Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Callaway Golf RH 2021 BIG BERTHA B21 10.5* Driver, RCH 45 Regular Flex Club

Callaway Golf Rh 2021 Big Bertha B21 10.5* Driver, Rch 45 Regular Flex Club

Brand New

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver 10.5* Regular R-Flex w/ Cover & Tool New #83995

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver 10.5* Regular R-Flex W/ Cover & Tool New #83995

Brand New

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Callaway Golf Club Big Bertha B21 10.5* Driver Stiff Graphite Mint

Callaway Golf Club Big Bertha B21 10.5* Driver Stiff Graphite Mint


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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver 9* Graphite Stiff S-Flex w/ Cover & Tool #83998

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver 9* Graphite Stiff S-Flex W/ Cover & Tool #83998

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Nice Callaway Big Bertha B21 10.5* Driver Factory Rch 55G Regular Flex Graphite


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Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Big Bertha B-21 Aesthetic

The Big Bertha B-21 is a unique looking vehicle. The shape is slightly longer and more triangular than you might expect. If you want to describe it as the love child of Rogue and BB Fusion with a sprinkle of Mavrik MAX DNA, I’m good with that. This shape is intended to give the target player something larger than the typical low spin design.

While not technically offset, the Big Bertha B-21 driver features what Callaway calls a reduced face progression. It’s possible to say that it has a lower onset than the typical driver.

Cosmetically, Callaway didn’t cut any corners. On paint alone, Big Bertha B-21 is more aesthetically pleasing than anything in the Mavrik line (faint praise) and, if nothing else, it’s a detail that could make B-21 the slice killer you’re proud to have in your bag.

B-21 Fairway Design Element

The story here isn’t as focused on spin reduction. This is a little more difficult in fairway woods where the greater concern is getting the ball off of the ground.

B-21 Fairway’s most important design features are the large head and lower leading edges. The intent is to help get the face below the ball without digging which, in turn, helps the golfer get the ball in the air. This is a problem that’s common among golfers with high handicaps and mid-handicappers.

Easy, high launch is the objective.

It is a very shallow profile for the B-21 Fairway. It’s visibly offset as well – a first for Callaway. The offset should help correct for a slice while the shallower profile (it’s shallow AF) should give the golfer a bit more confidence standing over the ball. Although it looks like someone stepped on normal fairway woods and got it flattened a little, the effect is not too obvious. It’s subtle enough to be considered a compliment if I felt it would help my game.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Callaway Big Bertha B-21 Driver Review

You can feel and look good.

To be honest, I was expecting this driver to look like a frying pan as looks are often sacrificed for performance at this end of the equipment market. What was the mistake? !

It is an attractive club. The blue, red, and grey combo is much more classy than the Mavrik’s black and orange.

Now for the bit you all want to know… just how bad is the offset?

It is obvious that it exists, however, the contours of the face and the color scheme help conceal this. Lots of golfers who use this driver will be unaware of what offset is and why better players dislike it, so I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as is often made out. Plus if you know that it’s going to help you, it shouldn’t bother you!

It gives you immense confidence when you look down at it. It’s a premium finish and this is reflected in the feel too, as it felt extremely stable through the hitting zone and also sounded good considering the bigger shape.


As a draw is my natural ball flight I was expecting that my testing would result in my shots finishing to the left of target due to the draw bias on this driver, and it did. Although I did not have any shots that were lost at the range’s right, Callaway wanted them all. This is what many golfers want after years of trying to get through the trees on the left side.

It was almost level with Mavrik in terms of distance, with Mavrik getting to 218 yards. There was also one mishit in there with the B21 which was down at 190 carry and so that probably explained the marginal difference between the two drivers. Basically, when it comes down to distance there’s nothing in it.

One I was sure was missing, but it was actually much more straight than I expected. As you can see by the dispersion, the bias always fell towards the left target. This was not surprising but was still encouraging.

I also tried to hit the ball in various position on the faces to test the forgiveness and overall the B21 performed better than the Mavrik when being hit out of the toe, heel and bottom of the club, as you can see here…

Course Description

Knowing you can stand on the tee and hit this club pretty much as hard as you like with only one miss is a positive for me, as the right side of the course just wasn’t in play which allows you to plan for your bad shot. This could be a great tool for someone who doesn’t feel confident about the driver or has no idea where it is going.

