samsung a01 review

Samsung A01 Review

Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB Black (Metro PCS) New

Samsung Galaxy A01 Sm-A015A 16Gb Black (Metro Pcs) New

Brand New

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Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A 16GB Black AT&T GSM World Phone Very Good

Samsung Galaxy A01 Sm-A015A 16Gb Black At&T Gsm World Phone Very Good

Very Good – Refurbished

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Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015A - 16GB - Black (AT&T) (Single SIM)

Samsung Galaxy A01 Sm-A015A – 16Gb – Black (At&T) (Single Sim)

Brand New

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Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015V 16 GB Verizon Wireless ONLY Black Good

Samsung Galaxy A01 Sm-A015V 16 Gb Verizon Wireless Only Black Good

Good – Refurbished

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Samsung Galaxy A01 16GB(A015V) Black - Verizon(Unlocked) - Fully Functional

Samsung Galaxy A01 16Gb(A015V) Black – Verizon(Unlocked) – Fully Functional


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Samsung A01 Review

A slow LTE speed does not affect call quality.

Samsung sells two versions of the Galaxy A01 in the United States: one for Verizon, and another that works on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Both have extensive tape support for their respective carriers. Cricket Wireless provided our device and we tested it on the Cricket network in Chicago.

You will absolutely need the microSD slot located on the left-hand side.

The Snapdragon X6 modem features 2x10mHz carrier aggregation on the downlink and 64-QAM encoding. This is an old, slow modem, paired with part of the Snapdragon 439 chipset, which is not able to use carrier resources as efficiently as newer alternatives, like the Moto’s Snapdragon X9 modem. Motorola e.

The data rates were disappointing. Our tests only gave an average of 2.3 Mbps at the bottom and 3.2 Mbps at the top. It’s slow, even for Cricket, and will likely result in video and audio buffering when the network is congested.

Call quality, on the other hand, is excellent. The maximum volume for the earpiece is 86dB, which makes it loud enough that you can hear on busy roads. Our test calls were clear and the noise cancellation worked well.

It is disappointing that the rear speaker does not work well. The volume peaks at 94dB, but the location of the speaker results in muffled sound when placed on a table. The tone is copper, with overrepresented mids and no bass.

There is no NFC, although dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 are available. This phone is not suitable for those who want to make mobile payments or use transit cards with their phone.

These are the disadvantages of this phone

The phone has some disadvantages, I have shared below, such as…

  • At this price, the phone provided only 2GB ram on the phone. The users need at least 4GB ram at this price segment.
  • This phone provided only a dual camera on the backside. At the same price other Indian smartphone companies provided at least a triple camera setup in the backside.
  • The display of this phone is an IPS display, not LCD and AMOLED. Samsung users need at least an LCD display at the price.
  • Its display resolution of 720×1520 is not high enough to watch HD+ Movies on your phone.
  • This phone performs differently than a multitasking smartphone. You can activate only one app at a time for best performances.
  • The design of this phone is standard. It is not suited for public use. The cover can be used to give the item a more professional look.
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 (A015M) 16GB,
  • Dual SIM GSM Unlocked, 5.8″ Display
  • Smartphone International Version – Blue

Samsung A01 Review

You need the right light to power powerful cameras

The rear camera module uses a 13MP wide-angle lens with an f / 2.2 aperture and a 2MP depth sensor with an f / 2.4 aperture. Up front, you’ll find a 5MP lens with an f / 2.2 aperture.

The Galaxy A01 can take stunning photos with good lighting. The majority of our test photos were vibrant with excellent depth of field, although we did notice some loss of fine detail in the background. On the other hand, in low light, the camera is in trouble. Our test shots were all flat and the background and foreground detail in them was blurry.

Similar results were obtained using the selfie camera. The daylight test photos showed excellent detail in the foreground and great color accuracy. However, there was noticeable blurring in the background. Low-light photos of the test showed evidence that there was too much noise cancellation. This caused important details in both foreground/background to vanish.

