Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review

samsung galaxy a32 5g review

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samsung galaxy a32 5g review


Samsung has done an outstanding job with its latest Galaxy A phone. It was clear that the Korean giant decided to concentrate its efforts on its most-sold line. The new “Awesome is for everyone” tagline fits like a glove. Galaxy A32-A52, A52 and A72 with their extra telephoto bring lots of value.

Samsung has also made the A52/A32 5G variants in its bid to look trendy and more appealing. These 5G variants usually target the same price range as their 4G counterparts. This inevitably implies that there have been some compromises made in order to include the processor with 5G support. We already dug extensively into the matter of the Galaxy A52 5G and its slight yet still noticeable downgrades over the regular Galaxy A52 in those respective reviews. Now it’s time to do the same for the A32 5G, which, by all accounts, has suffered a much worse downgrade.

samsung galaxy a32 5g review


Galaxy A32 5G’s budget price tag makes it a bit difficult to find a box for the Galaxy A32 5G. It is a basic cardboard bottom piece, with a sleeve on top. Applying pressure to the top should not be done. Perhaps Samsung can do a bit better for protection during transit. A32 5G has a good protection record. Thin layers of plastic are even stuck on the plastic frame to provide extra protection.

The Galaxy A32 5G doesn’t come with a screen protector or a case. Both are standard on other budget smartphones. A basic 15W wall charge (9V@1.67A) or 5V@2A (5V@2A), along with a relatively short USB Type A/C cable are all you will get. Last but not least, this charger doesn’t use a proprietary charging protocol.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review – Reader comments



Samsung A325g not Good. Please Choose another Brand.


samsung galaxy a32 5g review

Designs, Hardware, and what’s in the Box

Image Gallery (6 Pictures) The Galaxy A32 5G continues a trend towards larger mid-range handsets. With a screen size of 6.5 inches, it’s large enough for all activities. And the small footprint it occupies means you will feel the phone right in your pocket. While it may not be Ultra-sized as such, it falls in the “Plus”, or “XL” category. It does feel somewhat blocky and may not be comfortable to use one-handed.

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Although the screen is large, it has a low resolution. The screen is smooth and 90Hz at most, depending on how fast the chipset keeps up, however, it is a 720p, IPS panel without OLED. Note: The OnePlus Nord N10 5G’s screen is approximately the same size as the A32 5G at 90Hz and has a 1080p IPS panel. The screen of the A32 5G is decent in color and uniformity. However, I found it difficult to read outside due to direct sunlight. Its automatic brightness also seemed to be a problem. The screen would sometimes lag behind changes in the quality of ambient lighting.

Image Gallery (1) The A32 5G’s frame and back are both made of plastic. While the front is made of glass, the frames and back are also made of plastic. It’s not clear if the phone is gorilla glass, but it was very durable. I dropped the phone and had it slide across concrete, so it picked up some scratches. The A32 5G may not be for everyone, so I wasn’t sure.

Image Gallery (1 Images) Like most mid-range phones, you can still depend on a headphone jack, though it tops up with USB Type-C just 15W Samsung calls that “fast,” and technically it is faster than Motorola’s similarly priced offerings, but it’s slower than the Pixel 4a’s 18W, and half of the OnePlus Nord N10 5G’s 30W. There is an option to expand the storage using microSD cards and a cutout located on your SIM tray.

Calls are only heard through the bottom-firing speaker. As with premium smartphones (or the OnePlus Nord N105G), there’s not stereo output through the earpiece. It’s a little tinny, with very little bass pretty normal. It doesn’t have IP-rated water resistance but this is typical for the price. Anecdotally, I treated this phone like any water-resistant flagship in my review, which included using it a few times in some light rain, and I had no issues.

Image Gallery (1 Images) The fingerprint sensor is built right into the power button, which is convenient. It wasn’t reliable due to my callused thumbs, and some home-improvement projects that required me to do a lot of hand cleaning, however. Other people may be able to use it better.

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Samsung had the courage to include in its box a Type-A cable and a Type–C to Type-C connector to attach it to your smartphone. There were also the standard warranty cards.

samsung galaxy a32 5g review

Software, performance, and battery

Many of our readers are familiar with Samsung’s OneUI 3.1. We will skip the following paragraphs. If you’re not familiar with the software or if it is new to you, you can skip the following paragraphs. It’s an excellent Android skin that’s easy to learn and use.

Image Gallery (7 images) Samsung’s A32 5G has the most recent Android 11. This is a significant upgrade to other smartphones in the same price bracket. You can expect all of the OneUI 3.0 features and Duo video calls integration to the dialer. It does not have some of the other camera features like Single Take, Director’s View or Director’s View. Bixby is still a problem, however you can ignore it.

Most of the UI elements in Samsung ‘s apps shift things down to the bottom half of the screen for better one-handed use, and you’ll see big headers for items. Although it’s simple and clean, you still have the ability to customize everything in typical Samsung style thanks to OneUI’s many settings menus as well Samsung’s Good Lock module.

Image Gallery (3 Images) Samsung’s new OneUI adds several useful features. For example, you can open an expanding side panel with your contacts, apps and weather. Multitasking is easier with OneUI than any other version of Android. You can launch different apps at once in multi-window sets and have free-form app windows. It’s unlikely that you’ll use as many apps on this phone, but there’s always the option to launch multiple apps in a set multi-window array.

The software from Samsung is very stable. Samsung may be aggressive when it comes to background apps, and could kill them more quickly than it should. That is likely the A32-5G’s most significant software problem. There are some issues like delayed notifications. In my review I did encounter this issue, however it wasn’t as significant as the problem on other phones. Samsung may have also improved its tuning. Some Samsung apps may also display some very annoying ads. They can sometimes even show up in your notification shades. I find this unacceptable on a flagship smartphone costing more than $1,000. But at a mid-range price, it’s less of an issue, though I wish the practice would bring the price of this phone down another $20-40.

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Samsung’s updates commitment on this phone isn’t as great as the flagships, but it’s still much better than any other smartphone at this price. Two years OS updates plus three security patches are included. It’s better than the OnePlus promise for the N105G. The A325G comes with a higher version of Android.

The A32 5G was slow, however. The phone would frequently stutter, to the point that it was difficult to tell if there had been a tap. It also dropped frames to such an extent that it required me to double-check the 90Hz display. While it may seem smooth enough to be able to detect if the device is connected to the internet, the A32 5G’s performance was not the best. I don’t know if it’s a software optimization problem or if MediaTek’s Dimensity 720 5G just isn’t up to the task, but the phone frequently feels slow as a result. It’s possible that your experience with a slower, older device might be overlooked. For those who are curious, the Nord N10 5G is faster than it looks and feels more fluid. It costs $20 less.

samsung galaxy a32 5g review


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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Reviews: Although Samsung makes too many phones for us to monitor, one of Samsung’s latest releases is the Galaxy A32 5G. It was revealed officially in January following weeks of leaks and speculation. The phone reached the United States on April 5. The MSRP for the phone is $279.99. This makes it Samsung’s least expensive 5G-capable smartphone (aside from the Galaxy A225G, which has not yet arrived in the US). However, the remaining features are excellent and the price is not too high, which makes it a better budget option than many of the 5G-capable phones. Excellent performance and battery life, similar software as other Samsung phones.

I have now moved to testing the Galaxy A32 5G after having tested the Galaxy A52 5G Galaxy A42 5G. While it is not the best phone in its class, the Galaxy A32 5G has my attention.

.Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review