Review: Titan Quest (Nintendo Switch)

Titan Quest is one of the better “Diablo clones” to come out in the wake of Blizzard’s hit-action RPG. It was originally released in 2006. While it retains much of the Diablo-style hack-and-slash combat, deep character customization, and intense combat, Titan Quest swaps that for a more classical setting. Players will travel through Egypt, China, and ancient Greece to hunt down a number of rogue giants.

Titan Quest – Nintendo Switch Standard Edition

Titan Quest
Titan Quest – Nintendo Switch Standard Edition

Titan Quest is a hack-and-slash RPG that sends players on an epic adventure throughout the ancient world. The Titans have escaped from their eternal prison, wreaking havoc upon the earth.

  • Explore The Ancient World
  • Conquer Monsters Of Legend
  • Highly Customizable Characters
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Tailor-Made Up

    In Titan Quest, you’ll explore the ancient world, unlock arcane mysteries, and battle legendary creatures on your quest to determine the fate of all existence.
    Journey to the ancient world and unlock its mysteries with Titan Quest on Nintendo Switch!
    With 28 classes and over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary items, you can create the ultimate champion to determine the fate of all existence.
    Play online cooperative multiplayer with 2-6 players or split-screen couch co-op mode for the ultimate RPG experience.

    You can expect solid gameplay and lots of action. It’s a wonderful job to bring a game designed originally for the keyboard and mouse to your handheld console. It’s a great addition to the game, but you will still need another controller or Joy-Cons for this feature.

    Titan Quest Switch Review

    Titan Quest

    Original release on PC. Then ported to mobile platforms. First released in 2015. THQ Nordic’s Diablo-clone Titan Quest was a decent success on PC. Its mix of Greek mythology, deep character progression, and Greek mythology gave Blizzard’s iconic RPG a good run for its money. Earlier this year, Titan Quest made its way onto Xbox One and Play. The results were as expected for Station 4. However, while it scored well in reviews and was appreciated by genre fans, it wasn’t a huge success. With the exception of the fact that the Switch version has Titan Quest again, and there are no lootathon-ARPGs on Nintendo’s latest console, it is expected to get similar responses.

    Titan Quest follows the same pattern as Diablo III, Dungeon Hunter II, and Sacred. Here you are the protagonist, a relatively weak character, thrust into a war against powerful gods. Your strength will increase through increasing your XP, looting the enemies and purchasing new weapons and equipment. Action is presented from an isometric perspective, and a zoom-able camera lets you get super close to the nitty-gritty as you swing swords and hurl spells in your quest to level up as quickly as possible.

    Titan Quest Switch Review

    Titan Quest Nintendo Switch Review – Feels Familiar In A Good Way

    Switch reviews Titan Quest Nintendo Switch. Watch Developer:THQ Nordic (Iron Lore Entertainment initially) Release Date of THQ Nordic July 31st 2018 Prices as of: Article

    $39.99 USD PS35.99 GBP Game code provided by THQ Nordic for review Like many of you, I grew up playing Diablo 2. For me, it was a game which I was able to dive into and spend many hours of my youth being completely invested in primarily because of the vast array of weapons to find and the immense depth provided by the stat investment system and the highly customizable skill trees. Ever since the Switch was released, I have kept an eye on games that would allow me to relive the magical experience of Diablo II. However, there has been no game yet that can do this. Until now.

    Titan Quest Is A Huge Game

    You won’t find many waypoints around cities. There is also not much you can do to get there quickly.

    There are no randomly-generated worlds. A linear journey that takes you around a vast and varied world is what you’ll find. You will discover a waypoint in each city that will enable you to travel back. There is usually only a handful of places between the cities that you need to explore and eliminate enemies. The layout and type of enemies in your maps are not randomly generated. This keeps every run exciting and fresh. You won’t find waypoints in each one of these locations like you would in the Diablo series, so quickly jumping back to specific locations doesn’t work here.

    You will discover Rebirth Fountains as you travel. They activate whenever you approach them. They are essential to your progress, as they will activate when you approach them. It is important to not lose your Rebirth Fountain. You may have to go back a lot from the town that you last visited. Online gaming presents one of my greatest fears. Use a town portal to reach the players ahead and behind you. When you activate a Rebirth Fountain to create a new one, you lose your current one. It can lead to a significant setback, and it is what I consider the biggest flaw in this Rebirth Fountain game.

    Switch: Is Quest good for Switch?

    We think the Switch Edition is functionally and fun in the current version, given the number of games. While there is much to improve on, Titan Quest for Switch was a great launch. 

    Are Ragnarok and Titan Quest Switch included with Titan Quest Switch

    A Troy is worth it. Included will be the full Titan Quest game plus Immortal Throne expansion, but not the game’s new Ragnarok expansion, released last month. It will include the complete Titan Quest and Immortal Trione expansions, but not Ragnarok’s new Ragnarok expansion. 

    Is Titan Quest Like Diablo?

    Titan Quest, which is similar to Diablo, was first set in ancient Greece. This game took place before all mythological creatures vanished. It’s simple: you choose a character. The rest of their story is determined by your choices as you move up.

    Is Titan Quest Couch Co-Op?

    Vienna, Austria, 27 June 2018: Titan Quest receives a major update and now offers couch co-op to all PlayStation(r)4 gamers and on the Xbox One device family, including Xbox One X.

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