My Honest Blaux Bidet Review: A Portable Hygiene Solution

Introduction to Blaux Bidet

As someone who’s constantly on the go, maintaining personal hygiene has always been a priority for me. So when I stumbled upon the Blaux Bidet, I was intrigued by the promise of a portable and eco-friendly solution for staying clean. In this in-depth review, I’ll share my experiences with the Blaux Bidet, exploring its features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness.

Blaux Bidet Review

Features and Benefits of Blaux Bidet

The Blaux Bidet claims a spot in the portable hygiene market through several standout features. I found these to be particularly advantageous:

Blaux Bidet Review

  • Compact and Travel-Friendly: Its small size makes it convenient to carry in a backpack or suitcase.
  • Two Water Pressure Settings: Whether you need a gentle spray or a strong jet, it’s nice to have options.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: It significantly reduces the need for toilet paper, leading to savings and less environmental impact.
  • USB Rechargeable: A modern touch to traditional bidets, making it a hassle-free device without the need for batteries.

Setting Up the Blaux Bidet

Out of the box, I was pleased with the intuitive setup:

Blaux Bidet Review

  1. Charge the Device: I used my phone charger, as it didn’t come with its own plug.
  2. Fill the Reservoir: Easily done with tap water – no special requirements here.
  3. Choose the Nozzle Angle: With a 180-degree rotating head, I could position it just right.
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Using the Blaux Bidet: A How-To Guide

Here’s the simple process I followed to use the Blaux Bidet:

  1. Power On: Just press the button to start the water spray.
  2. Adjust the Nozzle: Find the angle that works best for you.
  3. Select the Pressure: Switch between low or high depending on your needs.
  4. Clean and Refresh: Enjoy the feeling of cleanliness no matter where you are.

Blaux Bidet Review

The Strengths and Weaknesses

Every product has pros and cons. Here’s what I observed:

Blaux Bidet Review


  • Strong Water Flow: It delivers on its promise, providing a thorough clean.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It’s a great way to reduce paper waste.
  • Versatile: Good for travel, camping, or those with limited mobility.


  • Price Point: A bit on the higher side for a portable bidet.
  • No Charging Plug: A minor inconvenience but worth mentioning.
  • Pressure Settings: The low setting seems quite weak, and the high could be a bit stronger.

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My Personal Experience with Blaux Bidet

I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but the Blaux Bidet won me over. It’s refreshing to feel so clean, especially when I’m away from home. But what sealed the deal for me was the portability. It fits easily into my life, whether I’m at work, traveling, or in nature.

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Blaux Customer Service: A Closer Look

From reading reviews, it seems that customer service experiences vary widely. I personally didn’t have to interact with them, so I can’t comment from first-hand experience. However, it’s a factor worth considering.

Pricing and Value for Money

While the initial investment is somewhat steep, the reduction in toilet paper usage does mean potential savings in the long run. For those who value hygiene and eco-friendliness, it’s a price worth paying.

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Final Thoughts: Is the Blaux Bidet Worth It?

Given my experience, I would say yes, the Blaux Bidet is worth the investment. It’s a modern, clean, and sustainable option for personal hygiene. For those who prioritize cleanliness on the go, this device ticks all the boxes.

Where to Buy the Blaux Bidet

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To ensure you get a genuine product, I recommend purchasing directly from the Official Blaux Website.


In conclusion, my Blaux Bidet review is largely positive. The device delivers on its promises and aligns well with an eco-conscious lifestyle. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint and maintain good hygiene on the move, the Blaux Bidet could be the perfect fit.