This club helped me shape and trim the ball on the 15th hole. It is right-to-left and I had to not worry about it blocking the view.

It’s lightweight and comfortable. I was able to swing the shaft quickly after warming up. This could also be great for slower golfers who want to get a little more distance.

The only problem I really found was when I was hitting into the wind, as the ball did seem to launch quite high and spinny and so it was affected more by the wind than I’d have hoped.

The Big Bertha B21 did well on both the range and on the course. It also produced consistent numbers and ball flight throughout. Callaway seems to be living up their promises. It was impressive to observe that the Mavrik performed very similarly, although I thought it might have been a bit more flexible.

Appearance & Performance

The look on a driver’s face is something I don’t like very often. This is one of those occasions. The triangular shape is something that I am sure any golfer can get used to after some time. We don’t have to.

Apart from the horrible shape, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver looks great. I like the color scheme, and the head cover looks sweet honestly.

You can’t predict how this driver will perform. If you have the opportunity, try it out on the range. To get an accurate comparison, make sure you compare the results to your current driver (as well as any other drivers)

In general, you can expect a fair amount of a draw bias, a high launch angle, and relatively low spin. This combination is a great one for those golfers who struggle to hit the fairway and slice.

I could definitely tell that there was a draw bias – no question about that. It’s difficult to see the combination of high spin and low launch in practice.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

How We Got To The Callaway Big Bertha B-21 Driver

To understand the history that got us to the Big Bertha B-21 Driver, let’s stroll down memory lane.

2013 was the year. MyGolfSpy was watermarking its photos when Callaway released the FT Optiforce; a “damn the torpedoes” light and long driver designed for speed and nothing but. Sure, there was some “pray and spray” in the design but when those prayers were answered, it was magically long. Some of the drives that I took are still photos. We’re talking uncharted territory … in all directions. Maybe not the best driver ever for hitting fairways but few clubs have ever been more fun to hit.

2016 brought us Big Bertha Fusion. It’s a bit like a FT-iZ restart. There were two shaft configurations available: a 45.5-inch and a 44.5-inch. Callaway described it at the time as their most flexible driver. Between the short shaft option and a semi-triangular shape, Fusion got pigeon-holed a bit as a game-improvement driver but, for my money, it’s Callaway’s most underrated effort in recent memory and one of the most sneaky good drivers we’ve ever tested.

2017 brought us Epic Star. 2017 brought us Epic Star.

The Big Bertha B-21 is the Callaway’s most successful off-cycle launch, even if it’s not for the unique and sensible way that it fills what many consider the greatest driver market need.

Who It’S Best For

Callaway’s Big Bertha B-21 driver will suit golfers who want to play with a longer, more forgiving driver that has a draw bias. If you currently struggle with hitting slices or pushes, then this driver would be a great fit. However, draw-biased drivers are often more expensive.

This driver was designed for people who simply wish to get more fairways, and not miss to the right (for right-handers).

This driver is intended for those golfers who have high-end budgets for new drivers. If you don’t have $500 to spend, then you shouldn’t even be reading this right now. If you are frugal or strapped for cash right now, go to the bottom section of this article for a similar performing driver under $200.

Truthfully, I think the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is best for seniors that slice. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is super lightweight, with a very light head and draw bias. It’s perfect for senior citizens who miss the mark and need a lighter club overall.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Formula B-21 Big Bertha

Callaway relies on a forward and low center of gravity to kill spin. We’re not comparing Mavrik forward, but it is significantly forwarder than Mavrik Max. It’s also lower than either. In some respects, you can think of it as a higher launching, more forgiving, anti-slice version of the Sub Zero.

The forgiveness claim contains some Callaway magic. Callaway admits that the Big Bertha B-21 will not be comparable to a PINGG400 MAX, or PXG0811 XF on an MOI scale. Callaway, as with Mavrik says that a lot of ball speed preservation — a key ingredient to any forgiveness equation — comes from an AI-driven SS21 Titanium face designed specifically for B-21.

