Misfit Vapor X Review

Misfit Vapor X Review

Misfit Vapor X Review

Misfit VaporX Smartwatch

Misfit VaporX is a great Wear OS smartwatch but its expensive price does not justify it. Other smartwatches are available for the same price, with better specs and longer battery life.

There was an overwhelming amount of smartwatches at IFA 2019, Berlin. It's hard for companies to differentiate their products from all the rest. Misfit VaporX reviews will reveal how the company is doing just that, instead of following a proven formula.

Vapor X, the third Misfit Vapor product in the Vapor series, is the sequel to Misfit Vapor 2. Built on Google's WearOS platform, this device has all of the key strengths of Android smartwatches and also many of its weaknesses that make WearOS watches challenging to recommend.

Our review: The Misfit Vapor X smartwatch was used for approximately a week. It runs Wear OS version 2.8, based on Android 8.1 Oreo. I installed the build number OWM1.181005.036.H3 with the August 5, 2019, security patch. It was paired with a One. The review included a plus 7 pro.

Misfit Vapor X Review

Hardware, Design and What's Inside The Box

Black watches with black straps are usually not my preference. They look too masculine and boring to me. This combination is not what I would pick, but the unit I reviewed is all black. I love it! It's simple, sleek, a little inconspicuous if you don't focus on it, but very, very elegant once you notice it. The right watchfaces can be used to match both a formal or sporty outfit. If you're not a fan of the stealth design, there are four other options to choose from and multiple strap colors.

The glass top houses the 1.2 inch AMOLED display. Additionally, the aluminum alloy body has a soft matte finish. The body is beautiful and even more comfortable to touch. The crown functions as a scrolling tool and is flanked in the middle by two additional buttons. By default, one of them points to Google Pay, but you can change them to launch any app or activity you want, including quick access to the now playing music screen to control playback.

You will find the charging rings and the heart rate sensor at the back. The charging process is not something I am familiar with. My other smartwatches either had pins that I had to be exact align or didn't have any pins. It's a good idea. Although there are two pins on the charger, they can be positioned in almost any direction.

Misfit put in a lot of effort to create the VaporX's Band (or Sport Strap+, depending on how you spell it). This strap measures 20mm in length and is made of flexible, smooth rubber. Underside ridges help with breathability, a little nub stops the free loops from wandering away and loosening the watch, and even the buckle has a quick-release pin.

Even though I have relatively small wrists, the watch's 42mm body doesn't feel large or heavy on my wrist and I am very comfortable wearing it for a full day.

In the box, you get the essentials: the Vapox X, USB charging cable, and quick start guide.


Misfit Vapor X Review

Misfit vapor X review: Forget the Fuss

Misfit Vapor X smartwatch by Google is among the most beautiful Wear OS devices I've ever used. Because it was so easy to use and didn't have any annoying software, it's the watch I've been wearing consistently through my review.

Misfit chose a simple design that blends well with most things, including the black stealthy color. With so many smartwatches disappointing due to little irritations, the Misfit Vapor X proves not all Wear OS smartwatches are born equal.

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It's minimalist design that Misfit excels at, the Vapor X being one of their best. The design is effortlessly cool and simple without lacking identity, and although Misfit is a sports brand, the Vapor X doesn't look too sporty. It looks great with whatever I wear, fitting comfortably whether I was at the gym or at a cafe typing on my laptop, and the colors available mean I can go for a stealthy look or embrace something much brighter.

Sensibly, Misfit has abandoned the multiple model approach from the Vapor 2 and made just one Vapor X. It's lightweight at 43 grams and the 42mm wide, 12mm thick case is compact enough that you never notice it on your wrist. This circular screen is curved around its edge to catch the sunlight and increase tactility. Character comes from the oversized crown, which is both a button and an interactive scroll wheel, and the size and texture mean it's easy to use. This is a much more practical option than the touch sensitive bezel that was on the original Misfit Vapor. The crown has two buttons that are smooth and ready to activate Google Pay or Google Fit. But you can also customize the triggers for each button.

A simple silicone strap of 20mm connects the straight lugs to them. However, it can attract lint if worn under a shirt. It's pliant and has channels on the underside to stop you sweating, and they really work. Metal and thin, the clasp was difficult to use. I had to take the watch out of the case in order for it not be removed from the strap. Refitting it was easy, but the pin holding it on is a little small. It was necessary to bend slightly the clasp arm so that it would not come undone again.

Bright but not small, the screen on AMOLED is 1.2 inches in size. While the bezel surrounding the edge of the watch face is substantial it certainly looks better with a black background. You can't hide the bezel, as it is distracting. I never had any problems seeing the face outside, so sunlight visibility is great. The always-on screen was perfect for my review. It pairs well with the correct watch face.

The Misfit vapor X is never out of place. It's not too large or flashy.


Misfit Vapor X Review

Displays and design

The design is great. Although it is a bit unique, the design of this device looks great. Misfit is a brand that represents this. Fossil's company claims it is for "round pegs within square holes", which it kind of does.

Smartwatch design, in general, comes in two forms. You can refer to my Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Fossil Sport reviews, which show each side. You have two choices: go dressy or go sportsy. There is no middle ground. It is crucial to remember that fashion is an essential part of smartwatches. A smartwatch should be able to match your personal style and fit with the clothes you wear.

Misfit sent me their black model. But, they also have other options like gunmetal and champagne. The design of the watch is clean and simple. You will find three buttons to the right. There is a digital crown located in the middle. Customizable buttons at both the top- and bottom.

