Where Can I Drop Off Usps Packages? (12 Locations)

USPS is the largest and most trusted mail delivery company in America. It competes with FedEx, UPS and UPS due to increased drop-off locations.

  • But can you drop off a USPS package at locations other than the post office, and if you can, where and how do you do it? You can read my entire article to discover what I discovered!
  • Where Can I Drop Off USPS Packages? (12 Locations)

    How can I drop off USPS Packets 2022?

    You can drop off USPS packages at national retail stores such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Michaels, and Office Depot, with other drop-off locations being self-service kiosks and collection boxes as of 2022. USPS established the Approved Delivery Provider Program. This program allows consumers to conveniently drop their USPS packages at national retail stores such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Michaels. Other drop-off locations include self-service kiosks and collection boxes.

  • If you’d like to learn more about the Approved Postal Provider Program, such as where and how you can drop off USPs packages, keep reading this article to find out more information on this subject!
  • Twelve Places to Drop off Your USPS Packages Other than The Post Office
  • This comprehensive listing includes all locations where you can drop off USPS Packages!
  • 1. USPS Boxes Collection
  • An easy way to drop off USPS packages is to use a USPS collector box. Also known as “blue boxes”,

    Visit USPS.com to drop off a package. Use the scroll-down menu option to select “collection box” to find the closest one.

    You’ve found the collection container you wish to use. Now, it’s time to place the package.

  • Postal workers will stop along their routes to pick up mail and deliver your parcel.
  • 2. Self-Service Kiosks
  • USPS offers self-service kiosks where you can drop off packages and have them sent to you without going to the post office.

    These self-service kiosks serve two purposes: to reduce traffic and increase convenience for customers, as well as helping relieve congestion in the post office.

    For self-service kiosks that you can use to mail packages, please visit the USPS Website and scroll down to choose’self service kiosks’.

    After you have found the kiosk that you like, follow the instructions to ship the package.

  • 3. Contract Postal Units
  • Contract Postal Units form their own subcategory and are eligible for the Approved Postal Provider Program.

    Contract Postal Units function in much the same manner as franchises, such as 7-11. As independent partners to USPS, they can open a CPU for shipping supplies.

    Shipping packages is one of the many services offered by CPU. This makes them an excellent option to drop off your package at a post office.

    Dropping off an item at a CPU will be the same as shipping one at the post office.

  • 4. Walmart
  • Walmart is one of the largest and most readily-accessible Approved Shippers in the USPS system.

    While you can drop off USPS parcels at Walmarts in most cases, the service is not available at all stores.

    For information on whether your local Walmart offers USPS shipping services, visit this USPS webpage. Next, scroll down and select the option “National Retailer”.

    Next, browse through national stores in your vicinity that offer USPS service until you find the nearest Walmart.

    If you want to send a parcel via USPS to Walmart, it is best to ask for help at the customer service counter. This counter can be found in the front of most stores.

  • 5. Staples
  • Staples, another national retailer is an approved shipper of the USPS.

    Staples uses both USPS and UPS shipping. When you visit the counter to send a package, make sure you specify the service that you want.

    A drop-box service is also offered by some Staples stores, which are similar to blue collection boxes USPS uses.

    To save time and avoid standing in long lines, keep your eyes peeled for boxes near the entrance of the store.

    Search on USPS.com to find Staples locations near you, which accept pacakges (previously linked).

  • 6. Walgreens
  • Walgreens offers a convenient way to drop off USPS packages at any time, as they are available 24 hours per day.

    Walgreens also has over 8,000 locations so they’re also an incredibly convenient option for drop-offs, especially considering that they’re usually located in suburban areas along major roads.

    Walgreens will accept USPS parcels. To drop them off, look out for the drop box labeled USPS. Or go to customer service and ask.

  • 7. CVS
  • CVS is an option comparable to Walgreens, with a similar location strategy that makes them an easily accessible option for shipping packages.

    Dropping off a USPS package with CVS is also very similar to dropping off a package at Walgreens, as you can look for a drop-box with a USPS label, or go to the customer service counter.

    Additionally, both CVS as well as Walgreens have self-service kiosks that are used by USPS. The kiosks come under the Approved Postal Provider Program.

  • 8. Office Depot
  • Office Depot can be described as an Approved Shipper. It is a retailer that has a lot in common with Staples.

    Office Depot’s shipping process is similar to Staples. Some stores offer collection boxes at the front while others need you to visit the customer service desk.

