Sim Max Driver Review

sim max driver review


The SIM MAX driver was tested head-to-head with the SIM MAX at the same loft and the same shaft. I was able to clearly see the differences in the models. The highest launch stood out for me. The launch speed of the SIM MAX and SIM MAX were both low. The SIM MAX launched at the mid end of my normal window, while the SIM MAX was low spin.

The SIM MAX was a better option than the SIM in terms of forgiveness. Overall, I felt that the SIM MAX provided me with slightly more ball speed as well as better accuracy. The SIM MAX gave me better results with my poor swings.

Progressive Face Heights is an innovative feature in the SIM driver suite. TaylorMade studied the relationship between impact location and handicap and created three driver faces that are appropriate for each player. SIM drivers are the smallest and most suitable for top players. SIM Max D has an 18% bigger face, while SIM Max D’s is 8.8 inches larger. This is why players must consider the visual preferences of their drivers when choosing between these two clubs.

My answer to your question about whether or not the SIM MAX offers a major upgrade on last year’s Model 6 is NO (M6 Driver Review HERE ). Each driver is very capable – patient and forgiving with no unnecessary bells and whistles. But, if your M6 gamer friend, I do not see any reason to upgrade the SIM.

sim max driver review

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Review– Cutting Edge Forgiveness

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Comments This is a full review of the TaylorMade SIM Max driver.

SIM Max uses the same innovative technologies used in the SIM Family of Drivers, such as Inertia Generator (asymmetric sole) and Inertia Generator (inertia generator). But with a larger club face and deeper center of gravity, it delivers more MOI and forgiveness and is aimed at higher handicaps.

What is SIM Max’s tolerance level? How does it compare with the M6? Does it make sense to keep the bag in your handbag?

What I am going to cover in this review is

Features And Technologies Performance Look. Sound. Feel. Conclusion

Learn more to help you make informed purchases

sim max driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Verdict

Before I started this review I would have said the SIM would be the model for me but, dare I say it, it did do what it said too well. The spin sometimes dropped too much for my lower swing speed.

However where the SIM Max really impressed me was when I didn’t catch one true. My distance didn’t drop because I did not get a high spinning shot (more than 3000rpm).

The middle driver in this range performed as expected. I didn’t expect it to do so without the need to adjust settings for lower spin. The Inertia Generator in the back added flight to the ball, but did not affect spin.

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Due to the position of the Inertia Generator and its shape, swing speeds were not increased. I am still not convinced by the 20 degree angle that the Inertia Generator is placed. You may see it in TaylorMade laboratories or at a club where DJs are swinging it “in the slots”, but I don’t think it has the same effect on everyone.

sim max driver review

The Reasons I Choose This Club

Because of the great deal, I purchased this club. Taylormade has a lot to offer. Their wedges were already in my bag, and I loved them so much that I wanted the driver to follow.

I considered buying the Callaway Mavrik but in the end, I chose the SIM Max because of the price point and all the positive reviews online. It didn’t have as much range, and I, a hungry teenager, needed something that was long lasting.

Photo by William Warren

Photo by William Warren

sim max driver review


While the SIM’s name may not sound quite as powerful and memorable as its predecessor, M-Series, we have to admit that it has a beautiful appearance.

The new SIM Family is designed in a way that’s simply amazing. It seems to become more comfortable as you use the SIM.

At address, it’s our favourite driver by an absolute mile. It contrasts beautifully with the carbon crown’s chalky white topline. It is amazing to see how such small changes can have such an impact on the eyes.

TaylorMade has a reputation for delivering exceptional performance when it is about drivers.

My club’s speed was slightly increased by the slightly-angled Inertia Generator. Both SIM Max and SIM Max both produced extremely promising results.

SIM Driver had a slow spinning driver which created a deep ball flight. SIM Max was a bit more spunky and produced a greater ball flight.

Although the SIM Max is more flexible, it was still my favorite driver. It gave me the same distance as a large stick.

sim max driver review


There have been no significant improvements to models in the past.

There is not a lot of adjustment

Released in 2020, the SIM and SIM Max drivers are the next step on the path forged by the M drivers of previous years. Although the speed injected twist technology has not changed, it still exists. The MOI sole weight is also unchanged. It’s just been implemented slightly differently. SIM Max remains the focus of the review. The SIM Max does have a smaller face but has more adjustability.

This driver’s first impression was undoubtedly its stunning looks. Since its predecessor, the bottom of this driver has been a little more polished. The dark metallic colors combine to create a striking, visually pleasing design.

TaylorMade says that their driver delivers more power and is better than ever. They also claim that the single weight has been optimized to increase its MOI. The idea is that the swing will be more aerodynamic, thus faster. The launch conditions are slightly better than those of previous models.

