Very Good Butchers Review

Their Story

The fact they strive to be healthier and more nutritious than most other plant-based foods is something I love. Although I love Beyond or Impossible Burgers, they are filled with unhealthy chemicals.

Our founders were sick of eating processed meat alternatives and they knew they could change the game. With years of training as chefs, the founders set out to produce delicious, nutritious, plant-based meats.

Our bean butchers realized they had something special after selling the Denman Island farmers market. They brought their magic beans to Victoria and opened the Canadian West Coasts’ first plant-based butchery A bajillion butchered beans, a Dragon’s Den Appearance, 15 new products, and the opening of a production facility later (all in 3 years! ), and our (not so) little Butcher Shop is online and ready to put some Very Good food on your plate.

I have tried all their meat products, except for the Vegan Stuffed Beast ($39.) This 1.3kg (2.8lbs) roast will feed between five and seven people depending on their hunger and is the perfect plant-based holiday turkey alternative. Unfortunately, it is not currently available.

Their Butcher Boxes have been my only purchase so far. They are able to sell each product individually but they don’t have a lot of sausages that I would like to purchase in a complete set. Once they’re available in the USA however, things will change. You can find large containers full of treats in the boxes, which I’m going to share with you next.

Do You Think The Very Good Butcher is Better than Beyond Meat?

The Very Good Food Company, Canada, outperforms other meat companies in its Q2 results. California Facility opened. The Very Good Food Company (the company that developed The Very Good Butcher) just released its Q2 financial results. They revealed higher gross margins than the industry leader Beyond Meat. 4, 2020

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Do You Have Very Good Butchers at Home?

CEO & Co-Founder He was born on Denman Island, and currently resides in Victoria B.C. The Very Good Butchers’ business operations and marketing are his responsibility.

Is Very Good Butchers Organic?

The Very Very Very Very Good Burger is what some call it. It is an organic, vegan AAA-grade bean patty, with organic spices such as beets and carrots. It’s rich, hearty, and earthy with a classic BBQ flavor and perfect texture.

Is Very Good Butcher Product Gluten-Free?

A family-owned and operated plant-based butchery, offering delicious and nutritious gluten-free alternatives to traditional meats.