Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review

The differences in sizes and varieties

We tried the 55-inch Sony X750H (KD55X750H) and, for most of the time, our review will be applicable to the 65' (KD65X750H), as well as the 75' (KD75X750H). This model is only available in North America and can be purchased at Costco as the Sony X75CH. According to some reports, the XH70 may be the EU counterpart. However, it runs on Sony’s Linux-based operating systems.

Size North America Warehouse Version

55" KD55X750HKD55X75CH

65" KD65X750H 75CH

75' KD75X750H

We will be updating the review if someone finds a different panel, or if they have a Sony X750H that doesn't match our review. Some tests such as gray uniformity may differ between units.

LG UM6900

Sony X750H Review


Lacks local dimming

Poor gray uniformity

HDR peak brightness lower than average


Differences Between Sizes And Variants

">Sony X750H Review: A great budget 4K TV. The X750H was designed for people who are looking for a low-cost 4K TV. The X750H performs better than other budget TVs. The TV's peak brightness is higher in SDR/HDR and HDR than similar priced models. This makes it ideal for viewing movies, streaming and watching TV.


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Sony X750H Review


HDR light levels are low


Narrow viewing angles

Better motion performance is possible

Where to buy the cheapest things:

The new televisions from all the major brands were presented at the beginning 2020. They will be our company for the remainder of 2019. As it is a common practice, the focus falls on the top-end models. This brings with them the best and most recent technologies. But while all these top flagships from Sony are great there is a huge number of consumers looking for something more affordable for their entertainment. In today's Sony X750H reviews, we'll be reviewing this television which happens to be the most cost-friendly 4K TV Sony has in its arsenal.

We will start a series on reviews for the X750H. Today we look at the X750H and then move down the performance ladder to see if it can offer a good 4K HDR experience. Now in our experience these low budget TVs that promise to support 4K HDR fall short of their claims and usually their performance leave a lot to be desired so we are here to determine if the X750H behaves similarly or it manages to offer any substantial improvements over previous low budget units.

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Sony X750H Review

Os, Apps And Features

Let's now talk about smart TV functionality for TVs. Sony for many years now have stayed firmly behind the Android platform which have been renamed as Android TV and has seen major changes and updates the last 2-3 years in order to be able to be on par and compete with the two other major competitors, Samsung's Tizen and LGs web. OS. Sony appears to be very consistent for 2020, with all of their lineup using the Android TV Suite. Except for the X750H.

The model that we reviewed came with AndroidTV. However, in certain markets Sony may use a Linux platform instead. It isn't clear why this might be, but this should be something you keep in mind while searching for this model. All of our analyses will use the Android TV software that we were able to access from the device.

Although the X750H comes with Android TV 9.0, it appears that the device has fewer features than other higher-end models. The X750H is running the Android TV 9.0, which we like. However, it feels familiar and has all of its new components. This makes it feel more fresh and easier to navigate. Navigation was a little slow in the unit we reviewed. It wasn't the experience we were looking for. Although opening applications might take slightly longer than normal, if you're not demanding the time will become second nature.

You will be familiar with Android TV if you have used it before. The new layout is much better than some of the older Android versions with some options having been moved to the top of the screen while we find the same improvements that have been made to some other parts of the Android platform and operation system interactivity.

If there is one thing that Android has in abundance that is definitely the huge support from developers. Google Play has literally thousands more apps than the pre-installed. There's so much content that you'll find everything you need.

Google Play TV & Movies includes Disney+ and Amazon Video. Hulu, Hulu, Youtube, Pandora, Tidal as well as Google Play Music, Spotify and Spotify are some of the top names. Heart. Radio. Many of them can only be used in certain regions, so check yours to ensure they are available. For anyone who is interested, certain apps such Netflix and Youtube offer playback for 4K or HDR content.

Chromecast, which allows for streaming content from Chromecast enabled devices such as mobile phones or tablets to the TV is also available. It is possible to control the TV using voice, but this seems to be a little less than other competitors. By that we mean that although you can use the remote's built-in microphone to give commands to Google Assistant for Amazon Alexa you will need an external Alexa enabled device to work.

