Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

Marshall Amplification
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Type Public limited company
Industry Amplification
Musical instrument manufacturing
Founded London , England (1962 ; 59 years ago ( 1962 ) ) [1]
Founder Jim Marshall

Bletchley , Milton Keynes



Area served

United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, United States
Owner Marshall Amplification plc
Subsidiaries Natal Drums
Eden Electronics

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

The competition

Note that this guide doesn't include Wi Fi or portable speakers. We won't be listing products made by Bang & Olufsen (Bose Bowers & Wilkins), Sonos or any other company that doesn't sell a Bluetooth-only wireless speaker. We have guides that will help you find the best Wi Fi speakers. For portable speakers, please see our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speaker Aiwa Exos-9 plays loud and has an internal rechargeable battery, but our panel thought it sounded somewhat light in the bass and not very clear on vocals. Adjusting the equalizer is difficult.

While Audioengine 2 sounded good, it wasn't as loud or as bassy as the top-rated picks.

Audio Pro Addon T5 is almost identical to Monoprice Soundstage3 in that it comes with a matte-finished leather handle and a leather grip. Amazon had nearly run out of stock at the time this article was written, so they seem to be focusing on its Wi-Fi and portable models.

Fluance Fi50 Bluetooth speakers are very inexpensive, however they sounded muffled to our ears.

We were unable to obtain testing samples for the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 and are concerned that this might be discontinued soon. Our previous runner up, the Harman Kardon Go + Play Mini, is now being sold at a significantly higher price than it was when we reviewed it.

Kanto SYD offers a sleek design. It has a builtin phono amplifier for turntables. We heard more than the device could provide.

One panelist chose Klipsch’s The Three II as the best. The rest felt that it sounded too bright, tinny, and bright in comparison to our top pick the One II. While we really enjoyed the Marshall Acton II, availability makes it difficult.

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Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

Marshall'S Emberton is a simple but brilliant Bluetooth speaker.

Marshall's Bluetooth speakers are more similar to an amplifier, but the Emberton appears less like one.

Marshall's Marshall's new $149 Emberton Bluetooth speaker gives the beloved Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom a run for its money. It charges via USB-C, which allows for fast, simple charging. The joystick-like controls are borrowed from Marshall's latest headphones. It is much easier than learning a handful of buttons in order to change the music or to check how the battery level. In an LED-lit display, the battery's remaining life can be seen at all times. To navigate, simply tilt the gold, spiralized nub in one of four labeled directions to adjust the volume or find the song you want. As some companies try to find clever ways to let you control your devices, such as swipes or gestures, there's something to be said for physical buttons being easy, accessible, and fun.

Marshall's headphones are a smart joystick, and this makes it possible for the speaker to leap over with ease.

Although it might not appeal to everyone, the Emberton design is a brick-shaped speaker with metal grilles at its back and front. You can slide the silicone sleeves over the speaker to protect it. Marshall's most subtle speaker design to date, it is simpler and more stylish than the previous models. However, it doesn't have as many colors or designs as other smaller Bluetooth speakers.

The 1.5-pound speaker feels heavy for its size, but it's not unreasonable considering the battery life. Since I received a review unit, I have been using it non-stop. It easily exceeded the advertised 20 hour lifespan when playing music at moderate volume. I can never mention this enough times because Ultimate Ears apparently hasn't heard us yet, but USB-C charging is great to have.

The indicator battery is visible in all lighting conditions.

Marshall, thanks to USB-C, charges his phone.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

Audiophile: Quick Links

BEST EARS 2021 The Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2021 Scott Burnside. I've wanted to write this Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker review since a long time. Based on the many emails that I received, it appears most people want it. Marshall started to venture into consumer audio a while back. Since then they seem to have produced countless headphones and speakers.

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For this review, I had the option of going bigger or smaller in the Marshall speaker range, but the Stockwell, which sits right in the middle of the companies Bluetooth speaker lineup, just seemed right. What does this speaker compare with the powerful i? It is loud.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

Conclusion – Looks Good But Lacks Some Substance.

Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Case (Black) It's disappointing that Marshall Stockwell can sound half as good as the pictures. Given my long experience with Marshall amps, the speaker is something I wanted to love. But, considering its high cost and poor sound performance, it's hard for me to recommend it. This speaker doesn't really have a poor reputation. The problem is that speakers are available that have better sound quality.

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Meze 99 Neo Review.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review


In terms of control, the Emberton supports the highest standard of Bluetooth currently available which is 5.0 and gives a good range of around 30 feet or 10 metres.

Marshall also lets you pair up to 2 devices at a time which they call Multi-host functionality so you and a friend can control the speaker from your devices at any one time, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on whether your music tastes are the same.

Bluetooth controls the speaker. It is easy to use but others might prefer a 3.5mm audio jack on other portable speakers like the Stockwell II.

It is portable and can be used in any water level up to one meter deep.

Even if your child drops it into the pool, there is no damage to it and you have thirty minutes to get it back. It's safe to drop it in the pool, but you can also have some drinks spilt onto it. Your music won’t stop.

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The video was reviewed and it passed with flying colors.

It also has a rugged design with a silicone exterior and metal grilles and was able to be dropped multiple times without consequences in our testing.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review

The Top 2018 Bluetooth Speakers: Which One Should You Get for Your Home?

It is the perfect choice for those who want an easy, enjoyable wireless speaker capable of filling a large room with a full-sounding, clean sound.

Wirecutter (A New York Times Company), authored this guide. This guide is not endorsed by Wirecutter (A New York Times Company). could earn a commission if any products purchased online via the links below.

Marshall Stanmore has been voted the top home Bluetooth speaker after having tested 18 other contenders. The Stanmore's ultrasimple operation and room-filling sound will appeal to lots of listeners.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers are Good

Marshall speakers offer great sound quality. They aren't wireless, however. Marshall amplifiers, and high-end speakers are what make Marshall a household name in the music world. These speakers have been at many concerts, but Marshall plans to take the amplifier business into mass production.

Marshall speakers are better than Bose speakers?

Side-by-Side Comparison The Bose supports voice assistants, unlike the Marshall, and it's better-built with longer continuous battery life. But the Marshall's soundstage is better and it works better with iOS devices and Android.

Marshall better than Jbl

Side-by-Side Comparison The Marshall Emberton is a better speaker for most uses than the JBL Xtreme 3. Marshall offers a more balanced sound profile, wider soundstage and lower latency when using Android or iOS. The JBL is more durable, has longer battery life and can be louder.

Which Marshall Bluetooth speaker is the Best?

Woburn Bluetooth Speaker.Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Sound System.Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Headphone.Woburn Wireless Multi Room Bluetooth Speaker.

.Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Review