Paper Shoot Camera Review

Paper Shoot Camera Review

How Is Paper Shoot Eco-Friendly?

The slim and simplistic design is not only easy to assemble, but good for the environment. To keep Paper Shoot’s environmental impact low, the brand prioritizes compact design and uses eco-friendly materials such as stone paper for the case.

Paper Shoot’s primary goal is to create long-lasting, sustainable alternatives to disposable film cameras and films


Paper Shoot stated, “We are all about trying our best.” We’re trying to be responsible by using sustainable materials wherever possible and fighting unethical labor. All of our employees are paid living wages, as well as safe, healthy and happy work conditions. Our goal is to be present in every moment, to return to photography’s simplicity and to avoid the use of social media and phones.

These values are part of Paper Shoot’s appeal.

Paper Shoot is a way to record a moment in a world where almost everyone owns a smartphone capable of taking high definition photos with instant results

. Think slow fashion but for cameras. Paper Shoot’s thoughtful design encourages users to unplug and connect to the world around them.


Many struggles were had when I first began using and handling the Paper Shoot Peony camera

. For starters, my usual standard SD card would not work with the camera, meaning I had to purchase a separate micro SD card and adaptor to use instead. Admittedly the next point is my own fault for not first reading the website information, I used zinc batteries in the camera and the device ran out of power on me not even 2 hours after inserting the batteries – relating to my earlier point about not being able to determine when the camera is on or off.

Switching to Alkaline batteries was far better, with the camera lasting almost a full day, though it made a distinct defeated-Pac-Man resembling sound when power began depleting.

In order to use the camera in a way that didn’t require me to buy rechargeable batteries, as Paper Shoot suggests, I took the battery out when not being used and then inserted them again each time

. This is not practical for spontaneity.

This camera is basically blind, so the photographer can’t see what your shots will look like. In my instance, this was five images with my coat/hands covering one section. My poor skills in photography may have also been to blame.

Shooting images can be extremely difficult to frame using this camera when you have no grasp of the parameters of which you are shooting, or a viewfinder to make use of


Paper Shoot Camera Review


Courtesy of Paper Shoot, I took this clever little camera for a test drive


This camera and its cases were packaged in minimal brown paper, which is a great option for environmentally-conscious buyers

. Unpack everything and you have all the pieces to assemble your camera.

Paper Shoot is a great way to get your camera and a DIY project

. It’d make a great gift for photography lovers who want a customizable and hands-on experience.

Assembly is fairly straightforward. Everything was easy to put together, thanks to the instructions printed on the back. I double-checked online though to ensure that I had connected the correct screws. At first, it seems impossible for this small, simple creation to function as a camera. It was easy to test. I pointed the lens towards a subject and took my first picture. Our family dog looked particularly adorable in black-and-white film photo style.

If you love the look of film photography, the Paper Shoot camera is a great, simple alternative

. After reviewing my photos and taking some test shots, I took the SD card out.

Paper Shoot’s film-like effect lends everything an artsy, vintage look

. A switch on the back of the camera even lets you choose between color, black-and-white, blue or sepia-tone filters. All you need to do now is point the camera at the desired location and then click the button on the back of the case. The shutter sound and flashing of a small blue light indicate that the photo has been taken. You can see an example of filter effects in this image comparison.

It has a film-like appearance that is also a big advantage. Each picture feels like it belongs in an old photo album. Pair that with the company’s eco-friendly and ethical practices, and you have a purchase you can feel good about.

+ Paper Shoot

Images via Paper Shoot and Grae Gleason / Inhabitat

Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Paper Shoot. The author is solely responsible for the opinions expressed about the company and the products.

Assembled And Pocket Size

There are several components to the Paper Shoot camera

. It is a circuit board and body that runs on two AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended), and the body cover is made of a sheet of limestone powder called “stone paper”.

It is nice to be able to view the contents of your camera. The assembly process is simple, but you can still have fun with it. The strap can also be used as an accessory. However, I have not tried it.

My first impression of TikTok was the price. It was $ 120. But personally, I think a good camera like this is reasonably priced. Many instant cameras like Polaroid and others, which we have reviewed in past product reviews, are much more costly. You also need to consider film costs.

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Although the basic lens is included in this camera, it can be interchanged. A set of radiation effect lens and kaleidoscope effect lens, wide-angle lens and fisheye lens is available for $ 25 (about 2,700 yen).

