What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What Happens If You Lose Your Usps Parcel Locker Key?

If you lose your USPS parcel locker key (for an individual parcel locker), you will have to go to your delivering Post Office.

Remember that you will not be able access your parcel locker until this matter is resolved.

You can get another key by going to the Post Office explaining what has happened and your name, address and number for your parcel locker.

Next, USPS will most likely send someone to change the lock and issue new keys.

USPS won’t, however, issue new keys for the lock if you are not satisfied with it.

If you want to know more, you can also see our posts on USPS delivery instructions, if USPS packages are insured, and what happens when a USPS package is stolen.


Once the parcel is dropped off, you will be notified and given instructions on how to collect it.

Parcel lockers can use electronic keys codes which are updated each time a parcel is dropped off. With these kinds of setups youall receive a one time use only code that you can use to pop open the parcel locker and retrieve your package.

You simply need to enter the code you received on your keypad upon arrival.

Other parcel lockers will use QR code readers, barcode scanners, and other tools and technology to help you apop the locka on your parcel locker without giving unauthorized access to anyone else.

Parcel lockers may also use traditional key retrieval systems with numbered keys.

These lockers require that you all speak with someone, verify your identity (that you have the permission to retrieve it), and then they will give you a key which you can return after opening up your locker.

You will be granted a unique, unrestricted access code to the parcel locker that contains your parcel. You will be the only one who can access that parcel locker, and you must retrieve it.

Parcel locker platforms can accept packages from every major shipping and mailing organization, though some are abrandeda specifically to deal with packages and parcels from companies like Amazon (for example).

You have an opportunity to go to these storage solutions at your convenience to get your hands on your package, and thatas one of the biggest benefits of moving forward with this kind of arrangement.

After arriving at the parcel locker location you the will be able to use a key (a physical key provided to you when arrive at the locker, when you sign up for your parcel locker subscription, or a digital key that works with your smart phone/password) so that you can gain access to the individual locker that has your items.

And thatas it!

Itas about as simple and as straightforward a drop-off solution as can be.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What are the Advantages of Parcel Lockers

A parcel locker has many benefits. We will highlight some of them below.

The fact that every shipping company has a parcel locker guarantees delivery is the best reason for you to use this service.

Rural residents know how frustrating it can be to shop online and then find out that they cannot deliver packages via conventional mail to the address at which they live.

You may be able to trust USPS to pick up your package from UPS or FedEx and take care of the last mile for you sometimes, but this is not always the case.

On top of that, if you are a USPS PO Box customer the odds are pretty good that your postmaster is going to get unhappy with you having packages pile up in their office because they canat be delivered to your street address.

A parcel locker solves these problems.

Itas a happy medium for both you and the shipping companies, guaranteeing a simple and straightforward delivery for the shipping services as well as a simple, secure, and reliable pickup service for you.

Security is another huge advantage you enjoy when you choose to take advantage of parcel locker options.

As we highlighted above, apackage piratea problems have absolutely exploded in just the last few years.

Even if you live in a nice neighborhood thereas no guarantee that you wonat have to worry about people liberating your packages off of your porch, even if you have a remote video camera set up in place to watch it happen or provide evidence when you call the police.

These worries are completely eliminated by secure parcel and package lockers

The shipping agent has all your packages, which are never made available to the general public.

Lastly, the fact that you are in total control over how and when you go to pick up your packages is another big part of why people choose parcel lockers every day.

You don’t have to rush to the post office to pick up your parcel before closing time. FedEx and UPS deliver your packages at your residence on a regular basis.

Instead you know that your package is going to be inside of your locker after itas been delivered whenever you feel like popping down and picking it up, regardless of whether or not thatas first thing when you get out of work, after dinner, or in the middle of the night!

This approach allows you to control when your package arrives.


The reputation of the parcel locker services youare thinking about using a not just nationally or statewide, but locally and at that specific location as well a is critically important.