Because its face retains more off-center speed than conventional designs, Callaway is able to pull the center of gravity forward and push it lower to create low and more consistent spin and, ultimately, a totally different kind of anti-slice/anti-spin driver.

Big Bertha B-21 Testing

The Callaway data, which includes the disclaimer about whether a manufacturer of club products has not yet provided us with testing results that do not clearly show benefits for their product, is fascinating.

Callaway aimed to test the Big Bertha B-21 driver on players with handicaps greater than 17. Backspin speeds ranged from 3,000 to 4,000 RPM for the typical participant. To put that in context, the PGA TOUR average is around 2,600 RPM. A 2,100 RPM coupled with adequate launch can be a good choice for amateurs of moderate or high swing speeds looking to maximise distance.

When you get into the 3,000 and 4,000 RPM range, you’re very often talking about a ball that’s curving significantly more than you want it to.

When using the B-21 driver, Callaway says its testers saw a significant reduction in spin. B-21 saw a drop in spin of 600-700 RPM on the high end.

That’s outstanding.

More significantly, because of that spin reduction, golfers were able to aim at (or at least closer) to the intended target instead of aiming left to offset their slice.

Target golfers will understand the simple results: Callaway Big Bertha B-21 drivers are straighter. Distance is not lost due to high-spin curving shots, so it is also longer.

It should go without saying that your actual mileage may vary but Callaway believes it has created a unique product for a dramatically under-served part of the market.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

What Are People Saying About This Driver In 2022?

People who are using the GBB Epic Driver are saying the following about their use of the driver after purchasing:

It’s amazing- it gives me another 20 miles on my driveway.”

“Best driver I’ve ever owned. My handicap is 23 and I am 65. I get a good 20 yards more on my drives. Misses are very easily overlooked.

“Best driver that I have owned…forgiving and long-lasting contact sounds.”

“Can’t rave enough about this club which has provided this player more accuracy and distance.”

However, a less favourable review of the product states:

I didn’t enjoy the club because of the soundless contact with the ball.

Callaway’S BIG Bertha B21 and Mavrik

In 2020, Callaway released new versions of two of its drivers – the Big Bertha B21 and the Mavrik. The Mavrik was the new and improved version of the Epic Flash, which hit the market in 2019 and became one of Callaway’s most popular clubs.

The Mavrik series has three drivers in the line – Mavrik, Maverick Sub Zero and Mavrik MAX. The Big Bertha Line has only one model for men (B21) and another version for women (REVA.) Mavrik is a gentle driver that has a wide sweet spot. The Big Bertha, on the other hand, is targeted at golfers who like to slice.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Positive Potential

As long as there have been golfers, there has been a need for slice-correcting drivers. That’s perhaps even more true in 2020. With COVID limiting opportunities to do other things, golf is booming as new golfers hit the course for the first time, and others return for the first time in years. Both of those groups figure to be ripe with slicers. Throw in the rest of the golfing population and it’s entirely possible Callaway’s Big Bertha B-21 could prove to be the perfect product at the perfect time.

That’s not to say it’s going to challenge the Mavrik for market supremacy but as a fresh take on a typically niche product, I suspect it’s going to over-perform Callaway’s pre-COVID expectations.

Big Bertha B-21 Technical Details

Callaway’s marketing team will position the B-21 Driver to be the ultimate slice killer. Dr. Alan Hocknell from Callaway’s Vice President of R&D says that the B-21 Driver is more of a spin reducer than a slice killer. It’s a very forgiving, draw-biased spin reducer.”

Doc Hock’s simple description gives us plenty to talk about.

There’s an interesting paradox in the anti-slice driver market. In most designs, a good bit of the anti-slice benefit comes by way of heel-dominant weighting and upright lie angles. These drivers are usually rear-facing and have a high center of gravity.

The former is great for shot shape correction while the latter is a recipe for increased spin. There’s an argument to be made that a good bit of anti-slice design is focused on correcting for excessive spin with minimal effort dedicated to preventing it.

With Big Bertha B-21, Callaway seeks to treat the problem a bit closer to the source.

It’s true that with the Big Bertha B-21, Callaway pulls a couple of the standard anti-slice levers – it’s draw biased and a bit upright – but the overarching premise behind the design is to reduce your slice by cutting spin significantly.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Is It Good For High Handicappers?

