Vonage Review

Vonage Review

Vonage Holdings Corp.
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Trade name

Type Public

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Industry Cloud Communications services
Founded January 2001 ; 20 years ago ( 2001-01 )
Edison, New Jersey , U.S.
Founders Jeff Pulver
Jeffrey A. Citron

Holmdel, New Jersey


United States

Area served


Key people

  • Rory Read (CEO) [1]
  • Jay Bellissimo (COO)
  • Stephen Lasher ( CFO )
  • Savinay Berry (EVP, Product & Engineering)
  • Rodolpho Cardenuto (President, Applications Group)
Products Unified Communications , Contact Center, Communications APIs , Home VoIP Phone Service Provider
Services Business Cloud Communications Services
Revenue $ 1.25 billion (2020)

Operating income

$ 170 million (2020)

Net income

$ 44 million (2020)
Members 1.1 million subscribers (2019)

Number of employees

2,400 (2020)
Website vonage .com

Vonage Review

Pricing and set-up

Vonage's basic plan includes $9.99/month unlimited calling to landlines in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. But that's only for the first year. After that, you pay $24.99 per month. This service is only part of your account. The adapter will also be shipped to you. There's also telephone number portability, so that your number can still be used. An adapter allows you to use your phone without having to restart your computer every time.

Vonage North America prices have dropped slightly since the last Vonage review, while Mexico (landlines/mobile) has a new coverage area. IP service. Vonage World also has pricing changes. It starts at $9.99, and goes up to $27.99 for the second year. You can also get Vonage 3000 to Globe Phillipines for $14.99, and it will go up to $29.99 per monthly after that.

Skype is able to provide an inbound telephone number at a cost of $2 less ($5 for Skype number, unlimited calling and $2.99 for unlimited calling), but Vonage does not offer the number portability feature or the local 911 connection. Phone. Power's initial unlimited US and Canada plan costs $3.95. But it lasts just three months, and then goes up by $19.99. Both Vonage as Phone. Power offers a 30-day money back guarantee. However, this does not cover taxes or government fees.

Vonage Review

Netfortris Fonality

Compare Prices Read Our NetFortris Review Vonage Business (19.99/Month @ Vonage). This product is separate, however, its plans vary from $19.99 per month to 39.99 per month depending on the volume. This compares to Editors Choice Ring. Central costs $19.99 to $44.99 per person per month, and Jive hosted Vo is $29.95 to $39.95. IP prices range from $19.95 to $29.95 Features packages are different, so make sure to look at the specifics for a comparison.

Vonage sent me an email advising me how to dial 911 after I had signed up online. Vonage does not allow emergency calls with regular phones. Instead, Vonage asks you for your location. It uses this information to provide E911 Enhanced 911. It's the one that tells emergency operators your exact location and callsback number. Skype has no 911 support. Phone does. Vonage is matched in power. Vonage, however, charges $9.99 more per month for a line account that allows you to call from your Mac or PC using the softphone app.

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Vonage will ask you three questions about your security (first pet name, etc.) when you open an account online. If you wish to be able to forward calls, you may optionally include your mobile number. You can download the Vonage app to your smartphone by sending a text link. Although I could change my initial number, including area code, exchange and exchange, I wasn't able to enter a list of numbers that I desired to match. Skype allows you to do this. My old phone number was transferred for an additional $4.99 per year.


Vonage Review


First introduced to consumers in 2004, Vonage has been a pioneer in Vo. One of the most important IP service providers, Vonage continues to…

Provider Overview Screenshots Write Review Provider Overview

Vonage was the pioneer of Vo. Vonage is still the biggest provider of IP services. Jeff Pulver, creator of Vonage, was also responsible in creating the first Voice Over Internet Protocol Application, Free World Dialup. Vocalocity has been acquired by the company in 2013, a fast growing business VOIP provider. Vonage continues expanding their offerings for both residential and business markets. Vocalocity's customers and resources are used by Vonage. IP-based call platform. New innovations within the provider's offering include a plugin for Facebook and i. OS apps as well mobile calling.

Vonage announced its most popular residential program, VonageWorld in 2009. In 2009, Vonage introduced its most popular residential plan, Vonage World. This offered unlimited international calling to more 60 countries at one flat rate. The number has been expanded to 70 countries. Vonage has a straightforward setup and offers competitive pricing. It also includes a wide range of features that make it easy to use.

The Most In-Demand Plan

Vonage World offers the most sought-after residential calling plan for just $27.99 a monthly. Unlimited minutes are available to 70 different countries, as well as 10 mobile countries. You can also call from your home or two smartphones. There are 25 custom features. It also allows for number porting, which lets you keep your home phone number as well as providing you with a new number. The hardware included is easy to set up and simple to use. Once you have connected your router and smartphone, it's ready to make calls.