Do not decide on the spur of the moment to drop off a package at a locker.

Instead research the reputation of that company, the safety and security of that specific location, and be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into before you reroute your package there.

You don’t want your sensitive parcels, orders online, or important mail sent to someone you cannot confirm that they will actually take care of your private and personal property in the same way you would.

Some parcel locker services have a much better reputation than others a but most are pretty rock solid, most are on the up and up, and most of the popular options can be trusted right out of the gate.

The odds are pretty good that if the folks at UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon trust a parcel locker in your area than you are going to be able to trust them as well.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

There’s more

The benefits of using a postal locker include all of the benefits of using a regular mailbox.

It’s also another place where you can leave mail for someone, and it will be picked up upon arrival.

This is the only issue with it: if you want an item in your locker to function properly, it must be picked up by someone.

You will have to arrange with the other person what they need to do in order for your item to be ready when you drop it off at the parcel locker.

There are so many different things that a lot of people use a parcel locker for, but senders and receivers need to make sure that their packages have enough postage on them. You won’t receive them if you don’t.

Usps Parcel Lockers Are Not Po Boxes

One important distinction about parcel lockers–if not the most important distinction–is that they are not PO Boxes. Many people confuse the two, when in reality they are two completely different things.

PO Boxes actually substitute as mailboxes where you can directly send letters and packages to. However, parcel lockers aren’t addresses that can be used to send mail or packages directly. However, if you send a package that’s too big to fit into a PO Box, USPS will likely move it to a parcel locker inside that same Post Office, and place a key that opens the locker inside the PO Box.

You can’t send packages directly to parcel lockers so you don’t have any control over whether USPS uses one to deliver a package. USPS only uses a parcel locker when the package that you are sending or receiving is larger than what can fit in a regular mailbox.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What does Usps Parcel Lockers do?

You might have noticed large packages being delivered by mail carriers in a communal mailbox, such as those in apartments, condos, or mobile home parks.

Sometimes, you receive a package that is too large for your mailbox. In these cases, it will sit there unattended.

USPS parcel lockers were designed to solve the problem of small mailboxes that are too large for apartments. They provide mail carriers with safe and secure places to store their packages.

A lot of people will post their mail to a postal locker and then send a buddy the information so that they know where it is. They can be used to store documents such as receipts and financial statements.


Lastly, youall want to investigate the security solutions available at a parcel locker.

Most of the time these parcel lockers are inside of a private business or private property, and youall be given an access code or a key to get in on a 24/7 basis a really locking down and securing your packages.

Sometimes, though, thatas not exactly the case and youare dealing with a parcel locker thatas attached to the outside of the building that may or may not be all that secure.

You want to be sure that only you are going to have access to the specific locker that your items are going to be in. You donat need people rifling through your packages to find their own and maybe aaccidentallya taking some of your purchases home with you.

Itas not a bad idea to make sure that your parcel locker is in a decent part of town where you donat have to worry about apackage piratesa waiting for people to come to their storage lockers so that they can liberate your items when you come to retrieve them.

Sadly that happens a whole lot more frequently than most people want to consider and itas certainly something that youall want to avoid whenever possible.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

Usps holds packages in parcel lockers at certain post offices (not all)

You won’t find USPS parcel lockers at Post Offices, similar to the way USPS offers only certain services online. They are most common in rural areas or zip codes that have a low population density. On the other hand, they are not as prevalent in large cities and urban centers. USPS uses parcel lockers to transport packages in rural areas. This is because residents who live too far apart make it more difficult to ship parcels to the same number of mailboxes at the Post Office.

USPS does not deliver to homes directly, however other carriers such as UPS or FedEx can.


Installing a parcel locker in your home or business can reduce costs. Your property management staff or reception team likely spends hours sorting and managing deliveries, taking their time away from critical tasks.

Further, if a building tenant’s package gets damaged, your team will likely take the blame. Your staff and you can reduce liability by having a parcel stored in a safe place.

