Vaer Watches Review

Vaer Watches Review

Vaer Watches Review

Final Thoughts

Independent brands such as Vaer, which carefully source key components from suppliers around the world can offer significant value for a low price to watch buyers. This is evident in the Vaer Automatic range. Kickstarter will allow program backers to select from the following automatic movements, as well multiple dial designs when it opens:

Miyota9015 – Available in four dial options that include date and non-date versions. All of these will be handmade in Los Angeles. 299 Early Bird Price ($449 Retail)

ETA 2824 – Available in all four options of dials, with no-date or date. These are Swiss Made. 449 Early Bird Price ($599 Retail)

ETA2895 – This Vaer Heritage "Dirty Dozen", which has small seconds, is called the Vaer Heritage "Dirty Dozen". These Swiss Made models will have one dial. $599 Early Bird (649 retail)

Notice: While the Kickstarter campaign is unfolding (and dependent on demand), minor adjustments may be made to certain options. Two dial options, "Design Light" or "Design Dark", offer stylish versions of field watches. They use less conventional white dials and slate blue dials and are well complemented with syringe fingers. This version also features a well-integrated date window.

Vaer is a company I've been following since a while, although it was not something that I was familiar with until now. Two other things really stood out about Vaer. Vaer's goal is to source their parts and labor as far as possible from the USA. I would be very surprised to see that this trend continues. I am also impressed with the responsiveness and accessibility of their owners. This was even before they realized I would be looking at their wristwatch. It's a great hallmark.

Mark retired in 2018 after 37 years in the financial services industry. In 2015, Mark "discovered" watches after seeing a Steinhart OVM1 photo on a car forum. The watch collector has had two boxes filled since that time. He is now trying to determine whether to get a third box or trim the number. Additional pastimes include photography, hiking and work on cars.

Vaer Watches Review


Final Thoughts

">Vaer Watches Review – Is this Field Watch Good or Bad?

Disclosure: The sponsored post includes affiliate links. We received compensation and courtesy product from VAER in exchange for our honest review only. Our opinions and views are completely our own.

This beautiful piece is made in the US with sapphire Crystal and has a sweet, military look. After all, young brands usually have a few kinks to work out, right?

But that is not always true. In our VAER watches review, we dive into this new watch brand and take a close look at their most popular models to see if they're worth your hard-earned cash.

VAER Watches


Vaer Watches Review

The Bad

The watch has a classic look and the leather strap is great. My only complaint is with the hour hand, which is slightly off the 12 o'clock position. "I understand that the seconds hand may not be correct and that some people might add the hands manually to the watch, but it is still a bit annoying." Benjamin B.

I have carefully inspected two Vaer watches and haven't seen any errors like this, but no assembly line is perfect. Benjamin, however, is right to disagree. I believe hand assembly can produce far fewer mistakes that an automated one. For small problems and errors, it's easier for craftsmen to notice them than for machines. This is why you might see fewer missteps in smaller production facilities.

The overall design of this watch is great. However, the strap is too long and uncomfortable. Jason B.

The crown size will be discussed in more detail later. Let's move on to the bands. The leather bands do allow me some flexibility, even if they are the smallest. Although it is annoying, I would not blame my tiny wrists for this. It fits perfect, and the nylon and silicone bands are just as good. Once it has been sized by a jeweler, you can also get the stainless steel band.

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The short answer is, leather bands may not work well for smaller wrists. This should be considered when shopping for your next band. This shouldn't matter as long you choose the stainless steel or nylon band.

"Loved the watch. It was perfect fit. But the crown. No matter if i wore it higher or not. It would dig into my wrist. I know it was for grip. The grip is what I needed. It means a lot to me that this problem was not an issue for me with the C5.

This crown is a medium in terms of overall size. The band should fit comfortably on the wrist and be comfortable. If you've had a problem with larger crowns in the past, the only way you'll know for sure is to give it a try. Vaer's 30-day money back guarantee means that there is no risk of you buying one.


