Wyze Thermostat Review

Wyze Thermostat Review

Wyze Thermostat Review

The Wyze App helps you control your Wyze Thermostat

Wyze has a confusing app, because it doesn’t state anywhere that it supports the temperature sensor. Furthermore, the app has received lower customer reviews due to recent updates. It currently boasts a rating of 3.8 stars on Google Play Store and 3 stars on Apple's App Store.

The Wyze Thermostat application is very easy to use. The Geofencing feature, which does not require your physical location, is also much more reliable. The Wyze Thermostat, like the Google Nest gives you lots of control over automatic features via IFTTT as well as geofencing.

The Wyze app can't be used to monitor and maintain your HVAC system. The Nest Thermostat works well with it. Although the app has suffered from recent improvements, the app still functions well and Wyze continues to work on improving it.

Wyze Thermostat Review


The materials are a little cheap but Wyze's high-quality thermostat is something to reckon with.

While the materials of the thermostat itself feel a bit on the budget side, the app is a pleasure to use, and the installation was a snap. The Wyze Thermostat is simple to use. It doesn't offer the same "learning" capabilities as the Nest Learning Thermostat, but it does have enough intelligence to be useful for the majority of people.

Revised March 3, 2020: Wyze has added Google Assistant support to their product. We found it worked extremely well during testing.


Wyze Thermostat Review

Setting up is simple even for newbies

Credit: Whitson Gardiner. Like all aspects of the thermostats, it was simple to install.

While most smart thermostats can walk you through installation in a reasonable way, Wyze's tutorial goes beyond that with its in-app video. You will be guided through the whole process: turning off your breaker, setting compatibility, taking pictures of your wires, connecting to your new thermostat, as well as how to take a photograph of them. It even allows you to choose whether your thermostat is going to be energy-saving or comfortable. (The latter will keep your system's temperature up until your schedule dictates). The program will also assist you in setting up your first schedule so that you won't be too fussy after you've done the initial setup.

There were some minor hiccups along the way. The "W1” wire asked for fuel, instead of asking about the fuel used by my heating system. It might have been confusing to some, especially if you aren’t an expert on HVAC systems. But overall, I found the walkthrough more detailed and helpful than most other thermostats I've tested , which will please first-time thermostat installers.


Wyze Thermostat Review

This Design is Fairly intuitive

Once you complete the initial setup, Wyze’s app is quite simple to use. When you choose the thermostat from your Wyze list, you will see an interface that displays the current temperature, humidity and thermostat settings. Adjust the thermostat temperature by touching it. You don't have to wait for it to take your temperature. Slide the Controls panel up at the bottom of the thermostat to toggle between different modes, adjust fans, and set your sleep mode to Home, Away or Sleep.

Credit: Whitson, Gordon. Manually controlling the thermostat can be simple and intuitive.

These are the states that will decide how you schedule your time. Unlike Nest, where you can just set any temperature you want at any time, Wyze uses the same approach as Ecobee and other thermostat makers: you set one of the available presets and then assign those presets to different times of day. The initial setup can seem a little confusing, but Wyze helps you navigate the system. You will also find it easy to modify or move your preferences later. Wyze is unable to allow users to set up presets for more than three of these settings, so this might be a problem. Otherwise, the app works exactly as you'd expect. It responds quickly to temperature changes. The thermostat will adjust in a matter of seconds. And the home screen won't be overloaded with unnecessary information. The system should be suitable for most people.

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Wyze Thermostat Review

The hardware feels a little cheap

Credit: Whitson, Gordon. Wyze Thermostat's ease-of use is unbeatable.

This thermostat is a good design in theory. It has a tiny, non-touch screen that shows current temperatures. You can also adjust the temperature using a wheel located on the front. A built-in motion sensor allows it to "wake up" when someone walks by.

The build quality is noticeably different. While the Wyze device is well-built, the wheel feels somewhat less premium than some of its competition. It can also be difficult to press inwardly onto the wheel, selecting an option, which may hinder navigation. This is normal for $60 products. I didn't notice any difference in my daily usage since I don't touch the thermostat hardware. The whole purpose of smart thermostats is voice and automation. This is a small drawback, especially considering the cost.


Wyze Thermostat Review

Yes, It Offers Great Value To Compete With Pricier Options

The Wyze Thermostat might not be ideal, but it is a great value for money if it works in your system. Its mix of easy setup, intuitive software, and advanced features make it a compelling package even when compared with more expensive thermostats. This smart thermostat is compatible with both Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is our top choice if you are looking for something more durable. It is more expensive than the listed price, however many energy companies provide these thermostats free of charge or at a great discount.

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While prices in this article were current at the time they were published, these may change as time passes.


Wyze Thermostat Review


Wyze Thermostat Wyze thermostat is solidly built and is of great value for money. I own several Wyze products like cameras smart plugs . The products I've purchased have all been great. The Wyze app works seamlessly with all of their products. Wyze will also work to improve the efficiency of its thermostat Energy Star. I have no doubt that future firmware updates will add more features to the thermostat. The Wyze Doorbell is up for review. Preorders are open and will arrive next month. It looks like we are turning into a Wyze household.