Live Focus is another mode that allows you to adjust the bokeh when Portrait mode is selected. In theory, it should work better with the rear camera since there is a depth sensor, but we found the opposite. Our Live Focus photos with the rear lenses showed virtually no bokeh, regardless of the background blur setting. The front camera works well in bright environments but is less effective in dimly lit areas.

The pros

  • Excellent 5.7-inch display for watching videos clearly
  • Screen refresh rate of 40Hz with Transistion Effects
  • Big Size display that will help you to play heavy games smoothly
  • Running on Android 10 which is upgradable to Android 11 Os
  • The Octa-Core Processor powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor
  • Configured with 2GB RAM paired with 16GB storatge and 32GB storage
  • Reliable 13MP rear camera has been placed on the rear side
  • 5Mp fornt camera is shoot really well
  • A 3.5mm Jack will allow you to listen to the music.
  • the 3000mAh powerful battery capacity will alow to use it for a longer sessions
  • It has a card slot that is dedicated to dual-sim cards and micro SD cards.

Samsung A01 Review

Design And Appearance

At first glance at the Samsung Galaxy A01, you can understand that this is a budget smartphone. The A01 comes with a simple camera module and a hard case. However, the gadget doesn’t look ugly. It is actually compact and attractive, which many people may like.

The device will easily fit into the pocket of your trousers when your hands are not tired after long-term use. Galaxy A01’s back cover is made of plastic with a matte black finish. It is covered with a small texture, which makes the device pleasant to hold in hands, and stains or prints will not be noticeable.

A slim vertical camera module is located in the upper left corner of the rear panel. The Samsung logo is located slightly lower in the middle. The speaker grill is located in the lower left corner. The top has a headphone socket, while the bottom houses a USB-C charging port. On the left are the volume keys, on the right is the power button and a slot for a SIM card and microSD card. The keys are all small and easily reachable with your fingertips.

I didn’t mention the fingerprint reader because the A01 doesn’t have one. The scanner can be found on all smartphones, even those that are less expensive. This is an unfortunate drawback. In terms of reliability, the Galaxy A01 is not much different from other models in the budget segment. This device does not have IP protection so it is susceptible to falls or bad weather.

No Future Android Updates

The Galaxy A01 comes with Android 10 and One UI 2. Samsung’s custom skin brings a few unique changes to Android, including an inverted navigation menu, an updated Settings menu, and a suite of productivity apps.

There is, however, one notable omission: Easy Mode, a feature found on most Samsung phones that allows users to create a basic user interface that’s great for kids, the elderly, and people who prefer phones. Less complex functions. This phone will not be useful for your parent or child as it is too expensive.

Cricket unfortunately got the phone bogged down in preloaded apps. Our review unit had 29 bloatware apps that used up almost half of the available storage space. Fortunately, these apps can be uninstalled, but you shouldn’t have to delete dozens of apps you haven’t requested on a brand new phone.

It is unlikely that the Galaxy A01 will receive an Android 11 update. In 2020, Samsung announced three years of software updates for the majority of its Galaxy portfolio, but the A01 was not included in the list. .

Samsung A01 Review


Samsung Galaxy A01 has 16GB of internal storage. We are not a big fan of devices with low storage capacities. This device should have more storage. Especially because the real capacity is only 8GB.

After subtracted by what’s used by the system, 8GB is what’s left for users. This capacity would run out quickly. Especially for someone who likes to install a lot of apps and store plenty of personal files.

External storage is the solution, and Samsung Galaxy A01 has it. Users can add up to a 512GB SD card storage. A massive capacity, this can be some kind of solace for the lackluster internal storage.

There’s a lot of autonomy, but also a lot of slowness

The material offers offered are very limited. The Galaxy A01 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB onboard storage. Only 3.4GB are available from the box. You can also add up to 512GB external storage by using a microSD Card. For comparison, the Motorola Moto e is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 chipset, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

The buttons are easy to reach, even with small hands.

