Bombas Socks Review

Founded 2013
Founders Randy Goldberg, David Heath



bombas socks review

Bombas Certified B-Corp

Bombas is also certified B-Corp. That means it’s been asked to grade each year by B Lab to verify that they are meeting high standards in social and environmental performance as well as transparency with the public and accountability. Bombas is one of the many B-Corps which we are proud to support. Though they may cost you more than your standard Target Multi-Pack (ankle socks from $12), these socks will last you longer and provide a much-needed gift for someone who might be in dire need. We have tested and loved the casual socks and dress socks from Bombas over the years. We think they’re worth the investment if you can spare the extra money. They also make especially great gifts.

The company offers 20% discounts on the first order. Bombas can save you up to 5% when you buy a set. The company also has a guarantee for customers who don’t like their Bombas. This is a rare offer. Bombas offers a no-holds barred, unconditional, non-binding, no-questions asked, and no-fee happiness guarantee. You can trust us to solve your problems. You can return it. Send you new socks. All you need. Shop Bombas socks based on material (No Show), Ankle, Quarters, Calfs, Knee-High), and activity (Casual Athletic, Dress). You can also narrow down athletic socks by sport: skiing, running, hockey, tennis, golf grippers and basketball.

Bombas has expanded in recent years into basics like sweatpants ($78) T-shirts (from $36) , and most recently, underwear ($20) , but socks remain at the company’s core.

bombas socks review

What’s the Bottom Line?

Bombas socks come in a variety of sizes, from dress socks to knee-highs, to classic color options for women and children. They also offer a wide range of Bombas socks that are available in a number of adventurous colors.

Bombas socks can be a quick upgrade for your everyday life if money is tight.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the company serves as a successful example of business with positive impact ; you get the best socks you’ve ever worn for a price that won’t break the bank, and your purchase helps improve the lives of someone else at the most basic and necessary level.

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bombas socks review

Experience Bombas Site

Bombas is simple to navigate and well-organized. Individual youth socks, adult socks, socks for women, socks packs and socks can all be found on the Bombas website. But I came for the socks.

You can filter the sidebar with a filter to organize your golf socks by grippers, occasion running and color. Tennis socks, you ask? It’s true. Even though I don’t enjoy tennis, I bought a set. Okay, tennis ball yellow can be used for all sports.

Once everything is streamlined (until the next time you order compression socks), shipping can be quick. That’s a major plus. I am not patient. Five days passed and my feet felt cold, sad, and unsupported.

My socks finally arrived. It was cheerful packaging. Colorful and bright. They were very pleasant to the nose. They didn’t smell anything. As if they were precious stones, I held them in my hands. I laughed. Maniacally danced about the room. Then settled in to review the adorable note card that came with the socks.

A header titled “Powered by Kindness” led me to the 52 Random Acts and Bombas. I read through a list of weekly do-good ideas ranging from “Surprise your coworkers with doughnuts” to “Run errands for an elderly neighbor” with warm, snug feet.

This was a pleasant day.

bombas socks review

Bombas Socks Style Review

1. Bombas No Show Socks Review Bombas has done a great job of making an incredibly functional piece out of a sock that’s supposed to look and feel like it’s not there.

The lightweight fabric blend with seamless toe gives you that “did I wear socks this morning?” feeling. You can pair them with Allbird Wool Runners with their stay-put toe grip.

Bombas has No Shows for Women and Men. Bombas Merino Wool Socks Review The fact that they are so big on the merino wool game is actually one of the reasons I decided to look into Bombas in the first place.

Merino wool, which is a moisture-wicking fabric, can be used to eliminate sweat, smell, and other negative thoughts, even on the most difficult endurance runs. Bombas consistently delivers in this area.

It’s higher performance than simple cotton and has been a reliable ally in my Bombas Ski Socks. It’s my husband’s winter boots that have to go outside of mine. I wish I had a cuddle buddy. It’s all because of the merino wool.

Bombas Merino Wool Socks ( Women and Men) Bombas Dress Socks Review Bombas claimed to have tested almost 100 levels of tension when creating their dress socks. It seems that the tests paid off.

Bombas’ dress socks, which are sleek and lightweight, have a minimalistic take on many of the more athletic Bombas socks. The classic fit of the dress socks still features the honeycomb arch support, achilles cushion and the elegant look.

bombas socks review

I’ve tried Bombas socks and can never return to regular socks.

These are my items and I am willing to pay a higher price.

