Samsung A01 Review

Samsung A01 Review

samsung a01 review

Galaxy A01’S Camera Struggles With Portrait Shots

The Galaxy A01’s camera takes clear, colorful photos in ample lighting, and red and green hues especially pop in some pictures. There were some images in which the sky was too exposed and it was eventually blown out of focus to make them white. Later in the evening, I was able to take a good shot of the blue sky, with the foreground and subject matter evenly exposed as well. While the camera’s 8X digital zoom can be used to get more detail from distant objects, it does not provide a great image quality. However, closer zooms will result in blurred images.

Live Focus was inconsistent for portrait shots. Some pictures were okay. However, some others used Live Focus to blur the background. Samsung said they are looking into the issue, and I’ll update the review when I hear back.

The camera records 1080p video. The video quality is good, although the camera doesn’t offer optical image stabilization. This means that footage may not be sharp if you move around.

The flower in the shot is vibrant, bright, and sharp.

The picture of the rose garden in this image is great but it is too bright.

The sky, its clouds, and foreground are well represented in this photo.

Live Focus (left) and Working (right).

samsung a01 review

Low LTE speeds don’t affect call quality

Samsung makes two models of its Galaxy A01 smartphone in the US. The one designed for Verizon is available and the second version works on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. Both offer extensive coverage for each carrier. Cricket Wireless provided our review unit and it was tested in Chicago on Cricket’s network.

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For extra storage, there’s a microSD card slot to the left.

It has 2×10 mHz carrier aggregation over the downlink, and 64-QAM encoding. The modem, which is older and slower than the Snapdragon 439 chipset has limited carrier resource usage.

The data speeds were disappointing. Our test speeds averaged just 2.3Mbps down and 3.2Mbps up. It’s still slow for Cricket. Video and audio buffering will occur when the network gets congested.

The call quality is exceptional, however. The maximum volume on the earpiece at 86dB is sufficient to be audible in noisy streets. Our testing calls were crystal clear. The noise cancellation function worked very well.

A letdown is the back-firing speaker. The volume peak is at 94dB. However, the speaker’s location causes muffled sound when the device lies on top of a table. Timbre sounds brassy with over-represented mids, and very little bass.

Bluetooth 4.2 is available as well as dual-band WiFi. There’s also Bluetooth 4.2, but no NFC. You don’t want your phone to be used for payments or transit passes.

samsung a01 review

Samsung Galaxy A01: Reviews

Samsung Galaxy A01PC Mag A $50 phone may seem basic but the Samsung Galaxy A01 outclasses other budget phones. The phone has great battery life and vivid displays, but its performance is shaky everywhere else. Even after clearing the junkware, the Snapdragon 439 processor fails to perform basic tasks. It also has very little storage for app installation.

CNet Reviews the Galaxy A01: A budget-friendly, basic Android phone. 68% Galaxy A01 reviews. This is Samsung’s cheapest budget smartphone in its A-series. Although the price is $150 (though it has been on sale for as little as $100 unlocked at Samsung), there are few things to love about this phone. The phone’s simple hardware and basic features — including its low-resolution LCD and plain design– make it a boring choice. The phone is inexpensive enough to allow you to check emails, snap pictures, look at videos, and make calls.

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Rating: Average score: 68%. Performance: 70%. Workmanship is 60%. 68%. CNet reviews the Galaxy A01. A low-priced Android handset for those on a budget. CNet says the Galaxy A01 is an affordable, basic phone from Samsung’s A series of budget phones. The $150 price tag is not unreasonable, but we’ve found it available for purchase at as low $100 (unlocked by Samsung). Other features such as the plain design and low resolution screen are not too exciting. But the handset covers the basics well enough that, for its low price, it should be a decent device to snap photos, check email, watch videos and, of course, make calls.

samsung a01 review

Foreign Reviews

Obzor pliusov i minusov Samsung Galaxy A01. Ochen’ didbrotnyi biudzhetnik RU-EN Positivity: Lightweight; small size; attractive display; quality cameras; excellent battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A01: Lua chon nao tot nhat cho hoc sinh su dung smartphone trong tam gia 3 trieu?


Positivity: Excellent performance and low prices.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 03/21/2020 Mo hop Galaxy A01: Gia 2.6 trieu chiec Galaxy sieu re nay co gi hap dan?


Positive: Low price; nice design; great built quality. Negative: The plastic case is not fingerprint-sensing.

samsung a01 review

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A01 (S111Dl) Specs And Review

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review (S111DL)

A new Samsung Galaxy A01 budget device with Octa-core processor, 5.7″ screen and Android 10 is now available. Available for Tracfone’s prepaid service in June 2020.

The Galaxy A01 costs under $100. It has dual rear camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It looks like good replacement for some of the older Samsung phone options including the Galaxy J2 and Galaxy J3 Orbit The Samsung Galaxy A01 follows several other devices recently released by Tracfone including other Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 . You can keep up to date with the latest Tracfone smartphones by visiting our list of all new phones. The Galaxy A01 is a smaller phone at 6.4 inches, but it may suit consumers who want a more compact device.

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