A cover that allows you to change the appearance of the camera is also sold for $ 25, and you can enjoy various designs. For those who want more customization, there is also a set for $ 150- $ 250. The contents vary depending on the price, but the main body, cover, lens, leather strap, etc. are included, and the expensive model also supports SD cards with large capacity.

One of the drawbacks of digital cameras is that they are bulkier than smartphones when they are carried around. Paper Shoot, on the other hand, is thin and light, so it fits in any bag and doesn’t bother you in your shirt pocket. It measures approximately 1.2 cm thick and 11 cm wide. The shutter is completely flat. There are no protrusions on the lens, and metal covers protect the surrounding area.

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Paper Shoot Camera | Deluxe Camera Sets – Croz Vanguard

Brand New

View the item

CROZ was created by Hyle Design of Macao, who designed the overall look and style of the camera and Paper Shoot of Taiwan, which developed the hardware for its paper-encased cameras


Camera digitale Photo-like Images without any processing Easily download all photos to your PC!

Stone Paper camera casings

. It’s tough and watert Find lovely patterns to match your style. Paper Shoot is all about simplicity.

  • It’s easy to use
  • Instant Print
  • Picture Quality
  • Users are required to release their data

The PRINTOMATIC Camera combines a powerful 5MP sensor with a wide angle f/2 lens to print vibrant photos instantly

. The Kodak Printomatic camera also has a light sensor that automatically turns on the flash in low light situations. It uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper so you don’t need ink cartridges and toners. The Kodak Printomatic camera prints 2×3″ photos using Kodak Z

  • All-In-One Photography
  • Fast Easy And Fun
  • All-in-One Printing
  • Charming Design
  • Instant Value

It can take images comparable to a modern smartphone on a good day. However, your smartphone will be able to control the exposure and focus. It will allow you to measure more accurately. You can also get film effects filtering and review screens. The budget smartphone is likely to be the same price as the Paper Shot. As I write, I can get a Moto G8 at Argos for PS119. It’s 5 bucks more than I paid for my Paper Shoot, but it also includes a $24USD Import Charge and VAT. But that’s beside the point. Entertainment and art from Lo-fi. These images can be used for more than just lomo. These images can be captured with your smartphone using a minimal filter.

What is the?? The 48g camera (1.7 oz) has only two buttons: one is the on/off button that doubles as a shutter key and the other allows you to choose the effect you prefer.

You can’t view the LCD screens on your cameras to see what they look like


A single blue blinking light on the camera tells you when an image has been captured (or if you need to insert an SD card)


Four built-in filters allow you to create different effects on your photos: Sepia, Black & White, and Sepia. Below are sample photos taken by Felix Januario Vong.

The camera can be further modified by adding lenses, such as a fisheye or wide-angle lens.

CROZ is available with wood exteriors in addition to the transparent case

. You will learn how to put together your CROZ by using the components in the box. This takes only 37 seconds.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Paper Shoot is proud to promote environmental friendliness in many aspects of its design. Paper Shoot uses less plastic than standard lens-fitted films and is less wasteful. The camera board also has no extra parts and is therefore more durable than a general gadget made up of many parts.

Rare metals are found in circuit boards and camera sensors. However, it is almost impossible to be completely eco-friendly with electronic consumer goods. While I admire efforts to minimize electronic waste, I do not believe this is what makes a camera the best.

There aren’t many unfortunate points when I actually used it. First of all, there is a time lag between pressing the shutter and actually taking a picture, so it is not suitable for taking pictures from a moving car or taking pictures of sports. Also, since there is no LCD screen, you cannot check the battery level, but I am not dissatisfied with this trade-off.

On the other hand, if you upload your photo to your computer, you’ll notice that the shooting date isn’t accurate. When the battery is inserted, the date is counted from January 2000, but the calendar of the camera cannot be set. Some people may be curious about this, but I don’t think it’s a big problem because the photo itself doesn’t include the shooting date as data, only the file name.

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Paper Shoot Camera Review

Build & Handling

The camera weighs in at 60g (without batteries), making it easy to carry around. The material of the case cover is smooth and pleasant to hold, it has a stronger and sturdier feel than holding an actual paper device, though i began to gradually notice a few minor wears and tears to the housing as time went on.

