Ping G425 Driver Review

ping g425 driver review


Let’s get right to the big question: did PING maintain the adjustability of the G410 Plus while also boosting the forgiveness? Yes. The G425 Max delivers on that promise in a big way.

My G410 Plus was beaten by the G425 Max, but the G425 Max proved to be more forgiving. The G425 Max driver was consistently faster, with a more solid launch and spin number. It means that you have less time between your best swings as well as all other shots. If you compare the G425 Max and the rest on the market, there aren’t many that offer as much forgiveness. To ensure maximum consistency on the green, I recommend the G425Max driver.

It is remarkable that the G425 Max can achieve this increased forgiveness without sacrificing adjustability. The adapter used in this driver is the same as the one before it. This means that you can use the exact eight shaft positions. Loft can be adjusted up or down as much as 1.5 degrees. It is possible to place 26 grams of weight on the back in any one of these positions: Neutral, Fade or Draw. The position you choose has an impact on how the ball flies and where the sweet spot is located.

PING has a wide range of stock shafts available in its G425 Max driver. They are regarded as a market leader for custom fitting. You can choose from three exclusive models: the ALTA CB55Slate, PING Tour or Alta Distanza. PING has the Aldila Rogue White130 MSI [review here] as well as the Mitsubishi TenSEI AV orange in both 55 and 65-gram weights.

ping g425 driver review

The Test

Ping allowed me to go to October and get fitted for the best shaft length. I wasn’t allowed to hit the G425 (it was top secret back then) but I did trial the G410 heads and found the LST 9 degree was best suited to me, with a Ping Tour 65 shaft. Therefore, the G425 Driver was an LST model. With the identical shaft it gave me the club most suited to my needs so that I could truly evaluate.

I compared the driver with the G410 LST inside LSH Auto, Mercedes Benz Stockport, using Trackman 4 as well as Titleist Pro v1x balls. Reddish Vale Golf Club was my next stop to try it out on a variety of rounds, to determine if it was worth a place in mine.

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View my entire review over at the Golfalot Youtube channel.

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ping g425 driver review

Ping G425 Lst driver review

The G425 looks and feels great! You know from my previous driver reviews that I prefer a traditional matte black head shape, with simple lines. Ping has delivered all of this.

The turbulators have become softer and the colour has gone from silver-grey/slate/black. This is very elegant, reminding me of the Batmobile.

It’s somewhat nostalgic to the days of Ping Anser Driver, who was my favorite driver when I was playing Ping Contract Tour.

Don’t underestimate the comfort of golf. It is a game where everyone can play their best. It’s a Ping, traditional-looking golf club. I feel at ease when looking up and feeling comfortable.

From the January range sessions to the US Open’s first tee, when nerves are causing you to feel all the way through your fingers and your chest is pounding so hard that your name can barely be heard being called out, it has been there with me. Ping drivers were my constant companion on any professional tour. It was the best fairway finder and it didn’t let me down.

Ping claims that the ball hits further on short grass, and they believe that this could help you gain more yardage.

It also sounds like a Ping, it’s loud, high pitched and has that distinctive noise that everyone can relate to. In my opinion, it has not changed significantly from previous models. The same way they state that nothing feels like Mizuno, so it is also true that there are no Ping sounds.

ping g425 driver review

Golf Insider Verdict – Ping G425 Driver Review

This review is not about the Ping G425 driver range. I could continue to rave about them. The truth is that the verdict on this driver range is quite straightforward. The result is an exceptional driver, which offers a variety of fitting options that will suit all golfers at an affordable price.

Ping G425 Max provides exceptional forgiveness and distance. A SFT driver can help those golfers that struggle with a slice.

Ping G425 drivers would be a good choice next time you want to make an upgrade.

