Lectric Xp Review

lectric xp review

Experience a Ride

20-inch fatbike wheels are my favourite. You can still bounce around on them because they are just small enough for torque. They can compensate almost for the Lectric XP’s absence of suspension with low enough pressure.

If you are riding on sand, dirt, grass and roots you will want to be able to raise your seat. But, those large tires absorb bumps and make it easy for you and other riders to conquer difficult terrain.

Although the Lectric XP can be fun on-road, the majority of people will actually use the Lectric XP more for their everyday commutes. Whether as a daily commuter or an RV folding e-bike for getting around the local town or campsite, the Lectric XP is definitely a tootin’ around kind of e-bike. You can easily adjust the handlebars or seat to fit different sizes.

And with higher-end components than you’d expect for the $879 price , the bike feels solid underneath you. We’re talking full metal pedals, nicely designed locking folding mechanisms, built-in lights, metal fenders, an included rear rack that actually feels quite solid (and is much wider than most wimpy racks), disc brakes, Shimano drivetrain the works, basically. All these components would be found on bikes over $1,000.

Reviewers have seen many affordable electric bikes that are nearly as expensive, however they come with no brand name components and offer half the power than the Lectric.

Perhaps the LectricXP’s battery capacity is the one thing I would like to see improve. Fair enough, 500 watts is plenty. However, with fat tires that require extra energy to spin and riders being able to stay on the bike longer, 600 watts or 700 watts would be great. There is a limit to how many battery cells can be stuffed into frame-enclosed lithium batteries such as those found inside the LectricXP. It might be that the benefits of not having to attach a bulky, ugly battery to the frame are enough to convince me I don’t really need one.

Lectric XP’s speed strategy is quite interesting. The Lectric XP is an e-bike that can travel 20mph (32.5 km/h). You can use it anywhere there are Class II limits on e-bikes. The handlebar displays allow riders to access the bike’s computer and set the speed limit at up to 28 mph (45 km/h). Riders must make sure that they’re riding legally in all areas.

lectric xp review


You see, the Lectric XP e-bike is a very affordable and fun one. The Lectric XP is not the most flashy, ruggedized or flashiest e-bike. The bike is comfortable and reliable. It costs less than a comparable competitor’s bike. It allows you to share the ride with your partner.

The LectricXP is a great ebike for those who want to travel on varied terrains and are looking for an affordable option.

If you are interested in the $879 Lectric XP deal, you must act quickly. Although it’s not the most expensive bike on sale, this bike is still worth every cent at full price of $1,099 MSRP.

Do you like the Lectric XP or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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lectric xp review

Lectric Xp 2.0 Review

Lectric XP 2.0 has been created by Lectric eBikes. This company was started in Phoenix Arizona by Levi Conlow and RobbyDeziel who wanted an affordable electric motorcycle to the market.

Lectric XP is their first bike. Their innovative portable folding design combined with high-quality craftsmanship won them numerous awards.

Electric Bike Review’s Top Choice Awards voted Lectric XP as the best folding electric fat tire bike of 2020.

Apart from selling high-quality and affordable e-bikes the company also places emphasis on providing customer service. They offer free shipping throughout the United States for the entire team.

lectric xp review

2. Lectric Xp 2.0 Review

American brand Lectric XP 2.0 marks the second iteration their iconic bike.

The XP 1.0 was a foldable fat-tire electric bicycle. However, the 2.0 is a compact and attractive little bike. For commuters who are limited on space, the 2.0 bike will work well for them. Lectric eBikes have received many positive reviews that praise its ride quality for being affordable.

You get a 500W rear motor and five levels of assistance. The maximum speed is either 20 mph or 28 mph depending on your class. It folds easily, so it is ideal for transporting on public transport and for storage in an apartment or office.

Two models have been made by the company. The XP 2.0 Black comes with a’regular frame’ and a step thru frame. Both are available in black or white. Both bikes can be purchased for as low as $1,000. This is in keeping with the brand’s commitment to making their bikes affordable.

Let’s dive into the tech specs and intricacies of the Lectric XP 2.0 below.

lectric xp review


Lectric’s XP 2.0 introduced a whole new category of fat tire folding electric bikes. Their large frame and robust tires made for an extremely comfortable, solid package. You will notice a slight reduction in the size of the tires. Instead of the huge 20”x4” tires found on the first build, the new version has a smaller set (20x3x3x4”) CST tires. These tires have a slightly rounded tread profile which contributes to an improved riding experience.

Paired with the new front suspension fork, the new tires still make for an extremely comfortable ride, while their smaller diameter and lighter weight make the bike handle much better than its predecessor. Lectric eBikes were able to minimize their shipping footprint using less packaging material because the tires are smaller.

At 67x18x47inches, the wider handlebars at the top are more natural. The XP features an integrated vertical height adjustment on the handlebars, which, when paired with the massive vertical height adjustment on the seat, makes it easy to quickly set the bike up for a wide range of rider sizes.

It is technically a folding bike but its heavy weight of 63 pounds makes it difficult for people to carry when folded. Although it can be stored in an RV lockbox, or on a garage shelf for temporary storage, don’t expect that you will use the bike for daily rides on the beaches. You can reduce the size of your bike by folding the handlebars. This makes it easier to pack into the back seat of the car. The handlebar-down bicycle was much more manageable than the folded one and I quickly managed to get it in my Tesla Model 3’s trunk.