    Important to remember that not all Office Depot locations, or any other national retailer, participate in Approved Seller program.

    Therefore, to find out if the Office Depot near you is a participant in the Approved Shipper program, you can use this link to the USPS website and use the drop-down menu to select “national retailer”.

  • 9. Albertsons/Safeway
  • Albertsons (also called Safeway depending upon your area) is another major retailer that is part of the Approved Shipping program. It offers the most convenience for consumers.

    By offering USPS shipping services in a grocery store used by millions of people, it provides a one-stop shop for many Americans who need to get packages shipped quickly and efficiently.

    Some Safeway/Albertsons locations have a USPS labelled desk or kiosk for customers to ship packages, while others use collection boxes or the customer service desk.

  • 10. Costco
  • Costco offers options for those who prefer to shop at bulk grocery stores.
  • Costco is one of many locations that participates in the Approved shipper program with USPS. The app allows for the same ease and convenience to shoppers at Albertsons/Safeway stores.

    Costco only ships USPS package via its customer service department.

  • 11. Sam’s Club
  • Sam’s Club National Bulk Grocer is also a participant in USPS’s Approved Shipper programs.

    Sam’s Club operates in a similar way to Costco in both retail and as an Approved Shipper- to ship a USPS package, simply go to the customer service desk with your package (once you verify that your location participates).

  • 12. United Heritage Credit Union
  • United Heritage Credit Union has the USPS-certified services currently available.

    Most United Heritage Credit Unions sell stamp books, but a small number offer mailing services to send smaller pieces of mail, such as letters or solicitations.

    For shipping service information, check USPS.com. The scroll-down menu will allow you to select the “national retailers” option.

    Scroll to the United Heritage Credit Union and click on it. If the site offers only stamp booklets it will be noted in the upper right hand corner.

    What is The Approved Mail Service Provider Program?

    USPS’s Approved Postal Provider Project is a collection of services that are designed to make it easier for consumers to ship packages.

    The different services included under the Approved Postal Provider Program are as follows:

  • Approved Shipper Program
  • Contract Postal Units (CPUs)
  • Stamps To Go
  • Approved Resellers Program

    National retailers, such as banks and grocery stores, were granted approval to join the USPS’s shipping journey under the Approved Shipper part of APPP. This allows consumers to drop packages off for delivery in their store.

    National retailers were able not only to get more foot traffic to their shops, but could also add a little convenience cost to the shipping costs to help them make money off the partnership.

    USPS also benefits because of the increased convenience factor and greater brand recognition.

    The Approved Resellers and Stamps to Go programs are focused on shipping material to brick-and mortar locations other than post offices.

    Contract Postal Units on the contrary allow retailers, in partnership arrangements to serve as post offices.

    You can drop off your USPS package by using the Approved Postal Providers Program. The two main parts that are most relevant to you are the Approved Postal Shippers and the Contract Postal Units. They are additional drop-off locations for packages outside the post office.

    For more information about USPS you may also want to see the related posts: Can you drop packages in USPS mailboxes? How long USPS forwards mail and if USPS will take FedEx.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS packages can be dropped off at Walgreens CVS Office Depot Office Depot Costco Sam’s Club Walmart, Sam’s Club or Walmart via the Approved Postal Provider Program. The program allows USPS products and service to be offered at additional locations than their local post offices.

    Not all national retailers are eligible to participate in the Approved Shipper Program. To find out which locations in your area are participating, check the USPS locations tab.

    How can I drop off a prepaid usps package?

    You can drop the package off to blue collection mailboxes or Post Office drop boxes if it fits. Some post offices may have designated areas on their counters for pre-paid packages. A large quantity of packages may require you to transport them to a loading dock at the rear. 2017- e 21

    Can You Drop Usps Package At Walgreens?

    Is it possible to drop off USPS parcels at Walgreens Staples Walmarts Walgreens, Staples, and Walmarts will accept USPS package drops if there is a FedEx counter. 2019- o 7.

    Are Packages allowed to be placed in Dropboxes by the USPS?

    The answer is yes. 2018-me 19

    Is it possible to drop usps packages at the office depot?

    Yes Office Depot and OfficeMax can offer Mailing & Shipping Services from FedEx or USPS (U.S.). You can send your mail to any location, national or international. Choose from overnight, express or ground shipping options through FedEx, as well as Priority Mail Service available through USPS.2019- juu 17

    .Where Can I Drop Off Usps Packages? (12 Locations)

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