Lg G7 Fit Review

Lg G7 Fit Review

Lg G7 Fit Review


The G7 Fit's design is elegant and fashionable. G7 Fit is made with a metal frame and two pieces glass. The combination of these materials is rare for smartphones this cost as many OEMs choose to make their own frames or backs. LG's bezels are pleasingly small, making the G7 Fit look more like a 800-Euro ($902) smartphone, than a 400 -Euro ($451) model. G7 Fit is premium in feel, with no gaps between materials. The unit we reviewed measures 153.2 x 71.9x 7.9mm and is 156 g. That makes it compacter than our comparators. Our review unit is small enough to fit comfortably in our hands. There's no bump on the camera so it will lay flat on a desk without wobbling like flagships.

Glass backs are a great touch but have their drawbacks. On the one hand, our review unit becomes greasy too quickly for our liking and is prone to slipping not only from our hands but also from a desk or table that is not completely flat. LG certifies G7.FIT as MIL STD-810G1 compliant. That means the device has passed 14 environmental and weather tests. However, MIL STD-810 compliance can't be guaranteed by an agency or independent organization. Therefore, you should take this certification very seriously.

The G7 Fit is IP68 compliant too, the first digit of which means that the device has passed an eight-hour test to determine that it is dustproof. After being submerged completely in water, for between 1 m to 3 m, the G7 Fit remains water-resistant for at minimum 30 minutes.

At the moment, the G7 Fit was only available in Europe. It is also known as New Aurora Black. New Platinum Grey is also available for the G7 fit in certain regions.

Lg G7 Fit Review


This choice is not surprising. LG equips the G7 Fit equipped with a Snapdragon821 So. Like we already mentioned, the So. So. While C is still as powerful and efficient as the newer midrange chip, it may be cheaper. LG provides 4GB RAM for the Snapdragon-821. This is an adequate amount according to midrange smartphone standards, and it's also what LG provided with the G7 Thin. Q But, the G7 fit has e. MMC Flash storage. It is significantly slower than the UFS2.1 equivalent OEMs use in nearly all of their flagships. Although our 32GB review unit had ample storage, LG offers a 64GB version in select markets. The device supports up to 2 TB micro. It supports SD cards to increase internal storage. The G7 Fit can accommodate both, but you must decide between them. The device also features a 3.5mm audio jack as well as NFC. This is a rare feature on smartphones with flagships.


Lg G7 Fit Review


The G7 Fit is a great device, but it comes with old software. Our review unit arrived with Android 8.1 Oreo, which is comparatively up to date by LG's standards . LG released no security patches until October 2018, over five months after our tests. Our opinion is that any midrange smartphone in 2019 shouldn't be this hopelessly out-of-date.

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LG has applied its UI atop of Android 8.1 Oreo, but the company only makes minor visual adjustments compared to stock Android, so it should not take too long to acclimatise to if you have used Android before.

Positively, our review unit has minimal bloatware. LG has its Smart Doctor app and several other Google apps. The G7 Fit has four navigation buttons by default though, with LG adding a button to quickly switch between SIM cards rather than having to dive into Settings.

LG chose not to make the G7 Fit Widevine DRM Level 3 certified, frustratingly preventing it from being eligible to stream HD content via Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. To stream HD in high definition, you will still be able to stream. However LG needs to begin shipping devices with Level 1 certification. As it's free for a Level 1 device to be certified, and as OEMs are not able to make upgrades via software, we don't know why.


Lg G7 Fit Review

Telephone features & call quality

LG offers a suite of telephony software, all clearly presented and simple to use. Call quality is also very good. Our review unit's earpiece could get too loud, and it reproduced the voice of our call partner well. Additionally, our voice was clearly picked up by the microphone during test calls.

LG equipped the G7 Fit using its Boombox speaker technology. This resonates on surfaces such as tabletops and desks and delivers higher volume and better reproduction of low frequencies than conventional speakers. By placing the G7 Fit on an object hollow like an Acoustic Guitar, it creates a remarkable full-bodied sound almost like real bass.


Lg G7 Fit Review

Accessories & Warranties

Standard accessories are provided with the G7 Fit, which is a midrange smartphone. The headphones we received were a pair with braided cables, similar to the ones included in our review units of LG V40 Thin. Q and the USB Type-C cables. LG included a cloth, as it did with its flagship phones dating back at least to the V20.

G7 Fit has a standard 24-month warranty. You can find country-specific information in our Guarantees and Return Policies FAQ.


Lg G7 Fit Review

Input Devices & Operation

A 10-point capacitive touchscreen is standard on all modern smartphones. In our testing, our inputs were accurately and quickly reproduced by the touchscreen. The touchscreen also quickly adjusted the orientation of the display when the unit was rotated. However, it did not delay unlocking the device with the fingerprint sensor.

