Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review

How to buy the Nike Zoom Pulse

The Nike Zoom Pulse is available now for $120 in several colorways at Nike Buy at Nike Nike was not given any editorial control of the review. This review is based solely on the experiences of our weartester using these shoes for work. In hospital, he worked two consecutive weeks at 12.5-hour shifts.

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Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review

Verdict after 100+ reviews

Many happy customers agree that the Nike Zoom Pulse has a great feel. One customer said that it was like walking on an inflatable cushion.

Many people consider this model durable.

A number of wearers shared the kick's remarkable traction on slippery flooring.

Some doctors claim the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is light.

Some people with Plantar fasciitis claim that the kick helps relieve their problem.

Many reviews endorsed the footwear as perfect for those who enjoy walking.

Slip-on sneakers are a favorite of many.


What Has Happened to The Nike Zoom Pulse

The shoe sold quickly because it was too popular. Despite demand, the Zoom Pulse is still out of stock months later. The price of a replica pair might seem higher than the retail cost.

Do Nike Air Zoom Pulses Run True To Size?

They fit very well, definitely true to size. The shoe fits very comfortably because of the tight fit created by the elastic strap.

Nike Zoom Pulses Slip-Proof?

Slip-on design has 2 pull tabs and a flexible heel that allow for easy on and off. The elastic strap around the heel secures your foot and gives you a comfortable, snug fit. The upper has solid panels that allow you to write your name or inspire.

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Nike Zoom Pulse Unisex?

The low-top Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a unisex pair offered in men's sizing.Apr 29, 2020

.Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review