Binary Trigger Review

Binary Trigger Review


Franklin Armory Bfsiii 22-C1 Binary Trigger For Ruger 10/22 – 02-50000-Blk

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Binary Trigger Review

The Other Things You Should Know About Binary Firing Systems

While the BATFE has approved the sale of the binary firing systems in this article, many local jurisdictions make the purchase and ownership of binary triggers illegal. Both Franklin Armory and Fostech refuse to ship to an address in these proscribed zones. You should verify the legality and use of binary firing systems in these zones if you reside there.

  • CA
  • CT
  • DC
  • FL
  • HI
  • IA
  • MD
  • NJ
  • NY
  • RI
  • WA

If there is any question about the legality of binary firing systems in your area, be sure to check with the local authorities to ensure you stay with the local laws.

Which is better: Fostech Echo or Franklin Armory?

Franklin Armory and Fostech Echo are both well-known binary trigger distributors. They are both compatible with AR platforms. Furthermore, they have many similarities. Their trigger modes share many similarities. Both brands also offer safety semi-auto or binary modes.

Franklin Armory Binary Trigger’s Binary Firing System is also well-known. The BFS is a package that includes the trigger, hammer, pins, and related springs. Its trigger can embrace everything you throw at it a even any bolst, recoil springs, and ammunition.

On the other hand, Fostech Echo is a company that only makes triggers for AR platforms. The first model came without a bolt carrier. This means that you’ll need a full-auto bolt carrier in your AR platform for it to work properly.

The Fostech trigger is easy to assemble, but there are some aspects to consider. Before pulling the trigger, first attach the lower receiver. You may have parts that don’t fit together if you do not follow these instructions. This will make it difficult to attach the trigger. Second, try squeezing the small lever on the back of the assembly to begin the installation.

Both Franklin Armory and Fostech have a 4.5- to 5-pound trigger pull. Fostech works with piston uppers better and is stabler than Franklin Armory. While both are excellent, Fostech is more reliable.

Franklin Armory offers less resistance and much more pressure on the release. If you are looking for speed, it is a great choice.

Binary Trigger Review

#1 Franklin Armory Bfs-Iii Ar-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory is well known Nevada corporation founded in 2012 and famous for their streamlining solutions like Reformation – <> firearm, and the Binary Firing System itself. It is a reliable and creative manufacturer of high-quality goods for the firearms industry. Here’s BFSIII AR-1 – A binary trigger that can be used with AR Platform Firearms in a variety of calibers.

The installation is simple and you will find many videos to help you if there are any problems. Its selector can be set in 3 positions – Safe, traditional Semi-auto, and Binary, that will fire one round each time you pull or release the trigger. You can cancel the firing of the trigger after it has been pulled by changing the lever to Semiauto mode.

BFSIII AR-C1 comes with a straightened buffer spring reducing the recoil and enhances whole system longevity. Standard curved trigger available. After the first usage prepare to dedicate some time to adapt and understand the binary shooting cadence, but after doing so you will have lots of fun on the range with this trigger system.

  • Installation is simple
  • Useful and enjoyable
  • Plateresque red sticker below the selector lever
  • Plateresque red sticker below the selector lever

Shooting The Bfsiii M4

Getting a good cadence takes practice. BFSIII AR-C1 has no mechanism that prevents hammer follow. So it is possible to pull and release the trigger too fast and release the hammer before the bolt has reset the hammer. The BFSIIIM4 can be run quickly if you use the correct cadence.

BFSIII M4 AR-15 is an entry-level AR-15. It’s also a great platform for adding accessories. You can swap out uppers or use the existing upper receivers in your arsenal. Many people think the binary is simply a range toy. It is fun, and you can use it to quickly dispose of ammunition. You also have the option of shooting it in controlled pairs. This is the fastest method to score double taps. At a local rifle match, I used my LaRue upper and the BFSIIIM4 lower. I knew there would be some stages that would be “hoser stages” where you run the gun fast at close range targets.

You can install a CMMG.22LR bolt conversion bolt to get.22LR ammunition as you please, given the current state of ammo.

