Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster Review

Interface Options

I like IObit Driver Booster PRO’s ability to enter Full-Screen mode. Although it may sound like an obvious feature, SlimWare Utilities DriverUpdater is unable to do this. As a result, Driver Booster PRO has easy-to-read information, while using its competitors requires you to do lots of scrolling.

IObit’s tool also lets you select one of two interface skins (one light, one dark) and tweak its transparency to customize its appearance. Part of my review was actually written while I watched Driver Booster Pro run on my desktop. Sure, visual customization doesn’t improve the tool’s ability to recognize and download fresh drivers, but freedom of choice is always a nice bonus. Unfortunately, Driver Booster PRO has a dedicated tab you can’t remove that’s devoted to advertising other IObit products, which is annoying–especially in an app that costs $23.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Driver Booster

Q1. Is The Driver Booster Free?

Driver Updater is absolutely free. It can scan and automatically update any corrupted drivers and will seamlessly scan the system. You can upgrade to the pro version for additional benefits such as gaming optimization, error fixing and automatic updates.

Q2. Q2. Who makes the Driver Boosters

Driver Booster is developed by IObit.

Q3. How Do I Update All My Drivers For Free?

You can update your device drivers for free with the Driver Booster Tool. This tool automatically scans your system, finds all problem drivers and then updates them quickly.

Q4. What Does a Driver Booster Do?

Q5. Q5. How do you check if drivers are up-to-date?

To check your device driver health, you can use either an automated or manual method. The manual ways include two ways: Windows Update and Device Manager option. Alternatively, you may use an automated driver updater tool like Driver Booster to fix your device drivers.

Q6. How Can I Update My Drivers For Free Windows 10?

A driver updater program is the best method to upgrade your device drivers. The market is filled with multiple options, if you are looking for free software, you can pick Driver Booster for smooth system performance and hassle-free operations.

Driver Booster Review

A Large Online Database

Databases are a key requirement for all programs. Driver Booster is a great program. IObit Driver Booster Pro has an amazingly large online database. Regardless of which version you may be using, this driver updater by iObit is a powerhouse. It supports more than 4.5 million device drivers. You can get automatic updates and recommendations for your hardware. This ensures that the most current drivers are always available.

Driver Booster allows users to easily update any type of driver without limitations. This includes but is not limited to: video and audio devices, motherboards, mice, keyboards, and graphics cards. You can also update your Nvidia graphics drivers. This protects it against Spectre-meltdown CPU attacks.

Let’s now talk about Driver Booster Pro’s one-click functionality.

Driver Booster Version Free

Driver Booster is available forever and there are no time limits. This will please most users. However, you can’t use some options. For example, you can’t instruct the tool to automatically back up drivers so that you can safely restore them later. It can also not auto-download and install drives, nor update them, while it is inactive.

Driver Booster Pro is required to get the complete package. On the bright side, you can test the pro features in a free trial. Driver Booster Pro Pro 1 Year Subscription for up to 3 PCs is included with the software license.

Driver Booster Review

Iobit Driver 4 Pro: Noteworthy Features

Let’s take a look at the amazing features of IObit Driver Booster 4 Pro. Most of them aren’t available in the free counterpart, and you’re getting a lot for what you actually pay. Let’s take a look at them.

  • IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO uses an all-new algorithm for reducing the file size. You have to download the least-possible size of driver files, but they should work so seamlessly while installing and working.
  • The program has an Auto Download feature. It also includes a Download Enhancer. You can download the same drivers at a better download rate. It should be noted that, when compared to the free version, you’d have a better downlink too.
  • Game Component Updating (IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO 2017) is a critical feature. This feature gives priority to important components of the gaming system. At the end of the day, you can have the best gaming experience — no matter how your hardware specifications are.
  • Upgrading your PC or something? IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO lets you back up every system driver to a secure storage, for restoring later. This is quite a lot better than storing those driver CDs. You don’t have to be concerned if the discs are lost.
  • The program is quite intelligent as to download drivers during idle time only. You can thus save resources and still use some of the most power-hungry applications.

