Pxg Driver Review

Pxg Driver Review

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pxg driver review

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The address of the 0211 driver makes it difficult to differentiate from the 0811X Proto [review HERE]. There are differences in shape and size, but the dominant feature – the Hybrid Crown Construction – is shared. Although the head has 460 cm in circumference, I find it more appealing than the triangular shape.

If you flip the driver, the 0211 will be clearly visible. It is not like other PXG Drivers. PXG drivers are known for their large number of moving weights. However, the 0211 has it all. The sole’s silver branding “PXG”, is the main focus.

This is also an instance where the stock headcover is worth mentioning. It is unique and eye-catching. PXG also included a magnetic “QuickStick Cart Magnetic Technology” in their headcover, so that you can attach it to your cart when you hit a shot.

pxg driver review


Like many PXG-based drivers in the past, fine tuning was the key focus. There are two different models of the Proto driver – one each for downward and upward angles of attack. Previous generations had loads of movable weights. 0211 is simple. One model can help all drivers achieve longer drives.

Ball speed is the first and most important key. Because of the high MOI, Hybrid Crown Construction and titanium face, 0211 drivers have a lot of speed, both in center and out. It is an extremely stable driver. The ball speeds were consistent when I held the ball close to the center of my face.

That stability also shows up in how straight the 0211 is. While a good shaft fit is always necessary – I tested this with the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow [review HERE ] – this head works to minimize the curve of your drives. Your chances of hitting your ball in the fairway will increase if the face is straight at impact.

Launch and spin are the final keys to the driver 0211 performing well for many players. Thanks to deep, low-CG, this driver likes to launch in the mid-high range. That CG also helps to keep spin in a mid-low range which works well for low spin players like me and those who need to lop off a few RPM.

pxg driver review

Review of the Pxg Driver: Does The Pxg 0811X Newer Version Outperform Its Predecessor?

Blake Doll from Breaking Eighty wrote this PXG Driver Review.

Parsons eXtreme Golf (PXG) is one of the hottest and fastest growing brands in golf and have elbowed their way into becoming one of the top club manufacturers in golf.

Bob Parsons, the owner and founder of PXG, is a straight shooting Texan businessman. Although I may not always get the reference, their clubs are “the duck’s nuts”.

Their irons are some of, if not the very best in the game. Within the Eighty Club, there have been many people who were fit enough to play and fell in love with each other.

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Nevertheless, I was curious to know how PXG’s innovative technology applied to the driver in long-term games.

I haven’t talked to nearly as many people who have been gaming their second generation driver, the PXG 0811X.

Thank goodness for you that I played with it.

pxg driver review

Pxg is on the Market Right Now

PXG 0811 was a driver that cost more than its actual performance. You can see that they have reacted to the market, and that the 0811 X GEN2 is a worthy contender to all the major releases.

While I’m not saying it is wrong to spend $500+ on a driver, that’s a significant amount of money. As I have written reviews of driver releases, it is my same plea. Don’t blindly believe every OEM when they market their product. It is important to test your new driver to ensure that the money you spend on them will be worthwhile. I’ve learned a lot about clubfitting, and I know for a fact that there is no such thing as the best driver for all golfers. Different golfers have different results depending on each design’s unique features (most importantly the center of gravity).

OK, rant over. Return to PXG.

The 0811 X GEN2 is a superb driver. Many will notice an increase in ball speed, forgiveness and better launch conditions. It won’t mean you are a beginner golfer. However, the 0811 X GEN2 can make a big difference.

pxg driver review

What is Pxg saying about the 200811X Gen2 Driver

Hot Rod Technology was inspired by American muscle cars and the appearance of the PXG0811 X GEN2 Driver.

The unique carbon-fiber crown and weight-forward design of the golf club heads support low spin performance. They also provide incredible distance and ball speed.

“Nine weights are a large amount of moveable weight in the golf club heads that can be easily adjusted to change head weight, spin, bias.

An adjustable hosel is able to alter the loft 11/2 degrees in order to optimize the trajectory. This weight-forward design allows for a very low CG, 0.160 below neutral axis. This design promotes low spin performance. It helps increase both distance and accuracy.

Review of the 0811 GEN4 driver

pxg driver review

The Pxg 0811X Gen 2 Driver Review

PXG have been an unstoppable force in the world of golf ever since they were launched. With their unique technology and distinctive marketing approach, PXG sets the bar higher than any other player. However, the PXG 0811x Gen2 driver review will reveal if the new driver lives up to these standards.

