Dex Switch Review

Dex Switch Review

Dex Switch Review

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Dex Switch Review

Get These Limbs Off Me And Slap On Some Chrome

I love cyberpunk. Cyberpunk has a towering neon skyline, oppressive megacorporations and a seedy underbelly. It is a strange and wonderful way to make the familiar seem strange and darkened. I love the technology-babbling hackers, the augmented and augmented mercenaries, as well as the untouchable executives.

If there was a future cyberpunk, then I would be the wageslave. That means I'd work in some corporate office while trying my best at being blissfully ignorant about what happens outside.

To be honest, fiction is where I want to go. Dex is one such game that gives me yet another opportunity. Technically Dex has existed for many years. But it was recently port to Nintendo Switch.

Publication Dates: July 7, 2016, Xbox One, July 8, 2016, July 12, 2016 Xbox One, July 12, 2016 PS4, July 24, 2020 Switch. Dex is an action-RPG that features side-scrolling gameplay and a focus on non-linear gameplay. Deus Ex "flat" is probably the most appropriate way to describe it. That direction has definite ambition. On top of upgrading your combat arts by leveling up, you're also able to put points into charisma, which unlocks additional dialogue choices. Marketing material will tout your ability to communicate well, but I have found that combat can often be avoided by using just words.

There's no doubt that there are many opportunities for non-linearity. Harbor Prime is open for exploration. You can find side-quests and often valuable rewards in the city. Most of the sidequests have multiple options for how you want to go about them. You could even talk your way through some.

Dex is woken by an unknown voice telling her that she must flee the Complex. The Complex is a dark organization made up mostly of megacorps. Dex wakes up in her trenchcoat. Decker is a legendary hacker who assists her to get to safety.

Before long, the voice in her ear, Raycast, explains to Dex that she contains the "seed" of a rogue AI program called Kether, currently locked down by a counter-threat virus called the GSV. They both were created by the Complex. It's only a matter time until they capture Kether and take over cyberspace. Dex joins forces with the Resistance to Stop the Complex from taking over Kether.


Dex Switch Review

Review: Dex (Nintendo Switch)

Kaelyn Dunaugherty * 1year ago Love Review : Dex (Nintendo Switch).

Dex looked great in the trailer. I'm excited to try it. It was similar to other indie, exciting games I've enjoyed on Switch. However, I was unaware that the original game had debuted five years ago in 2015. While the trailer seemed cool, I was aware that it would have some old mechanics. It still seemed fascinating to me that the film's story was about a mysterious, blue-haired woman who is capable of taking names and kickbutt in a colourful, cyberpunk world.

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Of course, the game begins with a vague setup, they must stay mysterious after all. Dex's story isn't very clear. But she seems to be awesome and bad guys want her. That's all that you need. Dex has fallen into the sewers. It is here that she meets some dubious characters. To progress, Dex has to fight her way through this gross, sewer gang. So, your first fight is against three enemies, with no real tutorial or information. You can punch and kick, but good luck getting a hit in. They will block all your strikes. You could call it a hobby. It was this guy that made me so mad about the first fight. He blocked nearly every punch. It was about one out of 10 hits that I got in.

There's also the problem of how clunky and slow the fights felt. It was less fun than I imagined. My vision of gameplay was like an arcade game. I was thrilled when I bought my first gun. It was so easy now, I thought. Because my melee attacks did more damage to the bullet than any of those weapons, it is likely that they were shooting pellets. I didn't realize how stealth could be the most effective way of taking out the bad guys until much later. Dex is capable of a number of different melee attacks. It's up to you to decide what you like best. Dex is well-equipped with weapons, so you can use them. However, your hacking and stealth skills could be more efficient.

You should also know that credits are vital for your progress. Credits can be used to purchase new equipment or weapons for Dex. Sometimes these can be very difficult to find, but it is well worth the effort.

Dex has many positives. You can see the variety of people Dex encounters. This is a great part of the game. My impression is that the characters provide more depth and intrigue to the game than the actual story. It seems that each NPC is unique, with their voice-overs and dialog. You can also choose from different dialogs depending on the choice you made in-game. But it's always hard to predict how the choices will impact the story. This usually leads me to want to play the same game again, which is good.