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There are options out back for maximizing the performance of the bike, including a derailleur and 7-speed cassette. Lectric XP2.0 proved to be a joy for us to ride through town. Cranking up the power to the max summons the full 500 watts of continuous power from the rear hub motor, with peak power kicking up to 800 watts to help us up the steepest sections of our review route.

The 9.6 Ah battery in the XP 2.0 is on the smaller side compared to many electric bikes on the market, but contributes to the lower price point of the bike. While you can get 45 miles by simply cruising the flattest areas of the town with assist level 1 it will not be enough to make the bike go faster. It is much better to just crank the throttle and have a blast. Lectric offers additional batteries for as low as $299 for those who want more range or more smiles per mile.

The display on the XP 2.0 is the same gray-scale display found on the original and continues to be extremely easy to read in all types of lighting conditions.

lectric xp review


Lectric eBikes vehicles have a great deal of potential right out the box. Lectric has also introduced a wide variety of accessories with version 2.o to enhance their versatility. You can attach the cargo baskets to either the rear rack included or an optional front rack to transform the XP2.0 into the ultimate electric bike sport utility vehicle.

Lectric’s Cargo Pack was supplied with our test bike. It proved to be a great addition to the bicycle and very easy to use. For a simple bag of groceries, or even a backpack and jacket, the front basket can be used. We mounted the larger basket to our included rear rack. It is ideal for carrying a couple of bags of groceries, or similar-sized cargo. Lectric eBikes XP2.0 has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. It is a true workhorse, and it can handle almost anything you throw at them.

Comfort is elevated to the next level thanks to the new suspension seatpost, ultra plush saddle and recliner-like comfort. Just before the release of the Lectric XP 2.0, we had the chance to experience the Comfort Pack on our prototype. It was extremely comfortable.

I personally use a suspension seat post and a plush saddle on my e-bikes whenever possible. Check the dimension of your original seat post before buying a replacement. Lectric’s accessories are available in packages that allow you to purchase the exact gear you want for your ride.

Lectric’s eBikes XP2.0 brings an incredible amount of value and a cost that is unbeatable. You will be amazed at the fact it has fenders and a rear rack as well as front suspension. This frame is capable of carrying up to 330 pounds. The XP2.0 will find a home in thousands more homes, boats, and RVs thanks to its new features, as well as optional accessories.

While it’s affordable makes it the obvious choice for starter bikes, its versatility and accessories ensure that it can be used in any situation. Visit the company’s official site to get all the details or order one right away.

All images credit: Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

lectric xp review

Lectric Xp: Review of 28MPH Fat Tire Ebike

Technology We Need Follow * Read for 5 minutes Today, we are reviewing the LectricXP bicycle. The Lectric XP electric bicycle is a fat-tire bike that can reach speeds of 28mph and has a range up to 50 miles. It also features pedal assistance and throttle acceleration. A folding mechanism makes it easy to store and has an internal battery that can be used for indoor charging or swapping.

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Lectric provided a new XP for us to review and test. We aren’t paid by Lectric for this review. However we do make a small commission if you buy using our link. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Lectric XP will be $200 off. Also, we have a coupon code which will give you a complimentary rack bag when your order is placed!

For shipping, the XP comes in a medium sized box that weighs 60 lbs. You will find the bicycle folded in half and almost assembled inside. Included in the box is the manual, the charger, and a couple tools. Once you have attached the seat, handlebar, and inflated the tires, your bike will be ready to go.

A closer inspection of the components shows that the bike has a Shimano 7-speed freewheel and a thumb shifter on its right handlebar, so it can be changed between gears. In the middle, there’s an LCD display that will show battery level, current speed, pedal assist level, and trip distance. The bike features 5 Pedal-Assist levels that kick in a few seconds after you start pedaling.

lectric xp review

Lectric Xp2 Bike – In-Depth Review

Lectric’s impressive range of bikes for multi-purpose purposes includes the Lectric XP 2, which is undoubtedly the bike to lust after.

It is smooth at higher speeds due to its sturdiness but still light enough to be manageable in the city, urban-traffic settings, and parking lots. This bike has a lot to offer. You have the opportunity to choose between two different frame models – either the Lectric XP 2 stepthrough Lectric XP 2 or regular Lectric XP 2 XP 2.

The model has more storage options and cargo options than the previous models, making it a Lectric-developed example.

For less money than some models it has outperformed, the Lectric XP 2 is an easy recommendation.

Here’s a list of all the major features. To get a complete picture of the bike, read our full Lectric XP 2 Review.

What is The Lectric Xp Worth?

Power. Lectric XP is a small, powerful motorcycle that looks remarkably like The Little Engine That Could. This bike feels strong and torquey with a peak motor of 500W. It can also accelerate quickly, hold its speed well, and reach a top speed of 20 mph using throttle. Pedal assist is available. May 19, 2021

Lectric Xp – How long does it last?

Good 20-mile-plus battery range. Accessories like front and rear lights, a built-in display, a rack, and fenders are included. You can fold it, have a removable battery and arrive fully assembled. This can be used to increase the top speed manually up to 28 mph. (Class 3). Feb 24, 2021

Where Are Lectric Bikes Made?

Lectric eBikes made in Asia are assembled in the US.

LectricXp Has Suspension

XP 2.0 Suspension Seat Post diameter: 1 1/4″ (31.8mm) … XP Step-Thru 2.0 Suspension Seat Post diameter: 1 1/4″ (31.8mm) Suspension: 40mm of travel. For riders up to 220 lbs.

.Lectric Xp Review