The Paper Shoot Digital Camera also comes with a washable paper strap that can be attached during the assembly process to assist with any accidental drops and handling of the device when out and about


The lenses on Paper Shoot cameras are fastened on by magnets and additional separate lenses and accessories can be purchased in bundles or add-ons through the Paper Shoot website

. Although DIY assembly is necessary, I found it to be very easy. The plastic/brass fasteners helped to secure the camera and remove the battery when needed.

A camera that allows you to enjoy the moment of shooting

Paper Shoot cameras are not equipped with an LCD screen, just like older film cameras

. You can therefore enjoy taking pictures without worrying about whether it’s good or not.

You can select from four different color modes: classic, black and/or white, sepia or blue. This allows you to preserve your memories without having to use too many pixels like photos taken on a smartphone. Although it doesn’t come with a flash and may be blurry at night due to the lack of a flash, I like their limitations on photography.

There is nothing special to operate other than the slide-type switch on the back that selects the color mode. The only part that is supposed to be pressed is the shutter, which is next to the lens that the index finger hits when holding the camera.

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Paper Shoot Camera Review

You want a unique digital camera you can build yourself? You can find CROZ on Amazon, an unusual digital camera you can put together yourself. The transparent case allows for easy access all internal components.

Paper Shoot’S Vision

Paper Shoot fits perfectly in today’s growing market for everyday carry items that are beautifully designed and manufactured.

Paper Shoot is part of the growing trend for sustainable, innovative digital cameras

. It’s a clever idea that is beautifully executed.

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Camera System Details At A Glance

Focus: 22m

Aperture: F2.0

Resolution: 13 Megapixel

Picture Format: JPG

Video and Time Lapse Formats: MOV

Supports SD and WiFi SD card up to 32 GB (not included)

Four Camera Filters for Photo: Black & White Classic LOMO and Sepia & Blue

Add-on Video Recording Function when connected with an extended power source

Type of Camera: LOMO, Digital & Eco-Friendly

The Key Features

Paper Shoot Digital Camera’s main feature is the novelty of being able to shoot without having to instantly view the image. Although it is classified as a digital camera the viewfinder, which is rectangularly cut, is used to toggle color filters and switch between time-lapse or 1080p video recording modes.

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Take the shot

Paper Shoot is a film photography mystery that many people have never experienced. You can make it quickly, just add some flair and then snap away.

  • What, who and how to paper camera?
  • Setup and look
  • Get the shot


  • DIY

The resurgence in popularity for instant cameras shows just how much people love playing with retro style. This new throwback camera is eco-friendly and thoughtful.

Paper Shoot, a digital camera with innovative features that allows you to capture films-like images


Paper Shoot Camera Review

What is Paper Shoot?

“The switchable and editable camera case provides people with a fun unique digital photography experience that’s tailor made for the individual, brand or event,” explained on Paper Shoot’s website


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Which Options Are There?

The Paper Shoot bundle includes the paper shoot camera package, which contains the outer case, the circuit board and the strap

. You can also purchase optional accessories like an Italian vegetable-tanned leather shoulder bag that will hold your camera, as well as radial or micro effect lenses. If you want to swap out case designs, you can buy additional cases in styles ranging from an eight-track tape to a cork texture.

Paper Shoot Camera Review

Want an unusual digital camera that you can put together yourself? You can find CROZ on Amazon, an unusual digital camera you can put together yourself.

It features transparent cases that allow for easy access to all internal parts


CROZ was a joint venture between Hyle Design of Macao (which designed and developed the look and design) and Paper Shoot of Taiwan (which developed the internal hardware of its paper-encased camera cameras)



Paper Shoot Camera | Eco-Friendly Digital Camera

Camera digitale Photo-like images without the hassle of processing

. Easily download all photos to your PC!

Stone Paper camera casings

. It’s tough and watert Find lovely patterns to match your style. Less is more for Paper Shoot.


  • Easy to Use

  • Instant Print

  • Picture Quality

  • Requires Release Of User Data



KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera – Full Color Prints On ZINK 2×3 Sticky-Backed Photo Paper (Black) Print Memories Instantly

The PRINTOMATIC Camera combines a powerful 5MP sensor with a wide angle f/2 lens to print vibrant photos instantly

. The Kodak Printomatic camera also has a light sensor that automatically turns on the flash in low light situations.