In testing, performance did not impress except for the most basic tasks (browsing the web, scrolling through social media feeds, etc. The lag is noticeable when using the keyboard or switching between screen to screen Needless to say, games are a frustrating experience, punctuated by dropped frames, long load times, and intermittent crashes.

Learn how to test your phone

On Geekbench 5, a performance benchmark that quantifies raw computing power, the Galaxy A01 scored 150 points for single-core (SC) and 540 for multi-core (MC). In the same test, the Moto e scored 248 points (SC) and 781 for MC. We found that the Moto e performs basic tasks better than the Galaxy A01.

You get plenty of screen time with a 3000mAh battery. The A01 was able to stream HD video via Wi-Fi at full brightness for 10 hours, 14 minutes and then shut down. There’s no quick charge option, but it only takes a little over two hours to fully charge the discharged battery.

Samsung A01 Review

Galaxy A01 Cameras

The main camera module of the Samsung Galaxy A01 consists of two sensors: a 13MP wide-angle sensor (f / 2.2) and a 2MP depth sensor (f / 2.4). The front camera has a 5MP f / 2.2 aperture.

Photos come out pretty good only in bright light. The pictures will look very flat and blurry if there’s not enough light. This is also true for the front camera. The dark makes noise cancellation too aggressive, and details become very poor.

There is also a Live Focus mode that allows you to change the intensity of the bokeh effect in portrait shots. In theory, it should work better with the main camera as a separate depth sensor helps. The photos are almost blurred in practice. However, brighter light can have an effect on the background.

The Galaxy A01 camera can record 1080p video. The quality is crisp and quite sharp, but the phone lacks any image stabilization, so the footage won’t be smooth if you move when shooting.

Bright And Bold Display

It takes only a glance at the Galaxy A01 for you to see that this is a low-cost phone. The phone’s small camera module and plastic shell are both obvious indicators. This does not mean that he is ugly. In fact, it has a charming little phone aesthetic that we really like.

The Galaxy A01 measures 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches and weighs just 5.4 ounces. The Galaxy A01 is small enough to fit in your pocket, but light enough that it can be comfortably held for long periods of time.

It features a 5.7 inch LCD screen with minimal bezels and a teardrop-shaped, notch-shaped display. It is crisp and bright with good viewing angles. The screen resolution is 1520 by 720 pixels with 294 ppi. Take a close look at the screen and you’ll notice that the app icons and text are a bit blurry, but we found it to be pretty crisp for most tasks except for reading long articles.

In the US, the plastic backplate is available in a matte black finish. The Galaxy A01 feels good in your hand, but can pick up small smudges easily. A small vertical camera module sits in the upper left corner of the backplate, and a monochrome Samsung logo is centered in the upper third. A small speaker grille sits in the lower left corner.

Upper part houses the headphones jack. Lower part contains the USB-C charging connector. On the left side you will find the volume rocker; the SIM / microSD slot and the power button are on the right. Although the buttons themselves are small, their position makes it easy for you to find them and identify them on-the-go.

We haven’t yet mentioned fingerprint sensors, in case you didn’t notice. The A01 doesn’t have one. That’s a pretty big omission, especially since you’ll find it on cheaper phones like the ZTE Blade A3 Prime.

Durability is comparable to that of most entry-level phones. There is no IP rating, so accidental drops in the sink or prolonged exposure to the elements are not going to end well. The plastic frame and backplate are likely to withstand minor drops and bumps without much damage, but the screen – which doesn’t appear to be reinforced glass – won’t fare as well. It is best to get a strong case.

Samsung A01 Review

Display & Build Quality

The company has put the standard phone design at this time. The backside has a simple verticle pill-shaped cutout to place a dual-camera setup and a LED flashlight. A speaker can be found at the bottom of the line. To place a front camera setup, the front is equipped with a cutout that drops to the ground.

