Mavrik Driver Review

mavrik driver review

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature, which we’ll be adding to certain reviews. Club Champion master fitters will give their opinion based on personal experience and their observations during fittings.

One of our Fitters commented on the Callaway MAVRIK driver. He is very low-spin and many players may not require the SZ model to reduce their RPM. Many fitters echoed the sentiment of “great forgiveness”.

Multiple fitters and their clients were impressed by the better sound than the Epic Flash. A number of fitters commented positively on the design, one calling it the “best Callaway head”.

Callaway Flash Face SS20 Technology is praised strongly by a single fitter. According to him, each model and every loft have a different face that can help with various types of misses. According to him, any player who comes through our doors can be fitted into a MAVRIK golf driver.

mavrik driver review


With a new color scheme, improved sound and consistent performance, the Callaway MAVRIK is sure to find its way into many golf bags in 2020. Although the standard version of the MAVRIK will work well for average players, you should remember that there are many subtleties that cannot be easily measured. Try the Sub Zero version, which is slower and more responsive than the MAX. You’ll find that it suits you best.

As this was the last of three MAVRIK drivers reviews, it is likely that you expected Top Gun humor. However, this driver should be treated with respect. However, FUNGUS is the most recognizable and genuine call sign I’ve heard. Please keep this family friendly.

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mavrik driver review

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review And Photos: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 saw us test and review 28 drivers in order to help you choose the best one. Here’s the Callaway Mavrik driver result.

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Prices: 499/BUY NOW Lofts : 9.5, 10.5, 12, Our Take: The price is reasonable and the draw bias moderate. A single 5-gram screw in the rear portion of the sole bumps up launch and forgiveness. You can even get faster speed with the AI-designed Flash Face SS20 architecture, Jailbreak Technology and Flash Face SS20.

ClubTester’s 5-hdcp Take: “Love to hear the impact. Not too loud or muted. It’s just right. The ball seems to hang on the head and explodes.

Robot’s perspective: It is good for increasing speed and power for swingers of all speeds.


mavrik driver review

Do You Want To Learn?

High ball speed, proven technology.

PRICE: PS469.00 ANNUAL: Available from 2020 Callaway MAVRIK driver, which was introduced earlier in the year. This driver is currently in the hands many players both on the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Callaway’s R&D department increased its use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). This was possible by investing in a more powerful supercomputer. Machine Learning was used to help design broad-ranging features and technologies for performance that are now integrated throughout MAVRIK’s entire MAVRIK product line.

Testing clubs outdoors in current UK weather is difficult due to high winds, rain and cold temperatures. So we decided to mix it up.

Tee Box, the latest indoor facility for golf in London, is located in St Paul’s in central London. It’s the ideal place to improve your game, especially if you live in London.

We took the Callaway MAVRIK driver down to Tee Box where PGA Professional Scott Winyard put the driver to the test using a Trackman launch monitor. See the video to see the complete review.

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mavrik driver review

Are You Excited About Your Next Round?

AppStore Google Android Download Hole19 Rick Shiels Callaway Makrik Driver Review Another week and another driver release for 2020. This time around Rick Shiels puts the Callaway Mavrik driver through its paces to see how it performs in terms of both distance and accuracy.

Do you think this could be the top driver in 2020 Is it possible to improve upon the Callaway Epic Flash driver last year? Rick gives his opinion on the Mavrik.

Hole19 offers a FREE way to level up your golf game. Just click the Android or iOS button below. Hole19 Pro is also available for you to learn about its game-enhancing capabilities.

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mavrik driver review


No significant increase in distance from the Callaway Epic Flash

Looks may be underwhelming for some

Building on the success of their 2019 Epic Flash driver, Callaway have doubled-down on the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence to create a highly optimized face for their 2020 offerings. The Mavrik range includes three options: the Sub Zero (standard), and the Max (max). In this review we will concentrate on the standard.

Callaway is smarter than the computers it has been building their clubs. Callaway is now able use a ‘Mavrik,’ unconventional thinking due to AI’s ability to learn quickly.

This results in a club face optimized for speed. This driver is capable of driving long distances thanks to the Mavrik’s improved aerodynamics.

Callaway also has not made any sacrifices when it comes to the Mavrik’s forgiveness. In fact, it’s been proven to be significantly more accurate than the Epic Flash across the entire face, despite the club having a lower MOI. It’s because the AI gave designers new ways to decide spin rates or weight distribution.

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Acoustics in clubs was something else the AI was to improve. Engineers gave it instructions to adjust the sound frequencies to be more pleasant. This is one of the most powerful sounding drivers I have ever heard.

Is the Callaway Mavrik Driver worth it?

MAVRIK’s MAVRIK driver won the gold medal in 2020 Golf Digest Hot List. It is also a favourite of PGA Tour Player Xander Schauffele. It has been received very well by critics but not quite as well by consumers. On the Callaway website, it has an average rating of 4.6/5 (86% recommended). Feb 2, 2020

Do You Think The MavrikDriver is a Good Driver

Two performance characteristics of the MAVRIK were evident when looking at the Club Champion launch monitor data. They are great ball speed, and consistent. Both these results are attributable to Jailbreak’s Flash Face SS20 technology. March 12, 2020

Which Mavrik Driver is Best?

The “Best driver” category was awarded to him for his swing speed of 94 mph or less. Callaway MAVRICK Max heads are great for those players at the middle of the range who may need some help to draw flight. “”For golfers with mid to lower swing speeds that need launch and additional carry, I fit this driver a lot. “More items…*Jun 18, 2020

Do Any Pros Use Mavrik Driver?

PGA Golfers Using The Callaway Mavrik Many Tour golfers currently use the Mavrik, which includes Phil Mickelson (longtime Callaway representative). Mickelson uses the Mavrik Sub Zero as he does with many other professional golfers. It has a lower head and spin. Other golfers include: Henrik Stenson.

.Mavrik Driver Review

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