Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review

The 55 inch Sony X750H was tested (KD55X750H). We will also review the 65″ (KD65X750H) as well as 75′ (KD75X750H). It is available only in North America, and you can purchase it at Costco under the Sony X75CH. According to certain reports, it may also be available in the EU as the XH70. However, it runs on Sony’s Linux-based operating systems.

Sony X750H 65-Inch 4K Ultra Hd Led Tv -2020 Model

Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV -2020 Model

Sony’s X750H Series 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV is a fantastic choice for your home theater. This Sony TV has a 4K Processor X1 that upscales your favorite shows and movies to near-4K resolution, so you can enjoy incredible detail in every scene.

  • 4K Processor
  • Triluminos Display
  • Smart Android Tv With Google Assistant
  • Hdr High Dynamic Range
  • Motionflow Xr240
  • Design Stay Focused On The Big Picture


The Sony X750H 4K Ultra HD LED TV is a marvel of modern technology. With its 4K Processor X1, TRILUMINOS Display, and SMART ANDROID TV with GOOGLE ASSISTANT, this television brings all your favorite content to life in stunning detail and clarity.
Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or show, playing video games, or streaming music, the Sony X750H 4K Ultra HD LED TV is the perfect companion for any occasion. The Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV is a remarkable piece of technology. So sit back and experience home entertainment like never before with the Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV.

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Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review – First Thoughts

The X750H does not have any input lag. It has a fixed refresh rate, so expect it to work well for gaming. It comes with the Android TV platform, which has lots of apps you can stream media with like Netflix.

The X750H has a clean and simple design. Although the bezels aren’t as elegant as on premium Sony models such as the X950H or X750H, they are still noticeable. The TV comes with a stand that does not ruin its aesthetics or get in the way.

The stand’s feet are narrower than those found on other models like the X750F, which allows you to place the television on smaller tables. It provides excellent support and very low wobble for your TV. Two clips are located on the back of the TV for cable management. The 200×200 VESA wall mounting bracket is also included. The medium thickness adds to this television’s quality.

Sony X750H Review

The X750H Solidly Manufactured

The X750H Bravia offers a great design, especially considering its cost. You will find two simple feet. One can be placed to one’s left and one to your right. They are quite stable so the TV does not wobble. While the frame might be slightly larger and thicker on Sony’s higher-end models, this doesn’t distract from the TV. The backside of the model is half metal and half plastic. The cable management is rather simple with two extra clips that are attached to the feet.

Sony X750H Review

X750H’S Motion Handling

When it comes to Motion Handling Displaying fast moving objects , first of all the refresh rate Hertz is the derived SI-unit of frequency with 1Hz=1/s – When talking about TVs this means how many different pictures a TV can display in one second. This is important as it is only 60 Hz. Also the TV’s response time is not really outstanding, but quite good for an entry-level TV, as it takes a little bit more than 4ms. The X750H backlight has no flicker and can display fast moving content very clearly. You can also choose to insert black frames, which helps decrease blurred motion.

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Gaming With The X750H

Gaming is fun, so it’s always worth seeing if you can use the TV as a monitor for your PC or console. It has an input lag time of just 12ms. For console gaming the Sony X750H has no real specials to offer, as an HDMI 2.1 input is missing as well as a Variable Refresh Rate Variable Refresh Rate – synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the output refresh rate of the graphics card , which would reduce screen tearing, and the Auto Low Latency Mode, which would shorten the Input Lag Time it takes for the input signal to appear on the screen (delay) of the television when connected to a console even further. A group gaming experience will not offer the same enjoyment as single-player games due to the restricted viewing angles. The X750H doesn’t have OLED TVs so there is no risk of a possible burn-in. However, it works well as a computer display. For gaming fans the TV might not be the best option.

Sony X750H Review

The X750H has a great sound quality

Because it’s relatively balanced, the sound quality of the 2.0 bass reflex speaker with 20W is quite acceptable. While the TV can get quite loud, there is no distortion. When it comes to sound formats the X750H only offer DTS Multi-channel-sound-system (Surround Sound) competing with Dolby Digital but no Dolby Atmos Object-based surround sound format with 3D-Sound from any direction as there is no HDMI eARC available. As usual it makes sense to add a soundbar to the setup for a better sound experience.

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Sony X750H Overview

4K XReality Pro Engine
TRILUMINOS Technology powered by the 4K pro
High dynamic range Google Assistan
Voice Control
MotionflowXR 240 Technology
Bass Reflex Speaker Design