High handicappers will love the Callaway Big Bertha driver.

We can’t imagine any other player that could benefit more from Callaway Big Bertha drivers performance than high handicappers.

It has an offset and internal bias, which is a great help for those with high handicaps who want to fix a slice. The head, which is huge but legal, makes it easy to find the sweet spot regardless of your swing precision.

The high handicap testers in our group also noted that the large alignment marker was easy to spot on their downswings as well.

What You Need To Know About The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

New distance recipes

The B21 driver is Callaway’s first high launch driver with an ultra-low forward centre of gravity (which adds ball speed). Callaway claims that the B21 driver is Callaway’s first high-launch driver with a low forward centre of gravity (which adds ball speed) and less forgiving drivers at low speeds and low spin.

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How much tech?

Just like Callaway’s Mavrik driver, the B21 driver has Jailbreak bars behind the face to max out ball speed from whatever swing speed you can muster. The driver also has a lighter and stronger titanium Flash Face. A Triaxial carbon crown is included to ensure maximum performance.


Callaway say the new B21 head is larger from front to back so there’s more of a triangular shape, which ups forgiveness. Each head has an internal draw bias to counter a distance-zapping slice.

Suits you

Callaway has created a new shaft to fit the B21 metalwoods. A reasonably lightweight construction and an active tip section mean it naturally tries to add loft at impact, so shots are flighted higher to maximise carry. There’s also a specially selected new grip for the target golfer, Golf Pride’s Tour 360 Soft.

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Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Is it all about?

Big Bertha B21 Driver was designed for golfers who slice and produce high spin through open club faces and hitting the ball. Callaway’s technology allows for more draw and lower spin to make your shots longer and straighter.

Price for the Driver: PS449. This is quite high for a game-improvement club targeted at higher handicappers. However, the Driver from B21 is loaded with many of same technology as Mavrik Driver, perhaps explaining the price.

In order to create that high launch, low spin flight that golfers crave, Callaway have moved the CG further forward and lower in the head in what they are calling a ‘new formula for distance’ that is said to produce straighter, more consistent results.

A large head has been shaped to instill confidence and add internal draw bias weighting, which allows for straighter, more long ball flights.

Flash Face SS21, an AI-designed AI product designed by Flash Face, promotes faster ball speeds across the face and is more responsive to mishits.

Jailbreak Technology is a technology that has been in use for some time. It consists of two vertical, internal bars connecting the crown and sole to increase ball speed and reinforcement.

The new, lightweight T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown allows weight to be redistributed elsewhere in the head for improved forgiveness.

What Options Do You Get With The Mavrik?

Three stock shaft options are available for the Mavrik:

  • The UST Miyama HeLium Black 4 (light and regular)
  • ProjectX Even Flow Riptide 60g (light-weight, regular and stiff), and 50g (light-weight, regular, stiff, and X stiff).
  • The Aldila Rogue 130 MSI 70g (regularly stiff and stiff) and 60g (regularly stiff and stiff).

It also comes with a host of custom options if you want to spend a little more.

The lofts available are 9deg, 10deg, 12deg and this can be adjusted down 1deg or up 2deg.

There is certainly something here for every golfer and swing speed.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Shorter Shafts

Stock lengths for the Big Bertha B-21 Fairways are slightly shorter than Callaway’s traditional build. Although it may seem like a way to lose distance, this will not be the case in reality. The shorter length of the Big Bertha B-21 Fairways should result in more center contact, which will compensate for the loss.

B-21 or something else entirely, if you struggle at all with your fairway woods, a shorter shaft could be the key to significant improvement.

You’d also expect Jailbreak technology, Triaxial carbon crowns and the complete package.

Explosive Feel, Good Design, Familiar Technology

Callaway is known for producing good-looking clubs, and the Big Bertha B21 is no exception. Blue carbon fiber looks great with other B21 woods. The clubhead has a triangular crown shape and a strong offset. It is light but solid on impact, with an intense sound and an exhilarating feel.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review


Callaway advanced their A.I. designed Flash Face to promote fast ball speeds across a more expansive area. You’ll hit it a long way, even when you miss the center of the face.