Additional Toolkit for the Driver Booster

As you can see you can fix some basic Windows issue and also check your system information in details.

Update Older Drivers

Now that you have scanned and found the outdated drivers and components in your PC, it’s time to update all. In IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO, there is a single Update button that takes care of everything.

Although you can update driver one at a time, the first method is better. The pro edition of IObit Driver Booster 4 includes an amazing collection of driver details. So, it won’t have trouble in finding the right driver, however rare it can be. Earlier, we used to spend hours for finding the compatible drivers for the Graphics Cards and even the basic hardware in the PC. Everything is now automated with this utility. IObit Driver Booster PRO can help you choose the best compatible driver for your needs.

Driver Booster Review

Customer Service

As you might expect, the Free version of Driver Booster doesn’t come with any technical support. You still have the opportunity to reach out to the support team and submit bug reports, or make suggestions. If you do not receive them within a reasonable time, expect to wait a while for any replies. In fact, some negative IObit Driver Booster reviews complain of a slow response time.

You can use the forum to solve DIY problems. You will find FAQs and user guides, as well as common problems.

Pro customers, on the other hand, get access to dedicated 24/7 technical support with much shorter and more consistent response times. IObit is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Getting Started With Iobit Driver Booster 4 Pro

Just like we said earlier, it takes just a few seconds to install IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO in your PC. This program works with Windows XP and Vista. It also works well on Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 and Windows 7. The offline installer doesn’t require an internet connection to set up the program. You can quickly download and install the 17MB setup file in a matter of minutes.

It is much simpler than you might think. After you’ve completed the installation, the next step is to scan the driver for any problems.

You can scan all of your system with just one click. The interface is pretty simple. Even if your best previous experience is with antivirus apps for smartphones, it’s going to be fine.

The main interface has only one button: scan. After the scan has been completed, you will see detailed results. You can see details like the Outdated and up-to-date drivers. It also has an Action Center, where you can have the essential details about Drivers that are installed in your PC. You can then choose to update them with a single click.

Driver Booster Review

Extra Features

All of it worked great – fast scanning, driver downloading and installation, efficient workflow, and a nice design. So is Driver Booster legit? – many of you ask. Driver Booster 6 also offers many other useful tools.



Optimize the system

Free to scan for junk files, registry, system issues

Configure apps/processes not to interrupt your gaming

IObit Malware Fighter

Protection against malware, ransomware, spyware, etc.

Smart Defrag


Manager passwords


Fix errors (no sound, bad resolution, network failure, etc.)

For example, Advanced SystemCare tool found 1925 items on our PC, and 4783 items on our laptop to optimize. The only drawback of this is that you actually have to install this tool to correct the issues, which will then prompt you to buy a subscription.

A System Scanning

The advanced working of the driver booster can leave you in complete awe if you do not click on the Scan button within 5 seconds after the installation, the tool will automatically start a system scan. The main scanning screen comprises a big Scan/Stop button placed in the center along with a Device Driver and Game Components placed on each side of the central scan button.

To start the system scan using the driver booster, click on the “Scan” button. Now comes the important part, the detection and repair of broken or outdated drivers. It was tested on both devices, and it showed the right results for the respective health.

1. The name and category of the device driver.

2. Information about the most recent version, including the name of the publisher and the date of publication.

3. Information about the latest version available, publisher and publication date.

4. Users can choose to install, uninstall or ignore all drivers.

Driver Booster Review

Iobit Driver Booster Review

You can consider an IObit Driver booster as the doctor for your driver, who will look after your PC driver’s health and resolve all the driver issues with this best driver updater. This software will also keep your PC drivers up to date so that you can enjoy a long time browsing or play PC games without any worries.

This software comes with instant bug fixes, which can be a great thing to your drivers, and this supports up to five hundred PC games and keeps your game components up to date. Driver booster stops other processes while the Game is being run, which in turn speeds up your computer’s performance. A Game-ready driver pack can be purchased for avid gamers.

