Your response should be professional, polite, and concise. You can maintain a respectable, professional image without going into too much detail. The main readers of your response will be buyers on your profile who are totally uninvolved in the order, so no need to be lengthy.
  • Your response should be professional, polite, and concise. You can maintain a respectable, professional image without going into too much detail. Your response’s main audience will not be the buyers who were involved in placing an order. Therefore, it is best to keep your responses short and simple.

Here’s an example — “We’re truly sorry our service fell below your expectations – we’ve made changes to the way we operate to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

How To Edit Amazon Review

The Good News Is That It’S Not Just You

Amazon doesn’t target your listing only. There are thousands of sellers facing similar issues and are equally helpless. Just like every time, Amazon has without any formal statement or giving a reason left us, the seller community in darkness. So many sellers reached out to me asking what could have gone wrong, how will I get those reviews back and what is the best way to move forward.

Amazon seller forums and Facebook groups have been running wild as to what must have happened and very few actually have a grasp on the situation. This was the main reason I wrote this post. It will clear the fog about the mystery of missing reviews and will explain to you how you can remedy this problem.

Editing Amazon Reviews As A Seller

Amazon will do everything possible to make sure that all opinions are honest and objective. Seller support won’t remove a review that doesn’t violate Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon will not remove feedback if it isn’t in compliance with its rules.

Reputation management can be tough. But in the end, it’s all about customer service. A great customer service team can resolve almost every client problem. Here are the golden rules of support that will help you to maintain the perfect reputation on Amazon:

  • Be polite and don’t respond in an aggressive manner
  • Apologize for the client’s disappointment.
  • Offer a solution (refunds, manuals, helpful tips, etc.

You can change the perceptions of your client about the situation to make it positive. Clients who are satisfied will most likely update or remove their negative feedback. Sometimes clients may keep negative feedback. But others who read it will notice that you care for your clients.

How To Edit Amazon Review

11: Build Relationships With Your Customers

The best way to consistently get positive reviews is to build relationships with your customers, and create a brand persona that resonates with your target audience.

You cannot get reviews quickly by pressing a button. That’s why it’s the best method – because it’s not easy for your competitors to copy.

Customers will love a brand they love and help you to build it. You will get reviews from your loyal customers, often five-star reviews. Even better, they’ll be in-depth, quality reviews that help you get a higher conversion rate.

Some things you can do to start building relationships include:

  • Being active on social media
  • Consistently emailing your audience
  • Your audience will appreciate your efforts to provide value
  • Delivering a great customer experience
  • Crafting a likable brand persona

This is not a good way to ask people for feedback.

You can get your customers to love you brand and they will be loyal.

Summary: your brand, and the relationships you build between your brand and your customers, is the most powerful thing you can do to get more organic reviews.

10. Use the Amazon Vine Program

Amazon also offers the Vine Program, which helps sellers connect with reviewers. Vine can be used by Brand Registered Vendors and Sellers and it is one of most reliable and secure ways to receive reviews on new products.

Vine is a free service that offers 30 units of product. A selection of “Vine Voices”, top-reviewers, will receive these products to review and test.

A product that has received fewer than 30 review must be eligible to join the Vine Program. Also, you will need sufficient inventory to give to reviewers.

Like Early Reviewer reviews, those you get from Vine will have a badge to identify them. You can expect honest reviews. Make sure to fix the issues first.

Summary: Amazon Vine is the only way within TOS to offer free products in exchange for reviews. It can be a good way to get traction for competitive products, but make sure you have a high-quality product to begin with.

How To Edit Amazon Review

How To Add Editorial Reviews To Your Author Page

This is how you add editorial reviews to your webpage.

  • In Author Central, click the “Books” tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the book you want and select the correct edition (each edition is updated separately).
  • Select “Edit book details.”
  • Click “Add” next to the Review.
  • The yellow button “Edit HTML” is located at the top right of your text box.
  • Copy and paste the code from the Kindlepreneur Editorial Review Generator. (If you didn’t use the generator, stay in “Compose” mode and type (or copy and paste) it in by hand. You don’t have to input a source if you enter From the Author or From the Inside Flap.
  • Click “Preview” and “Save” changes when you’re happy with the review.

Amazon My Reviews: How Do You Find Or Remove Your Reviews?

