Binary Trigger Review

Binary Trigger Review

Binary Trigger Review

Parting shots and another warning

Overall, I love the BFSIII. It's great engineering. It absolutely does what its claims. Franklin Armory's advertising about what the BFSIII is good for is a bit misleading. However, I believe that this is more wishful thinking than actual malice.

It's an American-made piece of kit that's great fun. This is also a great way to make noise at the range. That alone makes the entry worth it.

However, it is important to mention that legislation has been introduced that would prohibit these devices. Check your local laws to make sure that you are not violating any felony.

If it is legal, you can have it. Especially if you pair it with a .22 LR AR-15 so that all of that binary shooting doesn't run you bankrupt.

For great suggestions, take a look to our Best AR-15 In.22LR Article!

Prices accurate at time of writing Prices accurate at time of writing I'm curious to see what you all think about this so be sure to drop me a line in the comments letting me know how you feel and let me know what you think about the BFSIII Binary trigger in general.

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Binary Trigger Review

Opticsplanet Exclusive Franklin Armory Afsiii Or-C1 trigger – Binary Firing system For Ar Platforms. 204 Reviews Page 1.

Binary BFSIII review Very easy installation. Semi mode trigger is very crisp and responsive. The trigger feels great to your finger. Binary mode can be jaw-dropping. It is worth trying various buffers and springs, to determine the best action for you build. Does it make sense? It all depends on what your perspective is and how much you are able to spend. My opinion was that it was well worth it.

The trigger is crisp

Semi and Binary firing modes


dream build


Binary Trigger Review

M&P 15-22: Going Binary

It's the most enjoyable part of putting it into my M&P15-22. Modifying the lower part of the gun to enable binary safety is necessary. This modification will not cause any harm to the gun's safety. A safety lever stop protrudes from the side of the M&P15-22 Polymer Lower. This physically stops the safety lever from moving past 90 degrees. Simply shave the bump and your BFSIII safety device will be activated.

Your M&P 15-22 can be given the gift of a Binary Trigger. It will make your M&P 15-22 have lots of fun, and also save you money.

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Nick Chen (@solscud007) shared this post. Feb 8, 2017 at 9:21am PST A post shared by Nick Chen (@solscud007) on. Feb 8, 2017 at 9:22am PST While a .22LR rifle is fun in binary mode, I also installed the BFSIII trigger into an MPX. The MPX is notorious for using aftermarket triggers. Franklin Armory has however stated that they have modified the BFSIII and made it work with the MPX.

Nick Chen (@solscud007) contributed this article. February 25, 2017, 3:56 PM PST. How does the BFSIII stack up to legitimate machine guns? This is an MPX from Parker Mountain Machine, which was converted into a select fire weapon.

Nick Chen (@solscud007) posted this article. Jun 12, 2017, at 6:42am PDT. This comparison shows a Mac11 that can be transferred versus my MPX which has a BFSIII trigger.

Nick Chen (@solscud007) has shared the following post. Jun 10, 2017 at 5:39pm PDT The BFSIII retails for $429.99 but is currently on sale for $386.99 at Franklin Armory . A trigger is being worked on for the Bushmaster/Remington ACR. A binary trigger has been released for the MP5. Franklin Armory provided the BFSIII to be reviewed.

Nicholas Chen is an avid firearms enthusiast. Born in California and raised in Southern California, Chen learned about firearms while hunting with his father. The second amendment and firearms were something he truly appreciated after moving out of California and staying a couple years in Pennsylvania. It was in New York State where he became a USPSA competitive shooter and learned about 3Gun. Nicholas is a huge fan of both running and shooting. Nicholas is a fan of pretty much anything that shoots although the slicked-up race guns are what interests him the most. Nicholas has started his NFA collection after spending time with FFLs, and friends who have NFA objects. He has also learned the importance of suppressing all firearms.


