Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Review

Mpow X3 Review


The battery life is very limited.

Only available in one color scheme.

Wireless earbuds are the best choice if you want to find a pair of quality earphones. But this wasn't always the case. Even though wireless buds have been around for a while, it was not the norm. At first, the audio quality was poor. Bluetooth older protocols couldn't provide low-bitrate sound and the result was a hollow, muffled quality. Even worse, you couldn't listen in stereo. It was necessary to have a good set of wires in order to achieve this.

In 2015, True Wireless Stereo (TWS), or earbuds with true wireless stereo (TWS) was introduced. TWS enabled stereo sound as well as higher-bitrate sound. Audiophiles throughout the world rejoiced, and wireless quickly became an industry standard. Apple's new i. Phone 7 came out as a wireless only device, with wireless buds becoming wildly popular. Apple Air, the most expensive model of Apple's Air at first. You can also buy cheap imitations of the Pods. Now, however, you can find a wide range of high-quality wireless earbud options on the marketplace.

Mpow is one company who has benefitted from wireless earbuds becoming more popular. Mpow offers a wide range of products. Most of them are very worthwhile. Today's review will focus on the Mpow X3 True Wireless Earbuds. It is their newest product. They are a little more costly than other buds, but offer active noise cancelling (ANC). This feature, which is often not available on over-the-ear headphones, can be found in very few earbuds. These buds can do so much more. And are they worth spending your hard-earned cash? We'll take a close look at all the benefits and features, and see what there is to learn. Only then, can we give our verdict. Let's get started!

Mpow X3 Review

Boltune Anc Bt–Bh023 Vs MpowX3

Boltune offers two wireless earbuds, one X3 (from Boltune) and another BH023 (from Boltune), both with ANC. Both offer strong bass, and are the exact same price. This is where there's an exchange between their respective qualities. Boltune provides slightly less noise with noise canceling enabled, while the Mpow X3 has better quality call quality and precise audio-video synchronization. It blocks brighter noises just a bit better.

Although both have a distinctive sound, Mpow X3 makes it sound more balanced. Boltune can make the bass sound louder and more powerful, while it has better control. The Boltune places vocals (even) more forward – but claps, cymbals, and voices can be a bit piercing and sibilant as a result. The Mpow controls this better as well. The X3 has many other advantages, making it a more versatile all-rounder.

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Mpow X3 vs Apple Air. Apple Air $250 Pods Pro Wireless earbuds featuring active noise cancelling are the Apple Air. The most widely used model of wireless earbuds, the Pods Pro is without a doubt. However, don't think they are better. The ANC on the Air. Pods Pro brings in slightly more, but ever-so-subtle white noise, reducing sounds from your environment a bit stronger – although there has been an update on the Air. Pods Pro weakening just that. The Air. Pods Pro makes it easier to switch between Apple (Apple) devices, and the call quality is better than that on Mpow.

Mpow X3 hits back, hard. Its sound is crisper, clearer, and opens up more. The higher frequency ranges are highlighted and detailed with greater clarity. It has a larger soundstage which creates music with a pleasing airy quality. The bass is stronger and goes deeper, whereas the Air. Pods Pro bass is rather fussy.

Next to a higher sound quality, the X3 also delivers an hour stronger battery life with noise cancelling turned on. Enjoy a better sound quality and save as much as $200

However, while the Edifier's earpieces may be large and can protrude into your ears from the top of your ear canals, it is the lowest-priced wireless noise-cancelling earphone available at less than 100 dollars. This is the same as the X3: the Edifier mutes surrounding noises more effectively, even those with faint background tones. It also has an even better battery life than the Mpow X3. However, the X3 has a more vibrant, energetic, balanced, and detailed sound. When used in conjunction with the Edifier the TWS NB seems almost too warm and muffled.

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Mpow X3 Review

Mpow-X3 Vs. (Plus), Mpow-M30

Mpow X3 has a $15 higher price than Mpow M30. The Mpow M30 Plus is similar in cost to Mpow X3. Like the X3, it doesn't have the best build quality. The M30 offers sport wings instead of the X3's ANC or better call quality – so you can make your decision based on these facts. While the M30 is similar to the X3, it also features the Mpow sound of an increased bass and forward singing, but the M30 sounds better and more natural than the X3. Mids and highs have a more subtle sound, with the bass being less predominant. This results in a slightly more flat sounding sound. However, don't confuse that with a boring sound. Both these Mpow's sound very energetic, but the X3 punches even harder.

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Amazon Review: Mpow MOVIO Mpow X3 and Bomaker Sifi II. Although it does not offer active noise cancelling, the Bomaker Sifi II can be used to block noises surrounding by them. Sifi II features a more robust, powerful and heavy-hitting bass. The sound is warmer, and has more depth in the middles. Mpow X3 has higher highs, which makes it clearer and better balanced. Battery life is comparable on both earphones; the Mpow throws in ANC and better call capabilities as extras.

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Mpow X3 Review

Find the Current Price of MpowX3 Anc/

Ali offers MpowX3 for purchase. Express MpowX3 from Ali. Express Mpow X3 Amazon US Mpow X3 at other Amazon stores. I purchased the Mpow X3 for myself to review and test. Many thanks for the suggestions! All reviews of audio products are my own and completely non-commercial. You can read my full review of this product here. It would really be a great help if you used the links provided in this article. Although it doesn't come at an additional cost, this will allow me to continue my search for good audio and affordable music. You can also read:

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Mpow X3 Review

Is it a good idea to buy the Mpow-X3

Mpow X3 seems to be a fantastic deal, especially considering its low price. It cancels out all noise and produces excellent sound. The design/build quality is just what you would expect of a budget earphone.

Two weeks into using the Mpow X3, it has proven to be a great value. The MpowX3 is a beautiful product that can be used in a variety of ways and won't cost too much.

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Mpow X3 Review


You know, we have made many reviews about MPOW earbuds and headphones, because I really like this brand. They produce high-quality products.

MPOW X3 Wireless Earbuds is the best I have ever tested. The eartips are made of silicone for improved noise isolation, Active Noise Cancellation and better noise suppression.

Actually, these are the first TWS earbuds with ANC that I tested. I hope that all earbuds will have ANC because it is a very useful function.

Also, MPOW X3 earbuds have a USB-C charging port, good battery life, and four microphones for better phone calls.

These wireless earbuds, which cost only $60 are great.


Are Mpow Headphones a Good Brand?

MPOW headphones can be considered an excellent brand, even if there are some drawbacks. The brand's high build quality and feature-rich products make it a popular choice for anyone looking to purchase decent headphones at an affordable cost.

Is MpowX3 capable of cancelling noise?

Mpow's first active noise cancellation feature is Mpow's X3. This technology allows users to dampen the noise around them by pressing a button. Not yet: The wireless ANC earbuds reduce noise volume. June 24, 2020

What is better, Mpow or Anker?

The Anker is better than the Mpow for commute and travel. Anker headphones have a deep bass that may appeal to some. The Anker produces a bass-heavy sound that some users may prefer. The Mpow however are much more comfortable, stable, have volume controls, and have a better carry case. The Mpow also sound more neutral.

Mpow is a Chinese Company

MPOW Technology Co. Limited. China. Jul 31, 2020

.Mpow X3 Review