Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

United States Postal Service made sending and receiving mail a simple, easy aspect of every day life.

USPS, an extension to the federal government’s executive branches, offers reasonable prices on all kinds of shipping. These include standard-sized letters and 70-lb. parcels.

However, does USPS actually print labels for its customers? Is it possible to use a home printer? We have the solution you are looking for.

Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

What 2022 USPS label printing will look like?

United States Postal Service offers a free service that allows customers to generate shipping labels online and then have them printed in store. The label printing service is available for people who don’t have access to a printer or for owners of small businesses/ecommerce stores. While USPS can print labels for free, the shipping fee is not included.

  • Find out more information about the cost of printing labels by USPS, Label Broker and the different types of labels USPS prints.
  • Are USPS Labels Free to Print?

    USPS does print shipping labels for free, though it is worth noting that the printing service itself is free – not the actual shipping label.

    Let’s back up.

    Recently, the U.S. Postal Service had just announced that it had combined their Label Broker program, Click-N-Ship.

    Click-N–Ship can be used to allow customers to print shipping label from their home.

    The USPS said that they are addressing the problem many people have: Insufficient access to printers.

    Their comments were that, with so many people working at home now, there was no need to address the problem of lackluster printing access.

    You can integrate Label Broker/Click N Ship to make it easier for customers and small business owners to get shipping labels as they require them.

    Shipping labels must be purchased, and will differ in price depending on how large the shipment is. However, USPS offers a printing service at no additional cost.

    Label Broker allows customers to return their merchandise free of charge to eCommerce shop owners who have in mind or wish to do so.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    What is USPS Label Broker?

    USPS Label Broker allows customers to have easy, convenient access for shipping labels even when they don’t have printers at home.

    If you don’t own a printer, this service can help you purchase shipping labels. Then have them printed at no cost.

    This is particularly important for those who own small businesses and store online that sell items that may require extra shipping or returns.

    Label Broker is used in conjunction with Click-N-Ship, another USPS service.

    According to USPS, Label Broker can also be used as the printing option once the label transaction is complete.

    It will say “Print Your Labels” while “Print Labels later at The Post Office” is your last option. Enter your email address and select that option.

    USPS will immediately send you a code QR to your email. You can then forward this code to your customer, or email them directly, if needed, if your business is small.

    You can give them the code, or take it with you to the post office counter. A postal worker will scan it for you and create the label.

    You must attach it to your package before you can mail. The label cannot be taken home.

    What types of labels will USPS print for you?

    The USPS can print any type of label that their Click-N–Ship service allows.

    As of right now, this includes Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail International is also included. Global Express Guaranteed

    It is important to note that if you or your customer are going to print the USPS labels in the postal office, then they will need to attach them onto the packaged.

    You cannot use the Label Broker function to print at the postoffice and bring the label home.

    Be sure to remind your customers to bring the package to the USPS Post Office.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    Is it possible to get a prepaid shipping label from the USPS?

    You will need to verify that your local post office supports Label Broker.

    The locations finder tool can help you do it.

    Enter your location and a list of post offices near you will appear. Click to zoom in on any location or view the services available.

    If Label Broker can be supported in the store it will be added to the list of “Services Available at this Place” as you see below.

    A label broker seems to be an extremely common feature in postal offices.

    Even if your nearest post office doesn’t offer it, you might be able expand your search to up 100 miles.

    Can the USPS print shipping labels from my phone?

    Your Label Broker QR code can be brought to a Post Office for printing in one of two ways.

    The easiest and fastest way to show your USPS agent the QR code from your smartphone is the first. It’s that easy! They can scan it, and they will print it.

    But, you may also print a copy of the QR Code.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    Although it might sound strange at first, isn’t this the same as printing it because you don’t have one?

    It may seem paradoxical to say, but maybe you forgot packing tape, or have poor handwriting, which makes it difficult for the USPS to determine your destination.

    Whatever case it may be, USPS relies on people to bring in the QR code of Label Broker via their mobile phones.

    Our posts include information on whether USPS notarizes documentation, how USPS scans packages and what USPS does to update tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • Through their label broker/click-n-ship mashing-up, the United States Postal Service allows you to print shipping labels for free.

    However, it is an excellent tool for business and individuals who can’t afford a printer.

    .Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

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