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TaylorMade were very pleased with the performance of the M drivers’ faces, and no changes were made to the speed-injected face twist technology. The ball shoots up off your face and is designed to assist you if you hit the ball in areas that are usually problematic. The sound is also amazing.

There’s no denying that TaylorMade has been able to increase ball speeds over the years, but it’s likely that they are now facing the problem of diminishing returns. The new soleweight seems to be a significant improvement, though it is still a powerful driver. However, most players may not notice any difference.

sim max driver review

Last Thoughts

TaylorMade continues to lead the way in technology for golf clubs. The SIM Max, with its intelligent MOI weight, tried and true speed injected face, and sharp aesthetic, is a superb driver. High-level players, who feel they can benefit from an extra MOI and more clubhead speed, may have great success with the club.

It is possible to play with handicappers who are higher than you. While the clubface was designed for speed, it is also optimized to allow for forgiveness. Carefully placed CGs will ensure that you have the correct amount of loft.

You don’t need to make a big change if you are currently using the TaylorMade 5 or 6 – but you can be sure that the SIM Max is an excellent piece of kit.

Read our TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review.

sim max driver review

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 has tested and evaluated 28 new drivers. These are the TaylorMade SIMMax driver results.

Price: $500 / BUY NOW Lofts: 9.5@, 10.5@ Our take: With a face that’s 8 percent larger than the standard SIM, the Max is designed to deliver as much forgiveness and ball speed as possible. With the exception of the adjustable sole weight track, it has the same technology and features as other SIM products.

ClubTester’s (15-hdcp), take: “Love the Crown Color.” It feels expensive, but performs well.

Robot’s take on: If you like powerfading and high-powered, this SIM Max model is for you.


sim max driver review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Putters Balls Apparel Shoes Cars Accessories Bags Gloves Grips Steering Aids Videos REVIEW TaylorMade TaylorMade TaylorMade TaylorMade MAX TaylorMade MAX*D TaylorMade SIM drivers Drivers Review. No compromises. You can count on this from new SIM drivers.

A driver designed that can be precise and forgiving while still being aerodynamically efficient will always win the race.

TaylorMade SIM-Drivers: FIRST LOOK

TaylorMade was required to change the driver shape completely to ensure that every golfer received the full package.

One of the biggest stories is improved aerodynamics. SIM stands for Shape In Motion.

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The Inertia Generator on the sole places a lot of weight low and back in the clubhead to make it very forgiving and easy launching. TaylorMade decided that this design element should be rotated to increase clubhead speed and reduce drag.

They will perform well in all conditions, but you’ll soon fall for them even before they hit a single bump.

sim max driver review

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM MAX, a forgiveness driver with an eight-percent larger face and twenty grams in weight back, is the TaylorMade SIM MAX.

It has been specially engineered for the golf players who want more forgiveness. You can adjust the additional weight of 20 grams by using the inertia engine at the back.

The club’s rear weight track increases moment of inertia. The increased M.O.I. This increases forgiveness and boosts launch.

Before we get into detail and discuss the various attributes of TaylorMade SIM MAX, let’s take a look at its past, along with a brief history of TaylorMade SIM drivers.

History TaylorMade researchers first looked at the link between handicaps and ball impacts on the face. This data allowed them to create a SIM driver’s family to address the needs of handicaps.

SIM MAX-D, SIM MAX and SIM driver make up the SIM driver family. The most striking difference among the SIM-drivers is the sizes of their faces.

SIM is the smallest, and is intended for better players with less handicap. SIM MAX drivers (8%) and SIM MAXD (18%) respectively cater to different handicaps.

Is The Sim Max Driver Worth It?

Conclusion. TaylorMade’s SIM MAX is one of the best game-improvement drivers a mid-high handicapper can currently get their hands on. Many golfers find it provides the same, or greater distance as the SIM. It’s also more forgiving, comparable with the M6 of the previous season.Aug 10, 2020

Taylormade Sim Max Driver is Forgiving

TaylorMade SIM (Shape-in Motion) driver, one of three 2020 TaylorMade drivers, focuses primarily on controlling spin and dialling shot biased, while SIM MAX and SIM MAX focus on forgiveness, with the Max D SIM being their draw-bias driver. Oct 18, 2021

Is Sim Max Driver Better Than M6?

A driver who is super satisfied and gives a deep thud for dead-center shots would love the M6. Although the Sim series is more forgiving and maybe even a little longer, the M6 still feels slightly better and it also comes in a draw bias version for the slicers among us.

Is Sim Max more forgiving or Sim Max better?

SIM Max clubs are more accepting and have a higher launch. SIM driver is focused on low handicappers. They are often looking for mid-launch clubs with penetrating balls flights.

.Sim Max Driver Review