Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts Review

hubble contacts review

‘Contact Lenses Are Not One-Size-Fits-All’

Hubble launched in 2016, and sells contact lenses at $1 per day to its customers. According to PitchBook, the company raised $70million from investors and is now valued at approximately $246 million.

Internet, doctors were critical of Hubble’s technologies and practices. Ryan Corte, Northlake Eye’s Charlotte-based doctor was one of them.

Hubble provided a trial period for free in February 2018. He said the contact could be worn only for a few hours.

Corte’s major points were very similar to those of my optometrist. They included questions about verification, outdated material, safety concerns, and concern for patients. However, he praised Hubble’s cofounders and their business acumen. He wrote that they took an outdated material and created a brand with a funny name and engaging marketing campaigns.

Corte worries that Hubble may be taking shortcuts to ensure patients’ eye health is not at risk. On the telephone, he said, “if your vision is not correct in your contact lens, that can lead to eye strain and headaches, fatigue, and decreased quality life for all people.” Corte doesn’t have to be the one that is criticized. Hubble’s substitution of specific prescriptions with generic lenses for dry or astigmatism-related conditions has been criticized by the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Barbara Horn is the president of AOA. She stated “Contact lenses cannot be one-size fits all.” American Optometric Association (AOA), criticized Hubble’s practice of substituting generic prescriptions for specific prescriptions.

Hollis Smith/Business Insider Reports were published by publications like The New York Times Quartz. They criticized the way Hubble verifies prescriptions along with the use of an older material to make their lenses. Hubble makes its lenses using methafilcon A. This material has been used in Hubble since 1986.

hubble contacts review

Here’s What to Know about Hubble Contacts

Medically reviewed by Ann Marie Griff, O.D.

Johanna Sorrentino authored this snapshot April 9, 2021. Hubble snapshot about the contacts. Cost. Reputation. Other options. Takeaway. We recommend products to readers that are helpful. You may make small commissions by purchasing through this link.

Because of their ease and convenience, many people opt for contact lenses to correct vision. Actually, contact lenses can correct the vision of approximately 45 million American citizens.

There are many types of lenses and brands available, with advantages and disadvantages to each type. Hubble provides contacts information.

hubble contacts review

You have to cancel subscriptions.

Trustpilot has a rating of 3.3. stars. It also addresses many of the above issues. There is a trend of customers reporting that cancelling their subscription was hard. Hubble cannot cancel their subscription online. It’s only possible to cancel via telephone or by email.

Hubble’s subscription service offers a much cheaper alternative for contact lens wearers, and the positive reviews reflect it. Their track record is a mixed bag.

There are other well-known players in the online contact lens retail space. Some alternatives to Hubble include:

1-800 Contacts has a reputation for being competitively priced and provides many different contact types and brands to choose from.

Special Contacts

Their wide assortment of brands is what makes them so popular.

Eyeconic. Founded by vision care insurance provider VSP, Eyeconic takes insurance from VSP, MetLife, and Cigna Vision.

hubble contacts review

Hubble Contacts Review: Reputation, Services, And More

Ryan Corte OD Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito Brand overview Product and service reputation How to order Alternatives Eye care Summary Products we consider useful are included in this list. We may receive a commission if you purchase through the links provided on this page.

Hubble Contacts is an internet store selling disposable daily lenses. The sister site is connected to offer more options.

Below, learn all about Hubble, including its reputation, products, and services. Additionally, we offer tips and alternative ways to maintain healthy eyes while wearing contacts.

It is important to note that this writer has not used these products. Information presented here is strictly research-based.

Hubble Contacts is an online shop based out of New York. It claims it can offer high-quality, low-cost lenses that are comparable to other companies.

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St. Shine Optical in Taipei is a Taiwanese manufacturer of Hubble’s daily contacts lenses. Hubble claims that the FDA approved these lenses.

Company claims that it uses the most advanced injection molding techniques and conducts numerous tests and inspections to assure high-quality products.

hubble contacts review


Comfort and ease of delivery They could fog up and cause even more damage than they were worth. Contacts were the best option for me as I could play more.

Once I saw the price of Hubble Contacts I decided to give them a try to see if they were a good fit. Hubble Contacts was a great fit, and I haven’t looked back since.