Two charging rings are located at the bottom of your device. It's actually a fantastic solution. Fossil's watches don't have wireless charging, unlike some other brands. I'm not a fan of that. Over time pin-based charging can cause problems for many watches. This is because the pins beneath the watch become dirty. But this watch has two rings, which can connect to the pins on the charger at any point. Fossil has Misfit and it works exactly the same way as other Fossil smartwatches. The bottom line is that with a larger surface area for charging, it won't get dirty as easily.

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It is made from aluminum alloy and weighs only 43g. It isn't as light as Fossil Sport. But it has the right balance between fashion and comfort. Misfit wouldn't have been able to make it any lighter. The 12mm thickness makes it very lightweight and comfortable.

The AMOLED display's stunning 328ppi resolution is exceptional. Also, it's one of very few smartwatches I have seen that has curved glass around its edges. This gives it an elegant design. You can see a tiny bit of the bezel on smaller devices such as smartwatches. OLED screens have true blacks and you won't see it.

The minimalist design of the Misfit Vapor X is reminiscent of the Moto 360, one of my favorite smartwatches of all time. Its circular, sleek design is stunning but doesn't seem flashy.


Misfit Vapor X Review

Performance and Battery life

Misfit VaporX comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipet,512MB RAM and 4GB storage. It performs well in all aspects. I experienced no issues with this Fossil Sport of similar specs, which is good news.

The Snapdragon Wear 3100 is Qualcomm's latest smartwatch chipset. Qualcomm refers to it as big-small.tiny architecture. This means that the chip is able to take big.LITTLE out of phones while scaling down its use in wearables. You can unlock new power management capabilities, like a second-hand moving on or color on the ambient display. There is one problem: finding the right watch face for it. But the Snapdragon Wear 3100 has not yet become mainstream. Most watch faces made for this model are compatible with Snapdragon Wear 2100.

Snapdragon Wear 3100 also has a problem: the core architecture remains Cortex-A7. That's the same technology that was used for the first Android Wear smartwatches. There was no improvement in performance since those devices were equipped with the Snapdragon 400 chipset.

It is only 512MB RAM that causes real performance issues. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch reviews showed how huge a boost a full 1-GB RAM can make. Fossil Sport also shows how slow the Fossil Sport gets if there's not enough.

And as I alluded to earlier, I do think that fashion is more important than performance in a smartwatch. You need to know what it is you will use it for. For me, the primary functionality is telling the time and getting notifications without pulling out my phone. Misfit VaporX is able to do that perfectly. Even if some apps take a little longer to load or access services, that is acceptable.

The most essential thing is battery life. The ability to go through the day is all I need. The Vapor X is charged at night. Unfortunately, the Vapor X couldn't do that for me. I lost it several times in the middle of the afternoon. It will go into battery saving mode and you'll still be able to tell time, but not receive notifications.

Watches can be set to activate battery-saving mode when it reaches 9%. I just wanted to point that out because it's weirdly specific.


Misfit Vapor X Review

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Misfit is proud to announce the VaporX WearOS smartwatch. The Vapor X is equipped with a 1.19" AMOLED display. Additionally, its 42mm slim case is made of a light alloy aluminum that only 43 grams. To compare, we haven't included the weight of any previous Vapor watches on their respective spec sheets. Misfit has provided a complete breakdown. The Qualcomm Snapdragon3100 processor powers Vapor X. The battery-saving mode of Misfit claims that the Vapor X can provide a full day's battery life. This watch has the standard 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. (If you want something more powerful, Fossil's new Gen 5 watch is an exception: it has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Although the jury isn't yet out, it seems that adding more RAM to a Wear OS-based device may help solve its problems. The Vapor X will likely not suffer too much if they stick with a standard specification.

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The Vapor X is actually a hybrid of the Gen 5 and the Vapor X. Both have NFC for Google Pay (on-device GPS), a heart rate sensor and waterproof to 30 meters. The likenesses aren't much of a coincidence, considering that Fossil Group owns Misfit. However, there are many differences. There are also some differences in their style. For example, the Gen 5 watch has a more casual look while the Vapor X looks more professional. Fossil intends to make a new app for Gen 5 users that allows them to receive calls from their Wear OS devices.

Misfit's Vapor X has an introductory price starting at $199.99. This is $80 cheaper than the eventual $279.99. We haven't tested the Vapor X yet, but $199.99 sounds like the right price for a watch with fewer bells and whistles than the $295 Fossil Gen 5.

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Does Misfit Vapor X Have A Speaker?

The hardware component of the Vapor X was my greatest disappointment, aside from Wear OS's quirks. Misfit's internals are the same as those used in the Fossil Sport. This is despite the fact that they share the same company. It has the same RAM and storage, but no speaker.

Does Misfit Vapor X Have Gps?

It comes with NFC support, GPS built in, and a small 41mm watch. This is an excellent option for Huawei. Huawei announced recently that it will do the same for the Watch GT. October 23, 2018, 8:00 p.m.

Is The Misfit Vapor Model X Coming Out Soon?

Gadgets Now: Misfit Vapor X Pricing, Full Details, Release Date (14th Sep 2021).

Is the VaporX waterproof?

The Vapor X is actually a hybrid of the Gen 5 and the Vapor X. Both support on-device GPS, NFC for Google Pay, a heart rate sensor, and are waterproof up to 30 meters deep.Aug 14, 2019

.Misfit Vapor X Review