Vaer Watches Review

Vaer Dive Watches

Vaer has also created a range of stylish dive watches that are suitable for collectors who have to be water bound. The D5 features an American movement, while the D7 features a Swiss movement.

These dive watches offer a more modern alternative to the traditional field watch design. They are comparable in style and functionality to a Rolex, but they also have more similarities with standard-issue watches. In addition to exuding some envious James Bond vibes with their sleek style, Vaer's dive watches offer twice the water resistance rating at 20ATM. It means you get real-world diving exposure. This is an advantage over $2k dive watches.

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Editor's note: Vaer provided a C5 Tradition Black USA quartz watch (40mm), with leather, silicone and steel straps to our writer for review purposes. This is a common practice in gear reviews. But, the writer's views are his alone. Our writers do not make a profit from any sales. We strive for honesty and transparency at all times.

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Vaer Watches Review

Vaer D7 Atlantic Hands On Watch Review

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Many people these days are active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. These platforms are a great place to be if you're a watch journalist or tuber. This was how I found Vaer and their Vaer D7 Atlantic dive series. These companies seem to have invested a great deal on these sponsored ads and many other ads. These ads might be the first time you've seen Vaer, and their main purpose. That would be very affordable, American Assembled field watches. How affordable? The watches are priced at just $199 with quartz movements and sapphire stones. Based on what I saw, the watches looked great and are very affordable. Vaer was established in 2017 by two avid watch-lovers and their first field watch line has proven to be a huge success. Their ads in 2017 for dive watches caught my attention. I had high expectations of a quality dive watch, at an affordable cost, made in the USA. Fair enough, they did make that watch. The D7 is not this model. One of the Swiss Made versions is the D7. It is stamped Swiss Made and has an ETA2824 movement. So what are other differences between these two models? There are none. I don't think so. Today, I am going to review this retro-inspired dive watch and answer the question "Is it worth the Swiss Made?"

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Vaer Watches Review

Pricing as Shown: $899 Let's dive right into the pricing. Vaer Dive watches are available in two versions: the D5 and D7. Like their field watches the D5, so too is the D5. The Swiss Made Series D7 watches are the D7. Both have the same dials, straps, case backs, etc. Apart from the price difference, the only thing different is how you choose to use your movement. All come standard with a tropic rubber strap and are available with either date or no-date versions as well as broadsword or pencil hands. It costs an additional $100 to get the oyster-style stainless steel bracelet. American Version (assembled, but not manufactured), costs $499. Swiss Version is $799. Spinning wheel discounts are available online. These can cut down on prices up to 15% (at the time of writing this article) and save money. The dial options for the different models are the same, but you only have one dial with the D5. Does this sound confusing? While I think it is, the reality is that it can be confusing and difficult. You may not be in the right camp, but I prefer things to remain simple.

Let's move on to the watch. Vaer D7 Atlantic features the date window and pencil hands at 6 o’clock. You have probably seen this case design before. It has lyre lugs, similar to Omega, and a dial and crown position that makes you think of some of the Rolex Milsub watches, among many others from the 60s. It looks more like a Rolex Milsub with broadsword hands, but this is intentional. These designs have been seen from many microbrands. Yes. Do you think that is a negative thing? This depends on how your views are regarding vintage-inspired pieces or homages from microbrands. Vaer's dive watches look great. If we're not all half-robots and still have our internal clocks 20 years from now, that is. I mean, who knows these days.) This case is all brushed with no high polish. Although this is a rare style, I still find it appealing. Watches often try to enhance the look of the watch by using high polished bezel edges or crowns. While I like the high polishing for dress watches and watches with flashy designs, satin is better on watches like these. When it comes to the actual steel, it looks and feels well finished and I found no rough edges to speak of. The crown is solid, easy to use, and while there are no actual crown guards, it screws down into a case cut out, so the crown is not sticking out awkwardly from the case. It measures 39mm in diameter with a 40mm dial. This is a smaller watch than the original vintage pieces. Also, the watch's lyre lugs give it a larger appearance so that it does not look too small on my 7 1/2" wrist. It is also comfortable to wear every day, without getting in the way, and can be used for any activity.