USPS also recognized parcel lockers as CBUs, which can reduce delivery costs. This mandates the USPS to provide centralized delivery options for apartment and development complexes throughout the country.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

Is A Usps Parcel Locker At The Post Office:

Even if there is only one person in an apartment, condo or mobile home park, there are lockers for all. You might need to contact your apartment manager in order to find out if there is a parcel locker for you if you are the only one living in an apartment or condo.

They will always tell you that there is one available for anyone who wants one, as long as you pay the fee. They won’t be able to provide one if they don’t.

There are many ways you can use your parcel locker. However, their main benefit is that it allows you to securely and conveniently leave your packages.

If you’re dropping off mail for someone or if your mail is going on a business trip, you can use your parcel locker.

USPS reserves certain parcels to be delivered at a USPS parcel locker near you. You can also drop something off that was sent in the mail for your employer.


Features Set

You want to ensure that your parcel locker service (or one you use every so often) is equipped with all of the necessary features.

  • Do you think it is important to have 24-hour access to your parcel locker retrieval area
  • Is it important that the parcel lockers are oversized and can accommodate (almost) any package imaginable?
  • Do parcel lockers need to have a high level of security so that your package is never lost?
  • Are parcel lockers best kept in controlled climate areas? Or can they be left outside?
  • Which locker security system is used to recover your package?

All of these things need to be researched before you decide to go in one direction or another.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker


Your package will be delivered to the address provided by your shipping company.

Depending on the parcel locker set up, the shipping companies will either have master keys to all of the individual parcel lockers (so that they can fill them) or will have access to a secure area on the backside of these lockers with access to fill them that way.

Delivery happens in the exact same manner as it does anywhere else, regardless of the mode.

Your parcel is delivered by the delivery driver who arrives at your home with it.


Parcel lockers offer another benefit: the possibility to return your parcels to you in a secure and safe location.

Sometimes post offices are set up in friendly neighborhoods. It is not always a good idea to stop by the post office at night and pick up a few packages.

These parcel lockers have been selected for their safety and security.

Almost all parcel locker locations are in busy, well lit locations with additional security features.

This is surveillance technology that monitors property and customer service personnel on a 24-hour basis. Sometimes, even unarmed, armed security can be provided.

Parcel locker locations that are tucked into commercial properties (like shops, department stores, grocery stores, etc.) These commercial businesses also benefit from security and safety solutions.

You wonat have to worry about safety when youare retrieving packages from your parcel locker!

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What is a Usps parcel locker?

You can deposit a package that someone else has dropped at the post office locker into the same box you placed it in.

To use USPS Parcel Locker you will need to first create an account. You can have as many accounts as you’d like to, and they offer free membership.

You will have to check if your parcel locker is nearby if you do not own a mailbox that’s worth at least $3500.

You’ll soon be able access your mail from a local address.

Is there a simple way to recall what a USPS Parcellocker is? It can be thought of as the post office that receives mail.

The service is totally free, but there are times when it will take longer than usual for the letters and packages that are delivered to a mailbox on someone’s property. The US Postal Service may take a while to deliver your mail.

Are Usps Parcel Lockers Safe?

Yes, parcel lockers are much safer than simply leaving your package in an unsecured area.

Parcel lockers provide an immediate deterrent for opportunistic pirates of packages.

Can parcel lockers’ locks be picked? It is possible, however, it requires some effort. This would be especially noticeable in areas with cluster boxes.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

Very low cost

You, as the owner/manager of a building will be responsible for damaged packages. You can reduce your liability by installing parcel lockers in your building. This will also keep your tenants’ mail safe.

The Leasing Office Cannot Leave Packages Behind

The leasing office offers a secure option for getting your package delivered to your apartment. If you are not available to pick up your packages at the office or you prefer not to be there, the delivery company can request that they hold it for you. You can either do this over the phone or online. You have the choice to either pick up your package at one of their local offices or ship it later.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

What is the Work of Parcel Lockers?

