Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Product Description

Cut Blue was developed to offer optimal distance using irons and woods, lower ball flights, and enhanced green-side control.

Date First Available aEUR : aEURZ February 8, 2021

Manufacturer aEUR : aEURZ Cut Golf


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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Golf Balls Review – Think Twice Before you buy

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Cut golf ball was something that I didn't know about, and so I was very excited to try them. This post will review the Cut Blue golf ball and share my opinions after trying them.

They were very affordable and they travel a long way. You can get a dozen balls for under 2 bucks each or a trial pack for $7. My distance with these balls was just about the same as other balls but it wasn't as great as others. These felt too firm at impact and didn't have enough forgiveness to be considered "weekend golfers". Also, the durability was terrible and they got knicked up far too easily.

Although they may not be the best golf balls for you or are perfect, I do think that they can still make a good choice. I could get past the way they felt because that doesn't impact performance and I could live with the forgiveness but the fact that they don't last very long was the deal-breaker for me.

The good news though is that it's something that can be fixed in the future. While I don't yet know whether it will, I believe that they can be fixed in the long-term. For more information on our most favorite golf balls, please continue reading.

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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Review: Cut Golf Balls

This is my official Review of Cut Golf Balls. I've used them many times now.

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While we were playing, I also gave them out to our friends. All of us shared our opinions.

It was also important to me to determine how their capabilities would be compared to Pro V1's. So, I connected them to a Launch Monitor to check the statistics.

This ball is like playing for a pro. You pay half the amount for V1 golf balls. Many of the current golf balls can be classified under this heading. Not too long ago, there was no choice. Now there are many companies producing similar-quality tour balls, while offering lower prices to consumers. This is possible, how? How can the ball be as good as it is? If you don't spend millions of dollars on marketing, research and middlemen, you can significantly reduce the cost of golf balls without compromising on quality. Cut Golf did exactly that. There are 4 options for golf balls. 2 have urethane covers. They offer the ball at a much lower cost, while maintaining the tour-level performance.

Cut Golf gained significant popularity online for their golf balls.

The Blue golf ball comes in a 4-piece set, and the Gray is for a three-piece group. You can get surlyn covers for the white or red golf balls. The Blue and Grey models were my favorite. This is because it really was the "million dollar" question: Can a $20/dozen model golf ball compete with my $50/dozen one? The simple answer is yes. Below are details.

Cut Golf direct sells its balls to consumers. You won't find them in your local pro shop or golf shop. Instead, order them online. Vice Golf Balls, a new brand that is very popular, makes this possible. By not having to charge wholesale prices vs. msrp, this saves considerable money. The entire process is straight to the customer. Cut Golf has some R&D. However, Cut Golf doesn't do this at the molecular levels like other companies. Instead, they choose to work with designs that are easy to use. This allows for cost savings and still maintains performance. Cut Golf Balls come with a $20 discount on your first dozen.

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Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue

Rated 4.7 stars 75 reviews or 4 Interest-Free Payments of $4.99 each by CUT Blue 2018 & 2019. GOLF DIGIEST HOT LIST. Cut Blue is designed to provide optimal distance using woods and irons as well as lower ball flight and better green-side control.

The new, more durable urethane covers have a soft feel and a 314-dimple design. Our new dimple pattern was designed to minimize drag, resulting in a consistent ball flight in all playing conditions.


Four-Piece Construction

The Tour Quality Urethane Protection

314 Dimple Pattern

90 Compression


Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Features of the Cut Blue Golf Ball

Cut Blue Golf Balls offer many advantages. But, this ball is favorite for lots of players all over the world because of some specific reasons. The following are just a few of the many reasons this Cut Golf Ball Review is so popular.

Medium ball fly (Not very less/very high)

USGA Conforming

High spin around the green

You can control the situation with great ease

Made to improve distance and control


Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut Blue Dc golf balls review

At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the golfers just like you. The best thing about the THP Forum membership is the ability to get feedback from you golfers around the globe. We send each month iron sets, drivers and hybrids to active members for member testing.

We asked our forum members to give us feedback on the Cut Blue DC Golf Balls. Each member is responsible for reviewing the new Cut Blue DC golf balls, putting them into their bag, testing them on the course, and updating the thread with any additional information. All the reviews are now coming in. You can see them all here at the THP Forum. Many great reviews have been published already, but there will always be more.

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Are you familiar with the Cut Golf Blue DC Golf balls? Do you have any thoughts about the Cut Golf Blue DC golf balls? Let us know in the comments section below, or jump in to the discussion thread by clicking here.

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How do you compress a cut-blue golf ball?

Cut Golf has released a new ball that conforms fully to USGA guidelines. It comes in both yellow and white color codes, and boasts 105 compression. sells the Cut Blue DC at $29.95 per dozen.

Cut Golf: Who is the Owner?

Cut Golf was founded by Sam Uisprapassorn. They make high-quality, premium golf balls at a fraction the price of other golf ammunition. Cut is just one of many new companies entering the golf ball market. And consumers are benefiting. Sep 2, 2019.

What are the Origins of Cut Golf Balls?

For those that don't already know, Cut is a direct to consumer ball manufacturer based out of Southern California (Costa Mesa!). Cut is a direct-to-consumer brand that I think offers the best quality ball for a low price. Sep 10, 2017.

How good are cut red golf balls for you?

Cut Red is the ideal ball for players with lower club-head speed looking for distance and accuracy off the tee while maintaining green-side performance.

.Cut Blue Golf Ball Review