There has a 5.7 inches big display on the front side. This display supports full HD+ resolution at 720 x 1520 pixels You can find some little thick edges on the bottom. On the right side, you will find a power button. The left side features a volume-rocker and a power button. Overall this setup is really good at the budget.

Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy A01

This phone is launched on December 17, 2019, In India. This phone’s design is basic, however it is quite decent for the price. This phone has a PLS IPS HD+ 5.7 inch display. The design is decent, having a drop-notch camera at the front. The phone comes with 16Gb Rom And 2 GB Ram. Continue reading below…

  • This phone comes with a prebuilt Android V10.0. Android V10.0 is the most recent version of Android OS for Android phones.
  • The backside of this phone placed a dual camera setup with a single flashlight. The phone has a 13MP wide camera and a 2MP depth camera for capturing photos and videos. This phone is very reliable, especially considering its price.
  • This phone has a Dedicated card slot for your sim card and external memory card.
  • The phone is available in under 9000 INR, this is under budget phone with this reliable features, you can go with.

Samsung A01 Review


The operating system of the Galaxy A01 is Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2 shell. It has a number of unique features: reverse order of the navigation buttons, updated settings, and a set of useful apps.

However, I am missing one feature: the “Easy” mode, which is found on most other Samsung smartphones. This allows you to design a simpler interface that is suitable for older users, children and those with limited needs. Without that mode, the Samsung Galaxy A01 is much less suited to the role of a budget smartphone that can be bought for a child.

The Galaxy A01 will not receive the Android 11 upgrade. In 2020, Samsung promised three years of updates for most Galaxy models, but the A01 was not among them.

Modo Retrato

As selfies tiradas com o A01 nao sao das melhores. Falta nitidez e muitos detalhes da pele sao completamente perdidos. Fotos ao sol perdem contraste e a falta de detalhes deixam as selfies artificiais. Recorrer a sombras na hora de tirar uma foto pode ser a salvacao.

Ja em locais fechados ou mesmo a noite so tera selfies ruins com o Galaxy A01. Sua camera frontal e inferior aos demais da linha e muitos vao acabar ficando frustrados.

Enquanto ainda tem fabricante lancando celular em pleno 2020 com Android Pie, Samsung pelo menos trouxe o A01 ja atualizado com o Android 10 e One UI 2.0. O sistema nao sofre tanto com engasgos, exceto quando algum download e feito. Provavelmente, devido a memoria interna por ser lenta.

Voce tem muitos dos recursos presentes nos modelos mais caros como o modo janela, o tela dividida ou o tema escuro para reduzir fadiga visual a noite. Como a tela nao e AMOLED, nao espere maior duracao de bateria.

Como deu para perceber, o A01 nao tem muito o que oferecer, especialmente para um celular que chegou por mais de R$ 1 mil. Pelo mesmo preco de lancamento tivemos o A10s e o Moto G8 Play e ambos custam menos atualmente e entregam mais.

O A10 e A10s podem ate ser mais lentos, mas sao melhores celulares no geral. O Moto G8 Play nem se fala, e superior em tudo ao novo lancamento da Samsung.

Samsung A01 Review


General technical specifications for the phone include internal and random access memory (capacities), central processing units, and graphics processing units. Performance testing results.

Which Processor Does The Samsung Galaxy A01 Have?

The Samsung Galaxy A01 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor which is on the lower end of most smartphone processors. You should be able get the most out of your smartphone depending on how you use it.

Samsung A01 Review


  • It is an IPS LCD display. The company should offer an AMOLED Panel.
  • The IPX Rating does not protect the display.
  • A dual camera seutp is available. It would be more effective if the company has at least triple back setup
  • This phone is featured microUSB 2.0 which is not enought in this generations, should be microUSB 3.0
  • The comapny hasn’t include NFC features also.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review

The Samsung galaxy A01 has come with an octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 which is built-in with 12nm processes. As manufactured, the CPU is built-in with a max clock speed of 1.9GHz on the Cortex-A53 panel.