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Sony X750H Review

Final Thoughts

The X750H is a low cost TV and should judged like one. Sony has produced a highly respectable TV. There are many areas in which the unit falls short, but if this is its target audience, then Sony's 2020 model will definitely shine.

The good things are first. The X750H can be expensive but it still looks nice. And the remote design is better than anything you'd expect from this category. 4K images were pretty good with nice details and good clarity while upscaling was solid no matter what content we threw at it. A VA panel provides a great contrast ratio with blacks that are deep and excellent color reproduction. The TV's SDR brightness is excellent for the price and input lag in Game mode was very low, making it an affordable gaming option. While audio was adequate for casual viewing, the Android TV platform offered enough features to be affordable.

HDR brightness was poor and the TV did not show HDR content as it was meant to. Even though the VA panel offers a high contrast ratio, the TV does poorly in viewing angles. Motion performance was also not good, but it is still better than we expected. The TV does not have any new HDMI 2.1 features such as VRR and ALLM. This can make the television a big deal considering the arrival of new gaming consoles. This is also the last model from Sony that doesn't support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. You will need to get the next model, the X800H.

The TV worked as expected and did not surprise us in any specific area. The TV did have some issues, but overall it was a good TV. It is not suited for high-end or very specific requirements. You can use the Sony X750H for casual viewing, gaming or if you have high standards.

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These are the most affordable places to purchase:


Sony X750H Review

Don'T Pay $1000, Get A Sony X750H 65'' 4K Ultra Hd Led Tv For $669.99 Shipped – Today Only

1 min Read Sony's X750H 65" Ultra HD LED TV 4K Ultra HD is the most affordable in its category. You can purchase one today for $669.99 by clipping the coupon on page $28.01. This TV is powered by an X1 processor. Full HD HD photos are enhanced to 4K resolution with 4K X Reality Pro using a special 4K databank. Also, you can use voice commands to control smart home devices and the display.

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Check out the Product Page for additional information, a video demonstration and more.

Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV -2020 Model

4K PROCESSORX1 – See stunning 4K pictures that have real texture and detail, made possible by our 4K Processing X1. Full HD images are scaled to close to 4K resolution using 4K X Reality PRO's unique 4K database

TRILUMINOS App: Experience the Creator's intent with advanced color gradation

SMART Android TV with GOOGLE Assistant: Voice control for your TV, smart home and devices. Use your voice search to find and answer questions, manage tasks, and easily search for TV shows and movies.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is TV's original design. Ultra-high resolution and HDR video content combine to bring dazzling detail, color and contrast to everything you watch, while keeping a far wider range of brightness


Sony X750H Review

You don't have to pay $1300 for the Sony X750H75-Inch Ultra HD Smart Android TV. Get it today only $898 shipped

One Minute Read The Sony X750H 75 inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV is not the most expensive Android-powered set. However, it offers many features for only $898, which was originally $1299.99. The 4K Processor X1 allows Full HD photos to be upscaled up to 4K by 4K X Reality Pro using a unique 4K databank. Android TV also lets you control it with your voice and smart home devices.

Check out the product page to view a demonstration and get additional information.

Sony X750H 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV -2020 Model

4K PROCESSORX1-See stunning 4K pictures that have real texture and detail. Our 4K ProcessorX1 is the engine behind these amazing 4K photos. Full HD footage is scaled down to 4K resolution with 4K X -Reality PRO. This uses an exclusive 4K database

Triluminos Display: See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color and gradation

SMART Android TV with GOOGLE Assistant: You can use your voice to control the TV and other smart devices. Search for shows and movies easily, find answers and handle tasks.

HDR is High Dynamic Range (HDR), picture. This is how TV should be seen. HDR content and Ultra-high Resolution combine to give you dazzling details, colors, contrasts, and a greater range of brightness.


.Sony X750H Review

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