Wyze Thermostat Review

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Wyze Thermostat Review

The Thermostat

The $50 Wyze Thermostat features scheduling, Home, Away and Sleep modes, remote access from your phone, usage data and suggestions if you're looking to save money and a geofencing option that's supposed to switch automatically between Home and Away modes.

Wyze is also promising an "automated-learning" feature, similar to Nest's ability for your thermostat to adjust the temperature or AC according to past settings.

Wyze's latest doorbell and thermostat are being reviewed. We will be updating this page with more information as we locate them.


Wyze Thermostat Review

The Wyze smart thermostat is only $50. You can order it right now

Wyze's recent announcements have been impressive. It already revealed a $30 set of ANC headphones for video doors and a $50 set to go with them. Now the company is back with more, and today it's opening preorders for it's $50 thermostat . Nearly a third less than the Ecobee and Nest thermostats. Wyze includes a C adapter wire in the box if you don't already have it.

A touchscreen is not available on your smart thermostat to keep costs low. It will be controlled by a dial located on the thermostat or via the Wyze app. It is possible to set up schedules and it will notify the thermostat when you're gone.

Wyze Thermostat is yet to be integrated with Wyze sensors, but the company promises a learning mode. The Wyze Thermostat works in the same way as the Nest Learning Thermostat. The thermostat will be able to monitor and adjust your lifestyle.

The Wyze Thermostat may be ordered now at $49.99 through the company's online store N64. Sega Genesis Games Will Be Switching Online in 2019 With a Catch The Top SD Cards for Dash Cams In 2021 Audi went to desert for ultimate endurance testing Update Your New i. Check out the Fixit video to make sure your i.Pad or phone is free from annoying bugs. Phone 13 Teardown The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support Review Geek.


Wyze Thermostat Review

The Competition

Each of the models we tested met all our requirements, although some were cheaper than others. We did not rate them because of their shortcomings.

The Emerson Sensi Touch, an updated touchscreen version of this Sensi Wi-Fi is a budget option. Geofencing is an option, however you need to separate heating and cooling. It also doesn't allow you to choose a customized geofencing option or temperature setting for Home/Away/Sleep. The thermostat simply adjusts 3 degrees for every 3-mile distance.

Wyze Thermostat is the cheapest smart thermostat we've seen, and employs geofencing and a built-in motion sensor to detect your presence and then switch the system mode to Home or Away. Our testing showed that the system continued to operate for seven to ten hours per day despite geolocation being very unstable when we were away. It also lacks a pre-cooling/heating feature, which meant it took a really long time to cool down our home, and it was never at the scheduled temperature at the right time. Wyze claims that it has yet to deliver on its promises regarding remote sensors and learning (to detect temperature humidity and motion). It works with most HVAC systems and does require a C-wire, but comes with an adaptor kit.

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Honeywell Home Round is an attractive design. The T5 thermostat has a lower price, but you don't have to get it unless your system is more complicated.

Johnson Controls Glas smart-thermostat is straight from Star Trek. The 5-inch OLED touchscreen is extremely responsive and can take fingerprints very quickly. However, its intelligence is strictly 21st Century and is based only on the built-in occupancy sensor. Other than that, the thermostat functions just as an Alexa- or Google Assistant controlled programmable thermostat.

Lux Kono uses a unique scheduling method that shows you the impact of your changes on energy costs. The faceplates can be changed in multiple colors and you also get an estimate of how much you will pay for electricity. Its click-wheel user interface is not intuitive (the company had to add reminder notes behind the faceplate), and multiple owner reviews report significant problems with temperature adjustments and inconsistent temperatures.

i. Devices Thermostat comes with a small display that is bright but not dimmable. The interface is difficult to use and physical buttons do not light up. This makes it hard for people in low lighting situations. Although it has geofencing, the thermostat is essentially a programable thermostat. It is difficult to change a schedule once you have set it.


Does Wyze Thermostat Learn?

Adjusting the temperature at the thermostat (as opposed to controlling via the app or Alexa or Google Assistant) is easy to do, and though the Wyze Thermostat doesn't have the "learning" abilities of the Nest Learning Thermostat, it has plenty enough smarts for most people.Mar 3, 2021

Does Wyze Thermostat Require C Wire?

It is possible to have one but not the other. Here's how to install Wyze Thermostat. You can find the instructions here. C-wire Adapter CWA can be used with any system that has at least a G wire or a Y wire. Use the Compatibility Checker if you have any questions. June 24, 2021

Can The Wyze thermostat be used with a heat pump?

The Wyze thermostat is compatible with low voltage heat pumps. The thermostat generally works with single-stage as well multi-stage heatpump systems.

What Is The Best Thermostat Value For Money?

  1. This is the pick. Google Nest Learning Thermostat. The best smart thermostat.
  2. Runner-up. Ecobee SmartThermostat With Voice Control. Smart thermostat with voice control.
  3. Choose the budget option. Honeywell Home T5 Smart Thermostat. Smarter control at a lower price
  4. This is our pick. Mysa Smart Thermostat. Top baseboard options.

.Wyze Thermostat Review