Igrill 3 Review

Igrill 3 Review

Grill Thermometer iGrill 3 App Connected Genesis II or Spirit II Gas Grills

Grill Thermometer Igrill 3 App Connected Genesis Ii Or Spirit Ii Gas Grills

Brand New

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Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Weber 7204 Igrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Brand New

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Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer Genesis II Spirit LX

Weber Igrill 3 Grill Thermometer Genesis Ii Spirit Lx

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Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer SEALED 7204

Weber Igrill 3 Grill Thermometer Sealed 7204

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Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Weber 7204 Igrill 3 Grill Thermometer

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Igrill 3 Review

Issues With The App

I thought I had to address the possible issues you might find with the app. You will see the same issues in reviews all over the internet.

  • Poor Bluetooth range
  • Avoid dropping or pairing too many

These issues were not something I experienced personally. From doing some research the most likely causes of problems are caused from having out of date software on your phone.

In those cases a software update should fix your issues.

There are also people who complain about problems with the app that were reported years ago. The problem with this is that Weber have released lots of fixes and updates to the app, so what effected someone 3 years ago might not effect you.

What Is A Bbq Thermometer?

Let’s first discuss the advantages of a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer before we go into detail about the Weber iGrill models. Many don’t realize that their grilling and BBQing can be easy and deliver delicious results. A good BBQ thermometer can help you achieve this. These are only a few of the reasons we believe that a meat thermometer should be used.

  • To reduce the risk of meat becoming too dry, ensure that your internal temperature is at the right level.
  • It is convenient to monitor the cooking temperature remotely, especially when multitasking is required.
  • Receive notifications when your desired cooking time or temperature are reached, ensuring you never overcook your meat.

Igrill 3 Review

What’s in the Box and Manufacturer Specifications

The iGrill2 ships in a robust box featuring lots of Weber branding.

Package contents:

  • iGrill 2 Bluetooth transmitter
  • 2 x Probe Wraps
  • 2 x Colored probe indicators (yellow and red)
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Quick start guide
  • Disc

The iGrill will work fine without using the Bluetooth features. The base unit is basic, but it does display the temperatures.

It’s nice that they included the batteries, although I do prefer that I can charge my InkBird IBT-4XS via USB cable.

This quick guide will provide you with helpful information for how to install the app and get started.

The specs are straightforward. You don’t have to be concerned about the max heat resistance being too high.

You should note that the range is always “best case” and can be a lot less depending on your setup.

Specifications for the manufacturer:

Also, ensure your tablet or phone is compatible with the device.

  • iPhone(r) (4S and later)
  • iPad(r) (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad mini(tm) (all generations)
  • iPod touch(r) (5th generation and later)
  • Many Android(tm) devices equipped with Bluetooth(r) 4.0 and running Android(tm) software version 4.3 or later

Setup And Using The Igrill 2

Luckily you don’t need to be a tech wizard to setup and use the iGrill 2. This guide provides an overview of the basics and gives you a general idea.

Here are the main steps to take if you have lost your guide:

  • The Weber iGrill App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device under settings
  • Hold the iGrill 2 base in one hand, and then lift the top of the iGrill 2 with your other hand.
  • On the underside of the iGrill 2, press down and remove the battery door. Your iGrill 2 comes with two AA batteries. You should insert them with the negative terminals compressed into the springs. Reinstall the battery door.
  • Attach the iGrill 2 to its base
  • Connect one or more probes to the probe ports on the iGrill 2.
  • Press the power button located at the bottom of the faceplate between the < and > buttons for two seconds. When the unit is powered on, it will show “On” and animate. A single beep will also sound to indicate that the iGrill 2 is active.

Once you have powered on the iGrill and connected it to your phone you’ll go to the home screen where you have a bunch of options.

The most obvious is the big “Start barbecuing” button. Clicking on this button will take you to a quick process that lets you select if you want to measure food or grill temperature.

I usually prefer to set my own temperatures to my liking. You might also want to consult our temperature and smoking times guide.