It is exactly what you would expect for a watch of this quality. The Vaer D7 Atlantic is not cluttered with erroneous text, the hands and indices are more than visible, and getting close-up, you can see it is not sloppy when it comes to lume paint and the hour and minute hand being filed properly. There is an issue with the ceramic bezel insert and the bezel. Sometimes, a double-domed sapphire glass watch can make it difficult to see if its bezel insert marks match the dial. It is necessary to adjust the angle of your watch to ensure that they align correctly. This is the end of my explanation. My example does not show the 30 and triangle aligned. On my example, it almost looks like the triangle and 30 marker were intentionally not placed at the edge. It functions perfectly and has almost no back play.

The D7 doesn't come with any options for straps. Instead, the D7 comes with a tropic-style rubber strap. You can also add a Horween leather or nylon strap (50 cents) or this oyster bracelet ($100). Here is where the problems start. These Swiss-made versions use a Swiss ETA2824 watch movement. They also have the Swiss Made stamp. You end up paying $899 to get the bracelet and I am just not sure if it is worth it. Although bracelets are a popular choice, the price tag of $900 was too high. It is a standard bracelet, with a standard clasp, no dive extension, and uses friction pins, not screws. This is the same bracelet you would get if you purchase the Miyota version and add a bracelet, but you would be paying a lot less money for that version. It costs just $300.

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Vaer D7 Atlantic is a beautiful watch. It uses the same materials as a high-quality microbrand. As you can see, the Vaer C1 Superluminova keeps the watch visible in darkness. The Swiss ETA watch is included in the American version. That's a good thing. The current microbrands are responsible for manufacturing still occurring elsewhere. The infrastructure required to manufacture and design watches in the USA isn't there anymore. And who knows how it will return if a big company decides to invest millions to revive the American watch industry. What would it cost for consumers to own watches made in USA, even if such a thing were possible? We all know the premium we currently pay for American products and many watch collectors like microbrands for their affordability, and not exactly where they are made.

I know. It feels like I am putting too much effort into this watch. Maybe I am, but I try to look at these watches and these reviews from the consumer point of view. The truth is that the D5 is almost identical to the D7 with only the difference in the movements. One can argue that the D7 came from Switzerland. That may be something that you find meaningful. For me, that does not mean much these days, and I would have rathered the option of a Swiss movement option, which would have still raised the price above the Miyota, but not as much as having them assembled overseas. Truth be told, I have never seen a watch made identically in two locations such as the Vaer diving series. At the beginning of this review, I put forth the question- Is the Swiss Made version worth it? It is, at least in my view. This is only one man's view. You get the same watch quality with the D5, which has a Miyota9015 movement. This is not less than the ETA2824. The D7, made in Switzerland, is the best choice if your goal is to buy a Vaer.

You can still save quite some money by choosing the D5.


Vaer watches are any good?

Vaer C336mm seems to me like it was designed for my personal tastes. A slim and conservatively designed case with usable lume. I find it a significant bonus that the 6130 High Torque American movement is used and built here. Feb 23, 2021

Vaer Watches – Where Made?

Vaer Watches, an independent brand was started in 2015 by Ryan Torres. Reagan Cook also founded Vaer Watches. Vaer Watches is a brand that currently assembles watches in Los Angeles.

Are Vaer Watches Durable?

The C5. About the C5. It was designed as the ultimate EDC field watch. The C5 has sufficient class to impress at work, while still maintaining enough robust durability to last for weekend trips.

Reddit is Vaer Watches a Good Choice?

Vaer is a great company. I have one of their swiss made automatic models and it feels like great quality. Their quartz models have the American assembled sapphire crystal. There aren't many watches that have these features at a price below $200.

.Vaer Watches Review

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