Features – Iobit Driver Booster Review

If you want a complete list of all the small and big features of IObit Driver Booster.

IObit Driver Booster contains a lot of different useful features that you would like to see on a Driver Updater tool. Although almost all Driver Updaters provide automatic driver updates, only a few support large libraries of over 4.5 million drivers.

Also, you must have come across a scenario when you lost your Internet connection due to some outdated Wi-Fi Driver or something similar. Then you wanted to update your Driver, but didn’t have an Internet connection. IObit’s Offline Driver Updation is a smart feature that saves a copy and keeps it safe. So, when you need the updated version, you can do so without the Internet connection.

The software backs up every driver before updating in the event of a problem. Also, IObit Driver Booster can also work as a game booster and provide a performance boost by putting unnecessary background processes to halt.

IObit Driver Booster offers more features than what we expected from a driver updater.

Driver Booster Review

Interface And In Use

IObit Driver Booster 9 download is very simple and easy to use. The setup file was easily downloaded from the official site. It took just five minutes to launch the setup file, and then install it on your computer. We began using the tool right away.

IObit Driver Booster 9 has a dashboard from which you can observe and control all its features. After opening the app, the first feature you’ll notice is the “scan” button that lets you run a check on all your PC’s drivers.

You will find the rest of the features in two tabs called “Boost” or “Tools”.

The benefits and drawbacks of Driver Booster

In addition to the standard driver updating extra key features, Driver Booster provides a wide range of additional choices and tools. Driver Booster can I be used without worrying about damaging my computer? You can create a backup for every update. It only downloads drivers that have been tested by WHQL. It appears all of these things are legitimate.

  • Automated driving checks
  • Updates may be downloaded and installed with one click.
  • It’s compatible with all versions of Windows up to and including Windows 10.
  • Drivers must meet WHQL compliance standards.
  • Backing up every update
  • There are no versions for Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.
  • A little too much emphasis on the dangers of senior drivers.
  • Some drivers may need to be updated on a per-user basis.
  • Nothing concerning missing drivers is mentioned.
  • Translations are only partial

Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster For Gaming Performance Improvements

In games like Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone, a few additional frames per second might mean the difference between winning and losing a match. With Driver Booster, your computer’s most critical drivers get a speed boost. The entire procedure is broken down into various stages to provide the most excellent possible results.

Driver Booster is a system activity that appears when you launch a full screen program. As a result, you won’t be bothered by any of its alerts.

Driver Booster Pro (which is expensive) might perform system performance checks to determine which games are not necessary. These programs are temporarily disabled in order to give the games a greater amount of processing power.

Driver priority is just the cherry on top. Automatic upgrades are more efficient if the game mode has been enabled. Graphics drivers get a higher priority when they have to be upgraded. You will enjoy the best gaming experience by keeping your GPU current, as new AMD and Nvidia drivers are being released each week.

Larger Database

IObit Driver Booster 9 Pro has been voted the most effective PC optimizer. It houses an amazing online database that contains over 4.5 million drivers for your device. This allows you to update your drivers, ensuring that the latest version is always available.

Driver Booster Review

Can You Trust Driver Booster?

No, Driver Booster isn’t a virus. It’s 100% safe. This program is not a fraud. It was created by IObit (the same company behind Advanced System Care, and IObit Uninstaller). Also, it creates system restore points and backs up your current device drivers before updating them.

System Recovery

Driver Booster 9 Pro also creates a restore point automatically before installing the drivers.

Driver Booster Review


After reading this Driver Booster review, You may think that it doesn’t have any flaws. However, it does have its flaws. Driver Booster often recommends other IObit tools. You may be tempted to purchase their products, such as Advanced SystemCare Pro or IObit Uninstaller. You will often see offer notifications even in the pro version. This is something that you might not enjoy.

Driver Scanner

When you run Driver Booster, it reviews the current situation and lists all of the devices and their current drivers, warning you if anything needs updating. Driver Booster uses a color-coded system to indicate the urgency level. Red is for older drivers, and red for missing drivers. You’ll need to get them updated ASAP.