Both traditional and electronic parcel lockers work similarly, though they display some key user differences. Regardless of the type of locker in question, the process follows three basic steps:

What is a Usps Parce Locker in 2022?

A USPS parcel locker is part of a community mailbox area, where mail carriers can securely leave larger deliveries that don’t fit into the smaller mailboxes as of 2022. That said, parcel lockers may be private or USPS-owned, with USPS providing locks and keys for its own.

To learn how parcel lockers work, how you retrieve your package from a parcel locker, if parcel lockers are safe, and so much more, keep reading!

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

Cluster Box Unit (Cbu’S) 12 A-Size Mailbox Doors – 1 Parcel Locker – Type Ii (2) – Usps Access

Cluster Box Unit (CBU’s) 12 A-Size Mailbox Doors – 1 Parcel Locker – Type II (2) – USPS Access

Parcel Lockers

Includes Parcel locker door(s) – a means of USPS package delivery. The dual-captive locking system allows USPS packages to be delivered to the locker while the key is left in the mailbox of the tenant. The tenant retrieves the package and the key remains in the lock.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

How Different Parcel Carriers Deliver Packages

So you’ve read our spiel on USPS package deliveries, but what about FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and other smaller parcel carriers? Each one is unique in its own way. While FedEx and UPS deliver parcels in an almost identical manner, Amazon has many innovative ways to make it stand out.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker?

USPS parcel lockers allow mail carriers to leave packages in safe, secure places. They’re designed specifically for larger packages and will come in different sizes that you can use to fit what you need to store.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker

The Benefits of Parcel Locker

We’ll go over all the major benefits of using a parcel locker system.

What Is A Usps Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

If you are a resident in a community that shares a residence, such as an apartment or condo complex, receiving larger parcels of money can cause anxiety.

  • The USPS is able to deliver items to parcel lockers. This allows you the security of any item that might not fit into a normal mailbox. Is it a USPS package locker? I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!
  • What Is A USPS Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    What is a USPS parcel locker in 2022?

    USPS parcel lockers are part of the community mailbox area. Mail carriers have access to larger mail boxes that can hold more than what is allowed in smaller mailboxes. Parcel lockers can be either private or USPS-owned. USPS provides locks and keys.

  • To learn how parcel lockers work, how you retrieve your package from a parcel locker, if parcel lockers are safe, and so much more, keep reading!
  • How Do USPS Parcel Lockers Work?

    Large packages may be dropped off in communal areas by a mail carrier if your apartment is in a condo or private residence.

    Basically, when you have something delivered to your shared community mail center that’s too big to fit in a mailbox, it just sits, unsecured, out in the open.

    USPS parcel locks are intended to address this problem. They provide a safe and secure location for mail carriers to store packages that will not fit in standard-sized mailboxes.

  • In addition, the Postal Service now requires multi-residential properties to be renovated and to contain parcel lockers.
  • Parcel lockers provide residents with peace of mind, and they help to reduce Postal Service headaches like lost package claims or stolen packages.

    USPS can deliver to these parcel lockers in two main ways:

  • USPS-Owned Lockers of Parcel
  • To join your mailbox unit, the USPS may install its own parcel lockers.
  • They are given by the Postal Service as individual parcel lockers and three keys.

    If necessary, USPS allows residents to request more copies.

    Some parcel lockers might operate in a slightly different way. A key for the parcel locker is placed in the mailbox of the resident so that they can retrieve their parcel.

    In this instance, USPS doesn’t individually assign parcel lockers.

  • Privately-Owned Lockers for Parcels
  • Also, there are privately-owned parcel locker systems where your property management or owner holds all the power.

    If this happens, the property owner is required to supply keys and locks.

    What Is A USPS Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    How Do You Get A Package From A USPS Parcel Locker?

    What cluster boxes your building has installed will affect how to retrieve packages from parcel lockers.