Ping G425 SFT

ping g425 driver review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons Wedges Putters Balls Apparel Shoes Carts Bags Gloves Grips Shafts DMDs Training Aids New Releases Reviews Videos REVIEW – “PING G425 drivers take forgiveness to new extremes” Ping PING G425 PING G425 drivers PING G425 MAX PING G425 LST PING G425 SFT Drivers Review The new G425 driver line-up from can be summed up in just three words: dependable but brilliant.

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What exactly do I mean by that?

PING will not release new drivers, so it is likely you won’t experience a series of major overhauls.

PING is focused on producing top-quality drivers. It is not about trying to recreate the wheel.

* PING G425 driver – FIRST LOOK

With the G425 line-up, the brand has decided to once again stick to its tried and tested engineering practices by effectively building upon the same brilliant designs and technologies that brought its previous G400 and G410 families such universal acclaim.

The standout piece of tech this time around is undoubtedly the new CG shifter. This enormous, moveable weight of tungsten is located at the extrem rear of club sole. The result is an equally extreme low/back CG (center of gravity).

ping g425 driver review

Ping G425 Drivers. What you need to know

Ping G425 drivers, the latest version of Ping’s popular G-series are now available. In 2016, the Ping G driver started it all. Ping has been improving their clubs’ performance every year since 2016. A mix of power, distance, as well as a bit of forgiveness whenever you are most in need.

On a long par 5, with the “big stick” in our hands, we all require forgiveness. It is an accepted fact.

You’ll find one or two things a little different in this year’s drivers. Note I said a little different. Ping has demonstrated a fair degree of restraint against the tendency for the golf industry not to adopt as many buzzwords/gimmicks.

Let’s say you played with Ping drivers in the past 5 years. There are a couple of things you will recognize, and some improvements to the driver that can make it an even more popular choice for next year’s golf season.

I’m going to begin with the Ping G425 MAX , which promises to be one of Ping’s best all-around drivers. From there, we’ll go to the slightly more specific LST and SFT drivers, discuss the differences and who each club would be best suited to.

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Let’s dive straight in… G425 Max Driver Review The Ping G425 is the basic ‘vanilla’ version in this three-driver series.

It’s not true. “Vanilla” doesn’t really do this club justice. You will find a lot of features, which all come together to create a wonderful whole.

ping g425 driver review

Srixon Zx5 Vs. PingG425 Driver Review and Alternatives

The Ping G425 and Srixon ZX5 driver review and alternatives There has been much advancement in driver technology during the past decade. We wanted to present a comparison of two drivers who fit the criteria for “not your daddy’s driver”.

Two of the most interesting drivers currently on the market promise plenty of forgiveness to all players. They lived up to the promises they made. Let’s take a look at the results.

Ping G425 Max comes with the G425 LST. You have the freedom to select what you want from your tee. straighter shots, high moment of inertia, etc.).

Srixon ZX Drivers are designed to increase ball speed, forgiveness, and playability. It consists of the ZX5 and the ZX7.

Is the Ping G425-Driver Worth It?

Yes. Yes. The G425 Max lives up to that promise. Comparing the G425 Max with my G410 Plus I noticed a clear difference. The G425 Max has more forgiveness. G425 Max drivers were consistently slower with mishits. They also had more powerful launch and spin numbers. Feb 22, 2021

Can Ping Driver G425 be used by high handicappers?

Which are the Most Tolerable Golf Drivers for High Handicappers? If you’re looking for the most forgiving driver in our line-up, try the Ping G425 Max. It excels on off-center strikes.

What Are the differences between the Ping G425 driver models?

It is slightly smaller and more compact than the G425 MAX, but it has the same power. The PING G425LST driver is somewhat more aerodynamic. However the smaller typical build lengths can offset any swing speed increases. It’s the lowest spinning of the PING G425 drivers.Jan 11, 2021

What is better the G425 or G400?

Ping’s G400 Max Max driver and G410 Plus drivers are combined into one new G425 Max driver. Ping’s G425 Max driver has the best MOI (moment-of-inertia), according to Ping. Jan 12, 2021

.Ping G425 Driver Review