Let's get to the bottom of it:


Vonage Review


A more extensive feature set may be necessary for larger businesses.

Vonage for Home is not to be overlooked by companies looking for new Vo. IP Solution Vonage also offers enterprise Vo. Vonage Business Cloud IP is a better solution for large businesses as it allows you to make full use of your CRM and collaborate with other companies.

This comprehensive review focuses on Vonage Home Vo. IP service. After a brief introduction, this page will provide an overview of Vonage Home Vo. IP service and its key features (b) a look at the Installation and Setup process (c) a look at Vonage for Home's various Pricing Plans You can jump to the review section that interests you most by clicking on the links in the bar at the top of this page, but bear in mind that this article is really designed to be read all the way through, as businesses will benefit from assessing the service in its entirety before deciding if it meets their needs.

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Vonage's Vonage for home is another great option. It is extremely affordable and has been proven to work. SMBs and sole traders will find an IP option. You will enjoy great international calling rates as well as online tracking and anonymity, excellent call quality, and easy transportability.

Vonage Extensions allows Vonage customers to easily take their Vonage calling account with them anywhere they travel.

Although many businesses have recently been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, communication tools like Vo. Their value has been demonstrated by IP telephony, and videoconferencing platforms. For smaller firms, in particular, Vo. Because IP solutions enable employees to communicate with clients and colleagues, even when they aren’t physically present at the workplace, it has enabled them to be connected. Vo is another option for small businesses that have been working from home. IP tools have long been associated with reliability. And that's certainly what's on offer with Vonage for Home.

The best cloud phone systems: Buy a cloud-based business PBX. Best Vo. IP phones for the small business and home office Get a free Vo. Get an IP quote that is tailored for your company's needs. Our certified partners and experts can assist you in finding the right Vo. By choosing the best offer, IP partners can save you both time and money. Our service is 100% FREE with NO obligation to buy.


Vonage Review

Customer Reviews for Vonage Unified Communications

Review Vonage’s Unified Communications, (UCaa). See the feedback of our customers. S) services. These real-life testimonials give you first-hand accounts of Vonage products and services from the people who rely on them every day. Learn the truth behind all of this chatter.

SPECIAL ONLINE ONLY OFFERS Main local company number included for online purchases.1 PLUS try Vonage Business Communications free for 14 days if you buy online (up to 99 lines)!2 Pricing starts as low as $19.99 (plus taxes and fees). * Online only special offers. View offer x SPECIAL ONLINE OFFERS. Main local company numbers are included in online orders.1 Plus, Vonage Business Communications is free for 14-days for purchases up to 99 lines.2 Prices as low as $19.99 (plus tax and fees). * Number of employees your company has? (enter below) Stay connected with our mobile and desktop apps; great for remote and on the go.

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per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees Unlimited Calls3 Unlimited SMS3 Vonage App Center4

Unlimited Team Messaging

Work together and communicate using our desktop, mobile apps as well your IP deskphones.

per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees per month/per line plus taxes & fees All Mobile Plan features PLUS:

Unlimited Meetings for Up to 100


Vonage Review

Compare Vonage With The Top Voip Providers & Phone Services

Vonage gives you the fundamentals to communicate with your colleagues anywhere and on any device. This is the best option for any business that needs basic communication and collaboration tools, regardless of size.

Vonage, a provider of affordable unified communication services, is not without its limitations. Vonage is not able to offer you all of the bells-and-whistles such voicemail/to-text and paperlessfax. Nextiva, Ring and other industry giants are more generous. Even their most basic plans, Central includes these sophisticated features. Nextiva or Ring offer similar features and are more affordable. The robust options are Central.

We've reviewed Vonage, Nextiva, Ring. We have reviewed Central and several other top VoIP providers in order to help you decide which is best suited for your company. All of them have the same features so you can get lost. We have tested these products and compared them with metrics that are most useful to companies like yours.

See all of our top picks


Vonage Review

The Bad

Vonage is very popular and has many user reviews. The majority of users on Which. Vo. IP has rated Vonage unfavorably and does not recommend this service. Additional monthly fees are charged and there is a lot of difficulty in fixing service issues.

If a plan under contract is cancelled early, a fee of up to $99.99 may be charged per voice line.

According to some reports, international calls are less clear than calls made domestically. It is possible to get different international call quality depending on the country.


Vonage Review

Overall Thoughts

Compare other Vo. IP services with similar minute plans and features, Vonage is more expensive (after the 12 month introductory rate expires). Vonage's Business Services are not well reviewed. However, 35% of all the reviews for Vonage on Which.com were positive. Vo. IP strongly recommends this residential service.

Vonage's strength lies in its large size. This makes it more reliable and accessible to customers than smaller Vos. Providers of IP. You can use unlimited plans if you are looking to save money on your monthly calls from home or work. However, the World plan offers great value for frequent international users.


.Vonage Review

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