    If there are parcel lockers that each person has, then you have the ability to check them as many times as you wish.

    Chances are, you were tracking that package anyway, so as soon as the USPS Tracking status says “Delivered” or “Delivered To A Parcel Locker,” you can go check it.

    You can then simply open the lock by using the key.

    Your community may not assign parcel lockers to your property, but they could leave a key in the letter box.

    Then, you will find a unique number or letter that you can take with your parcel to the right locker.

    Then, lock the door and grab the package.

  • This is similar to the way that PO Box parcel lockers in the Post Office work.
  • You might also find different ways to retrieve packages from privately owned parcel lockers. You may need the key to retrieve your package from someone working at a desk.

    What is the best way to open a USPS Parcel Locker

    For you to open an USPS parcel locker, a key will be required. The USPS supplies the key for each unit.

    The locks are usually built into lockers, but you can be sure that the locks and keys will always work.

    The Postal Service also allows you to make duplicates of your key at no cost and with unlimited copies.

    What Is A USPS Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    What does USPS Delivered To A Parcel Locker Mean?

    If there are parcel lockers in your area, you will be able to find the right place for your package.

    That said, mail carriers may opt to deliver packages in parcel lockers for various reasons: the size of the package, security reasons, or accessibility reasons.

    Parcel lockers will ensure your package remains safe and secure until you need it.

    Is A USPS Parcel Locker At The Post Office?

    Yes, the Post Office has USPS parcel storage lockers, but these are for PO Box owners only.

    Parcel lockers are not for PO box holders and can be found in apartments, condos, or other areas that form part of a cluster unit.

    “Cluster box”, however, is an umbrella term that refers to the collection of mailboxes found in common areas.

    If you’re new to an apartment or other residential community, and you’re not sure where to find your parcel box, try looking right where the cluster of mailboxes are located.

    What Is A USPS Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Are USPS Parcel Lockers safe?

    Yes. Parcel lockers can be safer than just leaving the package unattended.

    The security and safety of parcel lockers can be used as a immediate deterrent to any potential pirates.

    Is it possible to pick the locks of parcel lockers? It is possible, however, it requires some effort. This would be especially noticeable in areas with cluster boxes.

    What happens when you loose your USPS Parcel Key?

    To retrieve your USPS parcel key, (for an individual locker), please go to the delivering Post Office.

    You won’t have access to your parcel locker until you resolve the issue.

    For a second key, go to your local Post Office. Explain what happened. Include your name, address, as well as the number of your parcel locker.

    USPS will next most likely send someone who can change the lock or issue new keys.

    USPS won’t, however, issue new keys for the lock if you are not satisfied with it.

    You can read our USPS Delivery Instructions posts to find out if USPS parcels are insured and what to do if a package is stolen.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS parcel lockers offer convenience and security for all mail recipients as well for the Postal Service.

    This is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity for larger mailboxes. They are commonly located in apartments/condo buildings as well as shared residence communities.

    What Are The Full Parcel Locker Usps

    A Parcel locker is one that is placed within a CBU. It can also be used in combination with local delivery and collection units. This unit is used to deliver parcels and packages. December 22, 2021

    What does it signify when something is sent to a parcel locker?

    Given that the package was properly scanned, “Delivered to parcel locker” refers to the fact that the package arrived in a small plastic or metal container in your vicinity. To retrieve the package, a key must have been placed in your mailbox.

    Why was my Usps box delivered to Parcel Locker

    If you’re sending a mail piece and it shows “Delivered/Parcel locker”, what does this indicate? It could be that the recipient has a clusterbox unit (CBU), or an outdoor parcel lock (OPL). Feb 23, 2017.

    Why is it that the Usps packages say they were delivered to a Parcel Locker.

    This is most likely due to the carrier not delivering your package. In this case, contact the nearest post office with your full name, address and tracking number. USPS now uses GPS to locate the address of the courier when the package was delivered.

    .What Is A Usps Parcel Locker In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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