Driver Booster Review

Our Review

Driver Booster, a simplified application for Windows computers, scans for obsolete drivers on your computer and suggests the newest version. Anyone can use this program with little effort since you don’t need any skills.

Check out our Driver Booster Review to learn more about its limitations, set-up, interface and steps of use.

The competition

IObit is not the only competitor. Auslogics Driver Updater, Ashampoo Driver Updater are also available. Let’s make a quick comparison.

Driver Booster Review

Larger Database:

Driver Booster 9 now has a larger database than its predecessor. The database contains over 450,000 drivers. This software can detect and update more obsolete drivers. This software can help you save money if you are using an older computer and cannot find the supported drivers.

Prices and Discounts

IObit Driver Booster offers a premium and a free version. You will only get a limited number of features in the free version. With our special discount, the Pro version is 11.24 USD/year. It includes a license for 1 computer. It will only cost you $22 if you need a license to run 3 computers. But, With the discount, TechClassy visitors can get it at just USD 17.21.

Driver Booster Review

Advanced System Care slows down computer?

Does Advanced System Care slow down your computer? – Quora. If you were to clean install Windows on a device, leave it running for 2 years, and try to use it again, you’ll find it’s still as fast as the day you installed it. Windows does not slow down by itself.

Driver Booster Review

driver booster review

Driver Booster Version 9.0.1

Driver Booster can be used to update your Windows drivers for free.

Download every driver package directly from the program. The batch download makes it simple to obtain multiple device driver updates in one click.

Driver Booster version 9.0.1 was reviewed. Please let us know if there’s a newer version we need to review.

DriverBooster features a remarkable list of attributes.

Windows 10 Windows 8 Window 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

Millions of device drivers are supported

Definitions for those devices update automatically and frequently, meaning there’s no need to manually update the program every time a new driver is added to the database

driver booster review

Developer’S Description

IObit Driver Booster can be used to upgrade all Windows outdated drivers. We all know that outdated drivers can cause serious problems with your PC’s performance, and sometimes even crash the system. Driver Booster was developed by IObit and is a fast and secure way to install outdated drivers and repair incorrect drivers. Driver Booster is not just a tool for updating drivers. It also offers powerful tools to enhance the stability and compatibility of your system.

What makes Driver Booster so attractive?

Windows 11 Fully Supported

Very large Driver Database (8,000,000+) Driver Booster guarantees that every driver provided is from an official site or Windows. This allows Driver Booster to provide millions of updates and ensure that drivers meet strict IObit Review Rules. You can update these certified drivers without worrying about security or system issues.

Automatically scan and update. You can either set a frequency for scanning or schedule it to run at every Windows start up. By checking “Automatically update driver while system is idle”, you can save a lot of time and effort. You can now check the driver statuses and updates without having to do it manually.

Poor resolution, sound quality, and no internet connectivity are all problems that PC users will face. Driver Booster is powered by IObit technology. Its foolproof tools include Fix No Sound and Fix Network Failure as well as Fix Bad Resolution, Device Error, and Fix No Sound. Driver Booster is known for its incredible tools. It becomes a child’s play to fix those general PC handicaps.

Great Backup & Restoration No one can ensure that your driver will work as it should. Driver Booster is a powerful tool that helps to mitigate the negative effects of drivers updates. With these, you can reverse the update or restore the system to fix the troubles.

driver booster review


Limited Trial – Two driver updates per day

– Many functions need other IObit products

Your computer’s drivers are individual software programs that communicate with hardware. Many drivers are available for your computer. Each driver is made by different manufacturers. Any updates to drivers are supposed to improve compatibility, boost performance, and fix bugs, but they can be difficult to keep track of.

A driver updater software can be a great help. It will scan your computer and check for any out-of-date driver. If there are any, the driver upgrade software can automatically download and install the latest versions.

Driver Booster 8 review, we put this driver installer tool up against the best driver update software to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home or office.

Driver Booster 8 is an option.

driver booster review

Driver Booster Review – Does it Make Sense? [2021]

You are wondering if Driver Booster is the right product for you.