You can forget about the hassle of delivery and price, while still keeping your eyes clear. They are so easy to use that you will not regret buying them. I used to pay $190 per three months for Cadillac contacts. These were the only ones that made me feel comfortable throughout my day. Hubble contacts were affordable so I was tempted to try them. Hubble was expensive and it wasn’t comfortable. These were actually much more comfortable that I had expected. I save about $360 a year using Hubble, AND they ship right to me. I love Hubble!” Ease of Delivery and Customer Support “I have been using Hubble Contacts for quite a few months now. They are delivered in a timely fashion, and the one time I had a contact show up that had a hole in the middle, the company sent me an entire months replacement after asking me very few questions regarding my issue. I feel secure knowing any problems that might arise are quickly addressed. Hubble Contacts has been recommended to me by many friends and relatives.” Customer Service and Price “Thanks to their price reductions compared to my son’s old “name” brands, has been our preferred supplier for over a year. Hubble Contacts delivers their boxes promptly, and you can adjust the timetable if required. The best thing about them is their customer service. A box was delivered with multiple defective lenses. promptly shipped a brand new box. Highly recommend.” Contact Quality & Customer Support They never dry out, even during allergy season. They never dry out, so I don’t have to do any rewetting. I also love getting a new pair each morning. It was an easy choice, and Hubble is always there at my doorstep every month.

They reimburse me for my receipts. Hubble has never sent me a damaged or torn lens. Their customer service is excellent. Hubble, Thank You for not making me worry about my limited supply of contacts. They arrived today. I haven’t felt them since the beginning of this review. Best lenses ever! Thank you Hubble.” Contact Quality “I have been receiving Hubble Contacts for about a year now. I was initially skeptical but once I started using them I felt like I knew what I was doing. It is amazing how comfortable they are. If you clean them well enough, there is no need to be concerned. They take care of everything so I don’t have to fret about them running out. The best thing I like is they are so easy to travel. When I am going on vacation for more than a day, all you have to do is grab the items and move. No need to carry a lot cleaners and holders. Hubble was a pleasure to use. It’s cute packaging. No fuss subscription service. You can save a little cash. Red flags started to rise when I ordered Hubble. Hubble is not able to double-check the prescription of your eye doctor. Why? Because I received the wrong prescription in my pack. This could have been a mistake by the company. However, after double-checking it turned out that I was the one who made the mistake.

Because… SURPRISE! I immediately called to cancel my subscription. It was automatic that you were signed up for their subscriptions, and they charge you and then send you contacts. This comes with a stocking charge and, if the package is opened, it will be canceled. Shady.

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Did I mention how inaccurate this prescription was? By -.75 Even if I tried, I couldn’t use my contacts. Useless. Dish out the extra cash for contacts people. You and your eyes are well-deserving. But when I realized that I do not use the contacts often enough to keep getting orders, they are horrible. The message was sent to the exact same address as the order. Many messages were sent, but I didn’t see any phone numbers. One month later another one arrived, so I again sent a message. This company was removed from my account.

My next order arrived in a month. I sent them an email. She replied that she received the 2 that I wanted to return for a full refund. But one was out of date. According to them, they wanted to credit money to me bank account. However, it was blocked so I requested for a cheque, which has yet to arrive. After that, I had $33.00 blocked from my bank account. After three months of being charged for the $33.00 fee, the account was blocked. I received a phone number so that I could cancel the account. This is terrible. It was extremely difficult to cancel. Expect a run around that will take long enough for them to charge you for at least one more week of contact lenses. The whole thing feels a little scammy.”

hubble contacts review

Hubble Contacts Review

Written by Lilia McDonald on January 29, 2019,

Hubble Contacts is an American brand that distributes Taiwan-made contact lenses via an e-commerce subscription. This brand provides assistance to those who have blurred vision (no or mild astigmatism) and it is accessible for all ages as long as they have valid prescriptions. Contact lenses can be maintained easily, as you don’t have to drink water or use contact lens solution. Hubble Contacts founders consider over-wearing a big no-no.

Hubble Contacts reviews will provide information on key features of the brand, and products, to help you make a sound purchase decision.

Hubble Contacts Overview My vision is not good enough to be able to see clearly on the projector screen. Failing to see means failing the exam. Aside from my appearance, I have a funky hairstyle and am always reading a book.

My retro-style will be overtaken by Hubble Contacts. You can’t beat them for quality contact lenses. What are Hubble Contacts, you might ask? These contacts are made in St. Shine Taiwan uses high-quality injection molding. FDA approves it for consumers’ health.