Designed to help players hit straighter and farther more consistently. You will find your inner limit with the Big Bertha B21 driver.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Material with Super Strong Properties

The high quality materials promote optimal ball speed, forgiveness and spin characteristics from a face architecture that’s extremely strong and lighter than traditional titanium.

The Test

In order to find out just how forgiving this driver is, and whether it can finally get rid of your dreaded slice once and for all, I headed to LSH Auto in Stockport to use the Trackman 4 launch monitor.

Before I went to Houldsworth to play the B21 alongside the Callaway Mavrik Driver, I wanted to compare the B21 with the Mavrik Driver.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Bertha Shaping and Added Draw Bias Make it Easy to Hit

Built to improve your launch angles, and stop your slice. The large Big Bertha head is specifically engineered with internal draw bias weighting for a straighter, longer ball flight.

Like New Condition:

They have seen very little wear and are only hit a few times. They may have been repaired at one time.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

The Big Bertha Clubs Have Changed the Game of Golf

Big Bertha Clubs is one of the most popular products in golf equipment. Actually, the name comes from an original piece of German military equipment called Big Bertha Howitzer. The Big Bertha Driver was originally released in 1991.

Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

big bertha b21 driver review

Clubtest 2021: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Courtesy Callaway

ClubTest2021 featured 22 brand new drivers that we reviewed and tested to make sure you get the right driver for you. For more information on the testing process click here. Below are the results for the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver. Callaway Big Bertha B21 contains the complete test list. The feel is great, it launches high and the driver can be more forgiving. This was my favorite by far.” All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. Links may result in GOLF.COM earning a fee. Prices may differ.

Our take: Keep fighting for your slice. You shouldn’t overlook the visuals. One tester said, “The sapphire with a splash red just does it” and others wondered if the club could be taken home. “I love the feeling, can you get a triple-love? The launch is high. It’s also more flexible. This was my favorite by far,” another said. They are more forgiving, and aesthetically attractive. It’s a pairing made in driver heaven. THE DETAILS. Callaway rearranged the standard driver recipe by moving the CG down and forward, in an effort to get the best balance of speed and spin. To reduce spin and sideways, Callaway hoped to also decrease sidespin. The end result is a spin-killer that doesn’t skimp on consistency and forgiveness. This package is one that any high-handicap slicers will appreciate once they start finding more fairways. Callaway utilized its Flash Face SS21 technology to help with mishits. This was made possible by Artificial Intelligence. See 150+ ClubTest 2021 gear reviews. View the product details. Callaway changed the driver’s recipe to achieve the ideal balance between spin and speed. He moved the CG forward and low to increase spin. To reduce sidespin, Callaway believes that this will eliminate the possibility of wayward shots being lost. You get a spin-killer without sacrificing consistency and forgiveness. This package is one that any high-handicap slicer would love.

Click here. Get fit by True Spec Golf, our sister company.

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy Callaway

big bertha b21 driver review

What You Need To Know About The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Callaway’s new high-launch driver, the B21 driver (which increases ball speed) is Callaway’s first driver to have a low forward centre of gravity. Callaway says this new low spin recipe is for accurate distance and speed at the average swing speed.

What tech do you use?

As Callaway’s Mavrik driver had, the B21 driver comes with Jailbreak bars at the side of his face. These bars allow for maximum ball speed regardless of your swing speed. Additionally, the Flash Face is lighter and more durable in titanium. The crown also features a Triaxial carbon crown. This will ensure that every drop of performance is reabsorbed.

Callaway points out that the new, larger B21 head is easier to handle from front to rear. The triangular shape of the new model makes it more forgiving. To counter distance zapping, each head is equipped with an internal draw bias.

Callaway suits has designed a totally new shaft that can be used with the B21 steelwoods. A reasonably lightweight construction and an active tip section mean it naturally tries to add loft at impact, so shots are flighted higher to maximise carry. Golf Pride’s Tour 360 is the new target grip.

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big bertha b21 driver review

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Chauffeur Review – Remove Your Big Miss

Paul Club Reviews and Golf Product Reviews 6 comments

Big Bertha B21, the latest addition to the Big Bertha driver line-up. This vehicle incorporates Callaway’s most recent technologies, including Jailbreak and Flash Face. It also features a low forward CG that allows for big launch and long distances.

