Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, Ps4, Ps5, Wii)

Target, one among the biggest U.S. retailers, has a broad range of products that it sells online as well as in-store.

  • But what happens if the game is not right for you and you want to return it? This is what I know about Target’s return policy for video games.
  • Target Video Game Return Policy 2022
  • Target will accept unopened or unworn video games from Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii or Nintendo Switch returns within 30 calendar days after purchase. You must bring the original receipt and a valid photo ID for a full refund. Target RedCard owners can return videogames within 60 days.

  • For more information on returning open games, returning merchandise without a receipt or how to prolong your return time at Target please keep reading.
  • Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii)

    How Strict Is Target’s Return Policy For Video Games?

    Target’s regular return policy allows for returns up to 90 days after the product has been opened. Target’s Electronics Returns Policy is much stricter.

    This policy is different for consoles and video games. They must be returned within 30 days to Target in unopened, unused condition and receive a full refund.

    You can also be refused an exchange if your receipt is not available.

    Many store employees have made it clear that they are able to exchange their merchandise at times, but this is not something many workers noticed on the internet forums.

    How Do I Return Video Games Bought In A Target Store?

    You can return unopened video games to any Target store for a full refund or exchange within 30 days (with no stocking fees) if you have the original receipt.

    To verify your identity, you must also bring along the original method payment form and a government-issued photo ID.

    For in-store returns, Target Guest Services will be able to assist you with the returns process.

    Alternativly, contact Target Guest Services Team by dialing 1-800-591-3869.

    These are the average waiting times for refunds depending on how you paid to purchase your console or game.

  • Credit card for third parties – 1 to 3 Days
  • Target RedCard- 1- to 2-Days
  • Cash – 1 to 2 days
  • Furthermore, the online return process for Target may take up 5 days.

    Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii)

    What is the best way to return video games purchased on allows you to return video games or consoles bought at along with these items.

  • Original receipt
  • Barcode found in the Target app
  • Email with shipping confirmation or delivery notification
  • Original payment form
  • Another way of returning video games purchased at is through the mail.

    By logging into you can find and return the item by searching the order history.

    The return form will ask you to provide your reasons for returning the item. After that, the page will redirect to the return shipping labels. Print this label and attach it to the product before sending it off to the address indicated on the label.

    You will need to pay shipping costs if you send the item via postal mail.

    However, not all items can be returned online. will inform you about this information as well.

    Do I need a receipt to return my video game?

    Target will accept video games without receipts if the buyer can show proof.

    Target can track the order of those who have paid with any one of the following options:

  • Target REDcard
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Check in person
  • Target gift card (which is something you have to retain)
  • You can view the receipt and digital barcode from if you have purchased the game online to verify your purchase.

    You will receive a merchandise return card if you’re unable to show proof of purchase.

    Only valid in Target stores.

    Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii)

    Can I Return Video Games To Target After 30 Days?

    Target can accept video games back after 30 days. But, no full refund will be given.

    Instead, you will be given the equivalent of the item’s lowest price in the last 90 days to a merchandise gift card, which can only be used in-store.

    Some consoles or video games may have extended return window policies. This is usually enforced by manufacturers.

    Target RedCard users will be able to return the games within 30 days. You will now have 60-days to return the video games instead of just 30 days (see below).

    Do I have the right to return open video games to target?

    Target will not accept opened games.

    But they can still be exchanged at the store for the same title or for a different gaming platform.

    For example, if you accidentally bought a game for the PS4 (while originally intending to buy a PS5 game) and did not realize this until you opened it, you will be able to exchange it for the PS5 version.

    You can also exchange the video game for another title if it is not in stock. You cannot exchange digitally downloaded Target video games.

    Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii)

    Can I Return A Digitally Downloaded Game To Target?

    It is not possible to return or exchange digital games that were purchased through Target.

    Target allows digital gaming to be done on Xbox, Nintendo PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

    When you make a purchase of a digital copy, you receive an email with a digital coupon that you can use for accessing the game.

    Can I Return A Gaming Gift Card To Target?

    Except in areas where law permits, you cannot exchange any entertainment, specialty or pre-paid gift card or cash for Target credit or cash.

    Target has a range of video game and console enhancements like gift cards and subscription cards as well as in-game currency and add-ons.

    What can I do to get a longer return window?

    Target gives Target RedCard holders a 30 day return period on nearly all products, consoles included, when they are used for purchase.

    To get a full refund, for example, 60 days would be given to you if an Xbox was purchased with Target RedCard.

    Target RedCards are available online. They offer bonuses like a discount of 5%, free shipping and special deals on many items.

    You can find more information in our posts about whether Target prices match Gamestop’s, Target DVD returns policy, Target computer returns policy and Target TV return policies.

  • Conclusion
  • Target will accept any returns for unopened and new video games bought in-store or online within 30 calendar days. If you purchased the Target RedCard you are allowed to return it up to 60 business days.

    An open game can only be exchanged once for another title. The Target app allows you to request refunds in-store, online and by phone.

    Do you have the ability to return your game consoles?

    Target accepts returns on unopened, unopened, or unused games purchased for Xbox, PS4, PS5, Wii and Nintendo Switch between 2022 and 2022. For a complete refund, the original receipt must be presented along with valid ID. Target RedCard holders are eligible to return their video games in under 60 days.

    Can You Return A Video Game After Opening It?

    An unopened game can be returned with all packaging intact if it is not opened. Unopened video games cannot be exchanged with another title.

    What’s the point of returning open-ended video games?

    Copyright laws prevent the game from being returned once it has been opened. However, it can’t be exchanged for an exact copy of the title for the identical console.

    Do you have the right to return opened Playstation Games?

    You must return it unopened in order to be eligible for a full refund. However, you can only exchange an opened copy with another version of the same title. But in case the original game is out of stock, you can exchange it for a different title.

    .Target Video Game Return Policy 2022 (Xbox, Ps4, Ps5, Wii)

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