Let us guide you.

To give you the best Driver Booster review, we did extensive research.

Advertiser disclosure. Links to services and products of our partners may be included on this page to allow us to maintain our website’s sustainability. might be compensated if you sign up for a product, or service through our links. All opinions in this article are our own and not influenced or provided by our partners.

It’s the perfect choice for all who wish to keep their PC updated.


One Click Download and Update

driver booster review

A Large Online Database

A database is an essential requirement for every program. Driver Booster does not disappoint. IObit Driver Booster Pro has an amazingly large online database. No matter what version of IObit Driver Booster Pro you are using, it is a powerful tool. It supports more than 4.5 million device drivers. It gives you automatic recommendations and updates for your hardware, making sure that you have the correct and newest version of drivers that always work correctly.

Driver Booster allows you to install all drivers at once. It can update all types of drivers, including video and audio devices as well motherboards and mice keyboards. The Nvidia graphics driver can be updated. This makes it immune to Spectre CPU attacks.

Let’s now talk about Driver Booster Pro’s one-click functionality.

driver booster review

These are the technical specifications and features:

IObit just released their 8th edition of the driver updater. The driver booster 9 version is now obsolete. It includes some new features and improvements.

This is the technical Information about

Vendor IObit

Driver Booster Pro

Reviewed Version v9.0.1

Installer Size 25.55 MB

Installation Size 107 MB

driver booster review

Driver Booster 2019 Review + A Free Download

You may be compensated if you click on the linked links. Both our editors and our writers do not get paid to post content. They are committed to the highest editorial standards. Computer drivers must be updated through Windows updates. Especially when users turn off the updates, which is a quite popular practice. The driver updater tool becomes a useful helper. We’re continuing our Top Driver Updaters review and would like to examine fewer of these tools. Here’s a Driver Booster Review.

Driver Booster is a product of IObit , a company founded in 2004 and devoted to PC optimization, security software, performance optimization tools. Malware Fighter and Advanced Systemcare are outstanding products. Smart Defrag is another example. We’ll today be reviewing their Driver Booster free version.

First off, what is Driver Booster? Here’s how IObit introduces its driver upgrader program. Driver Booster is driver updater tool for Windows – it supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and down to Windows Vista and XP. It automatically detects and checks driver updates on the user’s devices. It downloads and updates all the drivers in one click.

Driver Booster6 is a popular tool for updating drivers. It has a database that contains 3 million drivers for devices, including drivers from Intel and AMD, as well as game parts. This allows it to guarantee a stable and accurate system update. Driver Booster provides options for creating restore points, viewing system information, fixing separate issues and more.


Newest version Driver Booster v.6.5.0 out June 2019

Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

driver booster review

Final Verdict

It could end up costing you quite a bit to have an outdated driver. Cybercriminals could exploit the vulnerability through obsolete drivers. This could lead to a serious problem. These hackers might take your personal data and lock you computer with ransom demands. A slow computer can be caused by old drivers. Keep your computer’s drivers updated. Driver Booster 9PRO PRO is the ideal choice. The Backup & Restore and Game Boost feature is the plus point of this software.

Driver Booster 9 PRO promotes additional tools. This is my only complaint. Driver Booster promotes other iObit products like Advanced SystemCare Pro, IOBit Uninstaller, etc. Although it works fine with a free edition, the subscription fee should be paid so that Driver Booster does not promote any other products.

Since a decade, I have been working as an IT professional. I’ve taught training courses, provided technical support, managed the IT needs of organizations, and written reviews and articles.

0 items – Checkout 70% OFF Driver Booster Pro GRAB OFFER NOW!

driver booster review


Limited to 2 driver updates per day

Many functions need other IObit products

Installer may include an unwanted program.

Advertisements and upsells on the app interface for Pro versions too

The alarming warnings about an out-of-date driver are frightening.

Our PCs should be faster, and our drivers must stay up-to-date automatically. Many software programs are available that can help keep your driver up-to-date. This video will discuss IObit Driver Booster 8 Reviews 2021with all its pros and cons.

