Bobbles Water Bottle Review

Bobbles Water Bottle Review

Bobbles Water Bottle Review


Wonderful concept, hampered by the slightest imperfection where bottle meets neck. A squeezeable container is essential for a man like me, who drinks half a gallon or more of water per day. This is it, Bobbles, you have solved the bottle-water problem.

UPDATE:The makers of the Bobble, seeing this review, politely suggested that a hairline crack in the neck of the one I'd tested might have been to blame for the dribble problems I was experiencing. The Pop received six new Bobbles. Sci staff have reconstructed the Verdict. The problem has not been reproduced. Even our 4 year old editorial production coordinator cranked on the thing to get water for a day at the coast. The water didn't come out from the nozzle in the right way. My Bobble has enough water, so I developed a 2-handed method of getting it out. It makes me uncomfortable to be seen in public but this bottle is now my favorite.

Is Bobble Water Bottle Safe?

Bobble Insulate as well as its cap can both be washed. … Bobble Infuse bottles and caps – including the cap – can be washed in the dishwasher. Only the bobble Sport’s body is dishwasher-safe.

Which water bottle is best for you?

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  2. Crazy Cap Water Bottle Purifier.
  3. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Container
  4. Glass pH Hydrate Water Bottle.
  5. LifeStraw Integrated Straw Bottle Filter Straw
  6. Bottle made from recycled glass bottles for love
  7. Brita Stainless Steel Water Bottle


O2Cool bought bobble, an 25-year veteran in portable cooling, cooling, and hydration. Our combined efforts will allow us to create premium quality products and innovations for active lifestyles. April 13, 2020

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What Company Water Bottle is the Best?

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