Binary Trigger Review

Franklin Armory Bfsiii (Aka Bfs Gen3) Binary Firing System Trigger Review

AR15 Gear Reviews Articles Gear Reviews Franklin Armory BFSIII BFS Gen3 Binary Firing System Trigger Review On Independence day (2016), Franklin Armory released an updated version of their Binary Firing System ; dubbed the BFSIII; also known as the BFS Gen3. While this is being referred to as the third generation of this trigger, many of you may be wondering what happened between the last BFS, and this one? Well, the "original" BFS we tested last year was actually the second generation of the BFS, which we'll be referring to as the Gen2 in this article. Only a prototype drawing of the Binary Firing System's first generation was displayed at SHOT Show 2015. Franklin released the BFS (aka Gen2 See our You) after some suggestions from BATFE. Video review of Tube here

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Franklin Armory was kind enough send us a preproduction copy of the Gen3 just before launch. This unit was virtually identical to what they shipped, with the exception that it did not include any IDS or finish on its disconnector. I dropped the unit into my brand new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 rifle, and hit the range. The performance was outstanding right off the bat. However, we'll discuss the trigger's weight pull weight later. After about seven days with the preproduction model, it was sent to next media outlets. We then waited patiently for the production sample.

The original shipment date was set for early to mid August, which Franklin held pretty close to, starting shipments by the end of the month. Unlike some companies out there, Franklin was open and upfront about any and all delays, and they worked tirelessly to get the Gen3 trigger out as fast as possible. We received ours in the first week of September, and tore open the box like a kid at Christmas! You will find the BFSIII trigger component, two trigger/hammerspring sets, one extra IDS spring and an extra power carbine buffer.


Binary Trigger Review

Franklin Armory Bfsiii

Parting Shots (And Another Warning)

">Binary Trigger Review (2021)

Our Franklin Armory BFSIII binary-trigger review urges readers to ensure they are familiar with local laws prior to purchasing. This is because some state laws differ from federal law in their definition of "machine gun" classification. What this means is that a minority of states have now banned the sale, purchase, or use of this trigger.

This is an abominable situation. Why? It's because the BFSIII binary trigger from Franklin Armory makes it possible to fire at high volumes of targets that can not be achieved by any civilian weapon.


Binary Trigger Review

There's a New Kid on The Block. But, They Are Making A Statement.

Franklin Armory, which was established in 2017, has been around since 2017. However, don't let that deter you from the quality and innovation of products offered. This Nevada-based business specializes on the production of high quality parts and firearms. The company's customers include civilian and military shooters.

All firearms manufactured are 100% American made. Their motto is creativity. You can see this in the variety of their firearms and parts as well as triggers. This is what we're focusing on in our Franklin Armory BFSIII binary-trigger review.

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Binary Trigger Review

Gear Review: Franklin Armory Bfsiii 22C1 Binary Trigger Ruger 10/22

That's right. This binary trigger is what we have all been waiting for. If, like me, you worry that you aren't shooting up your .22 LR ammo fast enough, the Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 Binary Firing System will fix that right up for you.

It is designed to be compatible with Ruger 10/22 guns such as the Radical Firearms Radio 22.

Lever on the ambidextrous security selector points to the representation of the selected firing method. The 22-C1 switch is set to "safe". Standard semi-automatic.

The binary firing mode.

In the off chance that you aren't familiar, a binary trigger fires on trigger pull and then again upon trigger release. For each complete back-and-forth trigger cycle, there are two shots. That effectively means that you can fire at twice the speed.

Federally, this does not meet the definition of a "machine gun" so a Binary Firing System-equipped semi-auto firearm remains just that, a semi-auto. However, legal rules vary by state and binary triggers, as of the publication date of this review, are not allowed to be used in CA. CT. DC. FL. HI. IA. MD. NJ. RI. They are not allowed in Delaware.

But, I will admit that I was a bit anti binary triggers since Franklin Armory created them. It's brilliant. This is a great game. But I have safety concerns after personally witnessing multiple people unexpectedly popping off a round on trigger release.


Binary Trigger Review

The Rimfire Report: Franklin Armory Bfsiii Binary Trigger Review

Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 was announced and showcased earlier this year at SHOT Show 2020. I got to use the trigger along with about two BX-25 magazines at Industry Day at the Range. Franklin Armory has now sent me a copy of the retail release of the trigger pack and I've had a chance to more thoroughly test and evaluate the system from installation to the fun part (shooting with it).

The Rimfire: Franklin Armory BFSIII22­C1 Binary Trigger Report


Binary Trigger Review

The Rimfire Report: Franklin Armory Bfsiii Binary Trigger Review

Installing the device is easy, and you only require a few tools. You will find a list with all the necessary tools in the instructions. To make it easier, I recommend that you also have a couple of other tools.

The Rimfire Review: Franklin Armory BFSIII22-C1 Binary Trigger Review


.Binary Trigger Review

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