The camera uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper, so no ink cartridges or toners are needed

. The Kodak Printomatic camera prints 2×3” photos using Kodak Z

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  • All-In-One Photography

  • Fast Easy And Fun

  • One Stop Printing

  • Charming Design

  • Instant Value

The KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera is the perfect all-in-one photography tool!

Its powerful 5MP sensor and wide angle f/2 lens make it easy to take great photos, and the instant printing capability means you won’t have to wait long for your prints.

Introducing the KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera!

This amazing camera combines a powerful 5MP sensor with a wide angle lens to give you gorgeous, vibrant photos in an instant.

And best of all, the Kodak Printomatic prints 2×3” photos without any ink cartridges, toners or film needed!

So start printing beautiful photos today with the KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera!

It can take images comparable to a modern smartphone on a good day. However, your smartphone will be able to control the exposure and focus. You will likely be able to meter better with it.

and you can get all the film effect filtering you want and a review screen And that budget smartphone will likely cost you the same or less than the Paper Shot

. As I write, I can get a Moto G8 at Argos for PS119. This is 5 dollars more than what I paid for the Paper Shoot (although it does include a $24USD import charge and VAT). But that’s beside the point. Lo-fi art and entertainment. The images are not just for lomo. They can be taken with your smartphone and have a minimal filter.

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What is the??

Only two buttons are found on the 48g (1


7oz), camera: One is an on/off switch that doubles up as a shutter key, while the other is used for choosing which effect you want


You can’t view the LCD screens on your cameras to see what they look like


A single blue blinking light on the camera tells you when an image has been captured (or if you need to insert an SD card)


You can achieve different effects with your photos using four built-in filters: Blue, Black & White and Sepia

. Here are some official sample photos by photographer Felix Januario Vong:

You can further modify the camera by adding different lenses to it, including a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens.

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CROZ is available with wood exteriors in addition to the transparent case

. This video shows you how to assemble your CROZ using the parts in the box. It takes 37 seconds.

Croz Diy Camera Offers Just The Basics In A Tiny Clear Case

CROZ can be purchased now. It is a tiny DIY camera, which was launched by Kickstarter in October 2016. This camera is shipped as a do-it-yourself kit that requires buyers to assemble the device. When assembled properly, the camera will be small. Hyle Design developed the CROZ Camera.

CROZ can be used as a digital camera. However, it does not have a display to view and review photos.

This camera has a 5MPCMOS sensor with LARGAN Precision Lens and four photo filters (B&W/Colour/Sepia/Blue) as well as micro

. USB connectivity port, as well as ‘automatic images algorithms. The camera weighs in at 98g, 3.4oz, and is 12mm thick.

Frequently asked questions

How Long Do Paper Shoot Cameras Last?
This camera: Two AAA batteries power this small 5-megapixel digital camera. These can last up to 300 photos, and they are easy to find in most convenience stores. Selfie time with the Paper Shoot!Jun 17, 2017

Are Paper Cameras Good?
Paper Shoot puts a lot of emphasis on the eco-friendliness of its design. The camera is made from less plastic that a disposable, and the plastic in general ends up less in landfills. Plus, the camera’s guts are minimal and much better than some chunky plastic thing with a million little parts.May 24, 2021

How Does A Papershoot Camera Work?
You can take a photograph on a Paper Shoot Camera by pressing the button located on the back of the camera. Once the shutter opens, you’ll see the light flash once. Paper Shoot Cameras can be used to capture video. You can do Time Lapse and 10 seconds of 1080P video.

Are Paper Shoot Cameras Waterproof?
Paper Shoot’s Eco-Friendly Designs Today Paper Shoot hopes to encourage forward-thinking and sustainable products. Paper Shoot is a digital camera that uses durable heavy stone paper from organic mineral powder.
Product Paper Shoot Kodak Printomatic
Features Rechargeable Batteries 5MP Sensor, Wide Angle f/2 Lens
Processing No Processing No Ink Cartridges, Toners, or Film
Filters Black & White, Classic LOMO, Sepia & Blue B&W/Colour/Sepia/Blue
Add-Ons Separate Lenses & Accessories Fisheye Lens, Wide-Angle Lens, Wood Exteriors

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