Binary Trigger Review

Binary Firing System Problems: Other Issues

I have one other problem with binary firing systems. The cost. The cost. Not just the price of triggers but also the amount of ammunition that I use when taking a rifle equipped with a binary trigger out to the range. In a matter of minutes, you can go through hundreds of rounds. As I keep up, my reload time has increased.

You should also be ready to get a lot of attention from other people on the net. Once you get into your groove and start to produce a series of quick shots, everyone will be paying attention to you. Everybody will think you are carrying a machine gun, and they’ll start moving in your direction. The range management might also be interested, since many ranges ban fully-automatic weapons as well as those equipped with binary firing systems.

Practical Applications

Kurz gesagt… Maybe. Kinda. It depends. It doesn’t really matter.

It depends. I use that word because depending on whether you are actually trying to get it for yourself or if you’re trying convince your spouse to allow you to spend $400-$500 by extolling the practical benefits.

It’s possible, I think, to make an argument that you have to subdue the intruder so your family can surround them and get them out. At the very least, you could argue.

This has never happened in a home defense situation. John Wick is not you.

I cannot conceive of a case where I’d want one of these in a self-defense rifle over a good precision trigger.

What are their real applications? It’s an excellent way to get a lot of brass off the ground.

So, taking an honest look at this thing, it’s not really necessary. It’s not going to give you an edge in a competition, or an edge over someone seeking to do you harm.

You should absolutely buy one though. This is a great way to have fun and the best path to enter the range.

Binary Trigger Review

The down side of the Fostech Sports Trigger

Choosing a Fostech Sport trigger does come with some downsides. Before you elect to spend your hard-earned gun budget on a Fostech Sport Trigger, you should be aware of these additional requirements:

  • Fostech triggers require a fully automatic bolt carrier group to be installed in your rifle. To enable Fostech Sport Trigger operation properly, you may need to pay an extra cost for a fully-automatic bolt carrier group.
  • The Fostech Sport Trigger is not a drop-in trigger group. The Fostech Sport Trigger installation is similar to a regular trigger assembly but includes the extra parts needed for the mode paddle. This installation can take some skill and some shooters may want to consider a professional installation.
  • You may need to adjust the buffer spring and the buffer in your AR to get full performance from your Fostech Sport Trigger.

There is no doubt that the Fostech trigger systems are exceptional pieces of firearm engineering. There are significant differences with the Franklin Armory Binary triggers. Some shooters find the Fostech system too complex.

At the top of the Fostech line of binary systems is the Echo AR II Trigger. Unlike the Echo Sport, the Echo AR II is a true drop-in trigger kit. Remove your old trigger assembly, drop in the Echo AR II kit and replace two pins. The AR II trigger system shares a lot of the same features as the Echo Sport Trigger. There are however some differences.

#4 Franklin Armory BfsIii 22C1 Trigger

New Franklin Armory invention, and this time it is for auto-loading 10/22 platforms which are designed for 22LR caliber. This one was for Ruger Takedown. I installed it quickly and went to the range to verify everything. The 25-round magazine went out within seconds of switching to binary fire mode. The trigger system works crisp and clear with a smooth trigger pull in both firing modes, but I definitely will not go for the-semi auto in the next few days. It was amazing how much I had fun with a 22LR gun.

  • Affordable price
  • Pests, you’d better be ready
  • – Any?
  • – Any?

Binary Trigger Review


One of the key benefits of the Gen3 over the Gen2 is easier installation. The Gen3 BFS is much simpler than the Gen2 and takes very little extra work. When inserting the trigger trigger pin, you should be cautious. The trigger pin is captured by the IDS spring because Franklin included a slave/dummer pin in its assembly before shipping. When you insert the trigger pin, they recommend inserting it from the right hand side of the lower, using the hammer pin on the left side to guide the slave pin and keep everything lined up. This ensures the trigger spacers on both sides of the trigger are lined up properly, so the trigger pin and slave pin can move easily.

I did run into a little bit of resistance when installing mine, which ended up requiring me to push down on the back of the disconector to allow the IDS to slide back. Before you try to install it, make sure that you watch the in-depth trigger installation and function test video. Franklin does include a very detailed set of installation instructions, however sometimes it’s easier to watch someone else do it, before attempting it yourself (I do that all the time, thank God for YouTube).