Amazon is the largest online retailer worldwide. You can sell and purchase products from it. This website allows users to purchase clothes, electronic, game, toys, books, furniture and other household supplies. They can also order and receive these items in quick time. Learn how Amazon’s “my reviews” section works. This is the guide for you.

How To Edit Amazon Review

How to Identify Amazon Errors

Amazon aims for high-quality product descriptions and maintains strict requirements for data sent to the marketplace. When a feed fails to meet those requirements, Amazon uses codes to communicate errors to sellers.

Amazon creates a report for each feed you send. You can access the report inside of Amazon Seller Central or by email if you’ve opted-in. Your feed solution provider might also display the report within their platform.

How To Add Extra Photos Or Videos To Your Profile

  • On the profile tab, click “Upload New Media.”
  • Choose whether to upload a photo or video.
  • Select the media from your computer and click “Open.”
  • You can sort your media by clicking the dropdown button and choosing “newest to oldest” or “oldest to newest.”

How To Edit Amazon Review

#1 – Build A Launch Team

These methods, while they may get you a handful of reviews, is time intensive and a lot of work.

A launch team is an organization of people who agree to read the book before publication and then review it after its release.

When it comes to building a launch team, it is about building relationships over the long term. This is why, in order to run an effective launch team, you should focus on the relationship with your early-bird reviewers.

Here is a step-by-step process for organizing your team:

Rules For Creating An Excellent Editorial Review Section

  • Include between 6-10 reviews.
  • Always include the name of the reviewer and a qualifier in bold print.
  • Place the reviewer and qualifier at the end of the review.

Amazon has a list of items prohibited from the editorial review section, such as profanity, promotional materials, links, addresses, etc. The complete list can be found here.

3. Select “Amazon Editorial Review” at the top of your generator.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Step 1.

Log into Goodreads to search for the book that you have reviewed. Forbidden was the book I searched for by Kimberley Griffiths. You can click on the book.

Amazon Error: 99003: The specified Variation Theme has not received the required value

First, check which Variation Theme you’ve selected for your product. Next check which values are accepted for the variations within that theme.

Check which variation values are allowed for your product by downloading the corresponding category-specific inventory file from the Add Products via Upload section of your Amazon Seller Central account. Check the Valid Values tab to see the Variation Columns that correspond with the Variation Theme that you have chosen for the product.

How To Edit Amazon Review

So How Do You Handle A Bad Review?

Provide excellent customer service, clear product descriptions and great customer support to reduce the chance of negative reviews.

Use our free SEO Checklist to optimize your product detail page and keep your customers happy.

Let’s look at what to do with bad Amazon reviews.

Manage Multiple Books

Check the box next to each book you want to manage in one shot. At the top of the screen, you can select all books, deselect them all, deliver them to a device, delete them, mark them as read or unread, add them to your library, remove them from your library, or add them to a collection.

Further, you can search for specific books. Type a word or phrase in the search field at the right and click Go to see the results.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Control Devices

You can then manage your Kindle and Echo devices as well as other Amazon apps-equipped gadgets. Click the Devices heading at the top of the page. For a particular type of device such as Kindle, click the icon.

Click the Deregister button if a device registered is not active. At the window that pops up, confirm your action by clicking Deregister.

Modifying Amazon Reviews in My Name As A Buyer

As an Amazon customer, there are many reasons you may be asking “How can I edit Amazon reviews?” A product review can be changed or edited to a neutral, or even negative one if the product is not as you expected.

On the other hand, you might want to change a negative or neutral review to a positive one if a seller went above and beyond with great customer service to remedy your issue.

Editor of Amazon Reviews as a Seller

Amazon does everything possible to preserve the integrity, and credibility of all product reviews. As long as the product review does not violate Amazon’s community guidelines, it’s unlikely that Amazon will allow it to be removed. Amazon does not permit sellers to request product negative reviews to be removed.

Amazon Gift Cards: eGift Card Amazon Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees. Gift Card in a Mini Envelope Amazon Gift Cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they’re hoping for – even if you don’t know what it is.

While these rules might leave an Amazon seller feeling helpless, you have options. Below are some key points to keep in mind when trying to reduce negative Amazon seller reviews.

DO: Reply to the review in a professional manner. Many times, exceptional customer service can help resolve the problem.

Get feedback. Whiz provides 24/7 monitoring of products and will alert you when you get product negative reviews or product-neutral reviews about one of them.