Setting the game in a favorable environment is another pro. You can always have fun with cyberpunk, thanks to the many cool gadgets and science-fiction technology. Dex's world is quite amazing. It was amazing how every area had so much to offer and such detail. I should also mention Dex is kind of a grimy game. Although not in a negative way, it's more "this is a game for adults"-y. It's full of cuss words, questionable character, and even… nudity. Blocky and pixely flesh. The whole thing is quite humorous. Dex is an open-world, non-linear game. You can do missions in whatever order you see fit and explore different routes. You may find something different every time, or even see something for the first-time.

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Dex Switch Review

Dex Review For Nintendo Switch

Dex lets you enter the world of hackers and megacorporations. Here's our Switch review.

Dex is a 2D side scrolling open-world roleplaying game with plenty of character interaction. Dex assumes the role of Dex. Dex finds himself trapped between a secret hackers collective and a shadow company. While the world is not exactly perfect, the storyline and the characters are well-written.

Genre : Side-scrolling action, RPG. Published Date: July 24, 2020 Ninty Gamer reviewed our copy.

You're instantly dropped into Harbor Prime after a brief prologue, which introduces you to the conflict. Decker explains the main story objectively and provides guidance. But Dex is free to roam around the map to explore and meet other characters.

A lot of side quests that characters offer are interwoven with other characters' stories. There are several side quests required to fulfill the main quest.

Side quests come in many forms and offer various benefits. Multi-stage quests and interwoven stories help keep these segments interesting. You can tell interesting stories about the characters if they are connected.

Rating Rating: 5 out of 5.


Dex Switch Review


Dex has many positive aspects, despite some glitches. The world of Harbor Prime unfolds beautifully, providing a hackers paradise of problems to solve.

While some characters can be a bit stiff in their delivery, the music is good and it has a decent soundtrack. Side quests can be enjoyable, even if they are a bit tropey.


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">Dex Switch Review– Port Quality. There are some issues with the Switch port. In handheld mode, the font size is horrendously small. I am wearing glasses so the font is small. Dex makes Fire Emblem: Three Houses look small.


There were a couple of stutters, bugs and other minor issues that I experienced but they weren't major. A good example of this is when you are unable pick up an item after saving. This issue can be solved by saving the same save and reloading it. The Switch port appears to work well overall.


Dex Switch Review


The meat in any retro side scroller is in its combat and platforming, or, in the case of a title like Dex, the interactions with NPCs and the unfolding story. While the latter can be engaging and enjoyable for most of Dex's gameplay, it is a bit lacking in Dex's ability to pack a punch in terms of its world-building and aesthetics. A crowded cyberpunk universe filled to the max with amazing hand-drawn characters is interwoven with a series of odd and repetitive interactions. There's little complexity to the brawls, but not enough simplicity to make them engaging. Because you are fighting with armored grunts while punching your fists through their faces, your enemies can have some health.

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Then, what about gunplay? You can certainly keep your momentum going with a simple rifle or small pistol. Unfortunately, this is a hit-or miss situation. Because aiming can be tedious and slow, you will often find yourself under the wrath of your enemies' lethal force. Throwing hands will be better but you may find yourself in knee-deep in medpacks when your enemies force through your block of special attacks. It forces you to roll more often than the hunters at Yharnam.

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Combat isn't all Dex has, however, as a major portion of the game is in the hacking, as indicated within the very first minute when you're told to shut down an elevator to stop some grunts from pressing their way into your apartment to throw you into cuffs and take you off to Neverland. These sections are fairly easy and don’t increase in complexity. It’s a tedious affair that is unbelievably repetitive. Being able to hack into a technology-rich world sounds brilliant in concept, but Dex fails to deliver.


Dex Switch Review

Final Score 68%

Dex offers a solid foundation, featuring stunning art, great narrative choices and a compelling protagonist. But the meat is missing, which includes a weak combat system. Aside from its visual skills, it is disappointing in how the game handles. There are clunky fights, monotonous minigames, and it will leave you with a bitter taste.

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