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Every member of my large, extended family received a pair Bombas socks featuring Sesame street characters last Christmas. Normaly, I don’t like specialty socks. Good quality socks are important for running, biking and everyday wear. However, I don’t like spending too much on one pair of socks unless it’s really expensive or if I am buying merch for an artist.

But, after seeing the joy in everyone’s faces at Christmas with their Bombas socks, I decided to get on board. Bombas socks have changed my life in a dramatic way. It was the warmth and comfort that I found so appealing. I discovered the value of good socks for my everyday life.

Bombas sells underwear, socks and T-shirts. When its founders noticed that socks was the most sought-after item at homeless shelters, Bombas began to sell them. Bombas will donate one pair of socks per sale for every pair. Bombas says it has given more than 47,000,000 pairs to homeless shelters.

Bombas prides itself in its environmental efforts. Bombas is a Certified B Corp, which means it has high standards in ethical production and material sourcing.

bombas socks review

Bombas Socks Worth Buying?

So. Many. Colors.

Bombas socks can be your best choice if you are looking for socks with a soft feel and a little compression. These socks are versatile and can be worn to almost any event. Every pair that you add to your socks drawer will give someone else the opportunity to do so.

If you are willing to buy six packs of cheap ankle socks at Walmart, or calf socks at Target for as low as $6, then you can stick with the ones that work best. The price of the socks is not a major factor for me. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t need a ton of socks I wear sandals often in the summer so having well-made socks that last is a better fit for my lifestyle than cheap pairs that fall apart quickly. And because I’m an active person, I need socks that won’t lead to blisters. Bombas are a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy quality socks whether they’re used in running, biking, hiking or any other activity.

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bombas socks review

Bombas Merino Performance Socks

Bombas Merino Running Socks are exactly the same design as Bombas’ normal performance socks. They are however, different.

Materials. Materials.

Comfortable and warm. Because wool is warmer than other fabrics, it’s also less breathable. They regulate temperature very well. While the Merino model will keep my feet warm on cold days, it isn’t recommended for excessive heat or humidity.

Dust. Like other wool socks, they easily pick up hairs and dust. They tend to collect less hair and dust that the Darn Tough Darn Tough wool running sock. The Darn Tough socks are durable but a bit too warm. Bombas Merino Wool running socks have a better cooling effect for sweaty feet.

Softness. Bombas regular running socks, however, are not as soft.

Slickness. The merino performance running socks are slightly slicker than the regular version. You should be cautious if the floors in your home are naturally oily.

Price. The merino wool version costs $2 more. This is less than I expected. Merino wool clothes are often more costly than regular versions.

bombas socks review

Bombas Women’S Marls Ankle Socks

Verywell fit / Stephanie Vermillion Shop on Amazon. Buy at Dick’s. Buy at Nordstrom. Our reviewer bought Bombas Women’s Marl Ankle Socks in order to put them through their paces. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

As a runner, and also a daily dog walker I understand the value of good socks. In fact, socks are almost as important as shoes. You can get blisters or not by wearing socks. Thicker socks tend to trap moisture, which leads to rubbing, which leads to blisters. Performance socks, on the other hand, are typically lightweight and breathable, which make them perfect for blister prevention.

Bombas Women’s Marl Ankle Socks have a moisture-wicking capability that caught my attention. Bombas, a well-known brand for giving away a pair of socks with every purchase, makes use of extra-long-staple cotton. This guarantees that your feet are comfortable and dry. They performed well in my tests, so I decided to test them myself. Keep reading to find out the details.

Verywell Fit / Stephanie Vermillion

bombas socks review

Final Thoughts

Bombas offers quality apparel and socks. You feel good buying Bombas, as they give to people in need. The apparel they make is great and a regular part of my casual attire.

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Bombas Socks can be found here.

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What Is So Special About Bombas?

Redefine Comfort Bombas feels like no other you’ve tried before. Socks that feel like cloudy skies for your feet. The perfect fit is achieved with silky smooth t-shirts. It’s like having nothing on because of how comfortable our underwear.

Bombas Running Socks are Worth the Investment?

Bombas has been a favorite of our “best socks” selections. Because it uses a cotton blend, this version of the Performance Running sock is more appealing than its standard counterpart.

Bombas socks: What is the Deal?

Bombas, what is it? Bombas sells underwear, socks and T-shirts. Bombas was founded in 2013, when the founders discovered that socks were most commonly requested in shelters. Bombas donates one pair of socks for each pair sold.

Bombas Socks Are Tightened?

Bombas Socks are too tight and not true to size according to some reviewers. Others reported that their socks were about a quarter of an inch longer than what was expected. They were also uncomfortable and tight around the ankles.

.Bombas Socks Review

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