Gear Review: Franklin Armory Bfsiii Binary Trigger Ruger 22.2

That’s right. We all looked forward to this binary trigger. Franklin Armory BFSIII 22C1 Binary Firing Systems will solve your problem if you, like me worry about how fast you’re shooting up your.22LR ammo.

Compatible with Ruger 10/22 guns such as the Radical Firearms Radio 22.

The representation for the preferred firing method can be found at Lever on the Ambidextrous Security Selector. The default setting of the 22-C1 toggle is safe. Standard semi-automatic.

Binary firing mode

A binary trigger is a trigger that fires upon pull trigger and again when trigger releases. For each complete back-and-forth trigger cycle, there are two shots. That basically means you can fire at twice as fast.

This is not considered a machine gun by the Federal Government. Semi-autos equipped with the Binary Firing System are still considered semi-autos. It is important to note that legal rules differ by state. Binary triggers were not allowed in California at the time of publication. CT. DC. FL. HI. IA. MD. NJ. RI. Delaware is not permitted to allow such items.

However, I must admit I was anti-binary triggers when Franklin Armory invented them. It’s brilliant. This is a great game. It is an amazing game, as you can see many people accidentally release the trigger.

Binary Trigger Review

Watch Our Bfsiii Install Video Here:

Once installed, we highly recommend you run through Franklin’s detailed function checklist. This will not only ensure the BFSIII is operating properly for the best performance, but it also ensures that its safety functions are working properly.

I installed the Gen3 BFS into two lowers while testing this trigger. You can see the first lower in our installation video. It was my Daniel Defense DDM4v11 low. The next was my Colt LE6920 lower. The reasoning for swapping it into the Colt was to show many of you that it drops right in, unlike the Gen2 which could have required the lower to be machined in order for it to fit.

This is the Gen3 BFS that I have installed in my Colt Lower.

As you can see from the top view, the BFSIII fits perfectly, with the Colt sear web is still intact.

Parting Shots And Another Warning

Overall I love BFSIII. It’s great engineering. It delivers on its promises. Franklin Armory’s marketing about the BFSIII being good for is somewhat misleading. However, I believe that this is more wishful thinking than actual malice.

It’s made in America, and is great fun. This kit is also a great way to be loud at the range. The entrance is worthwhile just for that alone.

Not to be forgotten is that there has been legislation that would make these devices illegal. For more information, please consult your local laws.

If it is legal, you can have it. You can even pair it with a.22 LR AR-15 so that binary shooting doesn’t come at a high price.

The Best AR-15 in.22LR Guide Article has great ideas

Prices correct as of the writing. This is something I’m interested in hearing your views. Leave a comment below to tell me what you think. Let me also know what you think of the BFSIII Binary trigger.

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Binary Trigger Review

Fostech Outdoors Echo Sport Trigger ar-Ii

For most of us who are thinking of putting a binary trigger on an AR-15, it’s good to have at least one other option, and the best one is the Fostech Echo trigger. It’s a bit different from the BFSIII AR-C1, but it’s pretty similar in security features and the metal trigger pull weight. You get a standard curved trigger and everything else from shoe to trigger spring is fairly standard.

You get three shooting modes, but Fostech calls the binary mode “echo mode” because branding, but it’s the same thing. Fostech calls the Echo a drop-in trigger, which is great, but I wouldn’t expect it to be as simple as it sounds. Although it shouldn’t take too long to install, be patient and carefully follow the directions.

Improper final installation can cause the weapon to unintentional discharge when you don’t mean it to, and that applies to all of these binary trigger options.

Fostech Outdoors Echo AR-II

9# Faxon Firearms Ar-9 Complete Sammi Upper Receiver

Faxon Firearms makes a pretty impressive line of overhead receivers for the AP-15, so we decided to take one of the best models and review it for you. This upper is made to be as compatible as possible with 9mm carbines, Glocks, and Colts. The receiver has a 10-inch barrel with a solid steel flame arrester and an aluminum alloy handguard with modular slots for 3, 6, and 9 o’clock locks. You can make your gun even more efficient by making it compatible with binary triggers.