Review Movavi Video Conversion Premium Review Movavi Review IObit is a provider of innovative software and utilities for PC security that provides superior performance. IObit, a leader in security and PC optimization software worldwide with more than 100 awards. Iobit’s driver optimization program Driver Booster has been a huge success. Let’s look at its features and optimize tools.

driver booster review


It does not have an original equipment manufacturer supplier guarantee to driver downloads.

Images 1 to 5 Image 2 and 5 Image 3 and 5 Image 4 and 5 Image 5 of 6. Maintaining your computer’s health through its lifetime can be difficult. IOBit’s Driver Booster can help you keep your computer in peak condition. Program scans your system for missing drivers, and then updates them when necessary using a large database that includes more than 3,000,000 driver and game component files. It can even identify missing drivers and ones that are up to date but faulty. This driver update software is easy to use and has several customization options, giving you more control over your computer.

Driver Booster ran a scan and found 91 drivers which were outdated. This is a success ratio of 61 percent. This software was by far the most effective in our tests. However, it still scored a low 61 percentage, even when considering the sector’s overall poor performance. Advanced Driver Updater failed to locate 48 drivers. This is a low success rate of 32 percent.

Only problem is that it does not guarantee driver downloads from original equipment manufacturers. Although the program claims the drivers have passed Microsoft WHQL testing and IOBit Review testing but it doesn’t give any details about what these tests are. According to our research, Microsoft WHQL certification can be obtained with very little testing. While this may not be as reliable as using OEM drivers, it is still a good option. OEM drivers are updated by hardware manufacturers and designed to match perfectly.

Driver Booster allows you the option to exclude certain drivers from your focus. So you have the option to either update all or a few of your outdated drivers. After installing an update, it allows you to select to clear out any unnecessary installation data.

The driver software is easy to download and install. Because of its modern and intuitive interface, it is easy to navigate. It is simple to find buttons and tabs by clearly labeling them. The one-click scanning and automatic updates make Driver Booster easy to use. Schedule scans with the program, as well as backing up and restoring your drivers. The software is compatible with all recent versions of Windows, from XP up to 10, and it takes up only 19.3MB of space on your computer’s hard drive.

driver booster review

Driver Booster Overview

Driver Booster, a popular app from IObit (a Chinese publisher for PC utility programs that optimize computer security and optimization), is the best. Driver Booster works as a speed booster, but it’s most important function is keeping your computer drivers current. This software is an excellent driver manager. It takes the hassle out of computer maintenance and replaces them with one-click automated systems.

Our Driver Booster reviews will go over each part of the software, explaining and comparing Driver Booster to similar apps.

Before you download or update drivers you need to be aware of what parts of your computer need them. Additionally, it is important to determine if drivers have been outdated. Although Windows 10 has simplified this process greatly, drivers may still have issues or require manual configuration. Driver Booster will review the status of your devices, and list all drivers. If any driver needs to be updated, the program will warn you. Driver Booster uses a color-coded system to indicate the urgency level. Red is for older drivers, and red for missing drivers. You’ll need to get them updated ASAP.

Driver Booster 7 can find and fix all issues on your system. You have the option to update every device or perform a global driver update. Pick one, then sit back and relax while the app works its magic. Driver Booster Pro installs your driver in just one click. It only installs WHQL-certified drivers and official updates.

Can Driver Booster be a Good Idea?

It’s 100% safe. This program is legitimate and not a scam. This program creates system restoration points and backups your existing device drivers prior to updating them.

Is Driver Booster Malware-Infected?

Driver booster doesn’t contain Malware. Instead, it is a driver upgrader tool. This tool is well-known for its speed and incredible performance. If your computer is slow and you are facing slow pc problems then you can download Driver Booster.

Is Driver Booster a Performance Booster?

Think of them as free performance boosts. Updating your graphics driver — and updating your other Windows drivers as well — can give you a speed boost, fix problems, and sometimes even provide you with completely new features, all for free.Sep 2, 2020

.Driver Booster Review

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