This setup is capable of handling heavy apps and games, as well as multi-purpose use like video calling and watching videos or movies, listening to music and so on.

Samsung A01 Review

Other Features

To enjoy music and video without any noise, the company provided a Bluetooth 3.5mm Jack port that can be paired with an amplifier. YOu can use a WiFi network and the Bluetooth connection in this phone is a 10m powerful range.

As for the sensors, they’ve provided Accelerometer and proximity sensor in the phone for more grateful features and customer good experiences.

Os & Processor

This phone currently runs on Android 10, but it can be upgraded to Android 11 based upon One UI 3.0 skin. An octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor powers the Samsung Galaxy A01. It is based on 12nm process technology.

The CPU is including 4-cores of Cortex-A53 with a max speed of 1.95 GHz and 4-cores of Cortex A53 with a max clock speed of 1.45 GHz. To better graphics rendering, the company has featured an Adreno 505 GPU. Overall this is a good processor at this range but should be better if the company may include Snapdragon 660 processor.

Samsung A01 Review

Samsung Galaxy A01 Pros And Cons

Although the phone is great, we think there are some features that could be improved. Find below the pros and cons fact at Galaxy A01 Review

Camera Efficiency

The company also provided optics. It has supplied a dual camera setup with a 13Mp wide and 2Mp depth sensors. This camera setup can capture Full HD+ video and photos at 30FPS. The bright LED Flashlight allows you to take high quality night photos.

The front camera is efficient to shoot HD photos, unfortunately, you can’t shoot videos from the front camera. This 5Mp front camera can shoot wide-range shoots. This is an excellent setup, especially considering the cost.

Samsung A01 Review

Key Specs

Samsung Galaxy A01 specifications:

  • Weight: 151g
  • Dimensions: 147x71x8.3mm
  • OS: Android 10
  • Screen size: 5.7-inch
  • Resolution: 1520 x 720
  • CPU: 2GHz Octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 439
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Battery: 3,000mAh, Non-removable
  • Rear camera: 13MP, 2MP secondary camera
  • Camera front: 5MP

Smartphone Display

The screen in the Samsung Galaxy A01 is a 5.7-inch LCD panel with a drop for the front camera. The bezels around the display are small, the brightness is high, and the viewing angles are wide.

Display resolution is 1520×720 pixels with 294ppi pixel density. If we take a closer look at the panel, we can see that the icons and text are a little blurry, however, during everyday use this is invisible. Rest of the screen looks pretty ordinary.

Samsung A01 Review

samsung a01 review

Galaxy A01’S Camera Struggles With Portrait Shots

The Galaxy A01’s camera takes clear, colorful photos in ample lighting, and red and green hues especially pop in some pictures. There were some images in which the sky was too exposed and it was eventually blown out of focus to make them white. Later in the evening, I was able to take a good shot of the blue sky, with the foreground and subject matter evenly exposed as well. While the camera’s 8X digital zoom can be used to get more detail from distant objects, it does not provide a great image quality. However, closer zooms will result in blurred images.

Live Focus was inconsistent for portrait shots. Some pictures were okay. However, some others used Live Focus to blur the background. Samsung said they are looking into the issue, and I’ll update the review when I hear back.

The camera records 1080p video. The video quality is good, although the camera doesn’t offer optical image stabilization. This means that footage may not be sharp if you move around.

The flower in the shot is vibrant, bright, and sharp.

The picture of the rose garden in this image is great but it is too bright.

The sky, its clouds, and foreground are well represented in this photo.

Live Focus (left) and Working (right).

samsung a01 review

Low LTE speeds don’t affect call quality

Samsung makes two models of its Galaxy A01 smartphone in the US. The one designed for Verizon is available and the second version works on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. Both offer extensive coverage for each carrier. Cricket Wireless provided our review unit and it was tested in Chicago on Cricket’s network.

