Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Review

Sound Performance Is Superb

Enacfire E60 has a great sound quality that is probably well beyond its cost. The Enacfire E60 is balanced in terms of both high and lower tones. A mobile device with EQ can give you even more performance.

Highs sound almost perfect, and lows generally are excellent. You will notice a slight lack of bass if the songs are new. It doesn't bother me personally, but you might consider other headphones if the Beats Audio sound is what you prefer.

I compared the audio to my Soundcore Q20 over-ear headphones and couldn't find a big difference between the two. I also found the same type of feedback from various You. Tube reviewers who are audiophiles. Various instruments come across clearly and so do vocals, if the bass was about 10% higher these would be perfect.

Talking on the phone is easy and without problems. The AptX Qualcomm chip ensures that there is virtually zero latency, and the audio quality is unaffected. They do have CVC8.0 noise cancellation so audio calls sound great as they filter out ambient background noise.

Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds Vs. G20 – Comparison and Review

Tech. Guru Audio Earbuds No Comments In today's market, you can't be too careful about what kind of wireless earbuds you buy. There's simply a glut of them on the market. Every good option is not worth the effort. It's easy to tell the difference between the good and bad when you stick with a trustworthy manufacturer. One of these manufacturers is Enacfire. We've reviewed several of their earbuds in the past, including the Enacfire F1 Future Plus . Today we will be discussing two of their newest offerings, the Enacfire E60 & the Enacfire G20. Let's take a look at how they compare.


Enacfire E60 Review


Sound Performance Is Superb

">Enacfire E60 Review. Great Wireless Earbuds, Charging Case

E60, my thorough Enacfire E60 evaluation revealed that it is an excellent wireless headphone and a great value. Also, the sound quality is excellent. Great design. It fits easily in your ears. Besides, Enafire E60 is much popular on Amazon and got a great review score.

Enacfire E60 Wireless earbuds with wireless charging case, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, 8-hours + 40-hours from charging case, Great for sport with IPX8 waterproof The Enacfire E60, these earbuds is considered one of the most affordable wireless earphones , but let us find the truth about it. We have tested the Enacfire E60 wireless headphones to give you an objective review.

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Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Design

Enacfire E60 Bluetooth Bluetooth5.0 wireless earbuds are small and teardrop-shaped. With a distinctive glossy black ABS plastic outer shell, they have a clean profile. Enacfire E60 Eartips extended beyond the buds to sit deep within your ears.

These make sure a secure fit , also excellent noise isolation . The earbud is designed for round shape and quite big, which can fill-up your ear canals. Although it may be a while before your ears feel comfortable with the earbuds in, you will soon find them to fit well. Enacfire E60 has a very powerful filter to block noise and noise isolation.

You will get three additional sets of ear tips in the box. You can swap between different sets to ensure the best fit. To help you keep track, there are small R and L indicators located on both the buds' backs.

These marks the centre of the touch buttons with multiple features. These can be used to play/pause, stop, answer or end telephone calls, skip tracks, activate voice assistant, and even activate the microphone.

This detailed Enacfire E60 review will reveal the sound quality. The sound quality of the Enacfire E60 is near the best of its class. The sound quality is balanced without putting too much emphasis on high or low tones. If you set the EQ on your MP3 or mobile device, it will perform superbly.

Both the high and low sound crisp. That is an exceptional pair of Bluetooth headphones, especially for those under 50. Not only is the soundstage great, An audiophile will be able to hear any instrument without interfering or crossing over.

Vocals will be right in the corner, where they would be. Enacfire E60 will allow you to enjoy any genre that you like. You will also enjoy excellent phone quality. No latency is experienced in conversations.


Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 – Recommend

This Enafire E60 review will conclude with these wireless earbuds being highly recommended to anyone who wants good call quality, a strong connection and clear sound.

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Enacfire wireless earbuds in the e. Bay shop and most of them are not too expensive. These earbuds are very affordable.


Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Vs Bomaker Sifi Ii

You will feel a secure seal around your ears, and hear a rich and inviting sound. The Bomaker Sifi II poses a threat to Enacfire E60. Although it has a strong bass it is able to strike and rumble harder in your ears. Some genres can boost the bass so much that it becomes a bit excessive. The Sifi II has subtly more extended upper-mids and highs, providing vocals and instruments with more body and details. However, it may feel more bassy thanks to its boosted low-tones. While the Sifi II has a slightly refined sound, the E60 is more functional. The Enacfire's practical features are superior: the battery life and quality of the calls are both better.

Bomaker Sifi II review


Enacfire E60 Review

Enacfire E60 Vs. MPOW M30

Although they share the same price, both are enjoyable to listen too. The E60 and Mpow M30 (five stars each) however, remain different beasts. The Mpow increases the volume and puts vocals in a more prominent position. Female voices and louder instruments dominate the M30. Here, the Enacfire delivers warmth while providing more lower-mids body. E60 could be preferred for grunge and deep-house. The E60 can also be used to play pop and acoustic music. Switch to M30 to get better presence and detail on guitars, pianos, etc. However, the Enacfire's smoother sound makes it easier to hear.

Furthermore, the E60 has 1,5 hours of battery life more. They are great for sport because they have handy sport wings.

Sound costs slightly less than the Sound. The Sound. Another contender has a warm sound is Dot. The bass is more complex, has more depth, and the sub-bass has more distinction between an electronic bass-slam drum kicks. The True has more precision in instrument placement and tonality. The Enacfire is slightly more reliable than the Dot and has a 2,5-3 hour battery life.

Sounds good. PETATS True. Dot review > See all TWS reviews and ratings here


Enacfire E60 Review

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Amazon US Enacfire E60 – Amazon Germany Enacfire E60 – Amazon Germany Enacfire E60 – I purchased the Enacfire E60 TS myself to test and for review. All reviews written by me are independent and objective. It is my policy to review every audio product equally. You can find out more here. Use the following links to help me. Although it doesn't come at an additional cost, this will allow me to continue my search for good audio and affordable music. Please also see:

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All wireless earphones are rated highly


Enacfire E60 Review


Enacfire E60 is a budget earbud that offers amazing features. Excellent sound quality. There are three pairs to pick from so you can find the right one for you. You can use the Nano-coating to protect your earbuds outdoors. The earbuds and the case can be charged for two days.

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Are Enacfire E60 Any Good?

They won't provide the highest quality sound, but they will suit your requirements. However, the ENACFIRE E60 Wireless earbuds are impressive little devices that produce good sound quality and provide plenty of conveniences at a low cost.Oct 16, 2020

Is Enacfire A Good Brand?

ENACFIRE E60 is a great choice for sport and fitness. When you are on the move, these wireless headphones fit easily into any pocket or bag. These wireless headphones are lightweight and comfortable. They also have six different sized ear tips that can be adjusted to ensure the perfect fit.

Are Enacfire E60 Noise Cancelling?

Because they do, the Enacfire E60 also filters out noises from your surroundings very effectively – delivering almost noise-canceling qualities. Enacfire E60 is not lacking in battery life. You can get up to 7 hours of use from one charge. This is an amazing performance.

Does The Enacfire E60 have water resistance?

[(IPX8 waterproof]] ENACFIRE E60 genuine wireless headphones is certified with IPX8 highest rating and nano coating material. They can resist any contact from water or splash. You can bring them anywhere you go under all kinds of outdoor environment.Jul 12, 2021

.Enacfire E60 Review