A Big Bertha B21 internal draw bias is also available to help you avoid the Big Miss, or a Slice, in your game.

So, how does the Big Bertha B21 shape up in practice? It is it better than the MAVRIK MAX or the Big Bertha B21? Are you sure it’s worth having in your bag?

Let me tell you what this review will cover:

Features Technology Performance Look, Feel & Sound Where You Can Buy This Driver On-line Conclusion

Keep reading for more information on how to purchase informedly

big bertha b21 driver review

Big Bertha B21 Vs Callaway Mavrik Driver Review & Specs 2021

Big Bertha B21 Review vs Callaway Mavrik driver Driver Are you in search of a new barking puppy? You don’t have to look far to find a great driver. The market is flooded with options that will give you yards like nothing else. This is how I can help you choose by comparing the performance of two drivers.

Big Bertha B21, a new driver designed for 2021. It’s built for players who want to improve their game with a large, forgiving face and higher loft than the Mavrik. AI is used to maximize distance and accuracy in the Mavrik. Mavrik Drivers are used often by Mid Handicappers, PGA Tour Pros, and others.

Callway produces some of best-selling golf clubs, and the company’s new use artificial intelligence (AI), in club development has proven to be a great success. The Mavrik is a great success, but what about the Big Bertha B21? Continue reading to learn more.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 drivers This is one of Callaway’s most famous lines and this club certainly looks the part. The club is elegant, simple and reasonably priced.

This club is for anyone who struggles with a slice. Personally, I didn’t enjoy hitting so much because of this but it could be incredible for golfers who struggle with this shape. Jailbreak technology gives the face that Callaway-style driver feel.

Mavrik Callaway Driver It is not an easy feat to follow the Epic, Rogue or Epic Flash but the Mavrik seems to have done it.

This driver was a great success. Even the more powerful spinning models give really low spin numbers. This club’s shape and design instil confidence at home.

big bertha b21 driver review

Depends On Shaft

While there’s not much difference between them, the Mavrik Pips has slightly more draw bias.

That being said, if you struggle with a slice then this feature could make it the main selling point for you.

B21 Big Bertha Driver Key Selling Points: The B21 is a driver that’s perfect for intermediate and high handicappers. It features Ai technology and a large, forgiving face.

The draw bias will also make it hugely appealing to people who struggle with a left to right shot shape.

Finally, buying a Big Bertha is buying a slice of golf equipment history, which certainly adds to the appeal of this club.

See More Review:

You will notice that Mavrik driver Key selling points are very well-received by the public.

big bertha b21 driver review

Comparisons 2021: Epic Speed 21 Callaway Driver Vs Big Bertha

Callaway Epic Speed 21 driver vs Big Bertha b21 Review & Comparisons 202 I won’t forget meeting the Callaway Big Bertha when it was new decades ago. Although the club was huge, it is tiny in comparison to current drivers. The Big Bertha is still there, and callaway drivers are now going from strength to strength.

We will be looking at Callaway’s Epic Speed driver and comparing it to other drivers like the Big Bertha B21. The Epic Speed driver from Callaway is what you should be using for your game. Which one are you going to use for the season? This will be a good one.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver 21 Designed by AI and pushing the limits of technology, Callaway say that they have created something special here that “frames the future of speed”. This refers specifically to the new “Jail Break” technology. Their Epic Speed technology is incredible.

Callaway has used AI to enhance their Flash Face insert. This brings more ball speed and more forgiveness too. Finally, increased aerodynamics has led to more forgiveness and speed.

Calaway Big Bertha B21 B21 Big Bertha B21 Callaway is one the top value drivers and has many of all the tech that comes with the Epic Speed. Although it does not include the Epic version of the Jail Break, there is also “Jail Break”, and “Flash Face”. Also, it has a classic BB form.

It is constructed with a draw bias, which is something that distinguishes it from the rest. The driver was specifically made for slice-stiff players. Epic Speed’s semi-draw bias is due to the BB, but it was designed to allow for higher sever left and right ball flights.

.Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

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