It’s quite pleasant to actually see your temperatures. The graphic shows the temp at the moment and the target temperature. A colorful graphic indicates how long you have to cook.

Other features of the app include:

  • You can create custom presets if you don’t like the built in presets or if anything is missing
  • Set up a timer
  • The temperature change over the whole cook can be graphicalally shown

Igrill 3 Review

Long Battery Life

Weber includes three batteries that are designed to offer 250 hours of combined working time. Therefore, you won’t need to change them even if you grill or cook for eleven days nonstop.

The thermometer will automatically shut-off and save battery-life when:

  • No probe is installed, and the unit isn’t paired to a device for more than five minutes.
  • The probe has been installed. However, the device is not paired with a smart phone for longer than 8 hours.

As long as you install one of the probes and pair the thermometer to your smart device, the iGrill 3 will remain powered on.

The iGrill 3 is an app-connected thermometer. The mobile-friendly software can be customized to suit your needs. You can:

  • Discover other users of the app and what they are cooking or grilling.
  • See examples of temperature changes with time
  • Set cooking time, alarms, notifications, or use the pre-set ones.

The iGrill 3 is still a work in progress. The probes that come in the box aren’t dishwasher safe or designed to measure your grill’s ambient temperature. You’ll need to get ambient probes separately if you want to measure your grill’s temperature with the unit.

We are confident that the iGrill 3 is as effective and reliable as it claims. With it, you would know when your food is ready or getting burnt but not when to flip it.

Let’s see how it performed when we tested the thermometer:

These claims would be true, we’d argue.

Your frozen food and other blazing foods should be kept within the permitted temperature. We recommend that you first defrost any food items before inserting a probe. A probe can be used to break frozen foods if it is stabbed in the food.

While the iGrill 3 response time is 3 seconds, it takes the thermometer approximately 15 seconds to read your meal’s temperature.

  • Simple to operate the app and device
  • Provides accurate and timely readings
  • Allows long Bluetooth coverage over unobstructed paths
  • Battery life is long
  • No LED display screen on the device.
  • No LED display screen on the device.

There are many functionalities available

Both of these meat thermometers come with a variety of features and functions.

  • Each probe can be used to determine the cooking time and ambient heat.
  • The probes that these thermometers use can handle heat up to 716 degrees Farenheight.
  • Both have Bluetooth connectivity to sync to your phone app.
  • They both use the iGrill App available at the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Both give you the option to set temperature control alerts, set timers, and save presets.

The main differences in functionality come with the battery life and the compatibility and hook up with the grills.

  • The appearance is another difference that may be a factor in your decision. The iGrill 2 has a temperature indicator on its outside. This is something I love about it. You don’t need to take out your phone just to check the temperature. This isn’t an option for the iGrill3 as you need to use the app for all read outs.
  • The iGrill 3 has the propane level sensor, which is not available in the iGrill 2.

Igrill 3 Review

Smart Led

  • Connect with Blinking Blue
  • Blinking Green – Connected to Smart Device
  • Alarm sounding – Blinking red – Temperature is set
  • Solid Orange – If preset range alarm is set, the solid orange indicates the temperature is inside your range
  • Solid Red – The temperature has reached your pre-set alarm
  • Solid Green – A non-custom preset cook has been created, and is currently measuring and transmitting temperature
  • Solid White – Device is getting ready to power down

The app also has a graph that displays the temperature at which your meat is ready to eat.


The best part about the iGrill temperature meters is their connection to the iGrill App. This app allows you to track your meats’ temperatures and receive alerts. It also keeps a log of previous cook outs for reference. This can only be used with a specific phone. Both the iGrill2 and the iGrill3 support the following phones/platforms.

  • iPhone 4S and later
  • iPad 3.0 and higher
  • All generations of iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5th Generation and Later

Make sure you check your phone or device’s operating system to confirm it’s in the above list before buying either of the iGrill thermometers.

Igrill 3 Review

Weber Igrill 2, Overview and First Impressions

If you’re not familiar with Bluetooth thermometers don’t worry. You don’t have to be a tech geek to understand how they work.