Console: Editing Customer Managed Polices

Customer-managed policies are editable to make changes. A customer-managed policy can have up to five versions. This is important because if you make changes to a managed policy beyond five versions, the AWS Management Console prompts you to decide which version to delete. You can also change the default version or delete a version of a policy before you edit it to avoid being prompted. To learn more about versions, see Versioning IAM policies To edit a customer-managed policy (console) Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at In the navigation pane, choose Policies.

You can edit the policy by selecting the name from the list. Search the database to narrow down the selection.

The Permissions tab is where you will find the Edit policy.

Choose one of the following options:

Use the Visual editor to edit your policy. Changes can be made to each permission block, including actions, resources, and optional conditions. To add more permissions to your policy, you can import it. You can choose Review to save your changes and continue.

To modify your policy, click on the JSON tab. Type or paste the text into the JSON textbox. You can also import a policy to add additional permissions to the bottom of your policy. Make sure to address any security problems, errors, general warnings, etc. that may have been raised during policy validation. Then, click on Review policy.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Why Are These Editorial Reviews So Important?

They are an authentic form of social evidence on the sales page for your book.

Editorial reviews are not Amazon Reviews and therefore do not conform to Amazon review standards.

Reach out to anyone for an editorial review.

A lot of people read editorial reviews. This is something you will see in the following article. It helps readers to decide whether or not your book merits their time.

It is not surprising that more authors haven’t taken advantage of this section for their editorial reviews. Let’s take a look at how you can access the editorial review section and upload your reviews.

How To Edit Amazon Review

How To Create Editorial Review on Your Page

You’ll see below a heatmap image taken by Amazon shoppers using an Amazon camera to track exactly where their eyes were on Amazon pages and clicks. They provide a lot of insight into how buyers make purchasing decisions, and what information they value most.

Authors: What does this mean?

That would mean they need to bold the qualifier in italics. My point about the “qualifier”, is that it should be obvious to shoppers what they would think. You can bold the name if they are famous. But if the person doesn’t bold their name, it is important that they be relevant to your book.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Amazon My Reviews: How Do You Find Or Remove Your Reviews?

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. It allows users to purchase and sell products. Its users can purchase and buy clothes, electronics, games, baby goods, books, furniture, house supplies, and so much more on this website, and get these things delivered to them in a timely fashion. You may want to learn how Amazon’s my reviews section works. This is the guide for you.

How To Edit Amazon Review

Is it possible to view my reviews online?

A lot of people ask “Where are my Amazon reviews?” The section is not listed. If you’re logged into your account, you will be able to see the review history. If you’re wondering how to find Amazon reviews, there are only a few steps. You need to perform the following actions:

Log in to your profile. After you log in, choose “Your Account” from the drop-down menu under “Hello, Your Name”. You will see many sections. Pay attention to the “Ordering” and “Shopping preferences” section. The link to your personal profile will pop up. It will open a link that takes you to your personal page.

Want to know how to see your Amazon reviews? You’ll notice the dropdown next to “Community Activities” on your profile. The drop-down menu next to “Community activity” will appear. Click it and then choose “Reviews.”

This answer is to the commonly asked question “How do I locate my Amazon review?” Here you will see all your feedback for different products. Here you can view both your comments and ideas.

How can I modify my Amazon Review?

Go to Your Profile. Choose the review you want to change in the Community activity section. Edit or delete your review, as required. Hide the review on my profile using the three-button overlay menu.

Amazon Reviews: What Can Buyers Do?

Asking the buyer to remove or edit their negative product review is strictly prohibited. You can also ask the buyer to remove negative reviews. In exchange for modified reviews, sellers used to try to give discounts and other perks to buyers. This behavior could be dangerous to your seller account.

How can I search for my Amazon Reviews?

  1. Scroll to the top and click “Accounts & Lists”.
  2. Click “Your Amazon Profile” to find previous reviews.
  3. On this page, you can look at all of your activities in the past.
  4. Select “Reviews” to see comments and reviews you’ve written.
  5. Reviewers have the ability to delete or edit their reviews.

How can I get rid of a bad review on Amazon

You can’t ask customers to delete negative reviews. If a customer reviews amazon’s product violates any of Amazon’s communications guidelines, it’s impossible to ask for removal.

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