  • Durable body

Durable body

  • Flame arrester of high quality

High-quality flame arrester

  • Compatible with many calibers

Compatible with many calibers

  • It is quite expensive, considering you still require a binary trigger
  • It is quite expensive, considering you still require a binary trigger

Quite expensive considering that you still need a binary trigger

Binary Trigger Review


Setting up a binary trigger in your gun is often not a big deal, you can always go for a professional gunsmith as the last resort to install it. After you have mastered the art of steady aiming and the correct cadence, you’ll be able to shoot binary. These are the triggers that I would like to emphasize:

  • Franklin Armory BFS III 22-C1 Trigger, 22LR Ammo, Affordable Trigger, Excellent for Shooting Practice
  • Franklin Armory BFS III 22-C1 Trigger, 22LR Ammo, Affordable Trigger, Excellent for Shooting Practice
  • Franklin Armory BFS III HK-C1 Trigger – 9mm will quickly drain your money, but it doesn’t matter if you still have a (almost) functioning MP5!
  • Franklin Armory BFS-III HK-C1 Trigger – 9mm will drain your funds faster, but who cares if you have an (almost) fully functioning MP5!
  • Franklin Armory BFS III HK-C1 Trigger – 9mm will quickly drain your money, but it doesn’t matter if you still have a (almost) functioning MP5!
  • Franklin Armory BFS III ACR-C1 Trigger: Fast installation and great quality. Ideal for rifle combat training.
  • Franklin Armory BFS III ACR-C1 Trigger: Fast installation and great quality. Ideal for rifle combat training.

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To underline the seriousness of this, the company takes things a step further. They advise that such actions could lead to the unintentional discharge of the firearm it is installed on. As you will be aware, this could cause injury or even death!

For shooters who have little to no experience with firearms construction, there is an easy and quick solution. That is to use a qualified gunsmith to complete the trigger replacement work. While this will be an additional expense, it should mean you have confidence in the work being carried out correctly.

Franklin Armory – Cz Scorpion Bfsiii(tm) Cz-C1 Binary Trigger

CZ SCORPION rifles are very popular. Franklin Armory has designed their CZ C1 binary trigger to suit this weapon.

Binary Trigger Review

Safety And Selector Operation

To stop shooting during the pull-and-release cycle, hold the trigger back. Next, push the paddle selector into semiauto mode. Then release the trigger. To ensure your bullet is safely discharged, make sure you practice your gun safety procedures.

Binary Triggers Go Great With Silencers!

Silencers can be legally purchased online. They will then be shipped to you by your local SOT FFL who will assist with the ATF Form 4 Transfer process. These are links to reliable sellers who offer suppressors.

Binary Trigger Review

Top Best Binary Triggers – Editor’S Choice

Let’s now take a look the top binary triggers to help improve your shooting.

Some Grips

The trigger assembly is simple and Franklin Armory provides a detailed function checklist. This ensures that safe, semi-, and binary modes operate safely and properly. My trigger issues aren’t always preventable. These issues could be related to the way that triggers work. If you think I am crazy, please let me know by commenting below.

The Rimfire Report: Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1

Binary Trigger Review

Here are some things to look for in a good binary trigger

If you’re not sold on Franklin Armory or Fostech and you want to keep looking for a binary trigger that’s the right fit for your guns, here are a couple things to look for.

Trigger Operation:

Position 1 – Safe – Will not fire

Position 2 – Semi – Fires 1 round per pull

Position 3 – Binary – Fires 1 Round on Pull and 1 Round on Release

Binary Trigger Review

Franklin Armory Bfs trigger – The Bad

There’s always a little bad to go along with the good and the BFS is not for civilian sales in CA, DC, IA, NJ, NY, or WA. This is due to how these state laws define a machinegun, which differs from the federal level.

The price point can be a stickler for some and if you like a real crisp trigger in your rifle as opposed to a polished military grade version, there is that aspect. The MSRP of the machinegun is around $400-$500, which is still a lot lower than that of a fully automatic one.

A Binary Trigger? For A Handgun?

Yes. The Franklin Armory binary Glock trigger was created by mad geniuses. The trigger works in the same way as other binary triggers. Binary mode is where the trigger triggers fire one round and the trigger triggers the second. Binary triggers allow rifles to fire at the same rate as automatic weapons. But, because the binary trigger requires separate actions to fire each round, the guns are still legally semi-automatic.

What exactly is a Binary Trigger and how does it work?