Jesse Horwitz (founder) and Benjamin Cogan (founder) were paired up in 2016 with the mission of saving your eyes from being damaged by too much contact lens wear. These problems often occur when contact lenses are not being replaced or worn enough to drain the wallet. Hubble Contacts wants this win-win scenario to be reversed. The first step is to schedule an appointment for your eye examination and take the quiz.

hubble contacts review

Hubble Contacts Eye Examination & Quiz

To receive a prescription for Hubble Contacts, you must first visit a doctor to have your eyes examined. Hubble is not responsible for the appearance of doctors in search results. This is a simple step that you don’t have to stress about (hey! that rhymes!). This is because it’s simple.

Next is a questionnaire on the website that allows you to rate your contact usage. You will be asked four questions. These include whether you are a regular sleeper with contacts, your contact use for the longest time, as well as how much you know about contacts. After about thirty seconds of answering those, a new page pops up and exclaims, “Congrats!” and provides a click-button to claim their offer.

The bottom page has a very unnecessary countdown. If you refuse to sign the deal, the entire world is going to end. The Hubble Contacts website will redirect you, after the countdown is at zero, to another page. Here you can fill in your prescriptions, doctor details, and checkout information.

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How does Hubble Contacts function?

Hubble Contacts are fit for easy insertion and said to provide comfort and crystal-clear vision. Hubble Contacts’ transparent edge is more visible and their high-grade Methafilcon A hydrogel prevents contacts from drying out your eyes and burning them. The Hubble Contacts Review is incomplete without examining both the positive and negative aspects.

hubble contacts review

I would be horrified if anything terrible happened to my eyes.

Scream and cry

A deal made with higher powers in exchange for near perfect vision.

Hubble Contacts can be sued for recklessness or causing bodily injury.

My only hope is for them to take a gander at this Hubble Contacts review and recognize the dire need to adjust and update their contact lenses. Because the eye relies on oxygen to stay healthy and alert, contacts must have good oxygen permeability.

I appreciate the fact that they are environmentally-friendly and appear to have a great amount of support, which is very impressive given that Hubble Contacts was established in 2016. Their business continues to grow four years later. Good for them. I may disagree with their ill and questionable practice, but I must admit that their marketing is admirable.

It was easily overlooked by the swarm of glowing comments. Hubble Contacts was a hit and drew many followers who joined the bandwagon to showcase their Hubble Contacts by posting a photo, hashtag, and testimonial. My relentless research revealed a hidden issue in the Hubble Contacts review. This could have a negative impact on their success, and possibly cause them to lose sales.

What Are the Hubble Contacts Worth?

hubble contacts review

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Hubble is an online provider that allows you to obtain new lenses. Do you have contacts for the first time? They also have everything you need. Keep your prescription and email ready.

See what it’s all about with our Hubble contacts review. Our Hubble contacts review provides all of the necessary information to help you decide if a product is for you.

While it might seem natural to be skeptical about a store offering such bargains, Hubble has earned a reputation for being a trustworthy place.

Hubble appeared on the scene in 2016. It was founded by Ben Cogan and Jessie Horwitz. Vision Path, Inc. manages the company. This business was created to alleviate the problems of excessively high contact lens prices.

Hubble has been rated high by Hubble customers to this day. But, how can you make sure that your order is of the highest quality? We aim to help answer this question.

Is Hubble Contact Lenses Legit?

Hubble’s contact lenses are FDA-approved, but newer lens materials provide more oxygenation to your cornea. They also happen to be more expensive, of course. Aug 10, 2021

Is Hubble A Good Place To Buy Contacts?

Hubble is not liked by many eye physicians. Hubble was not recommended by four of my doctors. Their opinion was that the material used for the lenses is not current and that it could be dangerous to sell incorrect contacts. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has received over 100 complaints about Hubble that show similar concerns.Oct 1, 2019

Are Hubble Contacts Really $1?

Hubble is offering a $1 first-box of contact lense. But, customers have reported eye pains, inflammation and ulcers while wearing the contact lenses. … The contacts, however, have reportedly resulted in some customers experiencing extreme eye pain, inflammation of the eyes and even ulcers after use, Daily Mail reports.Jul 23, 2019

Is Hubble able to verify prescription?

David Murphy,” Horwitz said. On December 14, 2017, Horwitz stated that Rebecca Simon, Hubble’s spokeswoman, followed up by email. “We can confirm the prescription you entered in to the site was processed using the correct and legal verification methods that all Hubble contacts orders undergo.

.Hubble Contacts Review

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