For extra storage, there’s a microSD card slot to the left.

It has 2×10 mHz carrier aggregation over the downlink, and 64-QAM encoding. The modem, which is older and slower than the Snapdragon 439 chipset has limited carrier resource usage.

The data speeds were disappointing. Our test speeds averaged just 2.3Mbps down and 3.2Mbps up. It’s still slow for Cricket. Video and audio buffering will occur when the network gets congested.

The call quality is exceptional, however. The maximum volume on the earpiece at 86dB is sufficient to be audible in noisy streets. Our testing calls were crystal clear. The noise cancellation function worked very well.

A letdown is the back-firing speaker. The volume peak is at 94dB. However, the speaker’s location causes muffled sound when the device lies on top of a table. Timbre sounds brassy with over-represented mids, and very little bass.

Bluetooth 4.2 is available as well as dual-band WiFi. There’s also Bluetooth 4.2, but no NFC. You don’t want your phone to be used for payments or transit passes.

samsung a01 review

Samsung Galaxy A01: Reviews

Samsung Galaxy A01PC Mag A $50 phone may seem basic but the Samsung Galaxy A01 outclasses other budget phones. The phone has great battery life and vivid displays, but its performance is shaky everywhere else. Even after clearing the junkware, the Snapdragon 439 processor fails to perform basic tasks. It also has very little storage for app installation.

CNet Reviews the Galaxy A01: A budget-friendly, basic Android phone. 68% Galaxy A01 reviews. This is Samsung’s cheapest budget smartphone in its A-series. Although the price is $150 (though it has been on sale for as little as $100 unlocked at Samsung), there are few things to love about this phone. The phone’s simple hardware and basic features — including its low-resolution LCD and plain design– make it a boring choice. The phone is inexpensive enough to allow you to check emails, snap pictures, look at videos, and make calls.

Rating: Average score: 68%. Performance: 70%. Workmanship is 60%. 68%. CNet reviews the Galaxy A01. A low-priced Android handset for those on a budget. CNet says the Galaxy A01 is an affordable, basic phone from Samsung’s A series of budget phones. The $150 price tag is not unreasonable, but we’ve found it available for purchase at as low $100 (unlocked by Samsung). Other features such as the plain design and low resolution screen are not too exciting. But the handset covers the basics well enough that, for its low price, it should be a decent device to snap photos, check email, watch videos and, of course, make calls.

samsung a01 review

Foreign Reviews

Obzor pliusov i minusov Samsung Galaxy A01. Ochen’ didbrotnyi biudzhetnik RU-EN Positivity: Lightweight; small size; attractive display; quality cameras; excellent battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A01: Lua chon nao tot nhat cho hoc sinh su dung smartphone trong tam gia 3 trieu?


Positivity: Excellent performance and low prices.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 03/21/2020 Mo hop Galaxy A01: Gia 2.6 trieu chiec Galaxy sieu re nay co gi hap dan?


Positive: Low price; nice design; great built quality. Negative: The plastic case is not fingerprint-sensing.

samsung a01 review

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A01 (S111Dl) Specs And Review

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review (S111DL)

A new Samsung Galaxy A01 budget device with Octa-core processor, 5.7″ screen and Android 10 is now available. Available for Tracfone’s prepaid service in June 2020.

The Galaxy A01 costs under $100. It has dual rear camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It looks like good replacement for some of the older Samsung phone options including the Galaxy J2 and Galaxy J3 Orbit The Samsung Galaxy A01 follows several other devices recently released by Tracfone including other Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 . You can keep up to date with the latest Tracfone smartphones by visiting our list of all new phones. The Galaxy A01 is a smaller phone at 6.4 inches, but it may suit consumers who want a more compact device.

.Samsung A01 Review

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