Samsung Notebook 3 Review

Samsung Notebook 3 Review

Samsung Notebook 3 Review


Our model's cooling system is silent when idle and performing office-type tasks. When Samsung's "Eco Mode" is enabled, the fan doesn't spin at all – in which case the hard drive is the most noticeable component, as it emits a fairly loud clacking sound when first accessed. The notebook's performance with more complex processors and GPU intensive apps will cause system noise to increase up to 42 d.B.(A). This can be quite annoying, but is still audible.

Noise Level

Samsung Notebook 3 Review

The power consumption

This is an important indicator about how eco-friendly the system is while using battery power. In Eco Mode (idle and in Eco Mode), the Series 3 NP350V5C takes less power that the Vostro 3560/Inspiron 15R, but not less than Samsung Series 5 550P5C–T02 when under heavy load. But this is a different value than those of other models. To take an example, we reviewed the Vostro3560 using the i5-3210M. A version with the more powerful i7-33612QM was also tested. It has a 90 Watt rating, which should give enough headroom.

The AMD equivalent (the Series 3 355V5CS05DE ), consumes less power than ours: between 14.1 & 67.1 Watts were recorded (idle, load).


Samsung Notebook 3 Review


It would have been ideal: light weight, solid build quality, long life battery, attractive looks and an excellent price-performance ratio. However, we could not overlook the fact that the design lacks stability and rigidity. While the multimedia notebook accomplishes most of its tasks, it can also be used as a tool for video editing, watching movies, and occasionally gaming. It is disappointing that the notebook can't play full-power gaming because the processor and graphic card throttle their output. In order to mitigate this, users are required to reduce the quality.

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Those willing to accept the limitations of this model will love the design. The street price at 800 EUR ($1000) makes it very affordable, which means that there is limited competition. There are similar options for the Dell Vostro 3560, with a bigger display and brighter hardware (matte and Full HD), however it costs more and takes longer to charge.

Although the Dell Inspiron 14R Special Edition is equipped with a superior graphics card, it's more costly and heavier than the standard model. The battery life is less and quality is poorer. Acer Aspire 771G-736b8G50Maii and the HP Pavilion 2007sg, both with 17-inch screens, are worth considering. The NP355V5C could be a good choice if you are looking for a more affordable option with less power and longer battery life.

The long battery life, the potent hardware, the design, the low weight of 2.34 kilograms (5.16 pounds) and lastly the price of the Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C are all positive attributes. If the user can accept the performance limitations when the notebook is unplugged, the not very bright (but fortunately matte) display, and the lack of rigidity, the notebook certainly is an option and warrants a look: no other notebook featuring the same form factor offers comparable performance for the same price.

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Samsung Notebook 3 Review

A Shortcut

We love the very low weight, and fair prices.

Our wish is for greater rigidity, resilience and protection, particularly around the keyboard.

We are amazed at how much notebook performance suffers when it is powered by battery.

Contemporary Notebooks have the same form factor as ours and perform similarly.

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Dell Inspiron15R (Special Edition), Dell Vostro 3560 Samsung 550P5C Samsung 550P5C Samsung 550P5C Samsung 550P5C Samsung Series 7 700Z5A. A larger screen may be requested:

HP Pavilion g7-2007sg or Acer V3-771G-736b8G50Maii. If a smaller screen is an option, the Acer Travel. You might want to take a closer look at the Mate P643MG5324G75Mikk.

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.Samsung Notebook 3 Review