The binary trigger allows for full-auto firing in semi-automatic guns. This will dramatically increase the fire rate for semi-automatic AR platforms firearms.

Franklin Armory – BFSIII AR-C1 BINARY

The Binary Firing System, GEN 3 (BFSIII) is a 3-position trigger. In position 3 it fires one round on pull and one round on release, making this trigger ideal for both tactical and competition use.

Are you able to fire it at the same speed as an automatic weapon? The M4 is not available for comparison, however, I have seen my shots with the shot timer and I see I’m firing about 400 rounds per hour (obviously, with a 30-round mag). This firing rate is under half that of true full-auto guns.

Shooting The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger

With all that said, it is now time to find out how this device actually works. Pretty well, it turns out.

While it does feel nice, I don’t think so.

TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker


First Strike FS T15
4.41 Pounds
First Strike


Remington 700 Short Action Stock


Prices at the time they were written. View details about Geissele AR-15Enhanced Triggers at Brownells. Prices at the time they were written.

If you’re looking for quick, crisp, and easy double-taps at the range, the best thing about the device is its actual use.

Binary Trigger Review

How Does It Work?

Binary triggers, such as the Franklin Armory BFSIII, work by pulling the trigger and releasing it when you are in binary mode. However, the three-way fire selector can be easily flipped to semi-auto.

This effectively doubles your fire rate and can give you some very close two round groups, to the point where I could land two hits in the A-zone at 25 yards with one trigger pull.

This is Franklin Armory’s view:

Tactical shooters as well recreational gun owners will love the new Binary Firing System. A three-position switch allows users to choose between Mode 1, Mode 2, or 3 depending on whether they are in Safe, Semiautomatic, Semiautomatic, or Binary Mode. Binary Mode allows the firearm to fire one round regardless of whether it is pulled or released. It is possible to negate any round fired by the release function of the firearm by simply shifting the selector back toward Mode 2, then safely releasing it.” This all sounds wonderful, but how does the gun actually perform in real life?

Binary Trigger Review


At the Big 3 East media event we put 850 rounds of the steel case TulAmmo through my pistol in less than an hour, stopping occasionally to let it cool. Franklin Armory also provided small tubes of Loctite blue for the binary trigger. Because I had taken the trigger package out of my gun several times, the screw that held the selector lever into place prior to the Big 3 East ammo dump was too loose for me to use. After about 500 rounds, or around half an hours of Zenith use, I discovered that the small screw that holds the selector lever at the left hand was loose. Of course I did not have a small Allen wrench with me. While I have nothing against them, the Loctite they provided me was not what I needed. But, I wanted to warn you about loose screws that can happen if the nuts aren’t tightened properly. Other than the problem with the selector lever screw, the binary trigger performed perfectly.

I gave the screw a day of rest before moving on to my next range session. The screw continued to not loosen after 200 more rounds. To my mind, the lever for selecting left should be machined in one piece along with the crosspiece to make it easier and more convenient for right-handed shooters.

Binary Trigger Review

Which Do You Think Is Better: Fostech Echo Or Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory as well Fostech Echo are two of the most popular binary trigger distributors. Both are compatible with AR platforms. There are many shared features between them. They share similar trigger modes. The second is the fact that they both offer semi-auto, binary and safe modes.

Franklin Armory Binary Trigger’s Binary Firing System is also well-known. BFS refers to a bundle that contains the trigger and hammer as well pins, springs, and other related parts. It can take anything you put at it aEUR”, even any ammunition, recoil springs or bolst.

Triggers are made by Franklin Armory for many different weapons. This includes Remington ACR’s HK MP5, Remington ACR and nearly all 9x rifles as well as bolt carrier groups (BCG). BFSIII/Binary Firing Systems top-favorites are the AR-22-C1 (and 22-C1) and Fostech Echo which only produces triggers to work with AR platforms. Bolt carriers were not required for the first model. For the AR platform to function properly, it will require a bolt carrier with full-auto capability.

The Fostech trigger is easy to assemble, but there are some aspects to consider. First, attach the lower receiver before pulling the trigger. You may have parts that don’t fit together if you do not follow these instructions. Thus, making the trigger difficult to assemble. To begin installation, squeeze the lever at the back.

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