Rather than using radio style WiFi technology to display temperatures on a physical receiver, the iGrill 2 uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet so you can view the temperature of your smoker or grill and what you’re cooking.

Weber purchased the iGrill 2, which was made by iDevices, a few years back. While the thermometer is still very similar, they’ve been busy improving the companion app.

Individual iGrill probes can also be ordered.

Each Bluetooth thermometer that we reviewed seemed to be limited in range and have connection issues.

And the iGrill 2 is no exception.

Most of these issues have now been resolved. This can be seen by the ever increasing feedback and rating in the app store where the Weber app has a 3.7 / 5 rating.

After acquiring the company from iDevices Weber have completely rebuilt the app from the ground up so if you are reading a review from a few years ago they might mention some issues that were totally valid then, that are no longer case.

After cooking with the iGrill 2 a few times, here are our top impressions.

How to Install the Weber Igrill 3.

Setup is easy as long you have Weber’s Genesis grill series.

Find the iGrill 3 plate on your grill control board and remove it and the fuel gauge. In its place add the magnet and feed in the bracket so its feeds through the underside of your grill and onto the grill surface.

Before mounting the grill’s batterybox, get 3 new AA battery packs. The battery box should be plugged into the iGrill.

Attach the iGrill 3 to the bracket and attach all wires with the provided wire retention clip.

The iGrill App can be downloaded to your Android or iOS device. Pair it with the iGrill bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Igrill 3 Review


The iGrill three connects to the Weber application easily and gives you the opportunity to share the food you cooked, your cooking temperature, and activities on social media. This thermometer provides alerts for minimum and maximum temperature which ensures you to easily correct the temperature of your grill and that of your meat.

You can customize your cooking or select a temperature that is easy by meat option as you improve your skills. If your grill model uses propane, the fuel level detection feature makes it easy for you to know the amount of fuel left in your tank, so you don’t get caught on aware while cooking your favorite BBQ. The thermometer is capable of measuring temperatures from -22°F to 572°F.

  • Battery life is longer
  • Temperature monitoring and preset temperatures
  • Connect easily to your Android or Apple devices
  • Temperature graphing and social sharing
  • Detection of fuel level
  • The LED temperature display is not included.
  • Compatibility is limited


Probes Accuracy And Consistency

Note that the quality of a probe can vary with the thermometer. However, most of the Bluetooth BBQ thermometers available come with RTD or thermistors probes which are high-quality probes.

Their accuracy is high and they are always within 1F. On the other hand, there are some that are poor and inconsistent thereby giving an inaccurate temperature that swings widely.

It is important to read customer reviews before you make a decision about purchasing a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer.

Igrill 3 Review

Mobil App Quality

The smartness of your Bluetooth BBQ thermometer will dictate how easy and flexible it can be used. The app and its smart features are why so many people get a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer.

What’s the point of trying to get more out of the things you already have? Go for a thermometer that offers apps with a variety of presets for different meats. You can customize the thermometer to meet your needs. You can set the alerts, notifications, alarm, temperatures.

You can also choose ones that have cooking charts or graphs to help you create logs for your smoking and grilling sessions. There are some that also allows you to share your logs with friends on social media. Isn’t this going to be a good choice?

The Igrill 3 App

When you purchase the iGrill thermometer, download the iGrill App, connect, and open up a new world of endless barbecue opportunities. The iGrill is sure to impress you every time from the preset temperature guides to the state of the art smart features.

Well, first you would have to purchase the iGrill thermometer from a Weber dealer. The next step is to choose the right size grill for you and the way you intend to use it.

Weber has different types of grills and accessories depending what you are cooking. Below are 3 different Weber iGrill thermostats and the cost for each. After you have purchased the iGrill thermostat, the app will be downloaded to your smartphone and you’ll follow the steps to setup it.

You can choose from a variety of preset alerts, ranging from medium-rare steak to tender lamb. You can create and save custom alerts for your special dishes that only you know the perfect temperature for. Another useful feature is the Range setting that lets you customize alerts once the ambient temperature of your grill goes outside of the set range.