The power button and volume rocker have decent pressure points too with crisp keystrokes. The buttons are on par with those that LG uses in its flagship devices in our opinion.

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Lg G7 Fit Review


G7 Fit's highlight is the display. LG fitted the smartphone with a 6.-inch IPS panel. The native resolution is 3120×144040. That equates to an pixel density 563 PPI. LG does reduce the resolution of the device to 2340×1080 as a default feature to improve battery life. To reduce the amount of power used by the display, you can lower the resolution further to 1560×720. Please keep in mind that you must restart the device every time you change the resolution.

Display's highest brightness is what makes this display stand out. X-Rite i1Pro 2, which measured 993 cd/m2 on the whole panel and 1014 cd/m2 in its center, recorded a maximum brightness of 9.3 cd/m2. This panel is as bright and vibrant as any smartphone. It's even more brilliant than the G7 Thin. Q Q.

The black value of our review unit is 0.46 cd/m2, which is much higher than other IPS panels we tested. It is not lower than other IPS-paneled devices and does however allow the display to maintain a very high contrast ratio. We measured it at 2,204 :1. Only the colour accuracy is disappointing, which is well beaten by the Honor 10 Lite Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) The 19.5:9 aspect ratio largely feels immersive too, although the G7 Fit's broad notch may put off some people. Furthermore, black bars will appear on the device with letterbox content in 16:9 format. But, in You, it should be possible to zoom and fill the entire screen. Tube should you wish to view full-screen videos.

IPS, 2340×1080, 6.21 Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Super AMOLED, 2220×1080, 6.00 Motorola Moto G7 Plus IPS, 2270×1080, 6.20 Black Level * Colorchecker Delta. E2000 * Colorchecker Delta. E2000 Max. * Greyscale Delta. * Greyscale Delta. This frequency should not be visible to the naked eye. Users who have sensitive eyes or suffer from strain may notice flickering or other symptoms.

Screen flickering / detected by PWM 2358 Hz >= 15% brightness

The display backlight flickers at 2358 Hz (Likely utilizing PWM) Flickering detected at a brightness setting of 15 % and below. You should see no flickering above the brightness setting.

This frequency is extremely high and should be avoided by users who are sensitive to PWM.


Lg G7 Fit Review


LG G7-Fit smartphone review. LG Germany.

The LG G7 is a trendy midrange smartphone featuring a superb display. Our review unit is also well built, and its narrow display bezels make it compacter than our comparison devices. However, LG has compromised on too many areas for our liking.

Although the phone has very few negatives, LG chose to outfit it with an older flagship So. It consumes more power and runs faster than some of its predecessors. LG does not have a bigger battery to compensate for this high power consumption, which leads to comparatively short battery lives.

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The LG G7 Fit is a confusing midrange smartphone. Even though the LG G7 Fit is a beautiful smartphone with a modern display, it has many drawbacks.

LG G7 Fit is primarily a display device. You can accept a couple of drawbacks, such as low battery life or high temperatures. However, you'll still get a unique experience unlike any other midrange smartphone. The G7 Fit is currently much cheaper online than it retails for, but we're still not sure if the device will suit everyone.


Lg G7 Fit Review

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What date will android 9 be made available to the LG Fit LMQ850QM? It is available on other regions. The USA is left out.

It is a pleasure to have you receive the latest software updates. Approval processes must be followed for all software updates. They are issued first by the network provider. Once testing is complete, a carrier will schedule the update for a device that has been approved. For any assistance, call us at 1-800-793-896. Or you can also reach us by Twitter at @LGUSSupport.

Are you able to unlock it in the US only or internationally with non-US carriers

This phone has been designed for US usage. This phone is only compatible with the US.

What does 32Gb (17GB usable), mean in Lg's G7 fit-memory?


When was the Lg G7 fit released?

LG G7. It features a touchscreen 6.10 inch display and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Is the LG G7 a Good Phone?

LG G7 ThinQ has been designed as a simple, unassuming, and risk-averse smartphone. This is in contrast to the LG V40, which was just released. It features an AI powered camera, loud Boombox speaker and bright 6.1-inch screen. It is an upgrade, though not a major one over the LG G6.

Is the Lg G7 Waterproof?

The Ingress Protection rating system gives the LG G7 an IP68 rating. The LG G7 is rated IP68 (highest level protection) and water resistance rating of 8 (water-resistant to up to 5 ft for 30 min). … Do not immerse the device in water deeper than 5 feet for more than 30 minutes.

Can The Lg Fit G7 Get Android 10?

The update to Android 10 will become available for other models in the third quarter 2020. This includes the LG G7 and G8S and V40. LG K50S and K40S will also be supported by the Android 10 update. Q60, LG K50S and K40S will have access to the latest features during the fourth quarter 2020. Jan 24, 2020

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