While PXG’s irons were game-changers offering forgiveness, feel, and power that other irons just weren’t capable of, their first two lines of woods have only been good. This is not the best. PXG pricing is a reason to demand excellence. PXG 0811x was more spinny than the 0811 driver. Even though Fairway’s hybrids and woods have had better results, the Arizona-based manufacturer will see the new 0811XGen 2 Woods as a significant improvement. It is a great choice not only for its performance, as it is, but also because of the incredible price. This club is back with the PS550 RRP. The mainstream driver is still quite expensive, but the RRP at PS550 makes it a solid contender.

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pxg driver review

Why is the Pxg 0811X Generation 2 so different from other products?

Our PXG 0811x Gen 2 driver review explores what makes it different from the rest. Variable Face Technology is used to improve ball speed and miss hits on all heads. This lightweight material improves sound quality and feels without adding weight. This line has two drivers. O811x has a low spin design. 0811XF offers extra forgiveness. Plus there are matching fairway woods and hybrids. The PXG0811x Gen 2 has a deep face and is slightly more squatter from the front. For low spin and high ball speed, the X has a weight-forward design. You can change the shot shape or trajectory with 9 weights. There are weight ports at the top and bottom of the head and weight ports towards the heel for some draw bias.

The XF has a longer front and back. The XF features weight further back and boasts the highest overall MOI on the market, right at the 5900 R&A limit, and over 10,000 MOI when you include the sole to crown MOI. Ping G400 Max offers similar forgiveness but with a lower centre gravity. Who wouldn’t love that combination of high forgiveness and low spin? Both hybrids and fairways use the same technology. However, steel is used instead of titanium. PXG’s third hybrid is an amazing success. The fairway head can be slightly small but it hits well. According to our opinions, it offers a wonderful combination of head shape and size as well as ease of use and adjustability.

pxg driver review


Having reviewed the PXG 0811x Gen 2 on two separate occasions now, I can confirm that it is a great driver. The feel and sound of the driver is fantastic, a little livelier than the previous PXG driver, but still quiet and powerful which is impressive. Importantly, missed hits feel great and retain speed. This crown design, while unique, is not unattractive and does improve the alignment of your fairway. The X alignment is not something I like, however, it will be a popular choice for many golfers. PXG may offer the choice of not using an alignment aid. It’s something I would like to see. While the adjustable hosel works well for lowering flight, the weight changes did have a significant impact on spin rate. I struggle with missing the ball left, so I didn’t test the heel setting. Although this wasn’t exactly the driver I wanted, it did have the highest ball speeds of any driver and had spin rates comparable to top performers. I haven’t ended up in that driver but it was close enough to be my second choice. PXG is distinguished by its leather headcover, which makes it stand out even though their price tag doesn’t. PXG drivers will not be chosen based on their price, unless they are the right fit for you. This obstacle has been eliminated.

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Has our PXG Gen 2 driver review piqued your interest? Reach out to us for more details.


pxg driver review

Pxg 0811X Golf Driver Review (2021)

PXG 0811X is the most powerful golf driver on the market, allowing you to hit longer, straighter and more patient shots. It is also one of the most costly drivers, so this will be a cost-repayable investment.

Many golfers who tested the PXG 0811X realized that this driver produces low spin and lower quality shots. The driver’s low, boring flight will ensure that you do not lose any shots.

But, the driver can be set up to adjust by manipulating both the adjustable weights as well as the hosel. This will allow you to choose the most suitable setting for your game.

Let’s look into the PXG0811X, Golf Driver review. Please share any details you have about this product before making your purchase decision.

pxg driver review

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Are Pxg Drivers Any Good?

You will find that the driver 0211 is very stable, with plenty of speed on the left and right thanks to both the titanium face, Hybrid Crown Constructions, and high MOI. This is a very stable driver, and when I kept the ball near the center of the face, the ball speeds were consistently high. The straightness of the 0211 also highlights this stability. Jan 25, 2021

Which is the Best Pxg Driver?

PXG’s 0811 GEN4 drivers just arrived in the Middle East, but many players have committed to this driver by May. The season is quickly ending and the summer months are fast approaching. May 7, 2021

Does Pxg Make a Great Golf Brand?

They’re as good as anything on the market, but you can get the same level of performance at a lower price. But, oh, those irons. Dec 19, 2016,

What is the value of Pxg0211 driver?

PXG 0211 driver – A quick glance The head profile is a fraction smaller than the XF and slightly larger than the X.Jul 1, 2021

.Pxg Driver Review

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