Each thermometer is equipped with the Proximity Wake-Up feature which allows your thermometer to wake and communicate with your smart device when it comes in and out of range. Temperatures can be measured from -22°F to 572°F, or -30°C to 300°C.

The only ultra-compact grilling thermometer using Bluetooth Smart technology.


  • Compact Size
  • One Probe
  • Intelligent LED
  • iOS and Android Compatible- Compatible with both iOS systems as well as Android for connectivity
  • Battery life up to 150 hours
  • Box includes an iGrill mini, one meat probe, one probe wrap, one colored probe indicator, one battery, and an optional magnetic disc


  • Four probe capacities
  • Comes with 2 meat probes
  • Illuminated Display
  • Touch Interface
  • iOS and Android Compatible- Compatible with both Apple iOS systems as well as Android for connectivity
  • Battery life up to 200 hours
  • The box includes the iGrill 2, two meat probes, two probe wraps, two colored probe indicators, two AA batteries, and an optional magnetic disc

Exclusive for Weber Genesis II and Genesis II LX Grills.

Weber Genesis II grills and Genesis II LX grills are iGrill 3 ready. You can now install your iGrill 3 in the grill, and then sync it with your smartphone.

You can connect up to 4 temperature probes at once and have your roasts, chicken or steaks monitored. The unit includes 2 meat probes. Blue tooth range of 150 feet and battery life up to 250 hours.

Igrill 3 Review

Weber Igrill 3

De Weber iGrill 3 is de innovatieve thermometer voor de Weber Genesis II serie. Deze thermometer meet de kern- en omgevingstemperatuur waardoor u met heel veel precisie kunt barbecueen! Via Bluetooth maakt u eenvoudig verbinding met de gratis iGrill app en ziet u op afstand op uw telefoon of tablet de temperatuur van uw gerecht op de barbecue.

Specificaties Weber iGrill 3

  • Thermometer
  • Bluetooth
  • Geleverd met 2 sondes, uit te breiden tot 4 sondes
  • Bereik tot ongeveer 50 meter
  • Inclusief kabel van 1,2 meter
  • Tot 250 uur batterijlevensduur
  • Gratis iGrill App
  • Exclusief ontworpen voor Weber Genesis II serie
  • Permanent te bevestigen op het werkblad

Weber iGrill 3 speciaal voor Genesis II serie

De barbecues uit de Weber Genesis II serie beschikken over een geintegreerde aansluiting voor de iGrill 3. De thermometer is permanent te bevestigen op de zijkant van het werkblad. Maar daarnaast is de iGrill 3 ook te bevestigen via de magnetische strip. De Weber iGrill 3 is de must-have accessoire voor een barbecue uit de Genesis II serie.

De ideale thermometer

De iGrill 3 bestaat uit een aantal sondes voor het meten van de temperatuur van uw gerecht. Stop een van de sondes in uw gerecht en maak verbinding met de gratis iGrill app. Vanaf nu wordt de temperatuur op uw telefoon getoond en krijgt u een melding wanneer het gerecht op de juiste temperatuur is. In de tussentijd kunt u bijvoorbeeld een salade klaarmaken of een drankje drinken met uw gezelschap.

Is it possible to use Igrill in a smoker?

Yes, you can. It is best to not mount the item on the smoker or grill lid.

Igrill 3 Review

Durability, build quality, and design

Look for one that’s FDA-approved and made from high-quality wire. This will allow it to withstand heat during cooking. Look for one that has a large backlight and waterproof probes.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bluetooth Bbq Thermometer?

  • It makes grilling and cooking more convenient as you don’t have to stay with your griller till the food is done
  • The device gives you the opportunity to manage other things hassle-free and multitask
  • Some come with special features like an in-built alarm that beeps when the food is done or when the desired cooking temperature is exceeded
  • The majority of these applications are easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Bluetooth BBQ thermometer makes meat safer as it prevents overcooked and undercooked meats

Igrill 3 Review

Is Igrill waterproof?

No, it isn’t. It can be placed on any surface that is wet, as the base resists water. However, it should not be left in the rain or put into the dishwasher.

Other Thermometers to Consider

If you definitely want a Bluetooth meat thermometer, the best alternative you should consider is the InkBird IBT-4XS.

Both thermometers come come with either 2 or 4 probes, and they share the same range of 150ft.

The main difference lies in branding. Weber definitely gets the edge here with an excellent and long reputation for providing great customer service.

Igrill 3 Review

Minimum 1

  • iPhone 4S and later
  • iPad 3.0 or newer
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 6th generation or later

What Is A Bluetooth Bbq Thermometer?

The Bluetooth BBQ thermometer works almost exactly the same way as any other thermometers. The probe, transmitter and cable are included. The probe monitors the temperature of the food, and it is connected to the main control box.

Igrill 3 Review

Warranty Details

This unit is made in China and is backed by a three-year warranty. You can modify the warranty to make it work on non-Weber gas grills.

What is in the Igrill 3 Box Box?

The Box Contents

  • One iGrill 3
  • Three AA batteries
  • A battery pack with one assembly
  • There are two probes, and one wrap.
  • There are two probe indicators, one red and one yellow.
  • One magnetic fuel level sensor
  • One installation guide

Other accessories and upgrades, like colored wraps, must be gotten separately.

Igrill 3 Review

Igrill 3 vs 2: Which Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Is The Best?

When buying a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer, there are some key factors you need to consider before making the final decision. These are the key points:

Igrill 3 Review

Igrill 3 Review


Weber Igrill 3 [Review]

">Igrill 3 Review

How does the Weber iGrill 3 smart thermometer stack up against their iGrill 2? This review compares the Weber iGrill 3 BBQ probe.

Amazon Grill Thermometers: Prices

The grilling industry has a strong reputation and the team at Grillie is great for making it easy to organize large parties.

Weber’s iGrill series was one of the best-loved.

Weber iGrill 3 provides perfect grilled food every time and mounts immediately.

Four probe capacities (two meat probes include); GRILL-TEMPERATURE ALERT

The meat probes can withstand heat up to 716°F. Measures range from -22°F to 572°F (300?C).

Igrill 3 Review

Igrill 3 Review

Joost Nusselder – Last updated: June 24, 2021. Looking for the most up-to-date smoking tips and tricks, keep reading!

Subscription to the ESSENTIAL newsletter is for aspiring pitmasters. Though I refuse to accept any paid sponsorships, the opinions expressed are my own. I can earn a minimal commission if you use one of my referral links and end up purchasing something that you love through them.

Grilling is now easier than ever thanks to Weber's new iGrill3.

This handy device allows remote control for the temperature of your meats via the Genesis II or LX grills.

The only thing you need is to insert the probes into your meat. Once the probes are in place, simply select the name of meat on the app.

You can read the full Weber iGrill 3 Review (view more photos) if you need more information about this gadget.


Is The Igrill 3 Really Worth It?

Weber iGrill 3 works well as a temperature thermometer. It can also be used to attach Weber-compatible gas grills. This is a remarkable Bluetooth thermometer with probes capable of reading a wide range of food temperatures. If you wish to monitor the temperature of your grill with this unit, then you will need to purchase ambient probes.

Igrill 2, or Igrill 3, which is better?

The iGrill 3 uses more batteries than its Weber iGrill 2 counterpart, so you'd expect it to last longer. It is. While the iGrill 3 is capable of lasting 250 hours without the need for replacement batteries, the iGrill 2's battery can work only for 200 hours before it needs to be changed.

Will Igrill 3 Work With Any Grill?

Answer: Hi! At the moment, only our Genesis II/Spirit II grills can mount the iGrill 3. The Summit 670 would be a good candidate for the iGrill 2. It has many of the same features as the iGrill 3, but it is a universal thermometer, which can be used on any type of grill/smoker/cooker.

Which Is the Best Weber Igrill

You can't talk about Bluetooth meat thermometers without mentioning the iGrill 2 by Weber. It is at the top on every list of best Bluetooth thermometers (not just our own). Mar 22, 2019.

.Igrill 3 Review

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